New Jersey Massage

byTravel Girl©

Very similar to the way he did me, I did not make a big production out of it. He looked lean and sinewy; I could feel he had not a bit of fat. I asked if he wanted me to do his legs as he had done for me.

"Yes, thank you."

As I was finishing the phone rang again and as AJ got up to get it, it was obvious the bulge in his suit was larger. The clingy material of his suit showed that his dick was pointed upward at an angle.

It was Alan again. He was in the car but was in gridlock trying to get out of the city. He guessed it would be more like an hour.

AJ had wrapped a towel around his waist while he was talking, he was obviously embarrassed. After he hung up the phone, he said he was sorry about that. I told him to relax and he should not worry; I would worry when the day comes I don't get that reaction anymore.

I said everything in a joking manner which seemed to put him at ease, which was of course my intent.

He said, "That is easy for you to say."

I laughed and told him, "Now you know how I felt when I got out of the pool in my wet suit and again when I sat up to take the phone falling out of my top."

He sort of had a sheepish look on his face and said, "I am sorry if I was staring, but you look great in that bikini. I did enjoy your accidents."

I laughed, "You rat."

I suggested we both relax a little, I will try and not be embarrassed and he should try and do the same. I said, "Look, if you are worried about your father, I will tell him you stayed in the house while I was out by the pool."

I am not sure if it was good or bad, but that remark apparently hit home with AJ; his whole demeanor changed.

"That is a relief. I don't need any hassles with him right now. We are having a little disagreement over paying for school this fall and I don't need any more arguments."

He seemed to relax and laid the towel back down on the chaise lounge. I tried not to stare and I was glad to have my sunglasses on, but when he sat down, his hard-on had subsided a little but was still prominent. If he had been wearing a Speedo, I suspect a little would have stuck out over the top. What a scene – a 21 year old black man is sitting there with an erection with a 33 year old blond having some equipment (bikini) malfunctions.

He asked if I wanted another beer and as he went in to get them I flipped back over to lie on my stomach and untied my top again. AJ came back with the beers. I was really grateful in this heat.

When I reached up to drink, I lifted up a little and I saw AJ was trying to be nonchalant but was looking pretty hard to get a peek. I took a good long drink of the beer and lay back down.

With my head to the side, I could see that AJ had gone back to his earlier state of arousal. We were quiet for a few minutes, just relaxing and finishing our beers.

AJ noticed and said, "On a day like this, beer sure hits the spot. Are you ready for another?"

I said it was my turn to get them. I did not like being waited on.

"No way Beth, in this house you are a guest."

He went back in and I continued to be impressed by his manners. That was short lived, I know he was joking, but the next thing I knew he placed the can on my lower back. I was surprised and yelped, while reaching back. When I did that, my breasts were essentially exposed. I could have handled the cold if I had not been surprised. I realized the show I was giving as I laid back down.

"Sorry Beth, I was just kidding around and couldn't resist. But I am sorry; I did not mean to surprise you like that."

I laughed, "Don't worry about it, no blood, no foul. But you may never know when I might retaliate."

We were chatting a little more on various subjects. I asked how he liked bartending. I had done that for a little while in my younger days. He said the money and tips were really good. I asked what kind of a place it was and he replied that it was a dance club.

"Oh really, what kind of music?"

He hesitated for a moment, and then said it was a strip club. While he seemed embarrassed about it, I was more casual; telling him I thought it was no big deal. It is not easy to find a summer job and "What the hell, as long it is decent money."

We talked about it a little more. I have been to strip clubs a few times. Some boyfriends had wanted me to go and I had been out a few times with friends too. I am not a veteran of strip clubs, but it had been fun the few times I have gone. I asked how big the place was, what kind of crowd, that kind of thing. I learned it was not a seedy place and also not one of the 'upscale" places either.

He said it was maybe half and half blue collar and white collar and the dancers were about 50-50 black and white. He finally said he thought I was really cool; other women he talked too about his job had been dismissive and judgmental.

