tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNew Moon Ch. 05-06

New Moon Ch. 05-06


Chapter 5

Erin is forced to give Ken a blow job

She hurt. It was hard to keep up a pleasant demeanor when she hurt. Her back and butt still stung from the whipping. The blow jobs had stretched her mouth. No matter how much she rinsed in the bathroom, her mouth tasted bad. Her ass hurt. Even the smallest of the cocks which had entered had stretched her painfully. The first intrusions had been the worst. Now, even though each was able to enter more easily than the last, the pain of the earlier cocks battering their way inside remained with her accented by each new entrant as it was pushed along her abraded entrance.

Her pussy with its past experiences was the most able to handle this ordeal. While many of the men wanted to feel her mouth on their cocks and cum deep down her throat, only a relative few wanted to immerse their cocks through that tight wrinkled opening. She tried to keep it clean, but cum from their eruptions deep in her bowels continued to ooze.

Their excitement at having this beautiful, feisty redhead spread her legs for them had fully energized them. She was the girl of their dreams and they pounded her in wish fulfillment.

She hurt and she was tired. The night had passed into day. The day had moved past breakfast to lunch and beyond. The light showing through a small window was waning. Food. At least someone had found a way to provide sandwiches and beer.

How long, she thought would they want to use her. What would they do with Ken and her when their satisfied, exhausted cocks hung limp. What they had done could undoubtedly earn them a life sentence, life without parole. They couldn't afford to leave either Ken or her alive to tell the story. She wondered what they had done with the others. Had they tortured and killed them?

As she continued to fuck each man that presented himself at her bedside she was also trying to make their last hours as painless as possible. How would they be killed. The thought settled over her like a cold, wet shroud. It threatened to smother her as she struggled to keep a semblance of humor and sexual excitement as cocks that were rock hard last night were now just trying for one last fuck before they gave out completely.

As long as there was one more cock eager to feel the warmth of her body they would be kept alive. She dreaded the thought of her final minutes after the last of them said he'd had enough. She tried unsuccessfully to ward off visions of their deaths. She hoped they would take her first so she wouldn't have to witness Ken's death. Would they torture them? Would these men want Ken and her last minutes filled with fear and pain. Ivan had spoken repeatedly about his passion for inflicting pain, especially on women. Would he whip her until she died from the lashes? Would they use her in some hideous way watching as they let her suffer through her final hour?

Laughter from the rear of the room caused her to look in it's direction. The small circle around where she lay parted. A man emerged who was no doubt responsible for the humorous explosion. He wore a strap on and wriggled his hips in all directions making it bounce and sway. Erin forced herself to laugh while her stomach roiled.

Now that their cocks were no longer able to perform she was to be tortured with a plastic cock. She knew they'd shove it in her every hole. That was how she was to leave this earth, blood loss from tearing at every entrance.

She looked at him trying to maintain her smile, but she could feel it fading despite her efforts. It finally, and suddenly gave way to hopeless, wracking sobbing. How could she take more? Realization of her helplessness increased her sobbing. Would there be no end?

Her sobs, and especially the depth of depression they demonstrated brought the laughter to an end. As those immediately around her crude bed ceased laughing, those further back leaned in to see what had caused the raucous humor to morph into utter silence.

Ivan, the man with the whip, parted the circle and knelt beside her. The whip was not in sight. He stroked her forehead as a father might. "What's wrong, honey," he said solicitously. She could not answer through her sobbing. He continued stroking her quietly as she sobbed. He stroked her damp hair and forehead. Even in his new found role as provider of succor, though his hands wandered to her face and further to her breasts and even her sticky pussy. His fingers found her clit. Here she moved his fingers away. It hurt so much she hoped he would just leave it alone.

She let him touch the remainder of her body as she began to regain control of her emotions. "What's wrong," he had asked over and over. How could she tell this dunce that she had been used in every hole over and over. That she had certainly never requested that ten cocks force themselves into her body spewing their cum in her depths as they penetrated her. What was wrong with this dumb ass.

Finally she murmured, "That thing, please don't stick it in me."

He chuckled. Fuck you, she thought, see if you laugh if I stick it in your butt. She said nothing as his chuckle swept through those in hearing range. "It's not for you. We just want to have some fun with your boyfriend."

