tagMind ControlNew Life Ch. 01

New Life Ch. 01


You know in these types of stories the characters are fairly predictable, the plot's pretty thin and nothing really surprises you. I know how you feel. I'm like you. Except now I'm not. I'm very, very different. It wasn't always that way though. Before it happened, before my life was changed in ways I couldn't even imagine, I was like most people – a nobody. I was just muddling through life, going nowhere fast, doing very little and generally making no mark whatsoever on society. Actually that's not true. I was going somewhere. I was going to the afterlife.

That's sort of where our story begins. I say sort of because really you should probably know a little more about me. It's all about understanding, right? Well, don't worry, this should be pretty short and sweet because the truth is, before it happened, there isn't much to tell. I was born and brought up in a pretty stable home. No daddy issues, no overbearing mum. I had two siblings, an older brother and younger sister (no, it's not one of those stories either!) and a dog (it's certainly not one of those stories!!). I know now that I should have been happy with this, that kids across the world now grow up in broken homes, or even surrounded by abuse and misery, but I wasn't. I was apparently lucky. But that's not how it felt to me. I was miserable. Not in some kind of bizarre "cry myself to sleep, cut myself to make me feel" way. No, I was nowhere near interesting enough to do those things. But I was still never really happy and I never knew why.

My days as a kid growing up were spent out kicking a ball in the park with some friends, lusting after girls and generally getting nowhere. Then I found porn and I contented myself with that for a while. We all know how it is when we find porn – we overdose on it. I remember my first time. It was on some weird cable channel that showed such exciting programmes as naked darts and a business news show where the presenter stripped to her underwear while explaining the changes on the FTSE and Dow Jones. At around 11pm, they'd show some (normally German) softcore stuff. I'd already heard about masturbation, I knew what it entailed, but had never given it a go. One night, when the house was deserted and everyone fast asleep, I gave it a go. I never looked back, and the men at Kleenex got major bonuses!

So as you can imagine, like most teenage boys I had a massive sex drive. My masturbation took over and I soon realised that maybe my drive was a bit higher than most. The problem was that eventually I wanted to give this sex stuff a try. Ok, maybe that wasn't the problem. The problem in actual fact was the fact that I was entirely average in every single way. I'm not ugly but I wasn't exactly what the girls would call a hottie either. I was a nice enough guy I thought but then the girls that age didn't want nice guys. They wanted bad guys, they wanted the type that would hit people for no reason, drink at the weekends and maybe even take drugs. I didn't like beer when I was a kid and definitely was against drugs. My last fight had been when I was 10 – a fat kid sat on me and I couldn't get up so took a bit of a beating. I decided not to fight again and, happily, never have.

When I was 15 I did have a girlfriend. Her name was Kat. She wasn't very nice. In fact, she was awful. She was cold, bitchy and generally somebody I didn't particularly like as a person. However, most days she'd make out with me and even sometimes she'd let me touch her in places I'd never been allowed to touch before. I'd get to feel her tits at least a few times a week and even now and again I'd get to touch her pussy. Now and again she'd jerk me off, although this would generally be followed by complaining about the mess I made when I came. After about 7 months I broached the subject of sex. Her reply was curt – she was saving it for someone she actually loved. Now you might think that was a killer blow to the relationship. I actually agree with you. As a 16 year old, we stayed together another 6 months until she finally did find that guy she loved. She never looked back apparently and was soon to be found sleeping with most guys in the school. Sadly that didn't include me.

And thus began my relationship with girls. They talked to me, they seemed to like me, but never seemed to want to take things any further than that. Kleenex were delighted. I wasn't cool unfortunately, and without the distractions of girls I was able to do pretty well at school. Ahh, I hear you think, here we go – he's clearly some science nerd who, in a fit of rage against the world, made some device or something to control thoughts. Sadly no. Science, or chemistry as was the class I chose to do for my exams, was the only class I actually failed in. I was more gifted in classes that required good literacy skills rather than analytical skills I'm afraid. It isn't one of those stories either.

So what kind of story is it? How did I manage to transform my life and develop the gifts that have both excited and terrified me and others? To quote my favourite proverb, 'it's always darkest before the dawn', and I first have to take you to the darkest night before we hit the light.