Despite him being around strippers, I still saw he was trying to catch a look at my boobs whenever I would reach for my beer. We had been drinking a bit by now and I needed to use the restroom. I reached back and retied my top while AJ told me where it was. I looked in the mirror while I was in the bathroom. I did not care how much he had been around strippers; I was convinced that my breasts were as good as anyone's.

When I came out of the bathroom, AJ was in the kitchen.

"Another beer Beth?"

I am a decent drinker for a woman and on a hot day like this, I was grateful for his ongoing supply. We knocked cans as a mini-toast and headed back out. AJ sat down on the chair while I took a quick dip in the pool. I really did not swim much, after a short time I felt quite refreshed. When I climbed out and headed back to my chair, I knew from before that this suit was giving AJ a good show. I could feel my nipples were hard from the cold water and the thin material did not leave too much to the imagination.

He had been very polite all day, so even though my original show was unintended, I was content to let him look while I walked back. I took my towel off the chair and used it to dry off my hair a little before sitting back down. AJ was sitting with his leg toward me bent so I did not see whether I had an effect on him and I wondered whether he was trying to hide his condition.

I told AJ that this had been a nice day and I was enjoying the pool, sun, beers and our talk. I said it is not so common for young guys to be so mature.

He surprised me by saying, "What do you mean young guy? How old do you think I am?"

I did not answer, but when I asked him how old he thought I was, he replied 'about 25', I told him he was very sweet and a charmer.

He was very defensive, "No really, how old then?"

When I told him I was 33, his first reaction was "Oh" and then he came back with, "You don't look it at all, you look great."

That could be taken a couple of ways, but I realized he was trying to be complimentary. I laughed and said, "See, that's what you get for staring at an old woman."

He said, "I know the girls at the club are all younger than you, but you are as nice looking as the best looking ones and better looking than most."

I knew he was again trying to be complimentary, but I came back fake indignantly, "Oh, you think I look like a stripper?"

I knew he had not meant it that way, but I was just having a little fun with him. He suddenly realized that I had been teasing him and he flipped the water on his hand from the sweating beer can at me.

"Hey, don't take this wrong, but you could do very well at my club. They have an amateur night contest where first prize is $500, but that is on Friday. But they let 'non-employee girls' dance all the time and I hear they make great tips. You would do well with a body like yours."

I said, "Well, I am not quite sure how to take that, but I appreciate you comments, but I guarantee guys don't want to see anyone my age out on stage."

He said, "That is not true, but I understand not everyone wants to do that."

I just sat silent and drank my beer. I said, "From what I remember, most of the money is made on table dances."

"You are right, that is true."

I thought it was a little strange that I was sitting by the pool with the son of the guy who was going to give me a massage and talking about strip clubs.

AJ got up and headed for the pool, like me just having a quick dip to cool off. I noticed on his way back the front of his swim trunks had gone back to 'normal'. It was a little bit of an awkward silence and I flipped over to lie on my stomach again. I reached back to untie my top myself and felt the wonderful warmth of the sun. I had turned my head away from AJ at the beginning. After a few minutes, I turned my head to his side and I saw he was looking at me.

"Beth, do you need another beer?"

I said I did not need another one yet. I reached up for mine and when I lifted higher to drink, I knew that he was getting a look at my breast again. My attitude was once again that he had been so pleasant all day and since he was obviously hoping to get a look, I made a more exaggerated reach and lift for another drink. I was sure he got a decent look this time.

He smiled and I looked down and said "oops."

He was looking and smiling again, "Beth, I won't tell anyone if you want to lay out topless."

I replied, "What a line AJ, does that work well with the girls?"

He laughed and said, "Not very well."

I did not retie my top, but I flipped over again to lie on my back while holding my top on with my arm while I turned. As I sat down, my untied top was pretty much just resting over my breasts.

"Well, I think you have essentially seen my boobs already anyway, so this seems a little silly now. "

I joked that his earlier line does not work very well because he does not hang out with 'older women' enough, and with that I dropped my arm. I untied the string at my neck and set my top aside.

He said, "Wow, I thought they looked great before."

