tagGroup SexNew Job Pt. 02

New Job Pt. 02


The next morning my phone ringing woke me up. I picked it up slowly, trying to wake up enough to talk.

"Brian? This is Miss Conner....Nice work last night! Mrs. Bergoin called me, beside herself with compliments on my new hire. She's a picky bitch Brian and you pleased her twice she says. Damn kid, way to go. She wired the money and left you a sizable tip you can pick up next time you're in," she said.

I wiped the sleep from my eyes and thought about telling her, Mrs. Bergoin already tipped me but I figured what my boss didn't know wouldn't hurt.

"Great, she seemed very pleased with my work," I said.

"Pleased? Ya stud that's an understatement. She has already booked you again and only you. It's in a few days though, so I'm setting you up with some others before then. I see big things in store for you and many happy clients," she said. "Jenny will text you your next assignments so keep that phone charged. And again, good work, I'll talk to you later."

I put the phone down, smiled and went back to sleep.

When I finally woke up I had three text messages from Jenny. Apparently she had me booked for a 'nooner' and was trying to get a hold of me to make sure I would be there. I woke up late and noon was only an hour away. I quickly texted her back that I would make it and not to worry.

She told me in the text that the client was a long time customer that liked more than one guy at a time, so I was going to be meeting with a guy named Adam at her home so we could both take care of her. Sounded interesting. The address again was in a very nice part of town. I was seeing a pattern in the cliental, rich lonely women.

I quickly showered, ate and hurried to the address; Adam was waiting for me out front. He was shorter than me, stocky and with surfer long wavy hair, and tan.

"You the new guy? Brian right?" he asked.

"Yep, this is my second assignment," I said.

"Ya, I heard about Mrs. Bergoin. Nice work dude. She's incredible but picky as hell, I guess since you started now none of the rest of us will be getting that fine piece of ass. Oh well, probably for the better," he said.

"So what do you know about today's customer?" I asked.

"Oh Miss Waverly? Well she's been around since Miss Conner started this agency. She's older, probably 40ish but says she's 30. Been divorced three times, loves cock and can't get enough so she always requests two of us. She's easy to please and with what I've heard about you, there shouldn't be any problems. Just follow my lead and you'll be fine," he said, walking towards her house.

Her house was really nice again, probably got it in one of her divorce settlements. When we got to the door, we saw a note telling us to come right in. She would be waiting in the kitchen.

"Last time, we did her in the study with the pool table," Adam said, smiling.

I smiled back and followed him in. He knew just right where to go. We entered the kitchen and Miss W was sitting on the counter with her long legs crossed. She was dressed in a skimpy nightie and looked very doable. She was older, but had kept herself in good condition and I was sure had shit loads of experience. She had fake tits again, which also seemed common among these well-to-do women. They were done years ago from the signs of sagging, and she needed a refresh in my opinion. She wasn't drop dead gorgeous like Miss Bergoin, but nice looking, with dirty blond hair to her shoulders, average height and she obviously exercised to maintain her curves.

"Welcome boys. I see you brought me a new one today," she said in a sexy deeper voice.

"Hello Miss Waverly, this is Brian. He's brand new," Adam said.

"Excellent, I love fresh meat," she said, looking me up and down.

She jumped down off the counter and strutted over to me, walking past Adam, who just took a seat and seemed to know what she was going to do, which was to grab my crotch without another word.

"Oh my, it seems you have something special for me today," she said, feeling my flaccid member. "I do need to see this."

She quickly undid my belt and had my pants down, standing back she stared at my growing dick.

"Are you kidding me? Shit it's a huge one," she said.

She stepped forward again and took the shaft in her hand as more blood rushed in. She helped by stroking it until it was fully erect. Her eyes got big, even Adam looked impressed.

"My my Brian, you're going to give Adam some serious penis envy," she laughed, pulling and stroking my cock.

I just shrugged my shoulders and he smiled. Miss W dropped to her knees and held my cock flat against my stomach so she could lick the entire thing from base to tip with her wet warm tongue. She didn't suck very deep when she did finally take it in her mouth, or very long but what she did do felt great. While she sucked and stroked, Adam fished his cock out of his pants and worked it to full height while he watched her suck mine.