It was May 15th, 2002. I was 21 years old and was drunk. At that age, I was drunk quite a lot. I'd go out with my friends, hit a few bars, most nights a nightclub and try to score. Invariably I'd fail. At this stage I'd had one unfulfilling sexual experience where I'd lost my cherry. Occasionally I'd get a bit of a kiss but that was as far as it would get. I think women have a sense when it comes to desperation and I stank of it. I'm still not sure how I could afford it. I was a student doing a course I hated (those who have ever done a Business course will know what I mean) and, although I worked part-time at my local supermarket, I still had bills to pay.

On that night I had as usual lucked out with the ladies and was in a state of melancholy as I walked slowly home, having failed to flag down a taxi. The street lights guided me along the dual carriageway I had to follow to take me the long walk home. I had been thinking things over and over in my mind, how unhappy I was, how pointless my life had been and was going to continue to be when suddenly I made what turned out to be a pivotal decision. I was going to end it. Traffic still flowed fairly heavily, even at 2am as it was then. I turned, saw a lorry approaching and walked out onto the road....

My life as I knew it had ended.

My new life had begun.

I woke up and was instantly aware of the bright lights. Next I heard bleeping of machines. I could sense I was in a fairly enclosed area, but I just couldn't focus. There was a foggy feeling in my mind and it wasn't going to clear. I drifted back into sleep once more and again repeated this experience, and then again and again. Finally my eyes were able to focus and I could make out the features of the room. The door partially hidden to my left, a unit to my right with a jug of water on top. A chair sat next to it, unoccupied. A television was attached to the room in the bottom corner opposite the door. I didn't know where I was and panicked and tried to move. That's when I felt the pain for the first time and the realisation that I couldn't move at all. When the pain subsided, it dawned on me that I was in hospital. The memories of May 15th flooded back. I had lived.

Sporadically I could hear voices from the corridor as people walked by, but I couldn't make out the words. Time went along slowly as I tried to make sense of my surroundings. I tried to call out but couldn't, the tube in my mouth seeing to that. I couldn't move my arms on my legs as all my limbs appeared to be in some form of cast. All I could do was wait and hope that someone, anyone, would come in and notice I was awake and explain what had happened to me. More importantly, would I ever recover? It seems strange from someone who had just tried to end it all, but the most important thing at that moment was that I'd make a full recovery.

Finally the door opened and I was joined by a young doctor, a man in his mid-twenties most likely. He was a fairly good looking guy, about 6 foot tall, with short dark hair and a little bit of stubble. He was talking to someone about something I didn't really understand as he entered, and I quickly saw a nurse follow him into the room. She was of a similar age to me, about 21, and was quite frankly gorgeous. She had long dark hair tied up in a ponytail, and had the most striking eyes I'd seen for a long time. Her lips were simply incredible and begged to be kissed. Despite the unflattering nature of hospital uniforms these days, it was quite clear that she had a great body. Her breasts certainly filled the uniform out, and her ass just made you want to reach out and squeeze it. Her appearance in the room distracted me fully and I forgot all about making them aware of my now conscious state. I had stopped listening to them talk, my attentions fully on this perfect creature when suddenly something was said that sparked me out of my reverie.

"God I wish I could fuck her silly".

It was the doctor. My eyes darted to him, but he was simply smiling away as the nurse talked about another patient.

"I wish those lips were around my cock".

I heard the words but couldn't see his lips move. Why was the nurse still talking? Why wasn't she outraged at what he was saying? Why wasn't she reacting? My eyes glanced from person to person, trying to make sense of it all. I looked at her and thought to myself "you should really be offended by this". Suddenly she stopped talking. Her demeanour changed. She became immediately aggressive, although it made no sense given the conversation that had been going on. After a few heated words that made little sense to me, she stormed out, slamming the door behind her. The doctor stood there dumbfounded before following her out.

