tagLoving WivesNew Life, Here We Come Ch. 04

New Life, Here We Come Ch. 04


[This story involves adults of age 18 years or more. To enhance your reading pleasure, it is suggested but not required that you read Part1through 4of this series]

It was a warm evening. Cathy was at the front yard of her house, as she watered the recently planted roses. She is generally in great mood when she interacts with nature like that. She was thinking about her recent changes in the lifestyle where she indulged herself with swinging with another couple, then her husband's parents. The memories of her adventures in the swingers club last month made her panties little bit wet.

She saw a couple with their daughter taking a walk towards her house in front of the house lane in the neighborhood. Cathy had seen them before but didn't know them by their name.

"Hi Matt", John greeted the neighbors.

Noticing that John arrived in the front yard, Cathy smiled and greeted them as well.

"Cathy! Meet Matt! Matt, meet Cathy, my wife", John introduced them.

"I am sorry, I was not able to meet you Maggie at the club last month", John said apologetically.

It was Maggie's turn to blush a little.

"You mean Matt and Cathy had ...", Maggie wanted to keep it without words.

Both Cathy andfa John nodded with a grin on their faces.

"Oh, by the way, this is Susan, our daughter", Maggie introduced her daughter to us.

Both Cathy and John greeted Susan.

They agreed on meeting very soon, as Matt and family left and continued their evening walk and Cathy and John went inside their home.

Cathy went to the front window of their house to "check them out". Matt was a nice looking guy and Maggie was a knockout female. She didn't realize John was right behind her, doing his own analysis of neighbors.

John was looking at Maggie as she walked with her tits swaying back and forth. Then John's eyes moved to her teen daughter and he felt his tool getting hard just looking at her. She was built like her Mom but she had on a very brief halter, covering very little of her great tits. The round swell showed a great deal above her magnificent nipples. She also wore brief cutoffs that showed a lot of both cheeks of her cute ass.

John slid his hands around Cathy and cupped her tits. She smiled and pressed her ass back into his crotch now.

Feeling his hard cock she asked, "Which one gave you the woody darling?"

John replied, "Both of those hot, but the way that kid is dressed...she is really sexy!"

"She is sexy. Could you imagine our Carolyn dressed like that?" Cathy enquired.

John's hands were inside her blouse now opening the front release of Cathy's bra. His gentle hands then cupped and caressed them.

Toying with her now hard nipples as Cathy sighed, "John... that feels nice ... I'm glad our neighbors turn you on honey.... now do I get a reward for calling you?"

John kissed her deeply and pulled her down on the living room carpet. His hands were under her skirt, inside her brief bikini panties on her wet pussy as Cathy spread her legs wider in eager welcome for him.

John undid his pants and Cathy knew he was pulling his hard cock free to use on her. She was ready... seemed like she was just about always ready ... she loved to fuck.... but she said, "John honey, noooo,... Carolyn could come home any time."

John eased the head of his weapon into the outer lips of her warm pussy and she raised her hips to take it in deeper.

He slowly started driving to meet his horny wife's thrusts as he said, "It might be good for Carolyn to watch this... sometimes I think she is too goodie goodie."

Cathy wrapped her legs around his ass and she moaned in a husky voice, "You dirty old man you just want to get your daughter interested in fucking.... you wish she were laying here with your big cock in her..."

He started fucking her hard and fast, driving his big cock deep inside her warm wet pussy. Cathy moaned and flexed her cunt muscles the way John loved. It was too much and John shortly blew his wad as Cathy knew he would. As she felt his cum flooding her wet cunt she came as well, moaning like a banshee.

They were well aware of each other's fantasies. As he continued to fill her cunt with cum Cathy climaxed a second time in a groan that the neighbors might have heard.

They lay there for a while and then slowly got to our feet. Cathy drifted back to the window as she rearranged her clothing. Only the Matt was still out front next door. He again walked up behind her and he hugged her to him and kissed her on the neck where she liked it.

She voiced huskily, "That was great John... I love it when you take me like that, where ever we are."

"Yeah... you are the best." He replied with my hands on my cock.

Cathy laughed and snuggled in his arms, "Thank you darling, would that include your daughter?"

"Cathy, I don't know.... at least not yet." John confessed.

