tagNovels and NovellasNew Lives Ch. 02

New Lives Ch. 02


Hah! Gin was waiting for the stunned look to appear on my face but following along what I thought was a logical path that ended in connecting with Steph, we weren't planning anything other than that at this point, talking too and helping Steph was the first step, I'd started to nod my head a little bit in agreement and maybe she needed some reassuring.

"Ginia, I realised something when I walked into that restaurant and gave you my little speech, We have been through a lifetime together, OK I wasn't there for seventeen years, you were with another man, your husband, I never stopped loving you, I realised it that night. I gave you up seventeen years ago because I knew it was the right thing to do, you would have a better life with him, I loved you when I did that, and I know you loved me too. Now after all that I get another chance with you, I don't want to stuff it up, I've seen you on film, you know what you're doing, end of story. You're putting yourself out for MY ex-wife seventeen years later. Oh look if it was anyone else other than my ex-wife I would definitely have something to say and that would be absolutely no way, but it's not and despite her shit she's put us all through I've still got love for Stephany invested in her, she is hurting, she knows she's killed us and she doesn't know how to fix it, I don't know how to fix it - that's obvious. I don't want to see her like that forever, always with regrets, guilty because she stuffed it all up. Look at us now, what we've both been through and we are movin' on. If we or mostly you can help Steph I'll be more than happy, and Gin it's like I said before, I am your's, You are mine, and we are solid."

We sat, Gin stared at me for the longest time head askew staring, eye's glassy, the corners of her mouth were ever so slightly turned up in a smile as she studied my face. "Mitch when did you become so worldly-wise smart?"

"I don't know that I am honey, after all it was my daughter that kicked me in the ass to go get you."

I wasn't about to dwell on that, "OK, so you've made some plans by the sound of things Gin, are you confident that you know what it is you're going to do?"

"M, We need to see how Steph is physically and mentally before we do anything even close to sexual in nature. I want her as a friend come what may. If she shows any sign of fragility in her pysche I'm not starting squat."

I asked Gin about her plan when and if it came to the sexual side.

"I'll start slow and see what the effect will be, again a little maybe theraputic, too much could be traumatising, and Steph is still a newbie no matter how much porn she may have watched -- what do you think?"

"Sounds good, I'm not much help with this, I know, but I think I agree with the take-it-slow bit."

"So, are you going to stay? Watch? Play? or don't you know?"

"No, I don't know. See how you guys handle it before I decide what I'm gonna do, Gin you know you're going to the outer edge of the unknown doing this for Steph, you're maybe risking a lot, especially a pretty staunch friendship, if it doesn't feel right, don't do it."

Tea was more than enjoyable, if nothing else we three made a pact that this would be at least a weekly event, it was friends being friends, with all the familiarities that go along with it, Steph and Gin got stuck into the wine and we told Steph she was staying for the night, she wasn't going back to a dark parking lot and an empty dark condo, Janine and Neil were at her Grandfathers, Marcus and Willimina were seperated and she'd found another coven to stay at for a while, it was Marcus' way of punishing her and Steph believed it may work.

I'd sat across from the girls listening with half an ear at their banter. I watched these two beautiful women as they chattered and laughed away both sitting, facing each other, each with one leg tucked comfortably! under themselves, that's always mystified me how women do that. I'd not seen Steph so happy in a long time and especially in the company of another woman, and Ginia was well Ginia, animated, relaxed with poise, involved but she had the gift of knowing just when to be quiet and listen, she had mastered it well and used it to advantage. I figured that given the way the evening was playing out she more than like wasn't going to need to put plan B into action.

I left Steph and Gin sitting together chatting and laughing and went to find my phone, I'd planned to text Janine and see how things were with her Grandfather and whether between the two of them they'd managed to drive Neil crazy. Well they hadn't and I got admonished for even suggesting it, all in typical Janine fashion with emogi's and such, ah well at least Marcus was happy, Janine said her and Neil had got him out of his funk and convinced him to watch of all things the latest Fast and the Furious flick, God knows how, Marcus absolutely hates cars, go figure.

Ginia had sidled up to me and I showed her the text, "REALLY, given he's temporarily apart, I hope those two don't put ideas in his head. Janine and Neil are very convincing, god what happens if they end up down at the local Nissan dealer in the morning?"