I lay back in the bed utterly confused by what had just occurred. It hadn't made any sense whatsoever. Moments later I heard voices approaching and once more the doctor and nurse entered my room. She was apologising profusely, apparently having no idea why she reacted the way she did. The doctor, although clearly confused, accepted. What was strange was that it wasn't that I could sense his confusion, but I could actually feel it. It's difficult to explain but his confusion was almost transmitting itself to me. The nurse clearly appeared quite distraught by the turn of events and, as often happens when a beautiful lady is upset, I did the male thing of simply thinking 'he should just forgive her and forget about it'. Suddenly the feeling of confusion was gone from the room and he seemed to completely ignore what had just happened. I lay dumbstruck in my bed. It was almost as if they were reacting to my thoughts....

Almost immediately the doctor seemed to remember that I was in fact in the room and still required treatment. For some reason, and I'm still not sure why to this day, I made a decision to play dumb and not give away my new conscious state. My eyes closed and I tried not to give things away. I have no idea why I made this decision. I like to think it was due to my confusion as to what had just happened. Maybe it was my fear that I'd have to explain what had happened to get me to this hospital room. Maybe a combination of both. But I didn't react to him, and for that I'm eternally grateful.

I could hear him moving next to me and scribbling something down on some paper, no doubt readings from the various machines in the room. Then a new feeling hit me. At first I couldn't quite place what it was. It took over all my senses, it seemed to be everywhere. Then I realised what it was – it was arousal. It was desire. It was a sexual need. I opened my eyes briefly, looked at the doctor and found he was fully engrossed in the checks he was completing regarding my health. He didn't appear to be thinking about anything else, certainly nothing sexual. I was confused, unsure if perhaps I had been mistaken about what had happened earlier and started to scold myself for thinking such ridiculous thoughts.

I quickly glanced at the nurse and I realised that perhaps I wasn't so mistaken. She was staring at the doctor with an intensity that no woman had ever looked at me with. The lust wasn't coming from the doctor, it was coming from her. I could feel how aroused she was, how desperate she was to be touched by him. I could hear her thoughts; hear how she wanted him to touch her, to hold her, to make love to her. I simply stared at her, her eyes only for the handsome doctor to my right. I may as well have not been there.

"Jenny, I...." the doctor broke off as he turned to the nurse, seeing her eyes locked on him. She quickly looked away, embarrassed. The doctor seemed to mumble something barely audible. I simply lay there looking at them both, thinking how I was unable to move, unable to talk, unable to get involved.... And that's the exact moment my life changed. That's when I realised that I could get involved. This was my first proper experiment, and it worked perfectly.

I thought one simple thought, and directed it at Nurse Jenny. Seduce him. The effect was immediate. Her entire posture relaxed. Her full beautiful lips curled into the slightest smile and her eyes sparkled with naughty intent. She bit her lip gently while looking at the slightly puzzled doctor, and then slowly walked over to him, her hips gently swaying, a seductress at work.

"Dr Jones.....John....." she whispered, "I hope you won't hold that little misunderstanding against me will you? I hope there's some way we can forget all about this?"

Dr Jones seemed genuinely puzzled by this turn of events, and after a moment it struck me why. I'd told him to forget about it and he clearly had no memory of what this misunderstanding was. As he struggled to comprehend what she was talking about, Jenny moved closer, impossibly close to the handsome young doctor and put her hand on his chest, running it gently down to his midriff.

"Can you think of any ways that I can make it up to you?" she purred.

I had Dr Jones down as a confident young man, a man who no doubt was good with the ladies and would have no problems seducing naive young nurses like Jenny. Apparently I was wrong. As she touched his chest Dr Jones turned bright red and nearly fell over in an attempt to move away from the young seductress. He knocked over the water jug, which splashed some of its contents over me might I add, and seemed desperate to try to run as fast as he could from the sexy little nurse.

"Ooh be careful John, you might hurt yourself....and you seem to have got a little water on your scrubs. Let me get that for you."

With those words the nurse dropped to her knees and reached out to touch the thighs of the good doctor, rubbing her hands back and forwards over the wet marks on his pants. However, her eyes weren't on the marks, they were locked on to his, her eyes suggesting all kinds of mischief. Dr Jones still tried to back away from the young nurse and this improbable situation, but only succeeded in trapping himself into the corner of the room. He had nowhere to go, and the look of panic on his face meant he knew it. I watched on astounded not only by his reluctance to be seduced by this perfect young nurse, but also by the fact that my thoughts had made this happen.

