tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNew Life for Lynne Ch. 04

New Life for Lynne Ch. 04


Chapter 4—The Visitor

We arrive at the cabin. I remain still while you get out of the van and come to my side to assist me. Once unbuckled, you grab my leash and say, "Heel." I get down to my knees and heel beside you.

You walk me around the yard, parading me and showing me off to the trees and birds. I feel the need to...sniff around. "Master, before we go back inside, may I please pee?"

I see you smile. "Why of course, my little bitch. Good girl!" You stroke my hair like a real dog. I sniff, find a spot, spread my legs and let my bladder go.

"Holy hell, bitch, you had to piss!" You move to be in front of me and pull my head up to your awaiting cock. I begin sucking it as I am peeing.

Once finished, I remain in the position. You get behind me and rub your cock on my pussy lips. I feel you start to doggy-style fuck me. I feel the ball gag being shoved into my mouth from behind. You pull my hair to force my head up as you continue to ride my pussy.

Moments later, I feel you pull out and rub your cock on my asshole. "Nnnnoooo!!!!!!!!" I try to yell through the gag. I have never had anything put inside my ass, aside from the thermometer earlier at the doctor's office. I wiggle my hips in attempts to get away.

SLAP! I feel your hand hit my ass hard. "Settle down, bitch!"

"Nnnooo!!! Peeze!!!" I yell again through the gag. You remove the gag. "What the fuck is your problem, bitch?!"

"Master, please, not my ass. I have never been...fucked...there." I try to plead for mercy.

"Really? You're an ass virgin? No fucking way!" I feel you finger my asshole. It is unpleasant, but thrilling at the same time. "Holy fuck, you are so tight! Shit, you're worth a fortune!"

Not knowing what you mean, I look over my shoulder to you and thank you for showing mercy. I feel you slide your cock back inside of my wet slit while fingering my virgin hole.

A few minutes later, you cum into me, exploding your seed into my fertile womb. I hear you grunt and give one final thrust into me, holding my hips with both hands. When you finish depositing your cum into my cunt, you pull out and step around so that your cock is again in my face.

"Clean me up, bitch."

I begin to lick my cunt juice from your cock. I suck your cock and I feel a warm, disgusting stream coming from it. What the hell?! You are pissing in my mouth!

I pull back and gag. You continue to piss in my face as I gag. You pull my face back into your groin and continue relieving yourself into my mouth. I gag several times and manage to vomit once.

"You will learn to love my piss. You are going to be my toilet. Anytime I need to piss, your mouth will service me. You will learn to swallow like a good whore." You finally finish and slap the last few drops out of your cock onto my face.

I continue to gag. "Master, that is the vilest tasting..."

You laugh. "Just wait before you say anything more, slut." You wipe your cock all over my face, then tuck it back inside of your pants.

"Heel." I crawl by your side to the garden hose. You begin to hose me down, rinsing the piss from my face and body. The cold water is causing my nipples to harden, to the point where they are extremely painful. I grab my tits in pain. You laugh, "Slut needs fucked again? Playing with your tits...and without permission!"

I feel the hose nozzle being directed between my legs. "Open your legs, cunt." I hesitate. I feel the full blast of cold water directly in my face. "CUNT, I TOLD YOU OPEN YOUR LEGS!" I open my legs as I sob.

You shove the hose nozzle up my twat. Oh God, no! Not this! This is going to hurt and be cold! I feel a cold, hard stream entering my hole. I cry in pain and end up getting my ass beat with your belt.

"Push it out." I sense some irritation in your voice. I push and cold water mixed with semen flow out of me onto the ground.

"You are such a fucking whore. Heel." Dripping wet, I crawl beside you to the front door. "We are getting company later. You will greet them like a real bitch does, right?"

I nod my head yes.

I feel the sharp pain of your belt on my ass again. "Answer me!"

"Yes, Master." I wince.

You tie me to the post lantern by the entrance sidewalk. Luckily, it is shaded so the sun won't be a problem. However, having someone come while I am tied naked to a light...well, I guess I am getting used to it.