We burst out laughing, me as I pictured Marcus and Neil dressed in their Vin Diesel getup and Janine dressed in her, wait, oh no she's not, - dressed normally. Anyway Gin snatched the phone out of my hand and showed Steph and the laughing started again. Gin gave me a big kiss, "I love you Mitchell, did I tell ya that?"

"All the time honey, all the time."

"Geez, M, I gotta pee, I gotta pee." she was still laughing as she ran down the corridor to the bathroom.

I was just replying to the question Janine had asked me about her Mum and how our evening was going, when I realised Steph had come to sit with me at the breakfast bar, wine glass in one hand she hopped up and plonked herself on the stool and sat and watched me, I reached over and patted the top of her hand that lay on the bar, just a little reassurance that we were fine, here, tonight, we were fine. She put her wine glass down, put her elbow on the bar and rested her chin in her tiny hand sat staring at me as I texted away. I put the phone on the bar, a bit awkward to text, but she could read it with me, scrolled it so she could see the beginning and then rolled it to the end for her to read.

"You have such a good relationship with Janine Mitch, it's one of the things I've always been a little jealous about, oh don't get me wrong mine and Janine's is strong and getting stronger but it pales with what you have with her."

"Actually Steph, what we have is just traditional between dad and daughter, evidently the dynamics change about now, when puberty really kicks in, dating, sex with males, all the things that men have never experienced and Mums have. We males can expound and theorize those things as much as we want, which I don't want. Experience counts Steph."

"Well I've got first hand experience on how to fuck up a relationship."

"DON'T do this Steph, you don't need too. Just don't do this. We all love you, we all worry about you."

"And you know what Steph, you've done a fine, fine job with Janine, we both have, don't forget that."

She shook her way out of the funk, physically and mentally, "You're right Mike, onward and upward! Cheers."

She skulled her wine so I got her another and pulled a beer out for me, Steph typed away a question to Janine and sent it while I was doing that. So we started talking, really talking, back and forth, like we hadn't done for a long time, we sat and laughed and smiled, then we stopped.

"Thanks Mike."

"Your very welcome, but for what."

"For everything, especially Ginia."

"Oh, no you are, well you don't need to thank me anyway. She wasn't about to leave you, she cares Steph, a lot."

'Ding' Janine replied to Steph's question about the Nissan dealer in the morning.

Four words: Skyline, twin-turbo, intercooler, YAY-yah.

We burst out laughing again with visions of Marcus in that scenario, too much.

We were still giggling and smiling at each other, Steph was leant over towards me balancing on the stool step peaking at the screen, when we both moved together and kissed each other, it wasn't romantic, well maybe a little, it was on the lips, but mostly it was a reaction to the moment and we didn't hold it, we were laughing all the time, "What do you think you're doing with MY husband Stephany?"

We both looked at each other and kept on sniggering, Steph had a look of mock surprise on her face, but it didn't stop us, we both had another little peck, laughing. I couldn't see Gin, I guessed she was over by the doorway.


I looked as the smile disappeared off of Steph's face, replaced with first a neutral look, then her eyebrows flattened, it showed she was not happy at all, "VIRGINIA, WHAT the HELL!"

Steph turned now ready to come up fighting, we both looked in stunned surprise at my wife stood there like a seven foot Amazonian warrior, complete with thigh high black boots, red Basque adorning her fabulous body, a flail in one hand and a very, very seductive and curious look on her beautiful face.

I heard Steph whisper, "Oh!"

I opened an eye and found my self staring at Ginia's mouth at my eye-level. I thought she had drool out of the corner of her mouth until I took a breath through my nose and realised it smelt like and was dried cum from the amazing blow-job she had given me before she obviously crawled her way back to the top of the bed and fell asleep.

Oh, now I remember I was sucking on her nipples when I must of dozed off, which means that the leg drooped over my thigh is, and I half turned to verify it, is Steph. Oh god, she was lying with both legs spread wide open and that gorgeous pussy was elevated where she was half lying over my torso, I felt my little head start to respond, only one thing for it I looked away, turned and saw Gin staring at me with a half smile on her face, "Too late now buddy-boy you had your chance with the slut last night, the magic's done now."

"Oh reeeaally, I see, so what am I meant to do with that?" I pointed at my rising dick.

