New Job Pt. 02


"Good heavens, that thing is enormous!!!" she blurted.

"Hence the not typical comment before," Miss Conner said. "Now if this is too much we have many others to choose from."

"I've never seen anything close to that before. Can a woman actually take that inside of her body?" she asked.

"Jenny has experienced it first hand, and quite enjoyed it if I recall," Miss Conner said, motioning to Jenny.

"That's right. It's big but I think you could handle him. You're taller than I am," Jenny said.

I started feeling like a freak on display with the three women talking about my cock and staring at it. Mrs. Dalton's mouth was open in disbelief. It took her a minute to comprehend.

"Get Out! You really have done him! Oh this I need to see," she blurted, and then realized what she had said.

"Okay, so you want Jenny and Brian to do the demonstration then?" Miss Conner verified.

"Umm, I guess. If that's okay," Mrs. Dalton replied.

"Actually, I'm needed elsewhere Miss Conner, but Kayla could fill in," Jenny said.

"Oh that's right Jenny you need to be going. On your way out could you have Sara cover Kayla's desk and send Kayla in?" Miss Conner said.

"Sure. It was nice to meet you Mrs. Dalton. I hope you find what you are looking for with us. See you later Brian," Jenny said and walked towards the door.

I stood there still butt naked and caught Mrs. Dalton glancing at my cock and body a few times until Kayla knocked and came in.

"You asked for me.............. Miss Conner," Kayla said, stopping mid sentence when she saw me standing naked.

"Yes Kayla, come in dear. Jenny has things to do and I need you to fill in for her. Mrs. Dalton would like a demonstration with Brian and since Jenny had to leave I need you to help," Miss Conner said, like she was asking her to take a note.

Kayla's walk towards us slowed when she found out what she was needed for but she hid her nervousness well and walked right up to me.

"Fine, and what did she want to see exactly?" Kayla asked.

We all looked at Mrs. Dalton and waited for her to respond. "I don't know really. I guess I just want to see it hard and inside her," she stammered.

"Easy enough," Miss Conner said. "Kayla please begin."

My eyes got big when Kayla looked up at me but she smiled. I knew she was going to be okay and knew the kind of job she had. I had never gotten a good look at her body before, with her sitting behind her reception desk, but now, as she started to undress, I got the full thing. She was about the same height as Jenny but bigger boned. Not heavy by any means, just had broader shoulders, larger breasts and hips, and very curvy. She had short hair, about two inches above her shoulders and it was brown and straight today. She had a cute face but not hot as hell like Jenny.

My cock began to stir as I viewed her naked breasts. Her nipples hardening in the cooler air. As soon as she was undressed, except for her shoes, she dropped to her knees and grabbed my hardening shaft. She picked it up in her palm, raising it up to my stomach. She caressed the underside of my shaft with her soft hands. I felt my shaft widening and growing. Mrs. Dalton was like a deer in headlights. Her eyes never blinked as she watched my cock grow while Kayla caressed it.

Miss Conner went back around her desk and sat down in her chair. The movement distracted Miss Dalton. She looked up at me, embarrassed and blushing. I smiled at her and looked back down at Kayla, who had just put the head of my cock in her mouth for the first time. Hot wet bliss covered me. I moaned and put my hands on her head just resting them there as she began to bob slowly up and down a few inches. Mrs. Dalton backed up and sat down to watch. I knew she was turned on and stunned at my size. "Mrs. Dalton I think is more interested in Brian's talents Kayla, so don't spend too much time down there," Miss Conner spoke up.

It was unfortunate because I was enjoying the soft lips and tongue on my cock, and the slow sucking Kayla was performing. She stopped shortly after and stood up. She walked around and moved a chair next to Mrs. Dalton, away and back towards me. Once she had it where she wanted it, she sat down and leaned back spreading her legs. I got the hint, fell to my knees and began caressing her legs and feet, working my way down to her pussy. She had shaved around the lips but had left an inch width of hair above her clit in a two inch line vertical. It looked fabulous. I spread her lips with my fingers. Her little clit was semi excited from her blowjob. I licked around it and around her lips but didn't touch her clit yet. She moaned and I felt her shudder as my wet tongue teased her body.

