tagMind ControlNew Life Ch. 01-02

New Life Ch. 01-02


Chapter 1

Now I know if you haven't seen one in person you have heard about them. Hypnotists that have a show where they get people up on stage and hypnotize them and make them do foolish things like act like a chicken, fall in love with a chair and the like.

It was one of these shows that led me to my new life. It was about a year ago and I was with a group of friends. For my 28th birthday they decided to see if they could have a little fun at my expense. The show was at a comedy club and it was a Wednesday night. There were not many people in the audience and when the hypnotist asked for volunteers my friends all volunteered me. I didn't want to do it but they said since they were paying I owed it to them.

I joined three others on stage. Two women and another man. I didn't think he was going to be able to hypnotize me. I am sure he had a lot of resistance from people to being hypnotized. When he got up on stage he said that he had been doing this for 30 years. He did look on the older side and as I learned later he was 57. He had each of us site in some chairs on stage, asked us to put our hands on our knees and relax. As we sat there he asked the audience to be very quite as he put us under. He returned his focus to us. He asked us to start to relax starting with our feet then legs and so on. All the while counting back from 20 and talking in a very calm voice. I don't know if he actually got back to zero as at about 11 I was completely under.

From watching the video tape he had us doing all sorts of wild things for about an hour. I was a ballerina, a frog, Michael Jackson (sang one god awful rendition of Thriller), I was a five year old who wet his pants and taught everyone how to properly take a shower. He had everyone on stage doing similar things.

I didn't remember doing any of it and only watched it later on a disk of the show that we were each given. Before he brought us out of our hypnosis he whispered something in each of our ears. He told the audience that it was a post hypnotic suggestion for the end of the show. He seemed to take twice as long giving me my suggestion and with good reason he gave me two of them.

After we woke up he had us sit back in the audience for the last little bit of the show. My friends were yucking it up and telling me what a fool I had been but I didn't believe them. That is until the hypnotist, Fred, started telling us a story. Every time he said Julie I stood up and yelled "Oh my that feels good!" The others that were hypnotized said similar things when their trigger words were said.

Everyone was having a good time but I was beginning to be upset every time anyone said Julie I would stand up and yell "Oh my that feels good!" Fred, the hypnotist said that each of us that were hypnotized would only do that until 10pm and then would not be affected by the trigger. That left about half an hour from when the show ended. We went to our regular bar where the drinks were cheaper and my friends kept saying Julie. Only after it stopped working at 10 did they stop saying it. I was very happy and at about 11:30 we all headed for home, after all this was a work night and we all had jobs to go to. Well I was unemployed but the rest of them had jobs.

When I got home I went straight for my computer. I turned it on and dialed a number. The number was the other post hypnotic suggestion that Fred had left for me. He answered the phone by saying hello Julie it is nice to hear from you so early. I paused for a minute and said "Oh that sounds nice to hear you call me Julie." I thought that was weird but Fred replied by giving me a web address and after I had said it was loaded he then told me to sleep.

He told me that I would spend all of the next week at my computer looking at the website and listening to the music. That when I slept I would dream of being a woman named Julie. He would contact me next week and when he did he would open a new world for me. He told me to tell my friends that I was busy with a promising job prospect and that I had a lot of things to do to get ready for it. I would go shopping the next day and purchase foods and that all I would eat for the next week was vegetables and a few other items such as nuts and would only be drinking water.

The following week was a blur. The website had pictures on it. Some of them just landscapes, some sex. There were movies and moving colors. The music was elevator type music and after a few seconds of listening I would forget that it was on. I started to dream about being Julie. I would work as Julie, dress as Julie. I had I liked the attention that people gave to Julie in my dreams. She was nice and everyone seemed to want to spend time with her. She had a lot of dates but never did anything more than kiss in them. I was blowing off my friends phone calls telling them that I was getting ready for an important job interview.

At the end of the week Fred called again. I couldn't believe it had been a week. It seemed just like a day or two at the most. I didn't know this but the website that he had me looking at was changing my thoughts and in effect brainwashing me. The music had inaudible words that were being picked up by my subconscious. All in all I was being changed from a person that thought like a man to one that thought like a woman.

He told me that I would feel completely comfortable telling him everything he wanted to know even if I may think it was strange and would normally make me uncomfortable.

