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I remember the first time I was ever asked, "spank me". She was eighteen, I was twenty two. She had a way of sitting on top of me and rubbing her clit against me til she came that would turn me on and make me practically throw her off, roughly turn her over, grab her ass and fuck her so hard she would gasp or whimper with every stroke.

She was so tight and wet after cumming that I would get these delicious chills up my spine with every thrust and pulling back would virtually milk the jism from my member. I would pound her, nearly out of control, until shooting in her with everything I had. Being twenty two, I would be instantly hard again after making her suck her juices off my cock and it was back to fucking her wildly.

We eventually got, as most couples do, where we were somewhat sated and could begin to branch out a little. One day, toward evening, after a fairly full day (we were well matched), I'd been keeping myself from cumming and making her suck me between fucking her until I could barely stand not to blow. She had a way of showing her approval of what I was doing by pooching her ass out at me and whimpering.

When I was grabbing at her hair or spreading my fingers over the sides of her face and pressing her into my groin, she would whimper and out would push her gorgeous little ass. She would get so turned on her juices would drip from her onto the bed and seeing this would make me so hard I would lose control myself.

I had just pulled her by the hairs, away from my cock and pressed her face into my balls. They were soaked with her juices and she licked at them hungrily until I couldn't stand not being back in her tight little pussy. As I moved along her back, telling her I was going to pound her until I felt her juices splatter up against me, she said it for the first time "spank me". I was a little uncertain and it must have showed, but she pushed her ass out like she always did when she was getting excited and I gave her that first swat.

I could tell it wasn't nearly hard enough because the reaction was minimal though she pushed her bottom out even more. I was already nearly out of control myself (she picked a good time) and before I knew it I was swatting her while she whimpered and her ass pushed at me. Her ass was getting steadily redder and she was dripping juices in a steady stream. I was harder than I'd ever been watching her ass pushing out in tight little circles with waves of heat flowing off of it.

Her juices were gushing from her now and I was so hard I could barely stand it. Shoving my cock in her was a new and utterly delightful experience. She had these little tremors running through her as I buried my rod deep into her and pulled back for more. I could feel the spasms the full length of me and she was whimpering so constantly that they were becoming almost a keening sound. I pounded in and out of her until I couldn't hold it anymore and pulled out suddenly, punctuating this with a solid smack on her bottom. She cried out as I moved around to place my cock near her luscious lips. She grabbed at it hungrily and more greedily than I'd ever felt from her before.

I scrambled for my belt and she whimpered as she heard it clearing the belt loops. That first smack was so amazingly satisfying: I had never felt anything like it! I could feel the spank of leather through my arms and into my cock. It leaped even further as I would swat her and her juices would spray! It was an incredible feeling when I made her suck me while I whipped her with that belt. The tip would slap down around her globes and the sharp slap would make her cry out around her mouthful. This would make my member jump against her mouth and leap at her throat.

I was so out of control that first time, each snap of the belt and jolt of my cock would make me hurry to the next. She would give a jerk and shove with a particularly satisfying crack or those times that the tip of that leather strip would flick down onto her clit and this would wrack my hardness with her spasms and send me off into a new fervor.

By now I was shoving my cock in her mouth and pulling it out like it was a pussy. When I would break and move around to fuck her from behind, she would moan steadily with little cries each time I was fully in her and banging against her swollen pussy lips. My dick would be instantly soaked before even getting all the way inside her and the nectar would leak from the corners of her mouth when next I pushed between her lips. I was kissing it gently away when I asked her if she wanted to cum. She moaned "oh god, yes". I asked her again, whispering in her ear.

"Do you want to cum until you can't anymore?"

She started moaning and begging "please." With each, my cock would jerk and I could feel a shaking inside as my balls would draw up. She was so completely delicious and helpless on her stomach, pillows underneath her keeping her little ass in the air and pushed slightly out to where I could just grab it and take what I wanted, I could no longer stop myself. My true Dom came out that day and just never went back.

I was fucking her hard, just pounding into her sopping pussy, asking her over and over if she wanted to cum with her begging when I did finally let her. She came with such an earth shattering blast that she was never able to go back to the way it was before.

Yes, the first time I left marks -- deep ones - I don't leave now with maturity and experience. I was completely carried away and left her too sore to do anything for several days (I had to settle for blow jobs). I know better now. I learned a lot with her -- and she with me I'd like to think. By the time we split up, that belt had been joined by a number of other gratifying toys and the leather had a permanent darkened area at the end where it had been soaked with her juices so much and so often. I could look at it and remember fondly those first times. I've been through several belts and women with them, but that first spanking always comes back to me and I still get so hard from it I could easily lose control again.

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