He wasn't anything to laugh at, probably 8 or 9 inches. I thought Miss W was in for quite a treat. She left my cock, moved over to Adam and gave him his share while I watched. Towards the end of his blowjob, I moved closer to Miss W. She reached up and stroked me, keeping me hard, while she finished up with Adam.

"Okay boys, I think it's your turn now......... put those large tools to work," she said.

Adam immediately stood up and lifted Miss W off her feet and over his shoulder. She squealed with delight. I watched him lay her down on the counter again and pull her small thong away from her pussy and begin eating her. I finished undressing and started working on her fake tits, licking and groping her while Adam continued his oral exam. He stopped after she came, and stood up straight. I kept sucking on her breasts and watched him insert his swollen cock into her well eaten pussy. She screamed with delight as he rushed it into her quickly and immediately began to fuck her hard and fast.

Five minutes later, I switched with him. Miss W lifted her head off the counter to watch me work my large cock. Her eyes got huge as my cock surpassed the depth Adam's had and she screamed in delight as the additional inches entered her body.

"Oh yesssssssss!!!!! Fuck me with that thing!" she screamed.

Her pussy was well worn in after all her years, but I think I reached undiscovered terrain inside of her, she sure acted like it. Her back arched and I began hammering away hard and fast with everything I had to give. She was already close with Adam and it didn't take long before she climaxed again, convulsing on my cock. Adam kept his cock hard and played with her tits and clit, even as I continued to pound away. It was a little strange to have his hand so close to my cock, but I tried to ignore it and give Miss W what she wanted.

I watched her spasm, tighten up and ride the wave of pleasure. Then she relaxed and seemed to melt into the counter. I slowed my thrusts to let her recuperate, and feel each inch as is went in slowly. She had her eyes closed. Adam gave me the thumbs up signal and wanted to switch again. I pulled out and climbed on the counter next to Miss W. She opened her eyes to find my large cock, covered in her juices, right next to her face.

"Brian, that cock of yours is amazing," she said, grabbing the shaft with her hand.

She looked down at Adam, who was admiring her open pussy and stroking his cock to full capacity, preparing to insert it again.

"You know where I want it now Adam," she said nonchalantly.

He smiled and stepped forward. My eyes got wider as he lifted her legs higher. I knew he was preparing to enter her tight ass. Her mouth opened in a pleasure filled moan as his cock entered her bum and kept going without a pause. Her one hand found her clit and started playing while she stroked my monster slowly. I saw delight on Adam's face as well. I knew her ass was good and tight. He started off slowly, but built up speed as she got familiar with his tool. She loved it, screaming and rapidly playing with her clit as he thrust forward and back into her ass. She didn't neglect me either and kept a steady rhythm on my hard cock. I wondered if she was going to let me put my cock in her ass, if so I was really going to like this job. Two days in a row of anal, who could ask for better?

This went on for another five minutes and both of their pleasures increased. I enjoyed watching Adam do her ass and have my cock stroked during. He got a little careless and his cock flipped out of her. She took the chance to change things up. She sat up on the counter and threw her leg over my legs, climbed up on my cock and eased it into her pussy. Then she looked back at Adam and didn't have to say a thing. He knew what she wanted. I couldn't believe it but I felt his cock enter her ass with mine stuffed fully in her pussy already. Damn this woman really did like cock and as much as she could get.

Adam started fucking her ass again hard. She tried to move on my member but wasn't able to very much. She was freaking out though, with both of us in her and came hard on my cock in no time at all. I could hear Adam breathing hard. The pressure on my cock increased, signifying with his getting larger and close to his climax. He held out for quite a while more, as Miss W came on and on.

"Oh shit Miss Waverly, I'm going to cum!!!!!!" he screamed.

When he pulled out, she jumped off of me and the counter, not wanting to miss any of his spurting cock. I moved over to watch. Adam stroked his cock, cumming on her face and tits as she knelt in front of him. She didn't swallow any, just let it paint her face and body. It was hot shit. He moaned and jerked as his cock unloaded an impressive amount. I watched as he held his other hand under his balls like he was pressing on something behind them. He looked like he was really enjoying his job as well.

Once he finished, she wiped his cum into her skin and climbed back on the counter to get to me again, while Adam recovered. She sat back down on my cock. Now free to move, she rode me like a pro, up and down with long hard motions. Her pussy was less tight now but she made up for it in the motion, rapidly moving up and down while squatting on the counter. Adam took a seat at the kitchen table and played with his cock as he watched her ride me.