He talked for a while telling me all sorts of things about his life. He talked about how he did the hypnosis for fun and that he was actually a very wealthy man who was board by life. He told me how he liked transsexuals and that it was fun for him to find young men that would make good looking girls and help them find them self. He told me how he could easily spot men who would be happy as women even though they may not realize it and I was such a man.

As he went on he asked me if I had ever tried on women's cloths. I told him that when I was 12 or 13 I would put on my mom's stockings and underwear when my parents where out of the house and I was alone. I liked the way that they felt next to my skin. The first time I had ever come I was in my mom's stockings and underwear and loved the feeling. As I got older I had decided that I shouldn't do it and had not since that time.

We talked about having sex and how many times I had had it. I told him that I was 21 my first time and I had paid a prostitute for the experience. I maybe had sex 10 times total in my life and that I was never comfortable as with the exception of the prostitute as the women always seemed to want me to lead I never felt comfortable being in charge.

He asked me if I thought I would make a pretty woman. I told him that I didn't think so. I was 5' 11", weighed about 210lbs, didn't have a woman's build and had a beard. He pointed out that even though I was not fat I had pretty big boobs for a guy. I told him that I always had noticeable boobs which had always made me feel self conscious about them but as I go older I got used to them and didn't think much of it. That is unless it was cold out and my nipples became raw from being erect. I also looked young for my age. At bars I always got carded and a lot of people told me that I looked like I was 16 or 17 even with the beard. I just chalked it up to being a late bloomer. He told me that tall woman are admired and that with larger breasts for a man I had a chance of having really large natural boobs as a woman. I actually had a head start on most men who became women. For some reason that made me feel good.

He asked me if I looked at porn before this last week. This last week I didn't remember seeing any porn. Anyway I told him almost every day. When Fred asked me what type I liked I told him that I liked women with large breasts. I also liked pictures of BDSM, urination, shemales, nude body builders (both men and women) and group sex. The next question Fred asked me shocked me almost as much as the answer that I gave him. He asked me if when looking at these pictures I ever fantasized about being the woman. My answer was, without hesitation, "all of the time." He asked me if I had ever considered that what I was really thinking when I was looking at porn was I wish I was a woman. I sat silent for some time. When I spoke I told him that I really did and had always kept my distance from men because I didn't really know how to act or what people would say. I told him that I really wish I had been able to explore other men's cocks.

Fred told me that many people had the same type of feeling and most were too scared to live out their fantasies. He told me to go do bed and dream about what being Julie and having sex all of the time as a woman would be like. He told me to set my alarm for 9am. When I woke up the next morning I should go to my door and pick up the boxes sitting outside of it.

I slept wonderfully that night. When my alarm rang I felt so alive. I rushed to the door, not caring that I was buck naked. There in front of the door were several large boxes and a couple small ones. On each box was the name Julie slut and a number. I had just finished bringing in the boxes when the phone rang. It was Fred. He told me to sleep again and I went back into a state of hypnosis. He talked for a while and then started to ask me questions.

Did I have a good night sleep?

Yes, I replied, it was wonderful.

Did you enjoy being Julie in your dreams?

Oh yes she was such a lot of fun and I can't believe how free she was with her body and what she did.

So you had sex?

The whole night, I didn't even know she was capable of doing the things that she did.

What did she do?

She would fuck anyone. She swallowed cum, had golden showers and had showers of cum from multiple men. Had sex in adult book stores, had sex for cash, gave head in public. She never seemed to stop having sex. Men tied her up, used their body as they pleased. She never had to make a decision just do as the men said. It got better and better. Oh what fun I had.

Fred then sounded very serious as he asked me.

Do you wish you were Julie all of the time?

Could I? I mean it was so much fun.

Fred told me that it was all a mater of choice. That if I wanted to be Julie all I had to do is tell him that I wanted to be Julie. I really didn't have a chance to say no at this point. With the previous week's preparation all I wanted to be was a girl and have sex all of the time. He told me that once I had made a choice to be Julie I could never go back to being Bill. I would have to move as my friends probably would not understand and it would take years to become the woman of my dreams.

He asked me if I was ready for my new life. I didn't even think about it. I told him YES!

Fred said that he would call me Julie and when he did 3 things would happen. First I would become her. I would think about sex all of the time and do anything to get it. Two, I would be unable to act on my urges without his permission until I was a woman and that it would be 12-24 months of changes before that would happen. Three, I would do anything that he told me to.

