tagErotic HorrorNew Moon Pt. 03

New Moon Pt. 03


Chapter 6: Everyone Loves A Tupperware Party!

A week past uneventfully. I never saw Mrs. Bickers anytime I passed by her house. I think her husband came back home the day after our little ...er, experience...and so I assume she was otherwise employed and no longer needed my services. Thank goodness.

I spent the week playing with my brother and bugging the hell out of my sister. The usual youthful time burners. I guess I should tell a little bit about the siblings - of how they used to be before the darkness took my family away from me.

Becka was my twin sister, tall, blonde, and temperamental. Her face was very pretty in a cute sort of way, with grey eyes, and fair skin. She played just about every sport you could think of, and was pretty much a tomboy, though she still had her fair share of male admirers. Like I said, she had a very cute sort of beauty - the kind of woman one would think of marrying, rather than lusting over.

Then there was my brother, Jacob. He was two years younger than me, 18, just ending high school, as I was nearing the middle of college. I still had a few months of summer break before I went back. Like me, very shy, very quiet. He was the nerd of the family, you might say. Tall, like all of us, butter colored hair, grey eyes, and fair. He was pretty goofy though. One of those guys that was really having trouble fitting into his changing body. He always moved and acted like he had the wrong set of skin on. Zits on the face and skinny as a rail. We got along pretty good though, and I did my best to help him through the tough times he had at all the schools we had attended throughout our lives.

Mother had started back to work the week before, and so we had not seen a great deal of her until the weekend. Night shifts. So when she got her weekend off, she wanted to take us all out to eat to celebrate her first week on the job. Dad had been sent off on a business trip almost first thing after moving, so it would be just us three.

Mom was great. She was just a little over 40, with a radiant face, cute and loving, with the grey eyes we all had. Her smile was only just now beginning to sag with some wrinkles and her eyes were barricaded with crows feet. Her hair was black, and fell down past her shoulders. She had once, before I was born, been quite the looker - having been a dancer and cheerleader in school. But bearing three children had not treated her body all that well. Her hips were quite large now, and her butt, many sizes larger than her school girl days, but not obscene or gross. Just larger. Her motherly bosom was much heavier too than the pictures I had seen of her school days. Large, heavy, and somewhat saggy, they filled her body out with motherly tenderness. She was like those old statues of the earth goddess in world mythologies - or as some might say, a perfect baby-maker. Not these skinny supermodel types. I guess even then I had a bizarre fascination with her type of beauty, though not in near the intensity that I would learn to love her. No, no! I hate thinking about that. I'll write about THAT only when I have to. Let me remember her a little bit longer...as my mother, and not any Thing else.

We went out to eat that night at the local steak house. It was packed, elbows to assholes, with the citizens of the town. Everybody loved steak. So it took us about thirty minutes or so to finally get a seat. Once we did, we tackled into our dining experience with relish. We hadn't been to a nice restaurant in quite awhile, so all of us were really enjoying ourselves. Mom was asking about how we were doing, how we liked the town, how we liked the neighbors. I managed to mumble something about how nice everything was, managing not to look too uncomfortable when the subject of neighbors came up.

"Well, I am so glad that everything seems to be going along nicely so far, kids. To tell you the truth, I have been worried about how our constant moving might effect you guys, especially since you are all now in high school. That's a pretty important time for all of you, and I hoped you would not be too-too miserable from the move."

We told her everything was fine. She smiled at us and said that she was so happy. Then she ordered our food. "You guys know how VERY much I love you. I would be horrified to think that anything I had done would have a bad effect on you, or hurt you in anyway. But, I think we will all learn to enjoy it here. The people are so nice and incredibly kind. It's such a pleasant change. For instance, our neighbor Mrs. Bickers invited me to a tupperware party at her house tomorrow night. All the women of the town will be there. Wasn't that so nice?"

Mom was liked an excited school girl, happy at making new friends. I tried to conceal my shock. Mrs. Bickers...that strange, demonic woman - and a tupperware party! I ached to let my mom know what had happened, but, of course, could not think of anyway to tell her that her "nice" neighbor had seduced her oldest son, maybe even conceived by him. That thought had gnawed at my guts for the last couple of days as well. Her talk of our "child", drinking from her many nipples.

There was no way I could tell my mom that. So I sat silent in my fear. Mom kept on talking about how wonderful everything was. "It looks like we finally found a place we can put down roots, kids. Instead of moving around all the time, and ripping you guys up from your friends. We can finally become a family! I love you guys so much." She was getting a little emotional; her eyes were glazed with some tears. She seemed so glad we were finally living in a nice place; finally found a home. We spent the rest of the evening enjoying our steaks, thinking of the future, enjoying mom's beaming joyfulness, and, as for me, trying to think of someway to keep her away from the Bickers lady.