She had incredible stamina and did me like she wasn't going to get some for the next month. I think she was in a constant state of orgasm as well, with little mini climaxes that continued as she rode me.

"Oh fuck Brian. I love this cock of yours, so big and wide!" she screamed as another wave hit her body.

When she rose up, I could see my cock coated in foamy secretions. She was extremely wet and seemed never to tire. I looked over at Adam. Somehow he had managed to get his cock hard again and was getting up to join the action. He stood on the counter and put his cock level with Miss W's face. She began to suck him and ride me at the same time. She sucked him for a while like this and then told him to stick it back into her ass.

I felt him slide over me again, fill her bowels for the second time and begin to ram it home. She came almost instantly. I lost count on how many we gave her after that. She was down over me now, so I was able to suck and nibble on her tits and enjoy the tight pussy around my cock. Adam seemed to have received his second wind and was just going crazy on her ass with long hard thrusts, pushing her tits into my face and making her scream louder than ever.

He finally slowed down and paused to speak, "Okay Brian, I think I've prepared her for you."

I got a big smile. She looked at me a little hesitant, not knowing if she wanted to try me in her ass. Adam pulled out completely, rolled over and sat on the counter next to us.

"What do you say Miss Waverly? Want to try Brian in your cute bum?" Adam said.

"Well I guess, maybe a little," she said and rolled off of me onto Adam. "Let me try him alone first though," she said.

She didn't put Adam's cock in her yet. I got up and got ready behind her. Her ass was still open a little from Adam's hammering and my cock was still coated with her cum, giving me plenty of lubrication.

"You ready Miss Waverly?" I asked.

"Okay, just go slow big man," she said.

My excitement was peaked. My cock was huge, throbbing and pulsating in my hand as I pressed my head against her worn in anal hole. The head went in rather easy, then there was some resistance once the hard shaft met her tight hole.

"Oh fuck!!! Shit its wide, fucking huge," she screamed.

I paused with 4 inches inside of her. She found her clit and began to rub it in circles as I held myself partially inside of her. She was panting and I could tell I was stretching her big time, but she loved cock and lots of it, so she continued to try and adjust. Her ass was squeezing me tight and felt really warm, almost hot. With an enormous effort and scream she pressed back on me. I watched as inch after inch disappeared, until she had pretty much all of my cock in her body.

"Oh fuck ya, fuck my ass big boy!" she screamed.

Shit it felt so good I almost lost it and couldn't move or I would have. She wanted it now though and got antsy when I didn't immediately begin to fuck her. She looked back at me and the expression on her face was telling me to get it done now or she would find someone else. Man she was so hot and tight around my cock, I knew I wasn't going to last five minutes inside of her ass. But I began to move and slid out of her slowly and then back in. My balls rose and tightened and my cock swelled with the intense sensation. Back in hard I slammed her ass and made her squeal and forget about the pause. She kept still and let me do all the work. I think Adam got impatient because I felt him trying to get his cock into her pussy. He kept bumping my cock with his. This actually helped me last longer, making me feel odd with him down there. When he finally got it in, Miss W utterly lost it. It was hard to tell if she was screaming with pain or pleasure, but she was sure screaming.

Neither one of us seemed to care which. He began to move under her while I kept up the long hard thrust into her ass, building my orgasm back up. Shit, talk about tight, with Adam in her pussy it was another degree of intensity and my orgasm soon approached as she continued to scream and pant. She was cumming again when I voiced that I was going to blow. When I pulled out, she stayed put on Adam. I moved around to the side of her just as my cock erupted in my hand. I sprayed her face and it dripped down onto her tits. Bending my cock down more, I finished covering her jugs as she held them, up capturing every spurt. She screamed with delight as I just kept spurting. After such a long session, it had built up really well and it was intense.

She rubbed it all in again, all over her body. She grabbed Adam's cock, slid it into her gaping ass and began to ride him hard and fast. She was on her feet now leaning back and had one hand behind her with the other on her clit. She let his cock slam into her ass and played as fast as she could until she came another staggering time. Adam began to beg to be let up because he was going to cum again. I just sat on the counter and watched.

