tagLoving WivesNew Life, Here We Come Ch. 01

New Life, Here We Come Ch. 01


[This story involves adults of age 18 years or more. My first offering to Literotica after being a regular reader for years]

There were eye contacts, exchange of smiles, lots of "checking out" each other on the dinner table. Cocktails and food tasted great, but the four people there rather paid attention on each other. There were moments of tension, pressure and looking forward.

I found that evening great for finally having a couple showing up to our invitation. My wife Cathy was very excited. Our dream of seeking pleasure out of our marriage was hopefully coming to life that evening. Cathy, not noticing I was looking at her, was looking at Mark. I imagined that she was thinking of ways she would use Mark's body later.

Five years ago, I and my wife Cathy decided on trying the new lifestyle of opening ourselves to "activities" outside our marriage. We love each other and sex has been great. However, we mutually agreed that things started losing some sparks. Our preference was to lure some good good-looking couples we already knew, but it is never easy to turn these things around our way.

We started with internet sites for the adult hook-ups even created a couple account on the leading social network. To our despair, most of the incoming requests were a bunch of fakes. Then there were seemingly ready and experienced people, who either never turned up or canceled right before the event.

After a number of communications via texts, chat and cam introductions, we introduced us to Mark and Sandy. It's not that we haven't had dinner together before, but this one was at our place with the "tacit" agreement of extended play time afterwards.

Sandy was a hot female who took pride in keeping her body in good shape. All of us were in mid-thirties. She had a pretty face, very sexy brown eyes, good looking chest and round but shaped butt. Ever since I saw here, I had countless fuck sessions with her in all possible positions.

A clicking cutlery sound brought me to the present where I realized the dinner was almost done. I could see that all the cocktails I have been mixing since evening, were really working on the girls. Both of them looked drunk. I needed to be careful as the last thing both the boys would want are "drunk" girls going to bed right after the dinner.

Cathy asked the guests, "What would you like for the desserts?"

Sandy reveled, "I always keep the best dessert in the town very handy."

She and Mark looked at each other and nodded in agreement. Although we did anticipate something sexual is about to happen, but still enjoyed this short-lived suspense. Mark got up and pulled his zipper down. Sandy pulled Mark's cock out and started licking the cock head in slow motion to show it off. She made this popping sound and winked at us.

Cathy and I were happy to see things heading in the right direction. Like good hosts, Cathy followed them and her tongue was slurping my cock. Needless to mention, both the boys enjoyed this dessert consumption by their respective partners. Our cocks were hard from slobbery treats.

I commented, "Looks like a great dessert to me, let's get comfortable in the living room and enjoy it even more".

Losing our clothes waist down and taking a position on the couch was the next logical step for the boys. And resuming the cock sucking was the next order of nature for girls. However, the desserts lollypops were switched and Sandy was working on my tool.

My cock rock got hard inside her mouth. She worked like an expert on the length of my tool. She licked and teased the cock-head, sucked on my balls and did a slow mouth fuck while looking into me eye-to-eye, I felt out of the world. I was having so much fun that I almost missed tracking Cathy and Sam's adventures.

At this point, I moved my head to the other side of the room and where Cathy was lying stark naked on the center table and Mark standing and fully inside her and rocking back and forth with slow and long strokes. Mark held Cathy by her slender legs spreading them as wide as he can to give way to his cock for those thrusts that Cathy was obviously enjoying.

I was sure she has fucked many boys before getting "wed-locked", but this was her only second cock in 16 years of marriage.

I and Sandy decided to follow the suit. Sandy went on all fours on the sofa after throwing her skirts and panties on the sofa. I approached her from behind with Sandy's saliva still on my dick. I put the head on her wet and warm pussy opening and with gentle push the whole head in.

Sandy gave a playful moan sounding "I want more of this meat".

And I was soon balls deep into the pussy I was chasing for a few weeks. My long and slow moves very soon transformed into fast and furious thrusts. Sandy was bucking her ass back and forth and kept echoing "oh yeah" with Cathy. All of us were panting, puffing as we worked on each other. Both the girls came almost at the same time.