Chapter 7: Dark Night of the Tupperware!

After wracking my brains for someway to convince Mom not to go to the party, I had still not come up with anything remotely convincing. All excuses sounded equally ridiculous. I was nearly saved by Dad calling to let us know that he would be coming back from his business trip that day, but he then called back the next day and said that he was assigned to another town on spur of the moment to replace a sick fellow employee. So what seemed like my best escape from the situation turned into nothing but a tease.

So, the day of the party dawned. It found me quite worried and feeling like a caged beast, with nowhere to turn. Mom was quite her usual self that day, happy and beaming. Practically oozing syrupy sweetness. She had come into my room to wake me up - though I had already been awake for hours.

"Wake up sleepy head! Rise and Shine! You want to go to town with me? Got some shopping to do for tonight's shin-dig. Do you wanna come with?"

"I dunno. I'm real tired, mom."

"Oh. Oh c'mon, pumpkin! It'll be fun, just some good quality mom and son time. You are not too big for me to order around anymore." She smiled, and pecked a kiss on my forehead. "Now get your lazy bones outta bed. We need to get to the store before afternoon. I've got other chores to do too." She winked and walked out of the room, humming to herself. She was obviously happy, not only to be spending some time with one of her kids, but quite excited about finally getting to do some socializing here in the new town.

The day passed, all went well. We went shopping and had a nice time. Mom was so sweet the entire time, having fun spending time with "her baby boy", which made me all the more worried about this evening. I don't honestly know why I was worried. It was just a tupperware party - but it was the fact that Mrs. Bickers was throwing it. And anybody who sprouts fangs and extra nipples cannot be trusted. I wanted to protect mom from anything that might happen. The only way I could think of, was to actually gird up my loins, so to speak, and go to the party with her. To face that banshee myself and be around in case I needed to protect mom in anyway.

"Hey, mom, would you like for me to go with you to the party?"

"Go with me? Why on earth would you like to go to a Tupperware party, sweetness? It's just a whole bunch of old women sitting around, gossiping, and looking at tupperware. I think you would have much more fun at home."

"I dunno. I think it might be fun. I haven't met everyone in the neighborhood yet."

"No, son, I really don't think it would be fun for you. Besides, I'll need you to stay at home with your brother and sister and be the man of the house while I am out. Would you please?" She squeezed my hand.

"I guess so." I really couldn't think of anything else to say. I obviously was not going to be going with her. But that didn't mean that I wouldn't sneak out and keep an eye on her at the party - for her own sake. And that's exactly what I did. But little did I know what strange, dark, and unearthly things I would see that night at the party - and that it would be the last night for my mother to be...my mother.

It was 7 o' clock and I was doing my best to sneak through bushes and dodge lawn ornaments without making much sound. I was in the Bickers backyard. I had told my siblings I had to run some errands real fast and that I would be back soon. My sis was too busy on the phone to care, and my brother was immersed in his play station, so I did not perceive much trouble from them trying to leave.

As I crept closer to one of the back windows, I could hear female voices laughing and talking and laughing some more. I moved as quiet as I could, avoiding the gigantic windows that poured light and sound out on the yard. Making a wide circle to avoid that shimmering sea of light upon the grass, I crawled through the darkness and the shadow on my knees and elbows. I managed to slink close to the edge of those great glowing glass openings, keeping in the dark, but still able to peer into the living room - into the depths of the party.

All the women of the town must have been there. Never seen so many hens in one coop. There were some faces that I recognized, but most were unknown to me. I strained to see my mother, but I could not see her amidst the gossiping, giggling mob of faces. I did see HER though - Mrs. Bickers. She was as ravishingly beautiful as the last time I saw here. Her hair poured over her shoulders in glistening brown curls. Her red lips laughed and gossiped. Her white teeth, without the fangs, reflected all the lights in the house and her perfect playmate body strained against the black leather pants and sweater she had sculpted to her flesh. She wasn't even aware of my presence, and yet she was hypnotizing me again. Such a perfect woman. She was everything that was a woman - both goddess and temple whore.

I shook my head, cleared it of my fantasies and began to look for my mother again. I began to creep around the edges of the house, looking for more windows to spy through. I found one, a little higher up than my head, but set well away into darkness. No fear of discovery. I leaned up on the tips of my toes, and squinted into the bright interior.