She didn't let him up, but she did move off him and back. She began to stroke his cock as he shot his load onto his own stomach and chest.

"Oh shit!!!!!! Well done boys, awesome session, lots of cock and cum, I loved it!" she screamed.

She watched us get dressed and had a tip for both of us again. We thanked her and walked out together.

"Shit that was a good time," I said

"Ya Miss Waverly is one of the fun ones," Adam said, getting into his car.

I watched him drive away and my phone started vibrating. I had another text from Jenny. She wanted me to call or stop by headquarters. I wasn't very far away, so I decided to just drive in and pick up my tip from Mrs. Bergoin that was waiting as well.

Chapter 4

When I arrived at the agency, I stopped by the reception desk first. Kayla had my tip from Mrs. Bergoin waiting for me and also told me that Jenny wanted to see me if I came in. She phoned Jenny's office, telling her I was here and then told me to go on back.

I knocked on Jenny's closed door and heard her voice from within telling me to come in.

"Hello Brian, good to see you," she said.

"You too, Jenny," I replied.

She looked fabulous in a tight mini skirt and a thin blouse. I could almost see through to her breasts.

"So how is everything going? Keeping up? Any worries?" she asked.

"I'm good, seem to be doing okay, I think. I haven't had any complaints," I answered.

"I imagine not," she said with a smile.

She was going to say more but her phone started ringing. She looked down at the name on the screen and said she had to take it.

"Yes Miss Conner......." she answered and then a long pause while she listened to our boss.

"Actually I'm looking at one now .........It's Brian Miss Conner" Jenny said, looking at me with a big smile.

A few seconds later she hung up and I said, "What's up? What does she want?"

"It seems she has a potential client in her office and before she'll sign on, she has asked for a demonstration. So it looks like you are needed in Miss Conner's office for a little convincing," Jenny said.

"Wow....Okay, sounds good I guess," I said.

"She wanted me to bring you in, so let's go now," Jenny said.

I followed her towards Miss Conner's office and was actually a little nervous. I had no idea what was waiting for me in there or what I was going to have to do. Jenny knocked on the large doors and Miss Conner told us to come in. We entered and I quickly looked over Jenny's shoulder to get a view of the potential client. She was sitting in one of the chairs in front of Miss Conner's desk, but all I could see was brown curly hair because she hadn't bothered to turn around and look at us yet.

We walked towards Miss Conner, who had stood up and was getting ready to introduce us to the lady still sitting.

"Mrs. Dalton....this is my assistant Jenny and our newest employee Brian," Miss Conner said as we walked up next to the chairs.

Mrs. Dalton turned to look at us. I was taken aback by the young pretty face smiling back. She stood up and shook Jenny's hand, then mine as Jenny moved to the side.

She was taller than Jenny, thin, and wore a pant suit that hid her actual assets, so I couldn't tell what to expect. She remained standing. I could tell she was a bit nervous, not knowing what she was doing.

"Mrs. Dalton comes to us as a referral from Mrs. Bergoin, right?" Miss Conner said.

"Yes that's correct. We have been friends since school. She recommended your agency a while ago but I was hesitant. I tried to make things work with my husband but its just become unbearable and I need something more in my life. Lisa....... Mrs. Bergoin suggested you again to me and made me call." Mrs. Dalton explained.

"Well, Brian comes very highly recommended by Mrs. Bergoin herself. She was very pleased last time he visited her," Miss Conner said. "So, you mentioned you needed a demonstration of our product. What exactly did you have in mind today?"

There was quite a long, awkward pause. Then Mrs. Dalton got up the courage to speak again. "Is Brian here typical of what I can expect each time?" she asked.

"Well, you can see all of our employees there on the wall but Brian is actually not typical in a certain area. You can request any one or combination of employees, depending on your likes or desires," Miss Conner explained.

"Not typical? Really? Well can I see what you mean?" she asked, looking at me coyly.

I smiled back at her and looked at Miss Conner for the go ahead. She nodded to me and I proceeded to remove my clothes, starting with my shirt. Mrs. Dalton became even more nervous. I could tell she wasn't used to strange men stripping in front of her. When I finally dropped my pants and boxer,s she gasped loudly in surprise, when she saw my long flaccid cock running down over my balls and between my legs.

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