tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNew Life for Lynne Ch. 03

New Life for Lynne Ch. 03


Chapter 3—The Ob/Gyn Visit

It feels like we have been driving for hours. Time slows when gagged, blindfolded, naked, and restrained in a vehicle. I feel the van slow then stop. I shift in my seat a little, my backside sticking to the seats.

"Settle down, slave. We're at a stoplight."

Oh my God! At a stoplight?! How many people are seeing me right now? The thought infuriates yet excites me and I feel a tingle in my pussy. Oh, please don't get horny before an ob/gyn visit!

The van starts moving again. A short time later, I feel the van make a sharp right turn and slow to a stop. I hear the engine turn off and your door open.

"We're here. I'll come around and help you out."

I wait in the van, hoping you never do come around to help me. I cannot leave the van naked. I have never been naked in public, aside from this morning's housetraining exercise. But, that was in the country. I hear cars all around and assume this has to be more urban.

I hear the door open. The blindfold is removed and my eyes take a moment to adjust to the bright sunlight. My seatbelt is unbuckled and you begin to lecture me, "I am going to trust that you are going to be good. If you try any funny business, you will severely regret it. Do you understand?"

I nod yes.

"Because this is public, you will walk like a lady."

Walk like a lady?! I have no clothing! How could I be a lady? I am nothing more than a village whore!

You leash me and walk with me to the door of the office. Like a gentleman, you open the door for me. Inside the door is a private check-in counter. To the right is the very crowded waiting room; to the left a door, presumably to the exam rooms.

"Good morning, Jeff," Greets the secretary. "I see you have a new slave. Go ahead back to the exam room and we'll get a vitals check started."

You walk me down the hallway into an exam room. I am greatly relieved that we did not have to wait in the very busy waiting room. The exam room had the standard equipment in it: sink, exam table, chair, lamp light, and cabinets. I did notice that the one wall was only a curtain.

The nurse walks in and snickers. "Jeff, I need to weigh her, take her temperature, and check her blood pressure. Shall this be done with or without restraints?"

"She is not trustworthy, so she needs to be restrained," I hear you say. "Slave, heel." I get on my knees instinctively to heel.

"Did I not tell you to walk like a lady? You are not following my orders. Remember this as you will be punished later for insubordination."

The nurse snickers.

I had completely forgotten. I am so used to getting on my knees to heel. I need to start paying closer attention to what my Master expects of me.

I stand and walk beside Master and behind the nurse. She takes us into the hallway and has me stand on a scale. You are sure to watch as she weighs me.

"Jeff, this slave could go on a diet. She's too fat." She pinches my nipple as she giggles. I am totally humiliated.

"Back to the room." We walk back to the room and I sit on the exam table. The nurse affixes the blood pressure cuff to my arm and pumps it up. "Blood pressure is normal. Time for temperature." I see her smile devilishly.

"Roll over," she directs me. What? What is she doing? Master sees my hesitation and gives me the dirtiest look, one that I fear seeing for I know he is displeased. I roll over onto my belly. The nurse parts my ass cheeks, spits on my asshole and shoves a thermometer up my ass with only spit as lube. It hurts and I wince. I hear the nurse snicker. "Ass virgin still, Jeff? How long have you had her?"

"Only one day, not even a full one at that," you reply.

The thermometer beeps and the nurse removes it from my asshole. "Normal temp. Ok, turn back over onto your back and put your feet in the stirrups."

I comply, thinking it is odd that she is having me get in position now rather than wait for the doctor to come in. Remembering the busy waiting room, I assume that the doctor is very busy and rushes visits. At least, I hope this is the case.

I feel my legs being restrained to the stirrups. My arms are stretched over my head and restrained. "This is so he can do a breast exam." I feel my nipples getting hard from the cooler room or from the excitement of being restrained. I am becoming such a slut—to find pleasure in an ob/gyn visit.

