New Job


As the human Resources Manager of a small engineering company I have the privilege of interviewing all the new staff members. The management gave me the authority to make the decisions on my own of whom to hire and who not. Maybe for that reason we didn't find a suitable person for the job of personal assistant to the managing director yet.

For a twenty five year old red blooded male it was the best way to meet all the women who are desperate and willing to do anything for a job.

Friday I had two candidates lined up for interviews.

First interview: Michelle Adams

When I got to the board room she was already waiting for me. When she stood up to greet me my dick instantly began to rise. She was definitely the best looking of all the interviews I had the last week. I always loved long and slender women and Michelle was definitely falling in that category. Being a strawberry blond was just a bonus.

I quickly got all the basic formalities over and done with and started on my devious plan to fuck this bombshell brains out.

After I asked her about her family and previous working environment I slipped in an inquisitive question asking her how many times a week she had sex. Obviously she felt very offended and stood up to leave. On her way to the door I ask her how desperate she was to get this job, and explained to her that I have the final decision on who gets chosen for the post.

She turned around and stared at me with very inquisitive green eyes. She asked me what I had planned and how she can ensure that she got the job.

I explained to her that it will be very easy to get the job, she must just be my sex toy for the next hour or so and if the performance from her part is satisfactory she will get the job.

She was totally in a daze and tried to figure out what she must do, when she finally decided that she has no choice and she has to agree to do what I ask.

I then asked her to come and have a seat while I lock the door so that we won't be disturbed. Michelle went to the end of the table and had a seat still contemplating what to do.

Not a guy to waste any time I immediately went to work. I kneeled right in front of her with my hands on her knees. She was wearing a knee high skirt with a low-cut blouse, showing some cleavage. As she had a seat her dress already slid up her legs to reveal a nice set of thighs. Without any warning I pried open her legs to reveal a mighty good sight. I moved my hands over her thighs and straight to my prize. After I removed her white laced panties I had easy access to her nicely trimmed pussy.

I started off slow entering only one finger into her pussy, working it in and out a few times. After a while she was wet enough to enter another finger. I was really surprised at how tight she was. I thought to myself that a beautiful twenty three year old woman couldn't have had much sex in the last few months.

She was now responding to my assault on her pussy by grinding her pelvis into my hand, which was the sign for me that she was ready for a good fucking. I opened up my zipper and took out my 7 inch cock. Michelle was surprised at the size of my cock, which gave me a clear indication that she might still be a virgin. I opened her legs some more for easy access. With my penis at her pussy entrance I asked her if she were ready and she just nodded in agreement.

I started to enter her slowly. Because of her tightness I could only get in about 1 inch of my cock. After a few tries I could penetrate a little more only to come to some type off obstruction. I realized that she is still a virgin. With some further effort I managed to brake through her hymen. She just gave a small outcry and then started to whimper again.

I settled into a good rhythm, fucking her with some lengthy strides. She must have loved it because she started to cry out louder and louder. Scared that somebody might hear us I stopped and pulled out my dick. You could see the disappointment on her face when I stopped but that was short lived. I demanded her to stand up and go stand against the table. I push her head into the table and entered her from behind. This time she was much more lubricated and I immediately started to pound away. After a few minutes of fucking I stopped again. Michelle was not happy and begged me to finish the job. Not a man to let a woman down I turned her around and started to unbutton her shirt. When I removed her bra I was surprised to see that she had a nice ring in her left nipple. I quickly went to work on her left tit, sucking it and pulling the ring with my teeth.

This seemed to get her all worked up and again she asked me to please finish the job I started out with. I started to kiss her all over and ended up at her mouth. I started to gently kiss her on the mouth parting her lips just a little bit with mine. Without her knowledge I already positioned my cock in front of her wet snatch and with one big thrust I entered her again. She almost fainted in my arms. After regaining her composure she started to take control of the situation and pushed me to the ground. She mounted me and started to ride me like a woman possessed. I realized that she was nearing her orgasm, I sat up and took her tit into my mouth again and sucked as hard as I could on her nipple ring. That did it and she had one big orgasm. Feeling her pussy tightening on my shaft I also shot my load deep inside her.

She lied on top of me for a while and then slowly got back to life. She was surprised that she enjoyed it that much.

After she got dressed I ensured her that if she was that cooperative in the future she will definitely be on top of my list for the job.

She just smiled at me and gave a big kiss.

Afterwards I thought to myself that if the next interview is this successful it was definitely going to be a good day...

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