tagMind ControlNew Life Ch. 02

New Life Ch. 02


You know the saying, 'with great power comes great responsibility'? In my experience, that's not really true. They should change it to 'with great power comes fear, terror and a massive need to change underwear immediately!' Trust me on this, if ever you get into a position where you have the power and ability to influence people's lives on a massive scale, and not in a 'have-a-go hero' way, but in a conscious,' I-know-what-I'm-doing kind of way', then you'll know exactly what I mean. These are the feelings I had in the immediate aftermath of my encounter with Dr Jones and Nurse Jenny. Somehow I had managed to influence their decisions just by my thoughts. I had made them act on my commands. I had made a seemingly normal young woman perform oral sex on a patient.

It didn't make any sense. None of this did. I had done something stupid. I had tried to take my own life which, like most things I tried in life, was a completely failure. It left me lying in a hospital bed, my arms and legs in casts, my movement pretty much limited and with the biggest worry of my fairly limited life. I know what you're thinking – dear God man, it's everyone's dream come true – but the reality was that it was terrifying. My life was now entirely uncertain and I had no idea what the hell was going to happen to me. In the minutes and hours that followed after Jenny left the room I was meant to be unconscious in, I fretted over and over as to what had happened to me. On occasion I'd get excited, picturing myself as some kind of superhero who could use my powers to fight crime. I think we've all had that dream, right? But then the reality hit me – I'm not nearly brave enough to do that. Anyway, would the government really let a mind reader run about? Plus I don't look good in spandex.

As the day turned into night, my new found conscious state was discovered by the nursing staff, despite my best efforts. I didn't want them to discover me. I wanted to pretend this wasn't happening. But discover me they did, a handful of nurses fussing over me. This might seem hard to believe, but I tried to keep their thoughts out my head, but it was impossible. I'd be successful to an extent, but then words would keep slipping out, thoughts, feelings, emotions. I didn't know how to stop it and very quickly I was learning their innermost thoughts. Selma, the older nurse on shift, completely despised Jackie, a younger, brasher colleague. Jon, the only male nurse I saw, thought I was cute. My thoughts? How stereotypical – a male nurse being gay.

Finally a doctor came in to see me. I knew it was bad news before he even spoke, and that was without my new found powers. I was in bad shape. Really bad shape. Not only were my arms and legs broken, but damage had been done to my spine too. They weren't entirely sure how serious it was, but there was a good chance I might not walk again. He went into details, discussing physiotherapy and other treatments, but the truth is I wasn't listening. I don't think anyone would when hearing such horrible news. It was the only time the voices were quiet, because the only voices screaming in my head were my own. Any dreams I might have carried were over. I'd be a burden to everyone in my life. What had I done?

The hours turned to days in that hospital bed, my injuries starting to heal. My powers were still there, the voices and emotions of those around me still clear to me. I did everything I could to drown them out. I asked for a radio and turned it up loud. I read. I watched TV. Nothing worked. I started to concentrate hard on stopping them, but success was limited. I didn't want to hear anymore. After a few days a new doctor came in to see me. I knew what kind of doctor he was. He was a psychiatrist. I guess I had been expecting it, since after all I had tried to commit suicide. He asked questions and scribbled away on a pad. Little did he know that I knew what he was writing, and what he was writing didn't bode well for me. Apparently I was agitated and in need of some anti-psychotics. That was the first time since the incident with Jenny that I used my powers. When the doctor left, his sheet declared that I was of sound mental health and no follow ups were required.

A couple of days later saw the return of Nurse Jenny. Apparently she had been on leave for a few days and didn't know I had woken up in the immediate hours after she had performed oral sex on me. As she entered my room, she had turned a little pink in the cheeks, clearly embarrassed by what she had done. My eyes followed her around the room, her eyes never meeting mine. My mind was in hers though, and I knew what she was thinking. She was worried I had been awake. She was worried that I would say something. Her thoughts drifted to her sick mother, and what she would do if for money if she was fired. Now whatever people might say I am, I'm not a bad guy. There was no way I'd tell anyone about what happened, even if she wasn't an incredibly beautiful woman. I wouldn't want anyone to get fired for doing something like that, and I felt a need to make her feel more relaxed. I knew I could do it with my mind, so I send out a simple message:

"There's no way he could know I performed oral sex on him."

