tagNovels and NovellasNew Lives Ch. 03

New Lives Ch. 03


The Lake house as Janine had referred to it was more a Millionaires palatial summer home than a spartan holiday home it reeked of money invested from the low schist rock wall that surrounded the whole ten acre compound to the cavernous vaulted ceilings in the foyer and main living area, damn who has a foyer in there holiday home. There was a courtyard surrounded by Garages or stables of some kind.

"Geez Gin, this is impressive, did Jim and Marie (Her Parents) build this?"

"Hell no, Dad had the original owner as a client and he kind of fell on hard times during the market crash, dot com messiah of some kind and well you know what they say M, easy come -- sure to fail or whatever, the whole thing stunk a bit so when he offered it to Dad for half it's true value, cash of course, well Dad saw it as an investment he couldn't overlook, Mum actually doesn't like it that much because of it's recent history, and Dad is talking seriously about selling it and trading down to something less grandiose and more comfortable."

"Yeah, it really isn't them is it, it's just not their style, you said something about it's recent history?"

"Oh yeah, I'll show you rather than tell you when we tour around 'the stables'."

Yuck, Gin used the fingers exclamation thingy so I growled her and told her to never do that again. "Anyway's in it's heyday it was a swinger's retreat complete with rooms of debauchery, bdsm and roleplay."

Steph turned up her nose and went "Eeeeuuwww. I hope they got it cleaned before they moved in."

"Yep, cleaned twice, some of the rooms were stripped relined and painted just to make the décor lighter and brighter than what it was, and besides that its got eight double bedrooms in the main-house alone, I think Dad spent close to one-hundred and fifty thousand just on the inside alone, what it is now to what it was then is totally different, but the stables still have some of the more interesting paraphernalia left."

"Oh now you've peaked my interest, lead on beautiful."

Un-effing-believable, it was a steam-punk nightmare or fantasy I guess depending on your particular bent, geez the toys Gin had at home require instruction manuals, well these things would need a three day course with a written and oral test to operate, I think Steph and I had our mouths wide open through most of Gin's tour, actually I was starting to look at my wife sideways and I think my nervous looks at her must have shone through, "No M, I know what your thinking and no I have never indulged."

Then she paused and added, "However if you want to try some of these toys I maybe open to it, some of it - never, and others I'm negotiable, what about you Steph."

Steph first off nodded and then shook her head and then nodded again. I think that she was like me, the whole deal just overwhelmed us both.

"Now I know why Jim was chuckling at us when he gave me the keys and said 'have fun son'.... wait you don't think he and your .."

"NO M! NO!!"

Gin walked to the door, "Right, tour's over I'm hungry."

Well the first couple of days were spent with us taking walks outside round the lake and down to a public beach on the lake foreshore, nothing other than a holiday I guess, nights were a little more indulgent, and together with frequent trips between sauna, hot-tub (yeah, a new one Gin assured us) and bed we wanted for nothing really, most of what we ate was cooked on a large barbecue out on the huge Patio that dominated one side of the main house.

By the fourth day the girls were getting antsy and wanted to up the ante, so hell who was I to refuse that.

A quick search through a large cabinet in one of the stable rooms found a whole bunch of gear that looked intriguing without being intimidating including what looked like a swing assembly a quick check of the roof in the stable we found a hook that the eye assembly fitted over. then we found all variety of tools and toys that could be used on the unsuspecting victim, so we had the game who was going first, and while they promised adamantly that they wouldn't do anything to me that I didn't want, did I trust them to live up to their promises -- hell no, I trusted neither of them individually let alone as a pair so any thought of restraining me went away real quick.

Steph was unsure on how to use the swing to best effect and Gin quickly lost patience with her and opted instead to show her as the restraint lengths looked to best suit Gin's height than Steph, it would also give me time to see how and what could be adjusted, She stripped to her panties and bra and then as we had Gin safely encaptured in the harness. I had started to adjust the whole kit as Gin told me about her comfort I'd not been either watching Steph or realised she'd disappeared for a moment until I heard her speak behind me, "Right Virginia, My lovely little bitch, time to play!"

I turned and realised my naked, sexy little ex-wife had the biggest strap-on I'd ever seen. It wasn't the length it was the diameter that surprised me. I didn't know whether Gin was ready for this. As I turned back to see Gin's reaction she had that look of stolid determination written right across her beautiful face, "Bring it on Bitch! I'll give you a lesson in fucking you won't soon forget."

"Promises, promises." Steph had her 'cock' in her hand and was gently waving it at Gin."

"Mitch why don't you get your cock out and stick it in your wife's mouth, that will stop her saying anymore stupid remarks."

"Oh you little brat, I'm so gonna, ....Mitch honey do you want to let me out, pretty please."