When I finally flicked her clit with my tongue, she bucked and grabbed my head forcing my mouth onto her pussy and hardening nub. My tongue darted over her clit a few times and then lower, to her moist hole. She tasted great. I began to eat her in earnest, feasting on her hot pussy. I didn't care what the other women were thinking or doing after that and just focused my attention on the hot pussy and body in front of me.

Miss Conner must have wanted me to get Kayla off for Mrs. Dalton with my mouth because I heard no complaints from her, or changes wanted until after Kayla tightened up and climaxed on my face. Kayla squirmed and whimpered as her orgasm rushed over her. Her pussy became extremely wet and hot. I looked up at her and saw her chest rising and falling rapidly. She had her eyes closed and her lower lip between her teeth in ecstasy. I finished up, wiped my chin and looked around at the other ladies. Miss Conner smiled at me with a small nod. Mrs. Dalton was obviously flushed and was fidgeting in her chair. I looked back at Kayla just as she opened her eyes. She was still coming down off her high and looked distant.

"Okay you two, let's put that cock to use now," Miss Conner spoke up.

Mrs. Dalton sat up in her chair as I grabbed my hard oozing cock and rubbed the pre-cum around on my head and prepared to insert it into Kayla's open and prepared pussy. Kayla grabbed the arms of the chair as my head pressed in. Her head flew back with a loud moan as half of my cock slid into her warm wet tunnel.

"Oh fuck its big! Feels incredible!" she yelled.

I looked at Mrs. Dalton as I pushed another few inches in. Her mouth dropped open seeing my large girth spread Kayla wide open. Kayla's hands were white from the grip on the chair. Her expression was one of amazement as my cock found undiscovered territory inside of her. I didn't get all of my extensive cock inside, but instead pulled back out to the head and slowly back in up to the dry part of my shaft again.

The rush of my cock, entering her again, caused Kayla to scream anew and arch her back in pleasure. Her pussy was tight and hot wrapped around my shaft. I reached forward and grabbed her C cups with both hands. I ran my thumbs over her erect nipples as I cupped her breasts and sped up my movement inside of her slick pussy.

"If you would like, you can get closer, touch or join them, Mrs. Dalton. I want you to be satisfied and content with your decision, no matter what you decide," I heard Miss Conner say behind me.

I turned and looked at Mrs. Dalton. She had her eyes locked on my cock sliding in and out of Kayla. Her hands were between her legs pressing on her clit. I could tell she wasn't being satisfied at home and longed for a good fuck.

"Are you sure you don't want a real demonstration? I'm here to please," I said to her.

She hesitated. I could tell she wanted it. She just needed a little push. I pulled out of Kayla and stood up. She looked up at me with disappointment but knew the client was more important. My cock was covered in her secretions and throbbed and bounced with my heartbeat. I walked towards Mrs. Dalton still sitting in her chair and put my cock level with her face only inches away. She tried to resist but couldn't help herself and brought one hand up and touched my hard ribbed shaft. She put her fingers around it and felt its girth. Her other hand found my balls, cupping them gently.

She stared at my cock and looked at it from all angles, taking in its length and splendor. Bending it sideways and down with her hand tightly around the shaft she inspected every inch.

"Its spectacular. I didn't think it would be this hard, as big as it is," she said, running her hand up and down the shaft with the slick pussy juice.

Miss Conner and Kayla remained silent. We were all curious to see what Mrs. Dalton would do and how far she would take this. Her hands felt great on my cock. She actually started speeding up her motion. I let out a soft moan as her hand slid over my oozing head. I figured out what she was doing soon after. She was whipping Kayla's juice off me the best she could. As soon as she had me as clean as she could, she moved her head forward and took my tip into her mouth. Damn, she sucked hard and caused me to moan and squirm a little. She was definitely sampling the merchandise now.

She had a little experience in cock sucking. What she did know felt good, but I could tell she wasn't as expert as others I had felt. She only sucked about three inches at any one time and stroked my shaft slow and hard as she did it. About two to three minutes later she stopped and let go of me.

"I'm just too curious now. I have to see what he feels like!" Mrs. Dalton blurted and stood up.

I turned and looked at Miss Conner. She winked and smiled, knowing I was doing a good job in landing this client. Kayla also smiled at me when I looked at her but I could sense disappointment as well. She wanted my cock back and it was killing her to have to relent. During this time, Mrs. Dalton had taken off her pants and thong and returned back to her chair. She spread her legs and got my attention. I knelt down and looked at her half dressed body. Her legs where nice, long and toned and her pussy was completely shaved with her little clit trying to peak out under its hood. She leaned forward and grabbed my head and pulled me forcefully into her crotch. My whole mouth opened and my tongue licked her from bottom to top, spreading her moist lips. She squealed with delight when I found her button and began to lick it in small circles.