Cathy felt my cock start to rise again against her ass. She loved the way he seemed to be insatiable. They both particularly loved the fantasy of including our very sexy looking 18 year old daughter and son in their sex games. Cathy knew that it was only a matter of time until John fucked Carolyn.... and she had plans of her own too.

Then John looked out the window, "Matt is a good looking guy. Cathy, how would you like to let him fuck you? May be someday while I am at work you can invite him over and fuck his brains out."

Cathy moaned. One of her favorite fantasy was to be unfaithful to John. John was well aware of it. The idea of some other guy fucking Cathy turned him on.

John kissed her ear and said softly, "Look Cathy you can see the outline of his cock through his shorts. You can even see the glans. I bet you would like to take that cock in your mouth and suck him off wouldn't you? Can't you imagine his hard cock in your mouth sweetheart? Can't you imagine him coming in your mouth?"

Cathy was moaning and John raised her skirt in back and Cathy felt his hard cock sliding between her ass cheeks, lightly rubbing against her cunt. She bent forward and John started it in her, then shoved it in all the way in one stroke. She gasped and came. John started to stroke her.

She sighed and said, "Yes... John... fuck me darling... yes I like the look of his cock. Maybe I will do what you said. I could ask him over when you are gone and fuck and suck him silly."

John blew off soon again and Cathy smiled as she enjoyed how hot it made her husband when she talked about other guys fucking her.

As John pulled his limp cock out of Cathy's sweet cunt and headed upstairs for a shower he said, "Why don't you go over and ask them over for a quick sandwich later, whenever they want a break."

When John stepped out of the shower later, Cathy stood there stripping and John noticed her bra was missing.

"What happened to your bra, little girl?"

"I took it off before I went over to invite our neighbors." She winked sexily.

"Hmmm... and did you give our neighbor a good look at your marvelous tits?" , John asked.

"Maybe, ... anyway the Smiths, our neighbors, will be over around 6:00 this evening. He was very nice John..... you better watch out, the way he flirted with me I think he would be eager to help me with my fantasy......"

They arrived right at six and intros were done all around. It was interesting. The neighbors were big huggers. John and Cathy both enjoyed the tight hugs they got from Matt and Maggie and usan. Carolyn seemed surprised and looked at Cathy as if to say, 'Mom what is this'. Cathy had enjoyed the feel of Matt's large cock against her even in it's soft state. His hand slid down over her trim ass and squeezed gently. Cathy looked around to see if anyone else had noticed and only saw Maggie plastered against John similarly and Susan and Carolyn walking out the back door.

She looked up at Matt and smiled and whispered, "Be careful Matt."

In other words, it is OK to play with my ass but don't let John see.

Then shortly they all went out to the patio where Cathy had a deli spread ready for a light supper. Matt, Maggie and Susan, Dad, Mom and Daughter - they were still dressed in the clothes John and Cathy had enjoyed looking at earlier. John grinned to himself as he realized that his daughter Carolyn was the only female with a bra on. He got a little hard as he looked at the four bodies and he wondered what he would have to do to get Carolyn to loosen up a little like Susan. Susan flaunted her full body, bouncing around a lot. She noticed John staring at her tits and ass several times and smiled at him warmly.

Maggie was very friendly and open and John enjoyed the way her blouse opened up as she bent forward helping herself to the food. When she had hugged him he enjoyed the full body hug she gave him. Maybe Texas girls are more open.

Everyone soon was chatting as if they had known each other forever. Susan and Carolyn disappeared before long to Carolyn's bedroom. Cathy had taken Matt inside to show him the way the stoves worked.

Maggie smiled at John, "Is this a fun neighborhood John? We hated to leave our old neighbors in Texas. We had gotten real close with several of them."

John smiled and his eyes dropped to the bare swell of her breasts peeking through the open blouse.

Then he looked back at her and said, "I think it may have just gotten a lot friendlier Maggie.

Maybe you and Matt and Susan will have to help warm up our neighborhood. Everyone is nice but up to now it wouldn't have been hard to leave it."

She smiled and said, "That sounds like a friendly invitation John... maybe when we get a little settled you and Cathy could come over for a fun evening."

"We would love to .... maybe there are some Texas games you could teach us."

"Are you and Cathy open to different kinds of games?"