She visibly relaxed immediately. Her incredible smile returned to her face and my heart simply melted away. For the first time, she turned to me, beaming, and asked how I was feeling. We chatted for a short time, and it struck me that Nurse Jenny was not just a gorgeous woman but an incredibly friendly person too, full of warmth that made her perfect for her job. It was actually disappointing when she finished what she had to do and go to the next patient, such was the pleasure of her company, but I didn't do anything to stop her leaving such as I had done that previous night. Anyway, she had told me that she would be back in through the night as she was on the nightshift and that if I wasn't asleep maybe she could have a longer chat next time. I smiled, already looking forward to it, and watched her leave, her tight ass looking incredible despite the unattractive uniform she wore.

I lay in bed desperately trying to fight off sleep for the next few hours, wanting to stay awake for Jenny. My mind constantly drifted back to that first night, of the skill and quality of the blow job Jenny had given to me, albeit with a helping thought or two from me. I knew she had enjoyed it too, that it had fulfilled a fantasy for her. I couldn't help but wonder if she would be willing to take it any further. Did she actually like me? I knew it was unlikely, probably impossible, but the thought drove me through the hours. It also had the obvious effect on me. My cock had become stiff as a pole and the sheets tented over my shaft. To my embarrassment, this was the moment that Nurse Jenny returned.

This wasn't the first time I'd been found with a hard on. Far from it in fact. Various people have walked in when I've been spouting one, from all the members of my immediate family including my mother and sister, to classmates at University and even complete strangers. I was a normal guy with a vivid imagination so it was only to be expected that sometimes I'd be aroused when other people were around. The difference between then and now was that normally I'd be able to cover up and hide my obvious erection. This time I couldn't. I couldn't move, let alone readjust my cock to save both Jenny and I the embarrassment of acknowledging my erection.

She was breezy at first, even asking how her favourite patient was. She smiled at me, I sheepishly grinned back like a fool, and then her eyes locked on to it. Silence. Awkwardness. I closed my eyes, wishing I could be swallowed up into a big hole, but alas that wasn't possible either. I opened my eyes again a few seconds later and Jenny was still looking at the tent in the covers, and once more I became aware of a strong sense of arousal in the room. Again, it was coming from Jenny, but this time it was for me. I couldn't help myself and reached out to her mind, listening to her thoughts, violating her mind. She was remembering the other day. She was remembering how it was exactly like this, my cock standing to attention, how she did something she'd never thought she'd do and pulled it out, stroked it, sucked it. She was lost in the haze of memory. I had to say something.

"Umm....sorry about that...." I mumbled, and it snapped her from her haze.

"Oh," she said, turning crimson, "that's...umm...that's ok...it happens I guess....."

Her words drifted off as her eyes once more locked on to my erection. She turned away, scolding herself inwardly, and I could hear her telling herself off, telling herself to be professional about these things, and there was no way this could be another repeat of the other night. Then she thought something that nearly made me pass out. She thought six very simple words.

"Even though I want it to."

I tried to say something but couldn't. Jenny didn't say anything, didn't look around. She was hoping it would go down and the awkward situation I had put us in would disappear. But all I could think about was that she wanted to do it. She wanted to touch my cock again, to suck me. For a guy of limited sexual experience, this was incredibly arousing and there was no way my erection would disappear, possibly never again!

