tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNew Moon Ch. 03-04

New Moon Ch. 03-04


Chapter 3

Erin gets a bed

He was right, the pain didn't last long. It was the memory of the lead-up to the blow that had really terrorized her. Had she thought about it, she might have realized that that had been his purpose.

"Now its your turn again," he said patting her on the shoulder. "I want you to have an energy drink so you can continue to be your vivacious self. Fucking ten guys two or three times can sap a girl's strength. And you need to have something left over for your boyfriend. Once you've rested and had a pick-me-up you will get to decide who will fuck you first. Sit here on my lap," he sat in a straight back chair as he spoke. He pulled her down to his naked lap. The rickety chair complained loudly when she added her weight to his. It complained more as he maneuvered her so that she sat with his hard cock pushed up between her legs.

"That's right," he said as one of the men handed him two bottles of energy drink. He took one for himself and gave her one. A bottle was passed to each of the men as well. Waiting for the next act, they stood or lounged around, their cocks generally drooping so that it was impossible to read the letters she had put on each. Their conversation was quiet and not directed toward the girl, nor did they spend much time looking at her.

The man with the whip took her breast and with his tongue ministered to the small welt across her nipple. True to his word the welt was minor and the pain was virtually gone. Though he sucked thoughtfully on her nipple, it did not respond, so great was her fear of what was to come. He seemed neither dismayed nor put off, but kept up the sucking. He added to it by forcing her legs apart and locating her clit to which he applied lotion he had had brought to him.

Ten minutes passed and the energy drink was lifting them all. He nudged the girl from his lap saying, "Well, which is to be first?"

She hadn't been thinking about it. How could it matter, they would all have her one way or another. And didn't he say they had already chosen? "Don't tell me you don't have a decision. It's almost too soon for me to have the pleasure of hurting you again!" His voice was jovial and he swatted her butt.

"Oh, no," she said finally starting to learn to play along. "There's just so many to chose from."

"Well, have you made a choice," he said insistently.

"I have," she said with finality. The energy drink had given her confidence as well. "I want to have your cock inside me first." She took his cock in her hand. She tried to look at him as well. She wanted a warm, sexy smile to appear, but all she was able to muster was a tight, frightened smile.

"Ah," he said, "you aren't saving the best for last."

"Can you find something for me to lie on," she asked. "I'm afraid someone as big as you will break me into pieces if all I have to lie on is this hard floor." She stood close to him with her hands under his shirt. She dragged her nails lightly down his chest. When he didn't respond immediately, she took his hand and pressed his open palm against her thigh. She slowly moved it until it was firmly between her legs. Here she imprisoned it pushing it hard against her body and squeezing her legs together.

"OK," he said, "we can't have you broken and smushed."

With one victory in place she tried for another. "Let's give Ken some energy drink. You want to watch me fuck him, don't you," she asked coyly. "I don't want him to be running on reserves. I want his cock to be big and hard. Let me have a bottle and I'll help him drink it."

Almost like magic a hand holding a bottle draped itself over her left shoulder. She felt the man brushing his naked hips against her butt. The hand was dirty. There was black grease under his nails. The wrist and forearm were tattooed.

Instead of letting her revulsion take charge she took the bottle and making no effort to move away slowly wriggled her butt against him. She felt his cock harden. His right hand came from behind encircling her. He made no further move so holding the bottle in one hand she used the other to carefully place his dirty hands on her breasts, one at a time. She leaned against him as he luxuriated in the feel of her nipples against the palms of his hands.

As he enjoyed her nakedness she said in a voice she hoped was seductive, "Who is going to make me a decent bed?" She then twisted shyly away from them and moved to help Ken with his energy drink.

"I need some help with this gag," she called over to the men helplessly. "I can't reach it." They had pulled Ken almost to his full height putting the knot of his gag out of her reach. She stood alongside him hands in the air to demonstrate her helplessness, and, hopefully, to give them the full view of her body as she stood with her legs well spread.