Butt fucking Ken may be your idea of fun, but I'll bet its not Ken's idea of fun, she thought ruefully, but tried to create a smile.

She had no idea what to think or say so she put on a puzzled look. "You'll see," he said. Others nodded smiling.

"Get up," he said at last. "Ken needs you."

Curiosity and strong arms pulled her to her feet. They steered to where Ken lay. He was in the center of the room near where he had been chained. He had been fastened to the little table face down. His head and chest lay on the table itself while his feet rested on the broken, dirty tile floor. His face was turned away from her.

"Ken," she said tentatively, "are you OK?"

"I don't know," he responded in a clearly not OK voice. "What are they going to do to me?"

"I don't know," Erin said looking back at Ivan. She knew, of course, but how could she tell Ken.

Ivan said, his hardy, jovial manner having returned, "We're just going to let Erin get you off one last time. Then we'll send you on your way."

Yeah, sure, Erin thought.

"What are you going to do," Ken asked, clearly frightened. The position they had fixed his body in was not one Erin had ever used to get him off. "Was this Erin's idea?" If Erin thought this up, it could well be in retribution for his getting off watching her tits whipped, he worried.

"Just be quiet," Ivan responded mildly as he placed Erin's hand on Ken's butt moving it a bit showing her what to do. She continued the stroking as Ivan said, "You're going to get butt fucked. Ever been butt fucked," he laughed as he asked. "It can be uncomfortable at first, but you aren't allowed to scream. You've got to take it like a 'man'," He chuckled at his crass humor. "If you choose not to be quiet while your getting butt fucked, I'm going to whip your butt until it runs blood then gag you with dirty underwear." That was sufficient to quiet Ken.

Erin continued stroking his butt not having been told to stop. The tensing of his butt muscles as she ran her hands and nails across it made her believe he was getting hard. A surreptitious glance confirmed her suspicion.

Someone handed Erin the jar of ointment they had been using to lubricate her butt. "He'll need that," Ivan commented with a grim smile. "Lube him up."

Erin took the lube. "Ken," she said, "they're going to use a dildo on your butt. I'm going to put some lube on so it goes in easier." He tensed as he recoiled from the thought even as he grunted his understanding of what was to happen.

As she spread his cheeks in preparation for the ointment, Ivan moved her from standing alongside him to having her stand behind forcing his legs wide apart. She knew a lot of lube would be needed and consigned herself to doing the best lube job ever. Maybe it wouldn't hurt him so much.

"Ken," she said again softly, "it won't hurt so much if you can relax." Sure, she thought, just try and relax when they start to shove that monster dildo up your ass.

As she applied the first of the ointment to his tightly shut entrance, she could see his cock continue to harden. As she lubed him it lengthened and swelled. As a sign of understanding and comfort she stroked his balls and cock lightly with her slippery palms. His cock responded. He moaned softly.

Those soft moans wouldn't continue, she thought. In a minute he'll be in a world of pain.

She applied several last large gobs of ointment to the inside sliding her fingers deep to make the dildo's passage as smooth as possible.

"That should do it," Ivan said removing her hand from Ken's butt. "Kneel down and suck his dick." Surprised, she wondered if sucking could get Ken to come while he had a monster cock deep inside. She'd given him blow jobs before, but never in a situation anything like this.

It was an awkward position, but Erin found a way to get Ken in her mouth yet give the man with the strap on the access he needed. Make it quick, she decided. Her aching muscles wouldn't allow her much time in this position.

Without further comment the man with the strap on appeared and with no preamble slammed the dildo into Ken. Ken jumped pulling his cock from Erin's mouth. She grabbed it and roughly guided it past her teeth.

It may have really hurt on it's way in, but once in it worked magic on his prostate. Between the dildo and Erin's soft mouth, Ken soon was gasping and panting as his cum filled Erin. She let it run out while keeping his cock in her mouth. Her cramped muscles hurt. She wanted Ivan to say it was over.

That declaration was not forthcoming, however, and as the pounding continued she felt Ken harden and swell in her mouth. Again she put forth effort to suck his juices from his cock. Success was a long time coming, but eventually she as she tongued the slit in his cock his cum gushed over her tongue into her mouth.

