tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNew Life for Lynne

New Life for Lynne


Chapter 1—Sold

I had decided to go to the mall to kill some time. Things get lonely when your husband is at work all day! I get showered, brush my hair, put on a little make up, and get dressed. I decide on a hot pink dress that accentuates my ample breasts (DD cups) and slip into it. It's a sundress, so no bra needed. I debate on panties, but decide not to. I feel rather naughty today.

I go to the mall and walk through the stores. Nothing is on sale, but I do pick up a few odds and ends. Looking at my watch, it's time to head home. I need to plan for dinner this evening.

On my way home, I decide that I will just make quick and easy burgers on the grill. It is such a nice day outside, sunny and warm. When I pull up to the drive, I notice a dark-colored van parked outside of the house. Hmm...I don't think we were expecting anyone.

I pull into the integral garage and head upstairs with goods in hand. I hear 2 men talking, one of which is my husband.

"Dear, I want you to come and meet someone," my husband says.

"Just a minute," I reply. I stash away the few things that I had bought and straightened my dress. I walk into the living room, smiling.

"Dear, this is Jeff," my husband says cautiously.

"Hello, Jeff. Nice to meet you. I am Tom's wife, Lynne." I shake his hand and smile nicely.

"Hello, Lynne. Such a pretty name." Jeff looks at me with a creepy glare, focusing on my breasts.

"Um, dear, we need to talk," husband begins.

"O....K....what's up?" I reply.

"Well, I decided.....no.....needed...." I can sense husband is searching for words but cannot find them.

Jeff pipes in, "Lynne, honey, what your husband is trying to say is that he has sold you to me for $10,000."

I am shocked. What? Did I hear correctly?

"Honey, we need the money. And....I ....just....." husband rambles.

I stand, I'm sure jaw to the floor, appalled by what Jeff had just said. Just then, Jeff turns me around and binds my hands behind my back.


"Shut up or you will NOT like your gag." Jeff holds his crotch, meaning that I would have to suck his dick if I didn't keep quiet.


"Bitch, what did I say?" Tom unzips his pants. He forces me to my knees and forces his cock between my lips. "Suck it, bitch. Bite it and you won't have any teeth left."

I begin to suck his cock. I can tell Jeff was enjoying my oral talent by the grunts he was producing.

"We don't have time for this now, but I'll gag you later, slave." Jeff pulls out a pair of scissors and starts cutting away at my dress. I stand and cry, unable to do much else, still in shock of what is happening. Tom sits on the couch watching every move.

When I am completely naked, Jeff says, "Time to go, bitch." He grabs my hair and starts pushing me out the door. He CANNOT be serious? Go outside without clothing?! I start to struggle. "Bitch, if you don't walk like a lady, I will hogtie you and throw you into the van."

Tom follows us out to the van. Jeff opens the front passenger door and motions for me to get in. There is NO FUCKING WAY I am riding shotgun without clothes! "You have 3 seconds to get your slutty ass on this seat before I beat you here and now." Fearing pain, I comply with a look of disgust. Jeff buckles the seatbelt, playing with my tits while pretending to have trouble doing it. CLICK.

"There we are. Say goodbye to your loving husband, who sold your ass for a mere 10 grand." I could not bring myself to look at Tom. I started crying. "Aww, the bitch is crying. I bet it's because she is horny. We'll take care of that in a little bit."

Jeff shakes hands with Tom, then gets in the van. He starts it and drives to the street. "Because you have no business knowing where you are going, I'm blindfolding you."

"Please, don't."

"Oh, you want to see your neighbors with your tits hanging out? They'll know it's you without the blindfold. Ok, have it your way."

"NO, no, no, sorry...forgive me. I was not thinking. You are right."

Jeff smiles. "You learn quickly, little one." He places the blindfold over my eyes.

We drive for what seems to be a day (it was actually only an hour). I hear the van turn off and the driver's door open. I then hear my door open and the seatbelt being unfastened. Jeff removes my blindfold. It takes me a minute to adjust to the lighting.

"Welcome to your new home, slut." I look around. There is nothing but trees, a cabin-type house, and a shed. The cabin is on a large, open lot and there is not a soul around.

"You can scream all you like and no one will hear you." He then whispers in my hear, "I'd like to hear you scream."

Chills run down my spine. What a creep!

He puts a dog collar around my neck, then attaches a leash to the collar. "Get out of the van." I comply. The gravel on my feet is painful. I try to walk tenderly, but Jeff yanks me to keep up with him.

Once inside the cabin, I realize that this must be a vacation cabin. It is beautiful inside. Polished hardwood floors, stone fireplace, wooden beams for decoration are just some of the clues. Right inside the door, Jeff grabs some chain and walks me across the main room next to the fireplace. He attaches the chain to a pillar, then to my collar and padlocks it shut. I have no way to escape.

"Suck my cock." Jeff says in a lusty voice.

"Fuck you!" I reply.

"Have it your way." Jeff pushes me to the ground and pulls my legs so that they are in the air. He aligns his cock with my pussy and starts to penetrate me.

"NO, NO, NO! WAIT! I'll suck your cock!"

"Too late, slut." Jeff begins raping me. I was embarrassed that my cunt was actually wet and ready for the raping. Luckily, Jeff didn't say anything about it.

"Please, put on a condom! I'm fertile right now!" I cry in desperation.

"Oooo, my bitch is in heat? Maybe I'll just have to breed you."

WHAT? BREED ME? What the hell?

Before I know it, Jeff is shooting a load of cum in my cunt. He grunts and groans, saying what a good pussy fuck I am. I can't believe he just came in me.

"Can I use your bathroom?" I ask.

"First of all, every time you talk to me, you must address me as Master. Secondly, fuck sluts do not use the bathroom. You haven't heard that privilege."

"I really have to...pee....Master." I thought that if I could get his cum out of me, I could minimize a pregnancy risk.

Jeff kicks a bucket over to me. "Squat on this for now."

No fucking way am I squatting on a bucket in front of him. "No, thanks, I'll wait."

"Suit yourself. It'll be here if you need it." Jeff tosses me a pillow and a thin blanket. "I'm going to bed. Tomorrow's a big, big day. Goodnight, slut."

"Master? Um, where do I sleep?"

Jeff laughs. "Why, slutty bitches sleep on the floor! Good night!" I try to plead but he ignores me and goes off into another room.

I try to get comfortable as best as I can. I then realize that he is not watching and that I really should try to get his cum out of my pussy. I go to the bucket, which was just within reach of the chain, and pull it to me. I squat on it and push. I feel urine flowing, followed by a thick glob from my cunt. Right in the middle of pissing, I notice Jeff standing in the doorway watching.

"I knew you couldn't wait, whore."

I am totally humiliated...but in a weird way, I like it.

I try to settle in for the night. The hardwood floors are very uncomfortable to lay on, not to mention the collar around my neck, chained to a pillar, but I manage to fall asleep.

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