"Simple Mitchell, put it in this." She pointed at her pussy, "like you did last night, it's safe and it never sez no, well, to you anyway."

"AND ME!" came a scratchy little reply from behind me.

Ginia fell across me, "Morning SLUT, sleep well did we?"

"As a matter of fact I did Mrs-takes-one-to-knows-one-slutty-queen."

I rolled my eye's for the benefit of me, Mitchey ain't getting' sum now, these two are gonna keep this banter going and I won't get a word in edgewise. Well that was what I thought was a dead certainty until I felt two hands reaching down to feel me up, one hand from either side, oh this isn't gonna end well, I was about to step in when I realised they were both looking across me, sniggering at each other, Ginia spoke, "Guest's go first."

"Are you sure, Ginia?" Fuck it was strange hearing Steph calling Ginia, well, Ginia.

"Of course, besides I want to kiss and sit on his lovely face, you go ahead."

I let out an exasperated "Ugh!"

"What!?" came from Gin.

"You two are doing my head in!!"


"I'm in bed with my Wife, sitting ON my head, while my ex-Wife gives me head."

They both nearly ended up on the floor from laughing so much. Well they didn't, and it was good and cool, and I got every-man's sexual fantasy, that I never ever asked for, answered for me, and much later after brunch we all three were musing over the night previous sitting in the lounge.

Steph opened up first, well pleaded a question anyway, "Can we please keep doing this, please?"

"I guess," I started, "I mean it seems to fit OK really."

"Just OK M?"

"Yeah, ok I see what you're getting at Gin, but I don't mean it any other way than we are all shiny new to this really."

I left out about the other things like what Gin had been involved with on her DVD, even though she's my wife I didn't think it right, that was her story too tell, if she desired, from another time.

"Oh yeah, point taken M, well I certainly enjoyed all of it,what made you stay and watch honey?"

"You guys being so comfortable over it all, watching Steph being so wanton and god trying things in and on her, and you Gin, you were so...... commanding, but Steph wasn't taking offense from it, when you guys were playing with that two-headed dildo then you pulled it out of your pussy and just shoved it up Steph's ass. And Steph you little ass bandit how many things did you end up sticking up there? nah, I knew I wasn't gonna walk away after the first five minutes."

"What about the strap-on action, did I do a good job, M? Was I dominant enough."

"Aww, hell yeah, I guess, it was just so hot to see you both just slotting together with all the things you tried."

For some reason Steph was trying hard not to cry, we waited for her to decide whether she wanted to tell us, what ever it was, she needed to say it, "It was easy to do what we did when you really trust the one's you're with, because the trust comes out of the fact you've fallen in love with them."

Ginia and I just looked at one another, Steph's statement sobered us up some, actually I had to say, "Steph, I said the same thing in a round about way last night, that was why we did what we did because Gin thought that you needed it and we both agreed because we still have a lot of love for you. What happened before, lets leave in the before. Lets enjoy the here and now. I know you fell in love with Gin, it's fine, being in love with you and Gin are two of the most wonderful times in my life."

"Besides I've got a LOT more to show you from MY toy cupboard Stephany." Gin said that to break the tension and it worked, kinda shake off the sad.

"Yeah, Like Sly." She said, We both giggled well Gin's was more of an evil snigger.

"Who or what is Sly, dare I ask?"

"Oh, Sly is gonna become your best friend Steph." Gin was playing with Steph . "Believe me, he'll get to know you intimately, you will COME to know him too, literally."

"OK Ginia you have your little joke, but just cos' I'm small, don't let that fool ya, I know how to wear a strap-on too Lover."

After that first weekend we three did a lot more together, more than the sexual bouts that is, and outwardly I think we all kinda grew a better relationship. It seemed to improve as well the more we worked at it, we each shared problems, successes and failures, fortunately there weren't too many of them, however one was getting Marcus and Morgana (Sorry, Willimina, yeah actually I'm not sorry!)back together, even though Marcus wasn't ready too, and the other was when the two mother's suggested that maybe time apart between Janine and Neil so they could 'grow as individuals' and 'truly experience an independent lifestyle', (what ever that is) may be a good thing!

What We're they thinking!?

I disappeared for two hours when I watched Janine's skin colour start to change to bright red, hey Gin and Steph did it to themselves -- and they needed to unfuck the situation, no way was I taking their side, they were just flat out wrong.