I considered what else I should do. I desperately wanted to see what control I had over both of them and knew that there was a good chance that I could make the doctor play along, but something about this situation was both entertaining and exciting. The sense of arousal from the girl was overwhelming and in truth made me incredibly horny, even in my condition. Despite my limbs not working, I glanced down and saw that my arousal had taken its natural course, and my erection was clearly visible through the sheets. A sense of relief flooded through me that at least that part of me was still operational!

"Look, Nurse....Jenny....I can't....this isn't right....please stop." mumbled the poor doctor, who was getting more and more distressed as the seconds wore on. Jenny had moved her hands perilously close to what was clearly a semi-aroused cock inside Dr Jones' scrubs and she was licking her lips in desire as she got closer to her most sought after prize. Her hands finally made the short hop upwards and she ran her fingers over his hardening cock, groaning loudly with lust as she finally touched it. Dr Jones almost shrieked as he touched his manhood and, with fear in his eyes, pushed the horny nurse over and flew out of the room, slamming the door shut behind him just as the nurse had minutes earlier in entirely different circumstances. The room was immediately filled with an air of disappointment, but this time I couldn't be sure if it was from Nurse Jenny or from me.

She sat on the floor for a minute or two, her chest heaving under her uniform, her arousal not subsiding. She had needed him and it was clear to see that her failure had frustrated her. I looked on, curious as to how the young nurse would react to what had gone on. She looked so sexy, so desirable, and I couldn't believe that Dr Jones had turned down the opportunity to enjoy such a sensational woman. I know I certainly wouldn't have turned her down. She slowly pulled herself to her feet. She sighed loudly then headed towards the door, glancing back at me as she walked.

"Don't go" I thought, and she immediately stopped. I didn't have a plan, I didn't have a clue what to do if she stayed, but I knew I wanted the sexy nurse to stay in my room. She turned around and looked at me, my eyes fastening shut as she turned so she wouldn't notice the fact that I was awake. I heard a gasp and suddenly I remembered my own arousal and the tent that it had created in my sheets. I flicked an eye open and saw her attention fully drawn to my erect cock and didn't know what to do. I could hear her mind working, hear how she was thinking that she should go tell someone about this, but she didn't leave. My order had seen to that. There was also something more....her arousal. It hadn't subsided. She still wanted to seduce the doctor. She was still incredibly horny. I could sense it, feel it. I couldn't resist.

It was a simple instruction that started it all. "Touch it". She didn't hesitate. I could hear in her mind that she thought it was wrong, that she knew it was unprofessional. But she still stepped towards the bed and ran her fingers over the hard cock protruding from the sheets. She slid the covers down (my eyes again closing briefly so she wouldn't see my awake condition) and smiled playfully as my cock, which had slid out of the gap in my pyjama bottoms, became fully visible to her. Her hand grasped it, pumping it softly, gently, beautifully. I wanted to moan, groan, call out, but I somehow remained quiet. I didn't want to give the game away. I could hear in her thoughts that this was something she had always fantasised about, and I was shocked to hear that she had sometimes masturbated about it. How could I ruin such a magical moment for her?

I simply relaxed back and enjoyed her administrations. Her eyes were riveted to my cock, with the occasional glance up at the door when she heard noise in the corridor. She seemed fascinated with my hard shaft, pulling the foreskin back and forth over the bulbous head of my erect member. She was talented, and on another day I could have let her stroke it all day long. But power does strange things to men, and leaves us wanting more. And I certainly wanted more. I could see her soft full lips curled into a little smile and I thought what the good doctor had thought no more than 10 minutes beforehand – I wish those lips were around my cock, I wish she would give me a blow job. And so it was, my wish was her command. Like the sexiest genie in the world, she slid her lips over my cock and began to pop it in and out of her mouth. It was sensational. It was incredible. It was the most erotic experience of my life without a shadow of a doubt. I could feel her tongue sliding over the sensitive area of the head and it was wonderful. Her hand continued to pump as she sucked and licked and slurped at my engorged cock, her lips sliding further and further down my shaft with every movement.

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