I just took the compliment and smiled. I laid flat back in my chair and I could see AJ continued to look. I told AJ I was ready for another beer if the offer still held. He said sure and quickly got up to get them. When he returned, I saw the bulge in his trunks was back, maybe more prominent now than before.

As he was standing there, unlike before, he did not seem embarrassed anymore; I suppose because of our deal that his father would not be told anything.

I lifted my glasses to look at him and then lifted my head up to look at his face. I smiled and said he could enjoy the view and I took it as a compliment that I could still have a positive effect on young guys.

"Other than being great looking, Beth, you are one cool lady. Thanks for not getting upset about my condition."

I said "Guys don't seem to understand that we like to look too, remember that there are strip clubs for women too and I will repeat your compliment to me. You would do very well too."

While he was standing there and we were talking on this subject, I could swear he had gotten a little harder. Some guys get self-conscious, get nervous and sometimes have trouble holding an erection. His dick was now right at the edge of his swim suit. He did not mind now and even seemed to like the display.

AJ laughed and said he needed to cool off and headed toward the pool. He dived in, swam to the other end and back.

He came to the edge of the pool near me and said "Beth, c'mon in, the water is fine".

It actually sounded good and I went to the ladder and lowered myself in. That end of the pool was shallow and the water came to about my waist. I think my breasts look even better when I stand, large but firm. I did not move toward AJ, rather moving toward the middle of the pool until the water came to my neck. AJ stayed by the side but turned to look toward me.

He climbed out first and as I was coming up the ladder, he held out a hand and helped me out. I walked over to our chairs. I handed AJ his beer. We toasted "to the good life" and stood there while we drank. The cold water had the normal effects on both of us, my nipples were totally hard now and AJ had lost most of his erection.

He looked at my breasts and just said, "Wow."

We talked for a little bit. I mentioned that it was OK to look. I had gone to nude and topless beaches before. I like to look at other people too, that women enjoy looking at a nice looking man as much as the guys like to look at us.

"Well, I am glad you aren't offended if I admire your body."

I said, "Fair is fair, I hope you don't mind if I have checked you out a little too. Remember, you started out topless."

We both laughed a little and he said he would not mind if I wanted to lie out nude.

"AJ, we have to work on your lines a little, you know, make them less obvious. And anyway, if you think I am going to do that alone, you are crazy."

Without missing a beat, he asked, "Are you serious, I would love to get out of these, for a while there I thought I was going to break something."

I had not answered him, but went back to my chair and sat down. AJ looked at me and just smiled.

I looked over at him and said, "It is up to you, but I won't mind or tell your father".

AJ had apparently been hoping for something like that, because he wasted no time, both smiling and removing his trunks. He was still relaxed, but I knew from before that he was large when aroused. I realized that AJ had many of the same positive qualities that Alan had, and I found myself becoming attracted to the younger man.

He stood there for a moment and I thought I saw that he was beginning to get an erection right in front of me. I think that was a little embarrassing for him because he turned around quickly and looked away while he drank some of his beer. His butt had a nice shape and was nice and muscular. By the time he sat back in the chair, his dick had grown and was lying sideways on his thigh. He was about 7 inches long and more than average thickness. I would say he was not as large as his father, and not as thick, but no one would complain. I told myself to not do anything that I would regret – if I was horny and wanted sex that all I had to do was wait a little while for Alan to arrive.

"One more quick dip and I will be better."

AJ got up and dove in the pool. He took a quick dip and when he was walking back his erection had subsided. He was still long, but now his dick was hanging. I had closed my eyes until I felt drops falling on me and AJ was standing blocking the sun drinking his beer.

I lifted my glasses and opened my eyes, "Feeling better? You seem a lot more comfortable now and this is not a bad way to spend the day. Thank you AJ."

"My pleasure. I think it has been mutual."

We were silent for a moment. He stood there looking at me and I looked up at him. The angle I was looking up at him made it easy to look at his body, especially his dick, without being too obvious. Hey, I like to look at good looking men and I had not yet mentally explained this newfound attraction to black men.