You go inside and leave me tied. I try to sit on the sidewalk, but the chain is not long enough. Not only that, but my ass is on fire from the belt beating. I have a choice of sitting on the sharp gravel or kneeling half on the gravel and half on the sidewalk. I try to get comfortable. My is hair drenched; my body cold and wet. I am very horny and anxious to see who the guest is. I hope for a police officer or someone to take me away...

About an hour later, I hear a van pull up the drive. I see you in the doorway, inside the cabin, watching me. "Bark, bitch!" I begin to bark like a dog.

The driver of the van parks and gets out. They hesitate a moment, then begin walking my way. The most beautiful woman I have ever seen is walking towards me. She had been driving the van. Tall, dark, piercing eyes, gorgeous body...she had it all. She gets inches away from me as I continue barking.

"Ah, such a good bitch." She thrusts her crotch into my face. HOW HUMILIATING! I have never, EVER done that with a woman. But, I graciously sniff her crotch like a good bitch. I want to lick her so badly...I want to taste her.

She kicks me to the side and goes to you. You and she embrace and kiss a passionate kiss. "Jeff, dear, so good to see you again! I see you have a new bitch in training." She smirks in my direction.

"Did you bring yours?" Puzzled, I dare not ask what you mean.

"Oh yes, in the back of the van. But I think you and I should have a little 'fun' first, don't you?"

"Oh, Dana, you always could read my mind." So, this beauty's name is Dana.

"Shall we bring the bitch along?" Dana asks while looking at me.

"Your choice, my dear."

Dana comes over to me, undoes the tie, and commands me to heel. I crawl beside the beauty. I feel very inferior next to her. She takes me inside and commands me to stand in front of the fire place.

I watch as you and Dana make out on the couch in front of me. I see that either you two are truly in love with each other or both are extremely horny. As you nuzzle and fondle and undress each other, Dana asks me, "So, bitch, horny yet?"

"Yes, Ma'am." I reply.

"You will address her as Mistress Dana, slut." You glare at me for my lack of manners.

"Sorry, Master. Yes, Mistress Dana, I am horny."

"How do you know? You didn't touch yourself to check yet!"

I reach down between my legs and feel the slimy wetness of my readiness.

"Lick your fingers now." Mistress Dana is very demanding. I taste myself on my fingers. I delight in the taste of my own pussy and happily slurp my fingers in an effort to get every last drop of my cum, for Mistress.

Mistress Dana giggles, "Bitch, get your filthy cunt over here NOW!" I comply, reaching the very end of my chain. Mistress Dana raises her foot to my mouth. Knowing I am expected to worship her feet, I begin by licking the tops of her toes. "Make sure you get between the toes too."

I lick between her toes, sucking each toe into my mouth. I lick the bottoms of her feet, as she pushes her soles into my face. The thought of doing this is making me ill. God knows where she's been or what she's done...and here I am, licking her feet like a common whore.

"Enough." Mistress Dana kicks me in the face, which causes me to fall back onto my ass. She laughs.

"Jeff, dear, I do believe it is time to reward a cum slut for a job well done, don't you?" I am unsure of what Mistress Dana means by this. I have not fucked anyone besides my Master; I have not had any cum beside my Master's.

As Mistress Dana dresses, you attach my leash to my collar. "Heel." Here we go again. I walk between you and Mistress Dana out to her van. Mistress Dana opens the back doors. Inside the van was the largest woman I have ever seen in my entire life. I bet she was at least 500 pounds. She reeked of body odor, sex, and cum. I looked at her face and she was drenched, head to toe, in cum. I am repulsed simply by the sight.

I watch as Mistress Dana hooks a leash to the fat woman. I hear you say, "My God, Dana, what a fat slut! Where'd you find her?"

"She owes me, don't you fatty?" I watch the fat woman shake her head yes, cum dripping from her hair.

"Heel." Both the fat woman and I snap to attention and walk beside our owners. "Bitch, this is fatty. Fatty, this is bitch." You drag me over to fatty and shove my face in her ass. This is how I'm supposed to greet people from now on??? When they stink like day old sex???

"Lick her ass and cunt, bitch."