I guess it was inevitable, but it wasn't planned in advance. Honestly, I had no intention of it prior to that very moment, but when the thought popped into my head I knew there would be only one outcome. I sent out a thought to her to come sit on my bed. Within two seconds she had sat down beside me, her hip brushing against my side. I could smell her perfume, I could see the swell of her breasts, but I could sense she was uncomfortable with being so close to me, conflicting thoughts racing through her mind. In an instant they were gone. She was to relax. She was to do what came naturally. I told her it was ok for her to seduce a patient, and that I was the perfect candidate.

"Is that uncomfortable?"

She was glancing down at my straining member. The truth was it was uncomfortable and it had been for quite some time, but as I was I was unable to do anything about it. She frowned at my nod in response, a gentle hmm escaping from her lips. She nodded, apparently having made up her mind what she was going to do, although we both knew that decision had already been made. She hopped up and slid the sheet down off the bed, exposing my body, casts and all. My cock was still trapped in my pyjamas, and with a quick movement she slid it out the slit of my pants and my cock stood tall in the cool air conditioned night.


I sighed in response. It was better. Much better. Only now that my cock was free from its confines did I appreciate how uncomfortable it had become.

"Yes, thank you" I offered as a reply.

She looked down once more at my throbbing member. I followed her eyes, and my first thought was that I had never seen it look so hard. I don't know if it was Jenny or the situation that was turning me on so, but I suspected it was probably both. It was safe to say Jenny was the hottest girl to ever look at my cock. She still looked troubled.

"That still can't be comfortable though, can it?" she asked. "I mean, I guess normally when it's like....well...like that...you'd do something about it, right? I mean, you'd give yourself some relief to make it go away?"

I nodded once more. At 21, I didn't often openly admit to masturbating, certainly not to gorgeous girls, but it just seemed right to admit it to Jenny. I watched her face, trying now to block out her thoughts as I wanted it to be new to me. I succeeded to a degree, and that was enough to keep a little mystery involved. She was biting her lip, trying to look like she was deep in thought, but only encouraging my cock to get harder still.

"Well....I guess," She glanced at the door, "I guess since you can't then it would be helpful to you if someone else could take care of it? I mean, in the truest sense of patient care a member of the nursing team should really make you as comfortable as possible, right?"

I tried to say something, but I couldn't. Again I nodded dumbly. This is why I was useless with girls. I just couldn't talk to them, and was terrible at closing the deal. Luckily with Jenny, I didn't need to say anything to close the deal. Actually, luck had nothing to do with it, but you know what I mean.

She smiled happily as I nodded, and without hesitation reached over and grasped my cock with her delicate fingers. She slid her hand back and forth, feeling the weight of it, slowly pulling the foreskin back and forth with her fingers. I knew she was thinking about the time before, how she had stroked my cock similarly before sucking it deeply into her mouth. I let my mind listen to her thoughts, and I heard her confirm to herself that she'd do the same again, and that she'd make me cum with her little mouth.

Just as she leant over to take my cock into her mouth, something inside me clicked. I could control her thoughts. As much as her blow jobs were out of this world, I could have so much more. I felt her warm breath on my cock as the moral implications quickly ran through my mind and as the warm wetness of her mouth engulfed the head of my cock, my decision was made.

"You should just have sex with him. I'm sure he'd like that."

The message was sent. The moral implications could be worried about later. Jenny gave my throbbing cock a quick kiss then sat back up.

"You know, I'm not great at doing that with my mouth." She said, lying terribly. "Maybe it would be better for you if I just....well....if I were to just put it in me? Like....have sex? If that's ok with you of course?"

She smiled hopefully at me, her eyes wide in anticipation. She was desperate for me to say yes. My smile was just as wide, but for entirely different reasons. It was the slightest of nods, but it made Jenny happier than I suspect she had ever been in her life.

