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New Job


Chapter 1

I walked into her office and closed the door. She had a large black desk with glass on top, a leather chair and two chairs in front. She offered me one as she sat down behind her desk. A name plate, resting on her desk, said Susan Conner Pres. and she had a few other items for decoration. There were pictures on the wall of men probably 20 or more, full body shots, all of them were extremely good looking and in perfect condition. She saw me looking at them and quickly gathered my attention.

"So tell me, Brian, why should I hire you? What can you bring to my business these others can't?" she asked gesturing to the men's pictures.

"Umm well I guess I'd have to show you," I stammered.

"Very well, and I'll tell you now that you're being recorded from the four cameras in each corner," she said.

I hesitated and looked around at the black cameras with red lights. I assumed this was normal for the line of work; she would want to review the feed before making a decision. She sat back in her chair as I stood up and began to undress. Her face showed no sign of interest until I removed my boxers and saw her lips part slightly. She moved forward in her seat.

"Impressive Brian, but its no good soft in this line of work," she said.

I looked at her confused and she just sat there watching me.

"Anytime Brian, I don't care how you do it, just show me what you have," she said folding her arms under her large breasts.

She was a very attractive brunette, probably 10 years older than me. The owner of her own business she started around the turn of the century and was doing very well for herself. Long legs, brilliant green eyes and her suit fit her toned body perfectly. I finally got the hint and realized what she wanted me to do.

Taking my cock in my hand I began to stoke it slowly, trying to concentrate on getting hard with her watching me. The cameras didn't help either, but I knew it was this or the unemployment line again. Soon, I felt the sensation growing in my shaft. The blood began to pulse into my member and I knew it would be only a matter of seconds before I had it erect. I kept my eyes on her as I stroked. I saw her bite her lip as my long cock throbbed and grew in length and girth.

"Okay, very nice Brian, impressive was an understatement. I have more than a few clients that have been looking for exactly what you have to offer," she said standing up and walking towards me.

"I assume you have measured yourself for kicks right, so I don't need to bother?" she asked.

I smiled at her and said, "Yep you got me there, its 11 ¾" from base to tip. Almost a whole foot long."

She was right in front of me now and almost as tall as I was, with her high heels on. She brought her hand up and caressed my ripped chest, letting her hand trail down my body, over my stomach to the base of my throbbing cock. She put her hand around it, or tried anyway, and felt my girth.

"Judas, Brian this thing is enormous, but I'm afraid it's not the only thing you need to be hired. I can't have you shooting off in less than 30 minutes, especially with the type of clients I have. They would be outraged. Your medical checks out and you have had the vasectomy I see." she said, letting go of my cock and turning back to her desk.

She picked up her phone and pushed a few numbers. Seconds later I heard her say, "Yes Jenny, I need your assistance in my office dear," and hung up.

She turned back to me, smiled, and looked at my large cock again. A few seconds later a knock came at the door. It opened with a young blond letting herself in. I felt weird standing butt naked with a major hard on in the presence of two clothed women. The blond walked towards us and when she saw my penis her mouth fell open.

"Jenny this is Brian. He's looking for a job and as you can see he's come well equipped, but I need you to test his stamina dear," her boss said.

Jenny was damn hot. She had a gorgeous face with long straight hair, blue eyes and a toned thin body. Her breasts were real and not very big, but high on her chest and round. Her legs were long and her skirt was very short.

"Hello Brian, that's quite an asset you have there. I'll just have to see what I can do with it," Jenny said.

Miss Conner returned to her chair. I remained motionless in the middle of the room. I knew what I was applying for but didn't expect to be interviewed quite like this. Jenny wasted no time and started taking her clothes off. My cock got harder as I watched her strip. Her body was completely amazing, tan everywhere and in perfect proportion. Her hips matched the size of her chest and she had a small little waist. Her nipples were darker than the rest of her tan tits, but not dark enough to be a distraction. She had a shaved muff and an incredible ass. I got a great look at as she bent over to remove her thong. She left her heels on, walked towards me, cupped my ass in her hands and rubbed her hardening nipples on my back.