One of the men moved slowly over to where she stood, staring all the while at her. He stopped and fondled her breasts, ran his fingers through the forbidden curls, but when he began to insert a finger, she took hold of his hand. It was dirty with dirty nails like the others. She brought it to her mouth and touched it with her tongue, then slipped into her mouth. She sucked it for a moment, then, removing it, she said, "Would you please cut your finger nails so I can enjoy having your fingers inside me?"

Embarrassed, he looked at his nails. She took the hand and once more put it in her mouth. She smiled at him as she let it go.

He untied Ken's gag, then began looking for something to make his nails acceptable to the pretty girl.

She helped Ken drink. "Do we have water here as well," she asked brightly. Water was forthcoming. It was actually bottled water which she shared with Ken. Many of those about to fuck this pretty girl took a bottle as well.

Slowly she was asserting some level of control over her captives. It might not save their lives, but it might make their last hours more comfortable.

A bed of sorts had come together. It was made from jackets and coats and a few old chair cushions. A tarp lined the bottom. The jackets were opened so that someone lying on them would be lying on the fleece lining. It had been constructed near the only source of heat.

Erin walked over as though to inspect it. She walked slowly. She used each step to accent her beauty and nakedness. Wanting to be too beautiful to cast away after they used her, she crossed the dingy room with a gait that made her white hips sway and gave bounce to her full breasts. At the bed she leaned over it displaying the smooth conical lines of her breasts with their rosy nipples, and affording a heart stopping view of her pussy and her ass.

She inspected the bed in a coquettish manner then turned to the men. "Thank you, gentlemen. This may not be heaven, but it sure beats that cold floor." She sat, then lay on it. She extended her arms and said, "I'm ready. Where's that first big boy?" She spread her legs widely as she bent her knees.

If she was going to have to do this, she wanted it as much on her terms as possible.


Chapter 4

The whip was gone when he made his way to her. Standing over her, his cock hard, he was a different man. Or perhaps he had become only a man. His rough mocking of her; his declaration of wanting to hurt her was gone from his expression. He looked at the girl he was about to plunder with only lust in his mind. His cock bobbed as he looked at the pussy she had opened for him. Red curls framed it's entrance. He stared wantonly at the lovely shape of her breasts. "Take off that shirt," she said, breaking into his lustful thoughts, adding, "Please," when a flash of anger crossed his face.

He was not sure what to make of the change in roles, but looking at her beautiful, naked body, he took off his shirt and dropped it alongside the makeshift bed. He dropped to his knees. She took his cock and guided it inside. "Fill me," she whispered in his ear.

She wasn't wet making his thrusts painful. He didn't seem to notice and kept thrusting slowly as though savoring the feel of his cock inside her. Slow was better for her. Her lubrication began to wet her passage for his cock, though it was more in response to presence of his cock than from sexual excitement.

Surprisingly even at this slow pace it was not long before she felt him stiffen and his cock swell just before he erupted. His cum provided lubricant and with this lubrication he became more ardent in his thrusting. A second climax, then he lay on top of her savoring the thrill of cuming in this beautiful woman. She whispered to him, "Thank you. Your cock feels really good inside me."

Urging from the others to relinquish his position had him leaving her pussy much too soon. Another took his place. As he knelt Erin whispered to him, "I don't care what I wrote on your cock, you can have me any way you want me." But as she said this she guided his cock into her pussy. He did not argue and began thrusting immediately.

He finished and another took his place. Erin was no longer feeling them. She felt as if she were just an observer. As they lay atop her she noticed that though their hands were dirty, their bodies were generally clean. Their odor was that of sweat from a day's work rather that of men who seldom bathed. Tattoos were de rigor for arms and chests she noticed. For some the tattoos covered even backs and legs. The tattoos were of women and masculine totems and sayings. They were, she mused, not at all original. They were well-done, expensive perhaps, but ordinary.

In spite of these tattoos and the force they had used to get Ken and her to submit, the men seemed to be less violent and even less macho than they had earlier. They were polite even as they were forcing themselves on her.

They had become considerate. Someone had located a bag of clean shop towels so she could clean herself. One of these towels was placed between her legs to absorb the cum which drained. Other jackets and items of comfort were added to the bed as they were located. She was given another bottle of water, then a bathroom break.