When I got back there were two very quiet Mothers sat in seclusion on the couch, without the customary wine glasses, noticeably reticent and subdued, I only got a nervous little half smile from Ginia, and Steph was looking shame faced and downward.

I walked through to the kitchen and Neil and Janine were sat at the breakfast bar eating their sandwiches they'd both made, Neil offered a smile and a "Hi," but Janine was sitting upright, a testament to higher moral ground if I wasn't mistaken, as Neil had spoken she whipped around in her seat, "Dad! We need to talk! Now would be best! In Neil's room please!"

As I was sure that I probably wasn't going to need to do any talking when we had 'the talk' I took the opportunity to point my hand in the general direction to the bedroom, of course Janine led the way, I noticed the Mother's got nothing more than a tertiary glare or maybe snare from Janine and Neil managed to look the other way til we cleared the room, phew, now I was curious as to what really went on. The door closed and I sat on Neil's bed, well I had too as I was pretty much steered there anyway.

THE Children, remember they're only fifteen well closer to sixteen I guess, remained standing, Janine was straight in to things, "Dad, you've got to do something about those two, they are driving everybody bat-shit crazy," I was about to interject, "I know, I know, I know, Janine be nice, but I'm sorry Dad if you don't sort them out, I'm off to live with my future grandparent's -in-law, you know they've said I can, We can." She pointed between her and Neil, I knew what she meant.

"OK Janine remind me why it is your mother's are driving you both bat-shit crazy as you say?"

"That suggestion that Neil and I break up is just the last straw Dad, first it was the College's we were thinking about, according to Mum it needs to be Brown, or Ohio State or some other such ridiculous notion and Ginia's no different because Neil's Dad started off as a Business Graduate, she thinks Neil should do the same. He's an asshole, why would she think he'd want to be like him? And as for Marcus and Ginia's Mum and Dad and the stupid things YOUR WIVES have been bringing home to them, well we've all just had enough of them."

"First off, I've only got ONE WIFE and secondly forgive me but I get the feeling that between the grandparent 'collective' and you two I'm being setup. I should have known when you started sprouting on about bat-shit crazy that Marcus had something to do with this, Oh and FYI, you will still call him Grandad, not Marcus."

"OK so obviously you two and your 'collective' must have come up with some idea's, lets have 'em."

"Yes we do, Neil's Grandad said that he would happily give you their lake house to use for a couple of weeks if you agreed to take both of them up there. So would you?"

"I guess, holidays start end of this week, wait he said both of them how do they know Steph?"

"They don't I just added it in. For me, Neil and Mar ...Grandad. Besides you're giz-stomping both of them so it just makes sense."

"Janine! I don't like the insinuations you tend to be implying, or for that matter the way your talking."

"Oh come on Dad, Mum's running round with a silly grin on her face all day, AND surprise, she's not dating and Ginia spends half the day thinking about the next weekend. We aren't blind, or stupid, Mum's over here ALL weekend? Silly grin? No single bed slept in? Two plus two." She stopped took a breath, "They're just both not getting enough, they've got far too much time and energy to stuff with our lives, their kids and their parents lives, and quite honestly we're all sick of it, just take them and wear them out, Dad, please."

Well Neil was no help he just nodded his head and looked like a loon, Janine was begging though.

"OK arrange it with Neil's Grandad, send him my regards and let me know."

Cool! Sex Holiday. But I weren't gonna say that to Janine, "OK here's the deal though you two. Both of you go out there and you forgive them for the way they've acted, they've learnt their lessons. Each of you do your birth Mums first and then may God help us, your future Mothers-in-law, If that's to be believed. Are we clear?"

And they did and they were all happily chatting again when I looked, all laughing and joking.

Of course Ginia dragged me off for a debrief come interrogation, "So, M, how did you do it, what did you guys say,...talk about."

I wasn't gonna lie, "Well your Father together with Janine and Neil have worked out a deal letting us have his lake-house from next weekend on, for two weeks and all I have to do is fuck the ass off of you!"

"WHAT! Is that what they said?"

"I guess it was implied by your Father I think, we're still got to negotiate the finer points, and well Janine told me, well Neil agreed, anyway not in so many words but a good giz-stomping was mentioned."

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