The phone rang again. AJ was talking to Alan again, who said he thought he was probably about 30 minutes away. While they were talking, AJ was standing there looking at me. I am not sure how to describe this other than AJ started to get hard right in front of me. He wrapped the towel around his waist again and then hung up.

"Sorry, it has been a losing battle to suppress my woody while you have been looking so good."

"No, I am sorry. I shouldn't have been teasing you so much."

"Believe me Beth, I have no complaints."

I looked up at AJ and smiled. He dropped the towel and stood there with a major league erection. He was obviously not embarrassed anymore and made no effort to hide it.

I thought about what was happening. All the feelings, the guilt, everything. But I also remembered what I had driven there for, and there was no part of that which was any more justifiable.

I moved my hand to rest on the outside of his calf, lightly touching his leg. I was looking at his hard cock, now sticking straight out from his body. He leaned over and touched my leg, and moved his hand up my thigh.

He was probably wondering if I intended anything when I moved my hand slowly to the front of his thigh and then slowly up until I touched the shaft of his dick with my finger tips.

AJ smiled, "Yeah baby."

I looked up at him and smiled as I stroked him a couple of times. I could feel his hard cock pulse in my hand. I took off my glasses and looked up at him while he stood there smiling.

"Yeah Beth. You want to suck my cock, don't you?" Not exactly the most charming thing to say, but he was right.

I didn't answer him but I sat up and started to lick the end of his dick with my tongue and looking up at his still smiling face. I started to take him into my mouth, slowly; very slowly, deeper and deeper. He had a beautiful cock, hard and soft and the same time, almost a feeling of velvet over steel. I sucked the end of his cock, and then again took him deep inside my mouth, sucking softly and gently. I could maybe take 5 inches before I felt a gag reflex, so I backed off slightly but held as much as I could comfortably take for a long time. I sucked again and now started to squeeze his balls with one hands and his ass with the other.

I wanted him to fuck me, but I had a little more control and realism now than when I had met his father. I decided instead that I would give him a blowjob. I could tell this was not going to be difficult, he was throbbing already. Sure enough, he reached for my head and told me he was cumming. I kept him in my mouth deeply, but I started sucking more vigorously and stroking his balls. I felt him shoot off in my mouth, and I swallowed the first load when another big load came and started running over my lips and chin.

I started to stroke him with my hand, and continuing to suck on the end of his cock. His semen dribbled out a little more and when it was clear he was done, I took him back in my mouth deeply as one of my favorite parts of sex is feeling a man soften in my mouth. He did soften a little while I sucked, but eventually he started to get hard again. I was a little surprised by this, and I attributed this to the fact he was so young.

I looked up at him and laughed, "Aren't you done yet?"

He said, "That was fantastic, but I really want to fuck you."

I was a little surprised that he was ready to go again already.

He pushed me back on the chair, and then ran his finger up and down on my pussy. I leaned back and AJ pulled my bikini bottoms off and dived into eating me out. He was good at it too, alternately licking and sucking, softly and harder. He found my clit and sucked on that too, and he could tell when I came.

He pulled me up and then he lay on the cement while he stroked his cock. I positioned myself to face him while I lowered my dripping pussy onto his dick. I was so wet that he easily penetrated me, and when I was all the way on him I ground my pussy against him. It felt absolutely fantastic, and I contracted my pussy muscles around his cock and then we really started fucking.

He grabbed my tits while I went up and down on him, and after a while we changed positions so he entered my from behind while I held onto the top of the chair. I could feel his balls slamming into my pussy. Sometimes people make love, and other times they fuck. This time was very raw, very primal.

I could feel his hard cock plunging in and out; it felt so good as he slid on my wet pussy. It did not take me long to have another orgasm this way, and it was not long after that AJ pulled out and came all over my ass and back. He quickly took me in his arms and kissed me, just a wonderful passionate kiss and I could still taste my pussy on his tongue.

After a long hug, AJ said, "I expect my father to be home very soon. If it is OK with you, I am going to go inside and get dressed. Is it still our deal that you will not tell him anything?"

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