As soon as she touched me I heard a strange beep and looked towards the sound. Miss Conner had started a timer and she showed it to me. It was counting down and she had set it for 45 minutes. Jenny's hands came around from behind and grabbed my throbbing and now oozing cock. I moaned as she stroked it with both and turned to look at her.

"Okay Brian, this is your final test. If you can last until you hear the alarm with Jenny you get the job. But remember, this is about her not you. Your job is to please her like your possible clients. So if she doesn't cum at least twice before the 45 minutes is up then you fail regardless if you last," Miss Conner said.

Shit! Talk about pressure. I had to make this hot blond cum twice without me getting off once. "Damn! I knew I should have masturbated before I came today," I said to myself. Jenny let go of my cock and walked around to my front. She sat down in one of the chairs and crossed her legs. Shit, she wasn't going to make it easy either, I thought to myself. I looked up at Miss Conner and she pointed at the timer.

Kneeling in front of Jenny, I placed my hand on her legs and caressed them as my cock just oozed and throbbed between my legs. She finally let me spread her long sexy legs and I rubbed her inner thighs, moving my head towards her clean twat. It's all about her I thought, so what woman wouldn't enjoy a good licking before a big fat cock. I thought I would be able to take my time as well and run that timer down. Miss Conner must have had other plans because Jenny stopped me after only five minutes of eating her delicious pussy. Her little clit was fully erect. I was having a good time running my tongue over and under it fast and slow and darting it into her every increasingly wet hole.

She grabbed my head before I could get her off though and raised me up to my feet. She sat forward on the chair, grabbed my monster cock and took the wide head into her warm mouth. Shit it felt good and I knew I was in trouble the moment she started to suck. She had skills and was probably why she had her job. Damn she sucked my cock so good and deeper than anyone previously, but wasn't able to take all of me, I'm just too big for that. She was making an incredible mess with my pre-cum and her saliva and both hands were on my shaft stroking as she sucked and licked me. My balls were already rising. I really had to focus on something else, or I would have dropped my load down this hot blonds throat in minutes the way she was sucking.

I heard Miss Conner clear her throat behind me. Jenny stopped sucking just in time and stood up, wiping her mouth. She smiled at me and I could tell she was actually a girl that liked to suck cock.

"Well, how is he?" Miss Conner asked.

"He's wonderful, tastes great. I don't think you will have any complaints from the clients that like to suck," Jenny said.

"Great, we don't have many but that's good to know. Brian can be used for them as well," she said.

I turned to look at her as she finished and my eyes got big as I saw that she had removed her suit coat and unbuttoned her blouse. Her huge tits were out in the open. She had been playing with her nipples because they were wet and extremely erect.

"Okay Brian, so far so good. Now lets see you use that thing," Miss Conner said, looking at my raging hardon.

Jenny sat back down in the chair and leaned back with her ass extended over the end. She licked her finger and played with her lips and clit teasing me. I squatted down and with my cock in one hand positioned it at the entrance to her shiny wet hole. My head slid in easy. As inch after inch slid into Jenny's wet tunnel, she arched her back, taking me inside.

"Holy shit!!!!!!!! Oh my........ it's soooooooo biiiiiggggg!" she stammered.

I felt some resistance around 9 inches and I knew she was going to have to get used to the other few before I could get the whole thing in. So I stopped and pulled back out those nine, then back in, causing her to scream again and grab hold of the arms on the chair. Her eyes closed and she had her bottom lip firmly between her teeth. On the next thrust she remembered her clit. One hand moved down and rapidly began rubbing it in a circle. I lifted her legs up and over her and spread them to get more depth.

"Oh Miss Connor he's amazing, ohhhhhh shit it's so good," Jenny cried out.

With my next thrust I was able to get another inch in and could tell how much more I had from the shiny secretions covering my cock. Jenny was gone, rubbing her erect clit and I knew I was going to have her cumming any second. I sped up on her tight pussy and rammed her hard until she tightened up and started to shake all over. Her chest was rising and falling, quickly, up and down and what I could see of her eyes was distant and glassy. I knew she was cumming and it was a good one, her toes were curled tight. The added speed and her convulsing brought the pleasure to my shaft and my balls rose. I slowed down knowing I needed to or I was going to cum with her. Miss Conner must have seen me slow and try and last because she spoke up soon after.

