tagBDSMNew Management Ch. 06: The Wedding

New Management Ch. 06: The Wedding


PaPa, MaMa, Abi and Lee were all sat in the marquee as the catering company was putting the finishing touches to the 25 round tables.

"Are you looking forward to seeing all you family tomorrow Lee?"

"Yes Sir, of course, they are family, would be awful to say, but you and MaMa are my parents?"

"You sweet, sweet girl, I cannot really answer that apart from saying when you came into our lives we gained a daughter."

"And I, the most wonderful sister."

It did not take long to get Lee weeping again.

"Also Sir, your kindness in buying them all wedding outfits, some of my sisters have never ever had anything new, apart from knickers of course."

They all laughed.

"Well PaPa and MaMa you have surely done us proud, this marquee is done just like the Ball Room we went to the Christmas we met Joe and Alan."

"Abi darling, it is what you both wanted."

"Think I may need a spanking."

"Come here Lee."

"Yes MaMa,"

"Do you mind if I spank her in here PaPa?"

"Not at all my love, Abi." he patted his knee.

What could be more natural the two girls over their parents knees on the eve of their weddings?

The catering staff carried on around them as both girls wept, then cried and were then sat up and hugged.

They all went up to their rooms.

"Lee darling, would you like me to come into your bed and do you?"

"Oh Abi, would you?"

They got undressed and Lee got into bed, Abi lay beside her and perked her nipples to bursting point with her fingers and teeth.

She then laid on top of her tits to tits and pussy to pussy, Lee cum, but Abi continued grinding her clit onto Lee's.

She slid down between her legs and ate her best friend, inside out and outside in, Lee just cum and cum.

They cuddled, "Does that feel better my darling, Lee had fallen asleep."

Abi soaked in the bath dried and got into bed naked, she soon fell asleep.

It was 6.00 am and Abi was woken by Lee sliding down the bed.

Lee repeated exactly to the move what had happened to her the night before.

She ended up being in the 69 position and both girls climaxed.

Lee moved up beside Abi and they cuddled and fell asleep in each other's arms till after 7.00 am.


Life went on for some even in the week leading up to the big wedding.

Cook checked her piece of paper with Mr. Baxter's address on, she knew did not have to go, no one was behind her pushing her forward, she knew she was to be beaten, yet there she was at his garden gate.

Mr. Baxter was the village butcher, he lived with his wife, Emma and 4 daughters 20 -19 - 18 and 16, and all good churchgoers.

He ran his home CDD, Christian Domestic Discipline, and no one got away with any discretion, at all.

Cook - Mary, had a friend in the village with a few children and only a couple of weeks ago she told her that her eldest, 18 was round at Mr. Baxter's with his 18 year old daughter and they were playing music upstairs so loud one of his neighbours came round to complain.

Mr. Baxter had rung her to say he would discipline his daughter should he do hers too, and she said yes, of course, knowing he was a Church Elder and Mrs. Baxter was going to be present.

Her daughter had told her, he brought the neighbour and his wife, plus the other side of him neighbour into the kitchen along with all his family.

Both came into the room naked and had to stand in front of the neighbours and apologise.

He asked both of the men neighbours to spank a girl each, which they relished then Mr. Baxter had them bend over the table for his belt.

His daughter was kept down by mother and also caned as ringleader.

They then stood in front and apologised again.

Mary knocked quietly on the door, his youngest daughter answered it.

She curtsied, are you Miss Mary Ma-am?"

"Yes I am and thank you for the polite welcome."

"Please come into the parlor Ma-am we are all waiting for you."

Mary gulped, having heard her friends daughters account, surely not the neighbours too.

"Welcome Mary, were you given a time to be here?" It was just his family and 2 boyfriends of the older girls.

Good afternoon Sir, not sure sir I was quite distraught after last week Sir"

"You were told 5.00 pm but I accept your account, had I not you would have had your back whipped," He looked over to the wall at the far side of the room, it had a wood structure on it shaped like an X she also notices fasteners at each corner.

"Had you not accepted, Jane?"

Jane stood and removed her blouse and showed her back with 20 or 30 thin whip marks running over onto the side of her small breasts.

"Tell Miss Mary why."

"Please Miss I was told to be home at 9.00 and it was 9.20 pm, I was spanked, belted and caned on my bottom and Pa whipped my back Miss."


The boyfriend stood and repeated Jane's account and showed his back and bottom.