Ivan must have noted the climax. "Want to go one more time, Kenny boy," Ivan called out hardily.

"Can't," was all Ken got out.

"OK, honey, that's it," Ivan said bringing his head close to Erin.

Chapter 6

She turned loose Ken's cock and spit several times to try to clear her mouth. She stood now stretching her cramped muscles and moved slowly toward the bathroom. On the way she grabbed a handful of the shop towels.

Once in the bathroom she let the water run warm using the warm water to rinse her mouth. They never let her close the bathroom door so nothing she did to cleanse herself was private. The closest she got to private was that they generally did not actually watch her. They were just there.

"Could I have a beer," she asked speaking into the mirror, but knowing she could be heard.

"Sure," came a voice.

She wiped her face. The little make up she had put on to lure Ken into her bedroom was long gone. Her freckles were more prominent, but, though her exhaustion showed, she was still pretty. She could see that. She used her fingers to straighten her long red hair and encourage the errant strands into position.

She sat to pee. No sooner had she begun to relieve herself than a man appeared with her beer. From her seat she looked up and said thanks. Then before taking a gulp of the cold beer she asked, "would you run warm water and wet one of those towels for me?"

"Sure," he responded. He was staring at her seated, her back straight, utterly naked and beautiful. He made no move.

"Why don't you get me that warm cloth," she said smiling. "Then you can rub it on my pussy and suck my tits if you'd like."

His eyes said, 'absolutely'. He returned from the sink quickly with the warm towel. She spread her legs slightly as he moved the towel toward her pussy. He moved hesitantly as if he were asking permission. She smiled again and spread her legs further, clear permission granted. The towel touched her. She leaned back and let the warmth of the towel help relax and heal her.

As he pressed the towel against her, he offered his mouth to hers. She took it suppressing the revulsion in her stomach. She opened her mouth slightly and sought his tongue. He groaned. He was not cleaver about kissing, but wanted to experience the feel of her mouth as long as she would endure it.

Finally she broke the kiss pleading lack of air, he nodded and began to lightly pinch her nipples, pinching one while sucking the other.

The towel cooled.

"Move the towel so I can pee." She tried to say it with humor. He stood back but watched as she finished. She took the towel back and used it to wipe herself, stood, and flushed the toilet. The situation seemed to disorient the nude man attending her. He looked embarrassed as he realized that he had been watching everything she did. He'd never watched a girl pee or wipe herself. He'd looked in the toilet after she stood. He grew lightheaded with embarrassment. She noted it and sought to resume some control.

With an expression she hoped was neither hard, nor submissive she stared at his cock. It had drooped. She stared at it. She raised her eyebrows. She wanted him to be confused about what she was seeing in his flaccid cock. In turn, she knew he was staring at her nakedness storing the vision for many years of masturbation.

Looking up she said, "How about getting me another beer and helping me clean up some more?" She stepped even closer to him in the small bathroom.

"I think she likes you," came a voice from outside the bathroom door.

He nodded and left to retrieve another beer. The same voice said, "You want me to help?"

"Can you wait until he has his turn," she replied forcing a smile.

He had stepped into the small bathroom reaching immediately for her breasts. "That a promise," he said underscoring her commitment while memorizing the erotic feel of her body with his hands.

"Sure," she smiled as she said it. She stood quietly, beer in hand while his hands continued to memorize her.

When the second beer was in her hand, the man asked what she wanted him to do for her. "Would you please," here she took firm hold of his cock squeezing it, "take a warm towel and do my backside."

A bit taken back, but pleased to be asked to provide any service for her, he nodded. She didn't see him nod. She had already turned around and was leaning, hands on the wall offering him the opportunity to perform his service. The warm towel felt wonderful, absolutely wonderful as he cleaned her sore butt.

The service provider cleaned, rinsed, and warmed the towel again. He repeated his service several times. While he cleaned, he inserted a finger in her pussy. "Just don't touch my clit. It's really sore," she instructed him.

