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New Kid in Town


My parents decided that we were going to move while I was in my senior year in high school. Here I was eighteen and I was in a new school and didn't know anyone. It sure was depressing at first. That was before I met Neil.

Neil introduced himself one day at school. He was tall and thin with brown hair. I was so happy that someone was talking to me for a change. Neil invited me over to his house one Saturday. He said his parents would be gone for the day and we would have the run of the place.

I made it to Neil's house that Saturday morning and he led me to his bedroom. He had his computer fired up.

"Let's watch some videos," he told me.

I was game to see some flicks. Neil clicked the mouse a few times and then I got an eyeful. He had pulled up a gay website. I always considered myself straight and I never gave much attention to gay guys.

"These always get me so hot," Neil told me.

Slowly Neil unzipped his pants and he pulled out his dick. I didn't quite know what to do. There was my new friend with his cock hanging out of his pants. Neil acted as if this was the most natural thing to do. I sat there watching my friend slowly stroking his dick to the video on the screen.

"You might as well get comfortable and take your pants off," he said.

It was either take my clothes off or leave Neil's house. I undid my pants and pulled my briefs off. There I was with my dick exposed to my new friend. Neil shed the rest of his clothes and we both stood there stroking our cocks. I normally don't look at other guys, but there was Neil stroking his cock. His dick looked huge, he was thicker than me for sure.

Neil then took a few steps towards me. He started to rub his prick against mine. I had never done anything like this before. I do admit that my cock was getting so hard. I was breathing heavy as I felt Neil's pole against mine. Neil took our cocks in his hand and started stroking them together.

I had to control myself from cumming. How gay was this, I asked myself?

"You like how this feels?" My buddy was asking me.

I just nodded yes to his questions. My cock was rock hard.

"Have you ever had sex with another guy?" Neil was asking me.

"No never," I told him.

Neil then pulled away and went to a table. He picked up a tube of cream and applied some to his dick.

"Why don't you bend over the chair?" He said to me.

"I don't know if I am up for this," I told him.

"You can always leave if you like," he said.

What was I to do? I guess I caved in and I leaned over the arm of the chair there in the bedroom. Neil came up behind me. I felt the tip of his dick probing my hole. Then there was a hard pinch and Neil had the head of his cock inside me.

God did it hurt. Thankfully he went slow at first. I felt his cock entering my ass chute. Neil felt enormous. I couldn't believe he was pushing his dick into my hole. I felt him pumping back and forth, trying to feed me more of his dick. It took some minutes, but he must have pushed his cock all the way into me.

Then Neil leaned over my back and started to really give me all of his cock. He was fucking me like I was some wild animal. I could feel his balls pressed against my ass as he fed me all of his man cock. I think I was crying out for awhile. He just felt so big inside my chute.

"I am going to make you my whore, Danny!" He cried out.

He was doing that for sure. I was being made to take my friend's cock as deeply as he could push it into me. I could hear Neil grunting as he took my virgin ass. He must have had his cock in me for a half hour or so.

"I am so close," he finally told me.

A few more strokes into my hole and I felt his warm seed entering me. It seemed like someone had turned on a firehose inside my belly. I must have lost it as well. My ass muscles were gripping Neil's cock and milking him dry of all his manseed. Neil kept pumping into me for a few more minutes until he got soft.

I felt his prick sliding out of me. God, I was panting like some overheated dog. I felt drops of his cum dripping out and down my leg. Neil flipped me around and we had an intense kiss together.

"How was your first time taking cock?" He asked.

I really didn't know what to say. I felt spent from Neil ramming me with his thick cock. I sort of figure we would be doing it again and I was right. Neil led me to the shower and we did it there as well.

The hot water was spraying all over us as Neil told me to place my hands on the shower wall. Just like in the bedroom, Neil entered me from behind. He drove his cock deep up my sphincter. Each stroke made me rise up on my toes. My ass was already full of his seed. He was able to fuck me easily there in the bathtub. We did it there again until my lover filled me with more of his cream. I could feel his seed dripping out of me and onto the shower floor.

Neil and I became male lovers on a regular basis. I also learned how to suck cock. Mostly it was Neil fucking my ass with his bare dick. Yes, there were a few times Neil let me enter him.

I fucked Neil and I shot my load into a man for the first time shortly after we became lovers, but I much preferred having Neil deep in my bottom. The feel of a guy exploding inside you is so intense. I hope Neil wants me as his lover for a long time to cum.

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