I will not do that. It is too disgusting to even think about doing. CRACK! I scream in pain. Someone had hit my ass in displeasure. I begin to lightly tongue at her wide ass.

CRACK! "Clean all the cum from her fuck holes and off her body, bitch."

NO FUCKING WAY! That was too much to ask or demand. "Master, I am going to be sick..."

"If you are sick, you will eat graciously whatever comes out of you...or you will not be having dinner privileges later. I am rather disappointed at your noncompliance."

CRACK! I look to see what you are hitting me with. It was not the belt, but rather a flogger. There was no way that it was leather—it wouldn't hurt as much as it did. I begin kissing fatty's ass cheek in order to get a better view.

It is a flogger made of PVC plastic. No fucking wonder it hurt so bad! You twirl it around, knowing I am looking at it.

I try to imagine myself somewhere else—ANYWHERE else than right here, right now. The cum leaking from fatty's ass is downright disgusting. She must have fucked at least 100 guys to get a load like this all over her.

I realize that the faster I ingest the cum from this fat slut, the faster I will be done. I begin to feverishly lick fatty's ass, cunt, and ample thighs. Fatty squeals in delight. You and Mistress Dana are amused. "Don't forget her tits and face, bitch."

I crawl under fatty, praying that she does not lose her balance for fear of being suffocated to death. I suck on her tits, run my tongue all over them then up her chin to her face. I quickly lick all over her face when fatty decides she is going to kiss me. Her tongue begins to fuck my mouth. It occurred to me that she is trying to get the cum that I had licked from her. I graciously gave what was in my mouth to her. What a fucking slut!

"Very nice, bitch. Very nice indeed," you praise me. "Heel."

I crawl out from under fatty and sit at your side. I feel some cum on me, no doubt left over from the fat whore's little party.

Mistress Dana commands fatty to get back into the van and closes the doors. She kisses you once more before shoving her crotch into my face one last time. Her aroma, mixed with the fat slut's stench, makes me wet and ready to fuck.

I watch as Mistress Dana drives down the driveway.

"Heel, bitch." You take me inside to the bathroom. You turn on the shower to get it warm. "You were not so bad there towards the end. I bet you enjoyed yourself, didn't you?"

I wanted to spit in your face and scream, "NO, I FUCKING DID NOT ENJOY THAT." It was the most despicable act that I have ever had to do. But I tell you, "Yes, Master." I fear the pain from that flogger.

"Mmm...very nice. Step into the shower now. Wash up, make sure to get fatty's stink off of you."

So you must have smelled the stench too!

I wash my hair and put conditioner in it. I wash my body 3 times—once for cleaning, second for smell, and third to make sure the smell was gone. I rinse and step out of the shower. You towel me off and comb my hair again.

"Heel." I get onto my knees yet again. You lead me to the kitchen, to the dog bowls. "Sit."

I sit on my heels, hands on my lap. I watch as you pick up the dog bowls and carry them to the counter. I see you fill the food bowl with something, then put fresh water in the other bowl.

You bring the bowls over and set them before me. "Eat."

I put my face down into the food bowl. It smells delicious! Chicken and broccoli with rice...I immediately begin to gobble it down, not worried about using a fork or knife like before. Once I finished the bowl, I smelled a whiff of fatty. I instantly became nauseated and vomited into the food bowl.

You laugh. "I told you, bitch. Eat it up."

What was in my bowl was a mixture of the chicken, broccoli, rice, and of course, a healthy portion of semen. There was no way I was going to eat that! I sit and look at you enjoying your meal.

"Bitch, I said eat!"

"No! I have had enough of this!" I have finally mustered enough courage together to stand up for myself.

"What?!" The look in your eyes causes me to instantly regret what I had just said and done.

"Master, I...have never....been....treated like that..."

"Exactly. This is what every slut desires. I'm simply giving it to you. You should be grateful to me." I see you begin to glare at me in displeasure.

"Yes, Master. But..."


I refuse and continue to sit and stare at the bowl. I cannot even stomach the thought let alone the smell and taste.

You get up, grab me by the hair, and drag me outside. Oh God, what did I get myself into now?

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