He stopped and moved close. He slid his cock inside her. She didn't know how to respond. "I can't cum again. I just wanted to feel it inside you one more time." She said nothing as he moved slowly inside her. When he pulled out, he asked what else she needed.

She turned and pulled him close, kissed him, and said, "You did great." She broke the clinch. "Go on now," she said sweetly. "There are others that want one last . . . whatever."

"Sure," he said and left.

The second entered quickly taking her in the same clinch, his mouth asking for the same kiss. She did what she could force out and let him paw and pinch her. Seeing he was hard she said, "Do you want to put it back inside me." The excitement in his eyes and brief nod was enough. She turned around placing her hands on the wall. He immediately slid into her.

Like the first, he had had enough and pulled out a minute or so later vaguely upset. "That's OK, honey," she said stroking his face. She ran her nails down his chest then grasped his cock. "You've been great all night." She bent and kissed it.

"Now," she said, "would you go and ask Ivan if I can put my clothes on?"

Surprisingly he left and returned very shortly holding all her clothes with Ivan trailing. "Get dressed," he said pulling her from the confines of the bathroom. The men gathered around and watched as Ivan handed her her panties. They watched while she pulled them on.

He handed her her bra. In another attempt to gain some control and hope, she held her breasts supporting them underneath with her open palms and said brightly, "They're going to go away, anyone want one last feel or suck?"

The last minute enthusiasm of the naked men didn't surprise her. She stoically stood while they felt her breasts and sucked her nipples. Finally she said, "OK, that's enough." To her amazement they stopped and moved away to give her room. She donned her bra, then finished dressing.

The men had drifted away and were dressing as well. Ivan dressed, but stayed close to Erin. Shortly Ken appeared. He, too, was dressed. The three stood as the other men gathered around them. This is it, she thought, her heart beating rapidly. They going to kill us. I wonder how they'll do it. Make it swift and painless, she pleaded to herself.

Ivan spoke. "We really hadn't thought this whole episode through when we kidnapped you two. In fact we've never done anything like this before. It just sort of happened when we saw the two of you alone on the train. But after we got into it, we realized that we had no choice but to kill you when we were through." Ken dropped in a heap. Erin staggered. This was it. They would be dead soon. The roar in her ears almost prevented her from hearing him as he continued.

As Ken lay on the floor slowly coming around, Ivan said, "None of us are killers, but no one here wants to go to jail for the rest of his life because we had some fun with a pretty girl. I know," he added hurriedly, "that this wasn't your idea of fun, but that's how we saw it." Erin just stared at him, shaking.

"How are you going to do it," she asked her voice stoic, but with tears streaming down her face. She hadn't wanted to ask. She had made up her mind that she didn't want to know, but it slipped out unbidden.

Ivan looked surprised. "Oh," he said placing a hand on her shoulder. "Oh, my god, we're not going to kill you."

"You're not," Erin almost kissed him in her relief. She swayed. Strong hands supported her.

"No," he said struggling to regain the initiative in his planned speech. "What we've done is to collect a few dollars," at this point someone reached from the circle with a handful of bills. "This is money we withdrew from our accounts at ATM's near here. We hoped that you'd take it," here he paused and interjected again, "not that we want you to think that we consider you a prostitute, you understand." He looked earnestly at her. She stared back blankly. That was a shit load of money. She knew that ATM's only dispensed 20's and he now had two hands full.

In her peripheral vision she saw that there was even more in other hands. "We can get more tomorrow, but this was all the machines would dispense on one day."

She knew that to be true as well. Where was this going.

"I haven't counted it, but if you say it's OK with you and you won't press charges, it's all yours." He was offering it to her now. Others were doing the same. All looked at her expectantly.

"You're offering me, Ken and me," she corrected, our lives in exchange for taking this money and not reporting you?"

"Yeah, and we're even hoping, betting you might say, that you'll not take the money and then report us."

She looked at the money without taking it. It was enthusiastically thrust toward her. Ken was sitting on the floor, ignored. "How much is there?"

"We'll get you more." The promise came in a different phrases from different voices.

"Someone count it." She couldn't trust her hands to hold or count it.

Minutes later it had been determined that it was about $3,000. Another $3,000 would come shortly as the 24 hour waiting period expired.

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