The cocks were still hard as we were yet to shoot their first load. We decided to switch partners for the next session. Cathy came to me and had me lay down. She straight away sat on my crotch while Sandy wetted my cock with her saliva and guided it into Cathy's already just-fucked pussy.

In all his life, he hasn't seen Cathy charged-up like this. She started riding him like a horse rider. At the same time, the guests went doggy.

They were set up in a way so that Sandy could put her fingers in my mouth and lick on Cathy's boobs. Mark also used his advantageous position to spank both the girls as he raised the pace of fucking his wife. John grabbed Cathy by her waist and fucked her pussy as hard he could. He saw Mark fucking Sandy like there was no tomorrow.

Both the girls cried like banshees as they came. We pulled our cocks and started stroking it for girls to receive it their mouth. Sandy's sexy mouth was on my cock as I was shooting my first load of evening into her.

Mark unloaded himself on my wife's chin and boobs. Both the girls looked like a pair of sluts serving two men. All of us felt so satisfied and fulfilled as we wondered how to proceed from that point.

The room smelled with some just had a great fuck aroma. At this stage of the game, it was time for the drinks break. Girls came back from the bathroom after the clean-up. And we did high five for the performance every one gave so far. Mark grabbed Cathy while I grabbed his wife by her ass.

Sandy said, "I am so glad that we decided to join you guys".

Cathy replied, "Feel free to visit here as much as you need. I know my husband and I loved being with you guys this evening. Just call and come."

We had a toast on our friendship with loud CHEERS. We sipped our favorite drinks and chatted however with no clothes on for a change.

Whether it was drinks or the chat about our hot session we just concluded, Cathy nipples got hard. Sandy was probably the first one to notice as she came closer and gave them a lick with that devilish look in her eyes.

We boys enjoyed watching the girl action. Cathy soon was moving her hands all over Sandy's body while she continued licking on her nipple, she moved her lips in circles on Cathy's breasts and softly bit them here and there. Her pussy started getting wet and as reaction to that she started gently fingering Sandy.

Both of us started stroking our semi-erect tools while sipping our scotch. But girls had more plans for teasing us, as they moved on to the round center table. Cathy lied down and Sandy went on top to start a hot 69 session with her.

There were slurping sounds mixed with erotic moans. Sandy raised her hips up and down in response to the varying intensity of Cathy sucking her from underneath.

The view of a shapely ass going up and down made my cock harder. Holding my glass, I proceeded near the action and was greeted by my wife taking my cock into her mouth. She alternated between my cock and Sandy's pussy and then she guided it into Sandy's pussy and urged me to fuck her good.

On the other side of the round table, I saw Mark fucking my Cathy while his wife sucked on his crotch and Cathy's clitoris. I had access to Sandy's ass and tits to grope on. I saw Mark going up and down to give it to Cathy deep and nice where I gave his wife my manhood from behind.

Showing at the Sandy's pussy, I was driving our cocks in I commented, "Both of us should feel like kings. We are drinking and driving at the same time".

Mark responded laughingly, "And you cannot get any traffic violation ticket for this drive, even though you decide on speeding".

Cathy chimed in, "More drivers wanted boys for the next party. But for now, we need a change in drivers".

"Anything for you my whore", I said jokingly.

Mark and I changed ends and resumed on our own partners.

Sandy was not going to keep quiet and said, "Why in the hell you drivers are driving like your grandpas".

I responded, "That's a fair customer complain. If we have got a Porsche, we better not drive it like a Honda Civic. Give it to her mark -- hard and fast".

Mark and I picked up the pace. We changed ends every 4-5 minutes. I am not sure if It was scotch affect or the fresh air we got when we switched holes; we made our girls come 4 times before we came. I sprayed all of it on Sandy's ass and my wife got some drops as well. Mark simply unloaded everything into his wife's mouth.

All of us felt drained, exhausted and all fucked up. Cathy looked at me and smiled to say thanks for getting us to the new life style. I got a kiss from her as my reward.

Very soon we had our guest bidding us good bye. We promised to stay in touch and have our extended dinners like this regularly. As we saw them driving off our parkway, we returned inside. The smell of sex was all over in the house and we still naked, hit the bed and slept like babies.

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