"Oh shit yes, eat me! He never eats me!" she screamed.

Damn, now that I didn't understand. Her husband must be gay not to want to eat such a succulent pussy. I didn't hesitate and munched on her lips, clit and buried my tongue as deep as I could inside her hot hole. Her hands and fingers grabbed at my hair and dug into my skull as I feasted. She was easier to get off than Kayla. I could tell this woman hadn't had any action for quite sometime. She almost suffocated me as her climax hit and she slammed my face down onto her convulsing pussy. Juice ran out of her with each spasm. I tried my best to nibble and lick her clit with her hands grabbing at my head.

"Oh fuck I'm cumming!!!!!!!, oh oh oh oh sooooooo good!" she screamed.

Suddenly she let go and screamed at me, "Fuck me now, fuck me with that huge cock!"

Her orgasm had awakened a sleeping monster. She almost sounded like Mrs. Bergoin. She tore at her jacket and blouse, snapping buttons, and finally ripped the rest of her clothes off. She had fake tits, which didn't surprise me. They were the expensive kind, probably from the same doctor as Mrs. Bergoin's. Needless to say, once out of her suit she was hot, damn hot and my cock lurched as I looked down on this horny woman.

"What are you waiting for? Shove that thing in!" she screamed.

I moved forward, grabbed my cock and bent it down. I rubbed it up and down her lips. Then pressed the head into her open gash. She was tight, damn tight and almost felt like an ass. I wondered if she was a virgin. Either way, her husband never did her or has a tiny ass cock. Her folds clung to my cock as inch by inch I got half of my cock into her. She started freaking out.

"Oh fuck! Shit! Damn it's big! It's so wide!!" she screamed.

I withdrew the six and slid them back in, letting her get used to the width before I pressed any more inches in. She was working on her own exquisite tits, so I helped out with my thumb on her clitoris and held her left leg up with my other hand. Slow and steady I fucked her with half my cock, and watched her reaction as she continued to scream and play with her breasts. Damn, she felt good. I was so tempted to thrust forward and bury my entire cock into her. I resisted though and only added another inch. It pushed her over the limit and she started to spasm and cum. With her pussy so tight, I could feel it clenching and grabbing my cock more so than any other time when a woman climaxed. It was quite a turn on and felt incredible.

She thrashed on the chair and rocked back and forth as she came. I thrust over and over as she continued to exhaustion. I was fully planning on fucking her hard and fast to my own orgasm, but as soon as Miss Conner could tell her orgasm was ending she spoke up.

"Okay very good Brian. I think she has the idea."

I turned my head and looked at her surprised. The look in her eyes said, "You're done Brian. Don't reveal everything, keep her wanting more."

So reluctantly I pulled my very excited cock out of the tightest pussy I've ever felt before. I stood up and walked over to my pile of clothes. Mrs. Dalton was breathing hard on the chair and still shaking. She finally recovered, sat up and crossed her legs trying to regain her lady like form.

"Very well Miss Conner, I see now that the money is worth it and will sign the contract today. I would also like to request Brian here as soon as there is room in the schedule."

Miss Conner smiled at her, then looked at Kayla and I. "Thank you Brian and Kayla, that will be all."

Kayla stood up and grabbed her clothes. She didn't bother putting them on and started walking out of her office. She turned back and looked at me. I saw her expression for me to quickly follow her. I stooped down, grabbed my clothes and hurried after her.

Once outside the office she turned back to me and said, "I'm sorry, but I just can't end like that. I'll go crazy all day unless I get more." She brushed up against me and with her free hand grabbed at my still mostly hard cock.

"I'm with you, but where?" I asked.

"Jenny will be gone for a while so meet me in her office in about five minutes," she said and walked away down the hall and into a restroom. I quickly put on my clothes, knowing I needed to walk through a busy part of the agency to get to Jenny's office. I finished dressing and I saw Kayla walk out of the restroom, dressed, and head towards Jenny's office. I waited around a bit, took a pee myself and then walked to the office.