"I think we could possibly learn to be Maggie."

John's cock had been growing and now Maggie dropped her eyes to it and smiled, licking her lips in a obvious way. Maggie leaned forward toward John, her blouse opened more and John had a great

view of her two large rounded breasts and their pink rigid nipples.

As she watched him stare at her bare breasts she said, "We were afraid it would take a long time to make friends here like we had in Texas.... after meeting you I think we were wrong."

John raised his eyes and met hers. He had never moved so fast with any woman in his life. They both knew what they were planning and now John just wanted to take her inside and fuck her.he great part of it was he was certain she wanted the same thing.

He smiled and said, "I will look forward to the games Maggie...."

"What about Cathy... games are more fun if four play?

"I think she might be interested too..... we have talked about lots of things as fantasies"


She dropped her eyes to his hard cock again and sighed again licking her lips and said, "Funny I just ate and yet I seem to want to eat some more.."

John laughed and replied, "Me too... do we have to wait until you get very settled?"

"For what John?"

He loved the way she teased....

"For me to fuck you in all of your sexy openings Maggie."

"No... as a matter of fact, I am very ready right now.... but maybe you could drop over in the morning.... We can practice for the games when the four of us get together..."

"What time?"

"Ten.. just come on in, I will leave the door unlocked... and John... I love to fuck... absolutely love to fuck..."

It had gotten dark as they sat there talking and they both stood up and their hands wandered. John's hands were on her trim ass and inside her blouse on her bare breast. Her hand was full

of his cock.

Then they heard someone coming and drifted apart smiling at each other in anticipation.

Matt and Cathy rejoined them and John noticed Cathy smiling at him nervously and he wondered what had happened between she and Matt....

In bed later that night, Cathy was all over John, sucking his cock, pulling his head into her wet cunt and mounting his hard cock. When she had finally cum several times and drained John she

fell on her back with a flop and said...

"That was so good darling... fucking is the best."

John propped himself up on his elbow and cupping one of Cathy's great tits he toyed with it gently and said, "I think you enjoyed Matt a good deal this evening... what was that nervous look you gave me when you guys came back outside?"

She hesitated and wrapped her hand around his soft cock.

She toyed with it until it started to get hard again and then she said, "Matt made a pass at me John. I was showing him how to work the oven as he stood behind me. I felt his hands slip under my

arms around me and he cupped my breasts in his hands as he kissed my neck."

"And what did you do Cat?"

"I just stood there for a moment. I couldn't believe what was happening.... then I moved his hands and turned facing him. I didn't have a bra on and you know how I love to have my tits played with.

He looked down at my hard nipples through my blouse and said, "You have beautiful tits Cathy, I love the way your nipples got hard so quickly."

"I just sort of stuttered John.... then he cupped both of my tits again. I groaned it felt so good... I didn't say a word as he opened my blouse and his hands cupped my bare tits. The idea that you were just outside and Carolyn was upstairs made me even hotter. After a couple of minutes I made him take his hands out of my open blouse so I could rebutton it."

"Did you want to fuck him Cathy?"

Cathy was stroking John's cock as she looked into his eyes and shivered visibly saying, "I don't want you to be upset John but I did. I wanted him to throw me on the floor and take me right then, if you guys

hadn't been here I don't know what I would have done."

"I know what you would have done Cat... you would have spread your legs for him. I think we have an opportunity here to live out one of our fantasies... Matt and Maggie are in to swapping big time... are you interested?"

Cathy moaned and straddled John's hard cock taking it in her cunt easily. As it hit bottom Cathy shook and came again. Then as she calmed down she looked at John and asked huskily, "Are YOU interested? Oh I know you would like to fuck Maggie.

I have always known you fucked other women and I never minded. You have always kept me happy ... but can you deal with Matt fucking me? He asked me to meet him somewhere soon to fuck while

we were in the kitchen tonight."

"Wow Cat... that is hot.... our new neighbors don't waste time do they?" and he told her what had happened between he and Maggie.

John started hunching up into Cathy's wet pussy faster as she felt his cock start to pulse in her. Then he slowed down again to make it last.

After a few minutes of slow fucking Cathy asked, "Well are you ready for Matt to fuck me? The idea of you and Maggie is hot for me... how do you feel about me fucking other men?"