"I will be here at 5.00 pm, sharp on my next visit, I swear."

"Undress her please mother."

Mrs. Baxter removed her coat and lifted her jumper over her head, she unhooked her bra and her large tits threw off her bra cups.

Her skirt fell to the ground followed by her knickers.

She noticed the boys adjusting their cocks in their pants.

Mrs. Baxter pulled her arms so they were folded behind her back.

"Any signs of her last week punishments Mother?"

"Yes Father still a few lines."

"Ah that would be Pastor Goode's cane, walk round and show my children what happens to naughty ladies as well as young girls if they are sent in front of the elders, you may touch."

"Father, her lips look swollen too and she looks awfully prickly."

"You may touch there too."

"Mary, have you shaved below?"

"Pleas Sir, no, I have no idea what to do."

"Again I accept that, my eldest will show you what to do after I have dealt with you."

"Thank you Sir."

"Chair please Mother."

Mrs. Baxter passed her husband's spanking chair, it was special as it was high enough to raise the bottom to his optimum position.

He patted his knee.

Mary draped over fully aware her bottom and pussy was facing he boys.

Mr. Baxter was an excellent spanker and the noise echoed around the house.

She was screaming and yet it continued, on and on.

He stopped, "Strap please Mother."

Mother went to the kitchen and brought what looked like half a thick strap with the end shaped like a handle.

"30 girls."

He hit so hard and the girls counted, please let it be 30, please she wished as it fell with a certain progression.

"22" Wack, "23," Wack, "29," WWAACCKK across her back "30 Father."

"Make room for Miss Marry in the corner please, hands on head Miss Mary, and all now go about your business," the room emptied.

She heard footsteps, it was the boy friend's, they turned her round, one titted her up and bit her nipples, the other had his cock out and was rubbing her pussy with it till he split her lips, she opened her legs wider to let him in.

He fucked her against the wall, her first ever cock and she was glad it was a young man's size.

The other by moved her hand to his cock and she wanked him.

Both boys soon cum in their hands.

"Eat it or we call old Baxter in to whip you for playing without cocks."

She licked and swallowed all of it.

"Be at the cricket pavilion tomorrow night at 7.00 when it's dark if you want more cock."

The boys left and a few minutes later Ellen came in.

"Father has asked me to show you how to shave Miss Mary, follow me."


The girls walked down the main staircase, one on each arm of PaPa and passed all the staff applauding.

They too would be going to the wedding; the Master had given them the whole day off with pay and with £5 each towards a wedding outfit.

They had all been warned in person by Mr. Brown, the slightest indiscretion would result in immediate dismissal.

3 Got spanked as reminders in their bedroom the evening before, one was his son Tom.

Waiting for them was a 4 pure white horse drawn landau gold carriage to take them the 300 yards to the marquee.

The Master had been given a special license to hold the wedding in the marquee.

The 4 bridesmaids, one sister of Lee's, the two sisters of the boys and the 4 year old god daughter of the 2 boys.

Sadly, PaPa, MaMa and Abi had no other family, maybe one of the reasons they "adopted" and loved Lee so much.

The musical trio struck up "Here Comes the Bride" the two brothers, the Bride Grooms, and the whole audience of invited guests stood.

PaPa whispered to Lee, "Last chance for a rub Lee."

She smiled, and had a rub.

"Ready girls?"

"Yes PaPa, a bit frightened though."

"Oh yes PaPa."

"Don't worry darling Lee, Your PaPa is right behind you all the time."

He wiped the little tears from her eyes with his thumb.

The trio and bridesmaids walked the almost 80 yards from the foyer to the alter brought in from their local church.

The boys could not wait any longer and turned round, and what a vision, PaPa resplendent in his new black morning suit with a white angel on each arm.

The service was perfect, the speeches short and all tearful, the food was of a top restaurant quality and the 30 plus staff impeccable in their work.

Both couples stood and moved to the centre of the dance floor as the local pop group played their wedding dance song" With a Girl Like You" a number 1 hit by a pop group called The Troggs, a song, by coincidence both couples had chosen without the other knowing.

The rest of the afternoon and early evening was spent dancing and talking till the bands last song at 6.00 pm.

The couples made their rooms to one of the guest suites for the night.

The following morning they got the train to London and flew to Paris for 5 days.


They all settled into married life in the apartment the boys bought some years ago.