"Okay good there's one, but don't stop now, Brian." She said.

I turned to look at her and she now had her pants off and was fingering herself leaning back in her chair. She was extremely hot, had a great looking pussy and her huge tits looked fabulous. I slowly turned back to Jenny, who was coming off her orgasm and opening her eyes. I pulled my hard wet cock out of her completely and rolled her over by twisting her long legs. She got the hint and put her knees on the edge of the chair and her arms over the back.

"Miss Conner you really need to try him out yourself, his cock is amazing," Jenny said as I inserted it again.

I watched my long cock disappear into her pussy framed by her round exceptional ass. All of my shaft disappeared in this position and her head flew back as my balls touched her body under my hard tube.

"Oh my.......G......Fuck it's so deep!!!!" she screamed.

I held it in and felt her legs shaking and her pussy vibrate on my shaft. Reaching forward, I took her small round breasts in both hands, playing with her erect nipples and slid my cock half way back out. Her pussy was fine, tight, hot and felt incredible wrapped around my wide shaft. Back in all the way I slammed it in deep and held her back with her breasts, driving myself even deeper into this woman.

My shaft widens as it connects to my body. When I had it this deep, it was spreading her good and even opening her little puckered ass for me to see inside. Some of her juice had moistened her anus. I placed my right hand on her cheek and let my thumb drift down to her opened hole.

She moaned loud as I pressed the pad of my thumb on her ass and brought my cock back out again, just to slam it back in and press the tip of my thumb in her bum as my cock opened her up again. She was going to lose it already and really liked my cock inside of her.

"Oh fuck......Shit! Fuck me.......give me that cock!" she screamed, getting into it.

I obeyed, began hammering her from behind and pressed my thumb even further in. Her ass was so tight with my cock in her pussy. She was squeezing it tight, clenching her ass muscles. Over and over I slammed my cock into her, making her scream and approach her second orgasm. I had no idea what Miss Conner was doing, but I figured it was probably pretty hot. Occasionally I would look at one of the cameras as I drove my cock in and out and played with Jenny's tits and ass. She was reaching under herself and working her little clit again. I felt her fingers brush my shaft a couple of times.

My load was building and it was really starting to feel good. I had no idea how much time had passed, but since I hadn't heard the alarm go off yet I concentrated and didn't let myself go past the point. I kept the thrust long and hard though, so I could finish off Jenny. It really wasn't a problem. She knew how to have a good time and wasn't going to miss out on some good orgasms.

Time passed like that. She started to wig out and shudder under my barrage and I knew I had accomplished my goal. She was cumming so fiercely that she almost fell off the chair and I had to catch her. Her pussy flooded, became extremely wet and coated my cock, increasing my pleasure.

"FFFFuuuk AAAAAAAAAhhhh, yes, ohhhhhh so good!" she screamed.

Soon after her scream of ecstasy, I heard the alarm start to beep and then turn off. Miss Conner appeared next to me shortly after completely naked and watched me continue to work my huge cock into her assistant.

"Very nice Brian, you have the job. You are more than sufficient for the tasks. Now if you would be so kind as to finish up and let me sample your load," Miss Conner said as she rubbed my tight balls.

I was almost ready to cum anyway. As soon as I pulled out of Jenny's well fucked pussy, Miss Conner fell to her knees and started stroking my cock with her mouth wide open. I groaned and released my clenched muscles, spraying her in the face with an out of control burst of cum that went in a few directions. Some landed in her mouth and more on her face and tits. The next spurts were more controlled and she caught them in her mouth, with just the excess dripping down to her healthy breasts. She took my head in her mouth and sucked and stroked the rest out of me. I filled her mouth up pretty good.

She sampled my texture and taste, then swallowed the mouthful. Jenny watched the whole thing and was licking her lips for a taste, but dared not steal any from her boss. I jerked and bucked as Miss Conner sucked my head and finished me off. It was an exceptional orgasm.

"Wow Brian, very nice, damn impressive. You are the best I've hired in quite some time," she said, licking my cum off of her fingers. I just stared at her tits from above with little drops of my cum on them. I wanted to feel and nibble on them, but since she's my boss I thought better of it.