She stood up off the bed and slid off the trousers of her uniform, then quickly her panties. They were pink, small and utterly perfect, as were the legs that were finally shown off to me. She made a move to climb on top of me, but I uttered a non-verbal protest. She looked confused for a moment before she realised that it wasn't that I didn't want sex, but I just wanted her to take off the ugly uniform she had on, which had limited my view of her body. She smiled, winked, and undid the buttons down the front. She turned around, sliding the top off and her incredible ass came into view. It was perfectly formed, small and round. As I admired her shapely ass, she unhooked her bra and let if fall off. Slowly she turned around, a naughty smile on her face, and let her hands fall from her breasts. I was speechless. To say her body was perfect wouldn't do it justice. She had a figure that women would die for. She was thin but with all the right kind of curves. Her breasts sat high on her chest, most likely a D cup, with hard little nubs as nipples. Her pussy was fully shaved, pink and looked delicious. Most importantly, it was clearly wet.

"Happy now?" she smiled, giggling the most delightful giggle.

My voice had long deserted me, and she didn't wait for an answer. She climbed on top of my prone body, taking care to avoid my injured limbs. I looked down and saw her take my cock in her hand, give it a few strokes and then position it at the entrance of her pussy. My entire sexual history flashed through my mind, which admittedly didn't take long, and I was clear in my mind that this was the most arousing sight I had ever had. The beautiful nurse with the perfect body was straddling me and about to take my cock into her tight wet snatch. I thanked every god I could think of and groaned loudly as I felt the head slide inside her.

She moaned gently as she slid down my cock, taking inch after inch inside her. I wasn't massive or anything, but at seven inches was large enough I thought. It certainly seemed large enough for Jenny, who sank down on my swollen member with her eyes closed, her entire face and chest flushed with arousal. She sat on top of me, my cock buried inside, and after a few moments she smiled as she opened her eyes. She started to gently rock her body back and forth. It was heaven. Instinctively I tried to reach out and grab her beautiful breasts that teased me so, but alas I couldn't. I could only lean back and enjoy what this perfect creature was doing to me.

She worked my cock inside her, her tight pussy milking my cock as she began to slide up and down it. I could see she was enjoying it, her eyes alternating between being tightly closed and locked on mine. Whimpers and moans would fleetingly escape from her lips, mutterings of ineligible words joining the sounds of my cock sliding back and forward from her soaked pussy. The gentle administrations had gone, and with every moment she was more aggressive, working my cock harder and harder. Occasionally I would feel jolts of pain from my broken body, but then the pleasure would overwhelm me once again. She rode my cock expertly, one of her own hands reaching up and touching the breasts I had longed to touch myself, pulling on her nipples.

"Cum with me" she moaned.

I knew she was close, and I was close too. Very, very close in fact. I tried to hold on, tried to cum with her, but I knew I couldn't last any longer. I moaned out as my cock exploded inside her, wave after wave of cum pouring out of me into her velvet pussy. She moaned as she felt me swell and explode inside her, and it triggered her own orgasm. Her pussy spasmed on my cock, and she collapsed on top of me, spent, the only movement the heaving of our chests and the continued spasms of our respective genitals.

After a few moments she sat up, leaned down and kissed me softly on the lips.

"That was fun" she smiled.

"It was....wow. I mean...wow. You're just...wow."

Like I said, I was never good with words around girls. She just giggled as she hopped off the bed, pulling on her uniform as she hummed happily to herself. I simply lay in my bed watching, thinking how fortunate I had become to be given the opportunity to sleep with someone so utterly perfect. Once clothed, she covered me up once more, tucking my now flaccid cock away, and once more I received a gentle kiss on the lips.

"I better go check on the other patients. I'll probably be back doing a check on you in a few hours. If you're awake I'll hang around a while."

Unfortunately I didn't stay awake. My orgasm had wiped me out and I slept soundly until morning when Jenny was off shift. My disappointment quickly subsided as I thought of the possibilities that were now presented to me. Jenny would be my nurse for a while. I thought of the other nurses, the other women in the hospital and beyond. If ever there was a reason to get better, this was it.

They say with great power comes great responsibility. That morning, my thoughts were that with great power comes great opportunity.

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