"If you want to fuck Matt I am all for it Cat. I have wanted us to get into swinging for a long time. I was going to suggest it but now it is here."

"Oh shit John... I do... I am dying to fuck Matt while you watch us. The idea of fucking other men is delicious to me."

John then told Cat more about his experience with Maggie in great detail as he continued to fuck her. Cathy was clearly getting into it and as John told her he was meeting Maggie the next morning she came hard.

The next morning she kissed him good bye as he strolled next door. She was waiting two hours later when he returned looking very well fucked. John told her all that had happened. How he had found her in bed nude waiting for him. How they had eaten each other to climax and then fucked and fucked and fucked.

"Cathy they want us to come over for drinks tonight...are you still ready?"

Cathy laughed and answered, "Are you kidding.. I wouldn't miss it for the world."

"Oh by the way Cat, Maggie asked if you liked to make love with other women."

Cat sighed... "I think I just may learn too... and soon."

Just as they were preparing to leave to go next door, the doorbell rang and Susan stood there looking up at John, "I came over to keep Carolyn company while you guys were getting to know my folks."

As Susan walked in Cathy was still upstairs finishing dressing, although all she was wearing was a very brief miniskirt and a very low cut blouse... oh and shoes. John dropped his eyes to Susan's nice tits.

He enjoyed the view said, "That's good Susan.. it would be great if you and Carolyn got to be friends."

Susan smiled at him realizing how much he was enjoying her tits and she said, "I think we just might become real good friends... will you be my friend? Some of the fathers of my girlfriends in Texas were my good friends too."

John wondered if she had just hinted to him that she had fucked her girlfriends' dads. His cock started to grow.

He looked into Susan's eyes and said, "Would you like to be my friend too Susan?"

"That would be great I think", Susan replied with the meaningful look in her eyes.

Then Cathy came down the stairs and Susan and John both stared at this very sexy woman. Carolyn followed her down and didn't seem to even notice how her Mom was dressed.

Matt handed them both a drink and the four of them stood around chatting, joking. They had paired off with each other's mates, each couple stood a short distance apart from the other.

There was a lot of touching and whispering as they sipped their drinks. John looked over at Cathy to check if all was going well and he notice her nipples standing out obviously hard, her cheeks were flushed as was her chest above the exposed upper swell of her breasts. Overall, things were going very well.

Cathy wasn't concerned about how things were going with Maggie and John since they had spent that morning fucking.

Then Matt said, "Cathy would you like to see my green room?"

Cathy quickly said she would love to and Matt took her hand in his and led her away. No explanation was offered as to why John and Maggie weren't invited. Matt and Cathy were eager to catch up with Maggie and John.

When they left the room Maggie walked over to a wall sound system and flipped a switch and smiled at John, "Now we can listen as Matt fucks your sweet little wife."

Sure enough they heard footsteps and a door closing as Matt and Cathy entered the darkroom. Everything could be heard very clearly.

As Matt closed the door, he locked it behind them, Matt then turned the lights off. It was totally dark. Cathy grinned to herself waiting. Then she gasped as she felt his hand slip under her skirt onto her bare cunt immediately. Cathy shifted her feet, spreading her legs for his hand and said,

"You don't waste time do you Matt?"

"No.... when I am dying to fuck you Cathy, should I waste time?"

"Oh no .... oh damn no.... that feels good, my clit is soooo sensitive. I love the way you are playing with it."

"Here sit on this counter... right on the edge... I want to eat your hot little pussy Cathy."

Noises of movement, wet noises shortly and then a gasp from Cathy, "OOOOOOOoooo yes Matt... good ... so good. oh shit Matt I'm cumming already... fuck ......."

Then after a period of heavy breathing and sighs came a quiet pause until Cathy said, "My turn to eat something.... "

And the sounds of a wet cock sucking was all that could be heard other than Matt's groaning.

Still after a few more moments

"I want my cock in your cunt Cathy... now."

"Yes.... hurry.... oh yes that's good ... so good. Oh I love your big cock Matt... fuck me.... make me cum ... fuck... fuck me...."

When later still, after all had been silent for a moment, Matt said, "Don't dress, let's just join John and Maggie... I expect they are doing exactly what we have been doing."

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