I knocked softly and Kayla whispered to come in. She was sitting on Jenny's desk, butt naked and fingering herself with a big smile on her face.

"Fuck! Hurry and get undressed and give me that wonderful cock again," she said, rubbing her clit.

I stripped in seconds. My cock bounced its way to erect as I walked towards her. Foreplay was over. It was time for nothing but fucking, hard and fast. She leaned back and lay on the desk, pulling her legs up and out. Wasting no time, I pressed my head into her wet pussy and shoved my cock in deep. She let out a yelp and quickly quieted herself, knowing she was going to have to be quiet or others might hear us. She bit her lip and grabbed her tits as I started forcing my member in and out of her hot pussy rapidly.

"Oh fuck that's it! Fuck my pussy hard and fast!" she quietly screamed.

I was more than turned on and aching to get my rocks off from the last hour of pent up energy. I fucked her hard and fast and most of my cock disappeared into this cute woman over and over, until she lost it and came hard on the wood desk. I loved her little whimpers as her orgasm took over. I continued to fuck her with no pause for another 15 minutes.

My cock was hard and engorged. My balls were tight and high forecasting my pending explosion when the unthinkable happened and the door behind me opened.

I didn't even bother to turn and look. I couldn't stop my orgasm now and just pulled out and stroked my spurting cock all over Kayla's stomach and some shot far enough to reach her nice real tits.

"What the fuck is going on in here?" I heard Jenny's voice behind me.

I turned and looked and kept stroking my oozing cock, too overcome with pleasure to talk.

"I'm really sorry Jen. We got interrupted in Miss Conner's office and I couldn't think of a different place. I just couldn't end it like that you know?" Kayla spoke up for me.

Jenny started to laugh and said, "Well I can't say I blame you, but did you have to use my desk?"

She came up next to us and viewed Kayla's cum covered body. Some was running off onto the desk below.

"I'll clean it up, I promise Jenny. I planned on eating it but you surprised us," Kayla said with a smile, running her finger through a nice glob of my cum.

I just smiled and wiped the head of my cock on Kayla's thigh and looked over my paint job.

Jenny went to her cupboards and found a towel to clean the place up. I took the chance to get dressed and wait. Jenny tossed Kayla the towel. She cleaned herself up and hopped off the desk and wiped it down as well.

"Sara's wondering where you disappeared to. So you better get back to you desk before she finds you in here," Jenny said.

Kayla quickly dressed gave me an "oh shit we got busted" look and hurried out of the door. I finished dressing as well as Jenny watched.

"So Mister, what am I going to do with you? You need to be saving your strength and cum for the clients, not fucking the receptionist!" Jenny yelled at me.

"I think once you view the footage from Mrs. Dalton, you'll understand why we had to finish up," I said laughing.

"We'll see smart ass. Anyway here is your next assignment. Its tonight and you better be able to still perform after this morning and this little episode with Kayla," Jenny said, handing me a 3 X 5 card.

"I'll be fine. I just need some food," I said taking the card.

"You're going to need more than food for this one," she said smiling.

I looked down at the card. My eyes got big and I looked back up at Jenny, stunned.

"I told you," she said laughing.

"Is this what I think it is?" I asked Jenny staring at the card again.

"Yep, they are having a bachelorette party and you are the main course. They all paid and so expect to be well taken care of," Jenny said.

"So how many other guys are helping with this one?" I asked.

"None," she laughed. "Rumors spread quickly in this line of work and they have only requested you. Mr. Footlong they called you." She laughed again. "And you are going to need every inch tonight big guy."

She walked to her desk and opened her drawer. Searching through, she found what she was looking for and tossed me something. As I caught it, I looked down at a trial pack of Cialis, medication for erectile dysfunction. I looked up at her surprised and she smiled.

"I know you don't really need it but just one pill and you will be hard all night. Even after shooting your wad a bunch," she said. "And with the amount of ladies you have to satisfy, you'll probably need it."

I looked at the card again. It didn't say how many women were going to be there, just the name of the girl getting married and another woman's name that set it up. Jenny saw me looking again and explained a little more.

"Stacy is the young bride to be. I think she is only 20. Her mother, Bonnie, is the one that set this all up for her. Both Stacy and Bonnie's friends will be attending so you'll have a few mother/daughter pairs to handle but mostly younger women about Stacy's age. I'd be more concerned about the older women if I were you though,"

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