When one asked for use of her ass, she had only to request lubricant before they all went in search of the best they could find. A first aid box yielded an ointment which she was shown for her approval.

Others watched while she examined the ointment ostensibly for its lubricating qualities. She looked up at them giving her approval with a smile of gratefulness. To the man whose cock was about to invade her bowels she said, "No one's ever done this to me before, so be very careful." She lied.

"Let me see how big your cock is," she asked him. She opened her mouth slightly and licked her lips. He knelt where she lay and showed it to her. She stroked it to its full dimensions. "Ooo," she cooed, "this is so big. Do you think it will hurt." She looked him in the eye while continuing to stroke. She stroked him harder as he sought to answer. She kissed it and whispered to it, "You be careful in there."

"I'll be very careful," he replied with great sincerity.

She rolled onto her stomach, then brought her knees up leaving her head on the seat cushion pillow. The vinyl creaked as she tried to find a comfortable place for her forehead. Her breasts hung forward her nipples grazing the seat cushion. Her hips moved enticingly as she ostensibly tried to find a soft place for her knees.

Dipping his finger in the ointment he began the lubrication. She allowed herself to concentrate on the sensuality of having his finger swirling around her ass as he carefully rubbed the ointment on and around her wrinkled opening. She tried to relax it. "Put some of that nice stuff inside as well," she directed him. She wriggled her hips as he worked.

Like the rest, he had trimmed his finger nails so the finger that sought to open her did not have a nail which would cut or tear her. He slowly worked this finger inside. The others watched in silence stroking themselves as her hole was slowly opened and lubricated. They watched as she flexed the muscles of her pussy as he lubed and opened her small hole.

Finally, tired of waiting, she said softly, "OK big boy, but take it easy."

He rose onto his knees. He looked at the beautiful ass that was waiting patiently for his cock. He'd fantasized about fucking a beautiful girl in the ass and now it was going to happen. He guided his cock to her hole and began to push.

"Please be easy," she admonished him. She tried to relax. The cock was not large, but neither was her hole. She felt it opening as the head began its entrance. "OK, slow," she said.

He continued to push. The head continued to make progress. He kept up a constant pressure until it was finally inside. She felt no sexual thrill, only the pressure of his cock filling her. As he began to thrust he found he could hold back no longer. With rapid, deep thrusts he speedily achieved his long held desire to butt fuck a beautiful woman.

It hurt her. Finally, thankfully, with a gasp she felt him cum inside her. "Thank you, thank you," she said as breathlessly as she could manage. He kept fucking. She kept thanking him until finally he pulled out.

"Wow," he gasped, "that was great."

She got to her knees and pulled the towel so it caught the cum dribbling from her. "I need to clean up a bit." She got to her feet and headed to the bathroom where she was able to make use of warm water. She did not take long. She knew the night ahead would be lengthy. She agonized about wanting to get it over quickly and being afraid that when it ended, she and Ken would be killed.

"I'm next," greeted her when she returned. He stood naked at her bed. He was big, just plain big. He stood well over six feet. His combination of muscle and fat weighted a good three hundred pounds. She tried to smile.

"OK," was all she could muster.

"You said you'd suck me off." He proudly displayed a letter M on his shaft holding it for her to see. Then he leaned to her ear and said, "I've never had a blow job before."

She cocked her head to the side to take a look at what it was she would be putting in her mouth and saw a rather slender, but hard cock. Plainly lettered on it was an a A on one side on the other was an M. Its size had made her think this one could go in her ass without doing too much damage. He, however, searching for the blow job he had never had, had picked up the pen and put a letter M on the other side. He had covered her A when he displayed his cock to her.

There is certainly no sense in calling him on the lettering, she thought. Maybe I'll live longer if I give him what he wants and what no one has ever done for him before. She began to kneel.

"Could I feel your tits first," he whispered in her ear sounding a bit like a school boy. "Sure," she said in the same whispered voice, "if I can play with that big cock of yours."

"Oh, god," he muttered as he took hold of her breasts while she began stroking his cock. Clearly the feel of her breasts was more than he could handle. Erin kept hold of his cock while he enjoyed her breasts and gave him the best hand job she knew how. With long, slow strokes followed by shorter ones she plied her hands back and forth. She cupped and stroked his balls and lightly rubbed the head of his cock.