I looked between the two women and decided I was seriously stuck between the proverbial's, without a paddle even. I finally decided, "Gin, you know I love you honey, but maybe we should let nature take it's course, at least for a little while okay?" I didn't wait for Gin's reaction, I turned to Steph who had a very superior look plastered across her face and I whispered to her, "Geez Steph I hope you've got the balls to go with that cock, and hun best you sleep in one of the other rooms tonight, lock the door and leave the light on."

As she gulped for a split second I saw the scared look in her eye's before the false bravado took over, "Huh, I'm not scared of her, besides the slut loves it, you watch I'll have the bitch screaming in a moment."

I gave her a kind of 'best of luck with that' expression.

Gin's forehead was furrowed as she all but growled at the approaching Steph, "Now lets take it slowly Gin and you just lie back and enjoy it."

Crap, I didn't realise til it was to late, I still hadn't put the wrist restraint's on Gin, She had hold of the straps and I'd been so busy with the other parts I'd forgotten. Steph would of thought her hand's were already done. Steph looked back with a horrified look on her face as Gin wrapped her strong legs and thighs around Steph's waist and dragged her closer so her long arms and hands could get hold of Steph, she tried to fight out of Gin's grasp but that wasn't going to help her, Steph was gonna pay I had no doubt about that. Steph was trying to get that big cock up to a position where she may get lucky and calm Gin. Gin wasn't mad she just won't go down quietly, she has always been like that, in the end she enjoys being taken but don't think she's an easy beat. It was the best entertainment around. They both grunted away as they tried to get control, even though Steph was upright, could get purchase with her feet and was unrestrained she couldn't use it to advantage because of her smaller stature. Gin on the other hand had Steph neatly tied up so she couldn't attack with her 'weapon' but because the swing wouldn't allow her support other than holding her off the floor she couldn't move Steph anywhere that it would be an advantage to her.

Gin was definitely the more aggressive one, she was trying different things where as Steph was happy that she had stalemated Gin's plans thus far. I was about to give Steph some pointers when Gin lowered her ass in the swing as far as she could, and still with Steph tightly wrapped around her torso her bum moving down and her legs lifting up meant Steph ended up on tippy toes and slightly overbalanced that was until Steph's feet scrambled to find a proper footing and once she did she was able to push Gins body in the swing so she ended in virtually a vertical position. The look of triumph on Steph's face was unmistakable right up to the point when Gin let her leg-lock on Steph's torso go, slid down until she reached Steph's knees reapplied the leg- lock there, reverse arched her back and swung downwards all at the same time. The look of triumph turned to a look of panic when Steph realised they were now both horizontal and what ever advantage she thought she had was gone, not only that but the position that she now found herself in gave easy access to both her titty's and more importantly her nipples something that Gin was about to use to her advantage. As Gin's mouth reached to secure one of Steph's little nipples I heard her say to Steph, "You lose!"

At the same time Gin was working on Steph's hands and arms and she was trying to get one of the wrist straps around one of Steph's wrist, she had let go of the other hand strap which meant she and Steph were held up only by the seat straps and leg restraints but Ginia managed to get Steph's hand bound to one of the hand straps the next was still gonna be a mission, Gin was tiring from holding her upper body up without the support of the straps. She finally clung to Steph's body trying to recover. I thought they'd got themselves to an impasse and I'd have to help but Gin struggled down Steph's body lifting Steph and moving, recovering and then going again until finally her ass was pretty much sat on the ground. She had managed to keep Steph in a partial leg-lock up to then but finally had to release, she'd been like that for a good fifteen minutes and she was tired out. That allowed Steph to struggle over and around Gin's prone body but finally stand and with one tie around her wrist to release she gave me a huge grin and smile as she was savouring a probable victory. Gin in comparison must have sensed an impending defeat as I heard her whimper through her tiredness, I was surprised she only had to release her leg restraint's and she was free.

Steph stood over Gin's body with her monster 'cock' in her hand, bent over so Gin could clearly make eye contact with her she smiled down at Gin held the giant phallus in her little hand, "Guess what's next baby?!" as she shook it in Gins face rubbing the tip over her cheeks and her lips.