Chapter 2



Fred explained that every box needed to be opened in order. Box 1 was the smallest of the boxes. You could tell that there small items in it as it rattle like a box filled with pills. Indeed it was and more. Fred told me that I would be taking hormone replacement therapy. This consisted of pills, patches, creams and injections. I would start by opening up the red bottle and taking two of the pills. He had me take this box straight to the kitchen an arrange all of the contents into a cabinet and fridge.

Next Fred told me to open the second box. This box had things like Nair, moisturizers, creams, shampoos and the like. After opening the box Fred asked me if Julie had hair below her neck. I said no she was hairless. Fred asked me what I was waiting for, to go clean up my body and call him back. Before I had a chance to hang up Fred said that my ass should be happy when I get done. I didn't know what he meant until I emptied the box. At the bottom was a butt plug and a note that read "Julie can't get enough in her ass can she?" I had trouble putting the plug in as I was in such a hurry.

The shower was great and I finished by soaking in a lavender bath. I felt great. My ass felt great I was happy. When I got out of the bath I called Fred. He didn't seem to care that it took me hours to do all of this. He was interested to hear my experiences and see how I felt. He asked if I was hair free. I said yes. He asked if women wear men's cloths I answered of course not.

He instructed me to go into my bedroom and throw out all of my cloths. I did thinking all of the while how I could ever have been comfortable in them. When I finished throwing out my old clothes Fred had me open up box 3. I was expecting more but all that was in this box was a set of pink sheets and blankets, a wig, some thong underwear, a pair of 3" high heel shoes and an ipod. Fred told me to turn on the ipod and not to stop listening to it except for in the shower. Change the bed, put on the heels and wig which I was not to take off except to bath and sleep and when someone was at the door answer it and have fun.

Answer the door? That was strange but I did as I was told. The ipod had some type of soft elevator music on it like I had been listening to before. I made the bed and then I heard someone at the door. I opened it and an older man walked in. He must have been about 50, 5' 9" and about 250lbs with hair all over. I couldn't believe my luck. I dropped to my knees even before he closed the door and was trying to get his pants off. He smiled and said slow down slut. I stopped and put a sad puppy face one and started to plead with him. He laughed and said get in the bedroom. I led him to the room where he told me to get on all fours on the bed. I rushed over and did as I was told.

The man walked over, I still don't know his name. He said "that's a good little slut." "Do you want me to fuck you little whore?" I started to beg him. He smiled and started to rub my ass which I enthusiastically pushed back into his hand. He then removed the plug which felt strange. I had almost for got about it and now that it was gone I felt empty. I told him to fill me up and started to beg. He stripped and then leaned down and spit on my little butt hole. It felt dirty and I started to think that something was wrong about this but then he shoved his cock right in. The pain distracted me and then all I could think of was how sexy I felt. I had to have him in me and no mater the pain I loved it.

He played with my boobs, what there was of them. He fondled my cock a little which felt strange. Put is fingers in my mouth and pulled back on my head which was uncomfortable but hot as hell. He was getting faster with his strokes and I could tell he was going to cum. I was not ready for the experience of him shooting me full of cum. It felt like it went all the way up to my stomach. He collapsed on top of me which forced me to the bed. I thought we were done when he started getting up but instead he told me to follow him. I did right into the bathroom. He instructed me to get into the bathtub. When we were both in the tub, me on my knees and him standing in from of me he told me to clean his cock. He didn't have to ask twice. I should have thought that this was sick since it was just in my ass but I loved it. It was soft and was so tasty.

After a minute of my cleaning he told me to take off the ipod and the wig. I was confused for a moment but he said we are in the shower and you can not wear them in here. I remember Fred saying no ipod or wig in the shower so I took them off. When they were removed he told me to open my mouth, shut my eyes and swallow everything that I could. I didn't realize what was coming until it hit me. I tried as best as I could to swallow everything but didn't do a very good job. Most ran down my body leaving me covered in his piss. I think he was happy with my effort as when he told me to open my eyes he had a big smile on his face.

He told me to put the plug back in, continue to listen to the ipod and get to bed and remember how much fun it was being a whore. He then took a shower, got dressed and left.

Covered in piss I did what he said. I couldn't have been happier.

Chapter 3

I woke up the next morning with my hands fondling my breasts. . .

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