It was more than he had ever experienced before. He was unable to wait. At the end of a long stroke while her hand cupped the head of his cock he filled her hand with cum. Delighted she stroked and milked his cock until it stopped dripping.

He still had hold of her breasts. Disappointment showed in his face. She knew that only a blow job would satisfy his dream so she whispered, "Would it be OK if I sucked your cock even though you've cum already?" He nodded vigorously. He may have been drooling, she noted. She pulled him around so she could kneel on the "bed" then took him in her mouth. He was already so hot from having been masturbated and having spent so much time feeling her breasts that it took only minutes before he came. She let him cum in her mouth, though she did not swallow. She kept up the sucking and the stroking with her tongue for several minutes while she let the cum run down her chin. "Thank you, thank you," he said excitedly as he pulled from her mouth. "That was wonderful."

"If you get hard again, come back and I'll do you again, or you might want to try my pussy."

Voices around her applauded her performance. No elation filled her, she knew this meant there would more wanting to cum in her mouth.

As the last left another took his place almost literally elbowing the man out of his way. He held his cock out for Erin to take in her mouth. She shifted a bit to find more padding under her knees. He grew impatient so she took his cock in her hand. "Hang on a minute, big boy," she said. "I don't want to miss having that big cock in my mouth." This seemed to satisfy him.

Realizing her problem, he moved a jacket under her knees and once again presented his cock to her mouth. It stretched her mouth. She found that she was just able to accommodate it, though her jaws ached. As soon as he was able to get it inside her mouth he began to fuck her face. She struggled to maintain her balance as he thrust his cock to her throat, pulled it back, and thrust again. She pulled away. She held his balls stroking them. She used her tongue to excite his tip, then looked up at him. "I won't be any good to you dead, big boy. Please go slow so that big cock of yours doesn't suffocate me."

She licked his balls while she used her nail lightly on the tip of his cock. Using her tongue she excited him licking from his balls to the tip of his cock with long strokes. "Be easy," she asked, "my mouth just isn't big enough for that big cock of yours."

"I'll find some other way," he said churlishly.

"Sure, OK." Erin didn't know what that meant, but it seemed better than being suffocated.

"Lay back," he commanded.

She lay on her back and spread her legs. She figured her pussy could handle that cock a lot better than her mouth. He knelt and and without preamble rammed his cock inside. She let out a loud, startled cry.

"Ivan," he called.

The man with the whip came over and looked down at them. "What's wrong," he asked. The whip moved like a snake in his hand.

"She wouldn't give me a blow job and now she complaining about just fucking me," he complained.

"Get up, Erin," his face had clouded. His grip had tightened on the whip.

"No, no, that's not it," she pleaded.

"Shut up."

"Please just listen to me. Please don't hit me," her pleading was non stop as she saw her control over the situation return to the terror she had felt initially.

"Shut up," his face was beet red. She quieted. There was no saving her from the punishment.

She trembled as she looked at him, waiting.

"How many lashes," he demanded.

"One," her voice was small and pleading. She was practically doubled over in fear of the lash. Her hands and arms covered her most vulnerable places.

"That's not enough."

"Oh, god, I can't stand many. Please, just one."

"Not enough I said and neither is two. Give me a number or I'll make it twenty-five."

She grew lightheaded at the thought of so many. "Would five be enough," she asked pleadingly dreading the thought of so many.

"Five. Where?"

"Oh, god," she trembled remembering the earlier blows. She had been alternating between looking into his face and watching the whip as its tip danced on the floor. Now she noticed that his cock was hard again. Her whipping was going to be his sexual excitement.

"Pussy or tits?"

"Could you hit me on my butt?"

"Turn around, bend over, and spread your legs." She turned around to offer her butt to him for punishment. As she did she came to face Ken. Looking at him she saw he was hard. He was excited by the punishment she was about to receive. He getting off watching her. Now he was hard at the thought of her being whipped. The puddle of cum at his feet showed he had cum while he watched her being fucked.

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