Gin was silent and Steph stepped back so that she could get a better appreciation of what she wanted to stick that big thing into I was guessing Steph would start with a bit of pussy although given the circumstances she may just go for the main event. Well it looked like Gin had walked in to her area of total submission although she wasn't helping Steph that much. Steph needed Gin in a position that she could deal to her orifices without Gin being able to turn the tables. She needed Gin either with her legs doubled back over her body with her pussy and asshole exposed or on her front with her legs still restrained. I should of guessed when I saw the corners of her mouth just start an upward curl that Gin must have been working thru the two options as well. The only trouble with either plan was it still put access to Gin's holes higher than what Steph could reach, Gin's body is overall longer than Steph's five foot-five inch height could manage, She gave it a good try though, instead she gently pulled Ginia back by her arms so that her shoulders and upper body were resting on the floor. In an attempt to see if she could reach Ginia's exposed holes she bent over between Ginia's now spread legs. Ginia was being helpful now as she bent one leg down low so she could twist her body allowing more access and at a lower level for Steph's entry. Steph and I were hypnotized by what was going on but Ginia was still too high she twisted in the other direction and lowered the other leg and as I watched Gin's lovely ass and pussy descended to a lower level that would allow Steph free and total access, her body kept going lower, "Wait beautiful that will do I can fuck you.... right.... there."

It wasn't till Gin's unrestrained long legs had wrapped around Steph's legs and had pulled her over into a sitting position with a stunned look on her face, that Gin spoke, "Surprise, Stephany-slut, ....... I'm back -- Oh and you are so, so, SOOoo!! FUCKed!"

Steph's eyes grew so round I know she did a double take, It took her a couple of seconds to realise what had just happened, unfortunately for her Gin was sitting up and trying to grab Steph. Steph was scrambling backwards and the only thing that Gin could grab was the oversize penis part of the strap-on that trailed after Steph. As she grabbed it Steph had flipped her body over so she could now scramble to her feet, Ginia had a tight hold on Steph's phallus and was struggling to also get to her knees and then stand, once that happened it was 'good night nurse' for Steph and she knew it. Steph had some traction once she was standing and take off she did. Because Gin was still on her knees, when Steph took off her fake penis which was now Gin's tow rope over-balanced Ginia and she face-planted the floor of the stables, fortunately not hard enough to do damage, but it added injury to insult I guess, anyway I winced with the thought and when she came up I saw her long lithe powerful arms whip out trying to grab hold of any part of Steph. Steph however was gone, I watched in amusement as that five-foot-five inch sexy assed woman with the oversize strap-on penis swinging between her legs took to her heels out the stable doors and away in the direction of the pine forest that formed part of the property.

Slowly getting to her feet and brushing off her floor excursion Ginia headed toward the stable door.

As she walked she undid what was left of her bra and held it out for me, "Here M, hold this I'm just gonna go hunt down your slut of an ex-wife, I won't be long."

As that delectable ass sashayed it's way out the door I'd had half a mind to jump her and take her myself and it was only shear willpower that stopped me, I knew I'd changed my mind twice before Ginia was far enough out of reach that I'd have to break into a run to catch her.

Instead I walked to the main doors and watched as the hunt unfolded. I could see them both and it appeared that maybe Steph had the advantage as she was trying to double back towards the house and let Gin think she had moved further into the woods. It worked really well and there was only the broken ground from where the clearing began to the house and stable line, maybe hundred and thirty yards, Steph hunkered down and broke into a steady trot back towards the house.

We'd both lost sight of Gin a couple of minutes ago as she would now be heading in the opposite direction, well that was what I think we thought until I realised she had broke out of the bush into the open between Steph and the house, she must of realised Steph's double back and now with a path that if she ran would intercept Steph. And so it was, Steph tried desperately to cover the remaining distance and beat Gin and when she realised she wasn't going to make it she veered off towards the stable, Ginia was still catching her when in desperation Steph called out, "Mitch, pleeeaasse help!"

Yeah, wasn't gonna happen, besides all else, it had been a fair fight and flight. To the victor the spoils and that happened to be Gin. She overwhelmed Steph and pinned her to the ground. Steph had the indignity of having her feet bound with her once proud strap-on as Ginia picked Steph up and threw her little body over her shoulder and set off for the house.

"I am so looking forward to fucking you my little trophy, coming M? You can have what's left over if you like, it will be worn out and stretched oversize but at least it will be willing."

"No thanks honey, actually all this hunting's made me hungry, I think I'll fire up the Barbecue, Hungry?"

"For food, no it's all good, I need some pussy-slut first, I can't interest you then?"

"No Babe, I think you two need to finish this together."

"Besides we've got all week, have fun."

I heard a broken little whimper come from Steph, whimper or not she was gonna enjoy herself. I watched my sexy-assed huntress-wife stroll across the lawn with her equally sexy 'kill' slung over her shoulder. I couldn't see Steph's face and I thought she was probably a bit disappointed she'd lost until I watched her hands tuck inside of Gin's panties grabbing her tight ass cheeks. Steph's head turned in profile and through her mane of dark hair I glimpsed she had a huge smile on her face. Nothing more to dwell on, Gin's plan worked - a few more days like this and I guess I'd kept my promise to our kids and the 'collective', yeah I know it wasn't all my doing but hey, I'll take it.

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