They ate adequately at home and gorged when eating elsewhere, well, Lee thought she knew how to cook eggs, but didn't and Abi never professed to being able to cook at all.

"Breakfasts ready guys."

Everyone rushed to the table, 1 dressed, Joe, 1 in his underpants, Alan, and Abi naked, as was Lee.

"I got up extra early to make breakfast."

"Well it smells delicious Lee."

Lee beamed as she uncovered, toast and 3 different cereals.

And coffee, instant but smelled lovely.

"Please help yourselves."

"Where is the milk Lee?"


"And the butter?"

Lee ran to her room in tears, "Oh fuck," her little titties jiggling as she ran.

Joe was dressed; he had an early morning appointment, and popped to the corner shop for what was needed and was back in 5 minutes.

He put it on the table, "Help yourself guys."

He went to the bedroom.

"What you made was wonderful Lee, ok a slight mix up, but I will not have you acting as a little spoilt brat and using that word.

"Get back in the kitchen and get over the island."

"Yes Sir, sorry Sir."

"Sorry all."

Joe followed her out, "I really must go for my appointment, will you give Lee a leathering for me please Alan?"

"Sure Joe, I'll just finish my coffee."

Joe left leaving Lee over the counter and Alan and Abi at the dining table.

"Please Sir; may I give Lee a pre belt spanking, please?"

"Yes of course."

Lee looked over her shoulder and saw Abi pat her knee and eased herself down off the counter, it was pretty high for a small girl.

She eased over Abi's knee, "When were you last caned Lee?"

"When you two were at the shopping mall, day before yesterday."

"What had you done to deserve, 1-2-3-4-9-10-11-16-17-18-19 twenty stripes?"

"That word came out again Miss Abi."

Abi spanked her, not a naughty girl one but one which would make Alan's belting a little more bearable.

Abi felt a tingle in her pussy as she spanked, Lee was slipping off so she pulled her back up a little and carried on then more tingles.

"That will do Abi, Lee, your choice, over the table, over the counter or over my knee."

"Please Sir may I go over your knee?" she was sobbing from Abi's spanking yet Abi's pussy was on fire, it must have been the flesh on flesh when Lee was being spanked.

Alan was lenient; she got 20 decent lashes and sent to her room.

She cried all the way, as soon as she had closed her door Abi rubbed Alan's cock, took it out and led him to their bedroom with it.

Alan noticed different spark in Abi as he fucked every hole finally cumming, exhausted, in her pussy.

Joe came back after his meeting examined Joe's handiwork and fucked her hard, just what she had hoped, what was she becoming she wondered.

A week or so later Joe and Lee had scattered all the cushions they could find on the floor and were naked playing, laughing, spanking, shagging.

Andy and Abi came home, "Hi guys."

"Hi Lee."

"Fancy joining us?"

"Sure do Joe."

Alan and Abi stripped as they walked towards the cushions and joined in, as Abi laid down Joe buried his head in her pussy, Alan put Lee on all fours and mounted her from behind.

They swapped and changed for an hour or more the then Joe asked Abi, "First or second for a double shagging love."

"First please Sir."

"You can guide in Abi."

"Yes Sir."

Joe lay on his back and Abi wanked him to keep his stiffness as Lee lay on top of him. Abi guided his cock into her pussy, Abi then pushed her hand into her own pussy to get wet and lubricate Lee's bummy hole, she sucked Alan as wet as she could and guided him into her bottom.

Lee moaned and groaned with cum after cum as both young men pounded her.

Alan was fingering Abi as he fucked Lee.

Alan pulled out and laid down, Lee managed to get up and guided Abi onto Alan's cock, Joe was wet enough and easily guided into Abi's tight bottom.

After multi cums from Abi they all separated, the girls put over the counter and all fucked to a cum.

Abi met Alan for dinner at a restaurant he first ever took her to on their first ever proper date.

He was already seated when she went in; he stood and hugged her close.

"I love you Abi."

"Yes Sir and I love you with all my heart."

"Oh no, I know that tone, what have you done."

"Well Sir, please don't be angry, I went to ask PaPa if I asked you first if we could move into one of the guest apartments not being renovated till ours was ready. He said it was up to you? Sir, I can't bear Lee beaten so hard for so little."

"I know love, does it mean we get fed too?"

They both laughed and moved in within 2 weeks, and Joe and Lee the week after.


Look out for the new series with Abi and Lee called, Married Life.


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