"Ok, I'll insert the speculum now. Relax." I feel the cold metal invade my pussy hole. I then feel the instrument expanding, pushing the walls of my pussy further and further apart. I feel her locking the contraption into place.

"All right, you're all ready for the doc." I watch her as she goes over to the curtain wall and pull the curtain open. There are at least 10 people standing there in white lab coats, looking at me. I feel the redness set in from embarrassment. You chuckle.

Off to the side of the group was the doctor. He is a man in his late 50's, chubby, balding. He comes in and starts asking you questions about me.

"Last menstrual cycle?"

"Well, she complained last night that I could get her pregnant."

"Hmm..." He pulls out a calendar and starts counting days. He jots down his findings in his notes.

"If she is pregnant, Jeff, do you want me to abort it?"

I look at you, tears in eyes. Even that word, abort, is too much for me to take.

"No, doc, I'm going to breed her. If she has boys, they will become powerful Doms like me. If she has girls, they will bring in some money later on."

"Ok." The doctor keeps writing his notes. I look at you with an expression of thanks, although the thought of my daughters becoming whores is a little unnerving. I will have to cross that bridge when and if that happens.

You smile and wink at me; I know that you approve of my current behavior of complete submission. It's hard not to be submissive, strapped to a table with a speculum shoved up inside of my cunt.

"Does she feel threatened or unsafe in her home environment?" I feel a cold piercing look from you.

"Answer by shaking your head, slave," you command me.

I shake my head no, but very gently. I watch the doctor write his notes.

"Ok, time for the exam. Jeff, do we need to do a rape kit?"

"Yes, I raped her last night. Clean her out well."

I feel the doctor start the breast exam. He rolls my ample tits around and around, then plays with my nipples. He squeezes them and pulls them, as if he is trying to milk me. This goes on for several minutes, all while the medical students watch with amazement.

The doctor then goes down to my twat. I feel something tickling my insides, as he is doing the rape kit. Minutes later, the testing is over, but the speculum remains in. The doctor pulls the light closer to my exposed cunt and looks deep inside. "Her cervix does not look thick, which would indicate pregnancy, but it may be too early too. Make sure she is taking her vitamins."

"She will," you respond.

I cry because my jaw is beginning to hurt from being open for so long. You ask me if I hurt. I nod yes. "If I release the gag, you will be good, right?" I nod yes. The ball gag is removed and I am greatly relieved once I am able to relax my jaw.

"Doc, I want her to lactate. Is there something you can prescribe to get her started making milk like a cow?"

I hear the nurse and some of the med students laugh. The doctor hands you some pills. "These should start the process. She needs lots of massage of the breast to stimulate milk production."

"Oh, I won't have any problem 'massaging' her tits," you chuckle. Everyone in the room laughs.

The doctor removes the speculum and sticks his fingers into my cunt for an internal manual exam. While his fingers are inside of me, he palpitates my abdomen. "Everything feels VERY good," he removes his fingers from my twat, smiling.

The doctor stands and says, "Now Jeff, how do you intend to pay for today's services?"

You look at me and smile.

NO! NO WAY! I am NOT going to 'pleasure' the doctor!

The doctor smiles and starts to undo his belt.

"Please, Master, no. I might get pregnant and I only want to breed your children, Master."

I see that you are shocked at my statement. "Hold on, doc. I'll pay cash."

"Damn, are you sure?" Poor doc looked a little upset.

"Yeah, I really don't like to share my slave so early in training." What was that supposed to mean?!

The nurse begins to undo my restraints and I stretch my legs. You walk over to me and put the leash back on me. "Heel, my good slave."

We walk out to the reception area where you pay the bill as I stand in the corner, trying to be unseen by those in the busy waiting room.

"Ok, Jeff. Have a great day! Call us if you need anything," the receptionist was a little too loud for my comfort.

You walk me out to the van and fasten my seatbelt, then stroke my hair. "You were a good girl in there, for the most part." I look into his eyes and smile. "Thank you, Master." The blindfold is applied to me and we begin our journey back to the cabin.

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