"That will be all Jenny, thank you," she said.

I smiled at Jenny and she smiled back. I watched her get dressed and leave the room. I remained naked and my large cock slowly went flaccid. Miss Conner went back to her chair and told me to sit as well.

"I would like to work you in to the rotation as soon as possible, with your assets many of my wavering clients will be most pleased," she said.

"Great, I'm ready now, so just let me know what I need to do," I told her.

"Really......Well okay then, I have the perfect person for you tonight if you are serious?"

"Ummm sure," I said hesitantly.

"She's a picky client, and has not been pleased with the last few I've sent over. Her husband is out of town like normal and this is why she uses our services. She's a fireball. You will have your hands full."

"Okay when and where?"

"6:30, and here is her address." She leaned over handing me a card. "She likes toys and large objects, so you will be perfect. Stop by Jenny's office on your way out and get some supplies.

Her tits looked so damn good. If I stayed any longer in this room with her, I was going to be hard again. I acknowledged her and took the card. I looked at the address and my eyes got bigger. This lady must be rich because her address was in a very affluent part of the city.

"I see you have heard of that part of town. As you can imagine, our clientele are very well to do and have to be to pay our prices. So don't disappoint me. When you are fucking her you represent me, so make me proud. You can accept tips but as far as payment that is already taken care of. Any questions?" she asked.

"Not really, I'll just play it by ear my first time," I said.

"Oh you won't have to worry about that. Mrs. Bergoin doesn't want romance, she just wants to be fucked as hard as possible and as long as you can," Miss Conner said.

"Oh shit, okay. I guess that's easy then,"

"Wait and see there stud. Okay, if there is nothing else then welcome to the agency and good luck tonight. We'll be in contact with your next customer."

She watched me dress. I left the office and found Jenny talking to the receptionists about my cock and how good I was. They went silent as soon as they saw me but the damage was done. I smiled at them and stood next to Jenny.

"Miss Conner told me to get with you about some supplies for a Mrs. Bergoin," I said, showing her the card.

"Oh really! Talk about baptism by fire. Mrs. Bergoin is fucking crazy," Jenny said.

The receptionist blushed and looked at me. I smiled back and knew what she was thinking about.

"Okay, well follow me to my office and I'll get you everything you need," Jenny said.

As we were walking to her office, she stopped and turned back to the receptionist, "Kayla could you make me a copy when you make Miss Conner's?" she asked.

I assumed she was talking about the video feed of her and I, but wasn't quite sure.

"Umm.......Sure Jen I'll get it to you," Kayla replied.

Jenny turned towards her office. I followed her, checking out her fine ass in her short skirt. She wasn't walking funny so I figured she was used to large objects like myself. She walked into her office and I followed.

"Okay Mrs. Bergoin.....right I have just the right collection," she said opening a large cupboard.

Inside were multiple black duffle bags with numbers on them. She took number five out and set it on her desk.

"Here ya go, everything you will need. But I think when Mrs. Bergoin gets a look at your dick, she'll be mostly interested in it," Jenny smiled at me.

She was so good looking and from what I knew of her so far, really cool. She loved sex and took my cock like a pro, so I made my move.

"So Jenny, what do you think about having dinner with me and a movie or something?" I asked.

"Oh well, that's sweet but I don't date employees. Its kind of a rule of mine, keeps things more simple around here," she said.

I smiled and gave up, "Ya that's probably smart. Okay, well thanks for the supplies and earlier. I really enjoyed my interview."

"I did as well, best one in a while," she smiled at me.

I picked up the duffle. As I was walking past the receptionist, she was staring at her computer screen, and her mouth open. She didn't even notice me standing there watching her. I cleared my throat and she looked up, jumped and fumbled for her mouse to turn something off on her monitor.

"Oh....... Hello can I help you with anything?" she asked obviously embarrassed. I could see her nipples were erect and pressing out under her shirt.

"I'm just wondering if there is anything else I need to do," I said.

"Oh right, new hire, yes hold on," she said and turned in her chair to a file cabinet. "We just need your account to deposit your wages and a few other pieces of information," she said, handing me a form.

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