It was a bedroom. A guest bedroom, I think, because it was not the master bedroom that I was seduced in. There were three people inside - a young man, the first one I had seen there in the house, a much older woman with white hair and another that was probably in her 50's, with wide hips, red hair, an enormous bosom pressing out of the cut in her shirt, and a cruel countenance. The youth was lying on the bed - his wrists and ankles tied to the bedposts! His face was etched with terror.

The white haired woman had to be almost 70, her face sagged and wrinkles wrapped her like a blanket. But her body was not that of a 70 year old. No, it was tight, topped by large, sagging but attractive breasts, and anchored by perfectly sculpted hips. Her body actually reminded me of Mrs. Bickers - except with ancient flesh stretched tight over a model's body. Her shirt was actually short enough to see a six-pack on her stomach! This woman was ripped! And she was crying too. I pressed ear to the glass to listen.

The middle aged vixen was coaxing her.

" You know you must, Betty! You must! It is the culmination of the change you have been through! The Queen picked you to be one of us; that means you must begin to accept your new role in life. Believe me, life is so much fuller, richer, and brimming with life if you do. It's natural instinct..."

The Old/Young Lady sobbed, "But, he's my baby, my angel..My..My..grandchild! I cannot!"

"Enough! Your body calls out for it! He's young, virile, a male who has what a female needs. Bitches must LIVE when the urge hits them. Or else they will suffer the pangs of unfulfilled natural needs. You have no choice. It must be him...or another buck, but it may as well be him. Easy access - and a bond that is already there."

"Please, no...I did not ask to be made like this....She did this to me! She tricked me!"

"She gave you LIFE! Instead of being old and frail and full of dead memories, She has given you a new life, a new body, a new lease on life. The life of Nature. The life of the Wild. But you must experience it - accept it - embrace it! Or else your new body will drive you mad with it's longings...."

The white haired woman continued to shake her head and struggled against her tempter, but the red haired vixen was too strong. She looked to a window on the others side of the room, away from me.

"Betty, you must really begin to see things in another light. You had to do it the hard way." She reached out and pulled up the blind. Silver moonlight hit the old woman full in the face. She tried to flee, struggled fiercely, moaning "Noooo.." But the Vixen held her like a vise.

Then all at once the grandmother stopped struggling. She stood still, breathing heavily, panting, like a dog. Her eyes were closed. Minutes passed. There seemed to be some sort of inward struggle going on within her mind. But then, slowly, slowly, she opened her eyelids.

Her eyes had changed! They were now a bright yellow, and shining with cruelty. She looked down at the young man. She smiled.

"Hello, sweety. Beautiful baby. Don't worry about Grandma - I feel so much better now...this way...after I had things explained to me by Gloria here. She's right I think. One can't fight Mother Nature."

She smiled again, then gasped in pain. She threw her head back and her teeth...her teeth began to elongate and grow ...sharper...like steak knives splitting out her gums. Drool poured rabidly from her mouth. Her wrinkled hands grabbed at her shirt and ripped it off her body, exposing her motherly mammaries, encased in a black bra.

Then the bra exploded off her chest! Her breasts were swelling like living balloons and rising from their sagging position to pointing straight out. Her nipples, long and wide, pointed like needles into the air, begging to be suckled.

"Come my love," she said in a voice much deeper than before. " We have all night to hold each other." She ran a hand over the shaking boy's chest. A hand still old and wrinkled, but with nails growing longer by the second and curving into claws. "We must perform the will of instinct!" Her eyes blazed forth a harsh yellow light, and her mouth snarled viciously with hunger and lust. Her face, once sweet and kind, was now twisted like an animal bent on the kill. She laughed wickedly and lunged at her grandson.

I fell backward into the ground - in shock! I pulled myself up and was about to look back through the window, even though every instinct told me to run like hell. But I didn't look. I could hear clearly through the glass now to what was happening.

The bedsprings were echoing through the room, they were so loud. The grandmother creature was grunting like a bear, over and over again. There was the slap of flesh against flesh. And the soft wailing of the young man... 'Grandma, please no....no...ahhhhh....no...uhhhh...oh grandma....ahhhhhh!" Over and over again. Groaning in fear, confusion and arousal. Her grunting became deeper and more savage and desperate for release. The springs were screeching at lightning speed as she rode him. Faster pounding, faster slapping, faster grunting, faster pounding...

"No, grandma, oh please no, look out, look out, get off, Get Off!, Oh NOOOOO!"

"Give it to me, Boy! Give it to ME! Yes, that's it... that's it...NOW! NOW! GIVE IT TO ME NOW! OH YEEEEEES! I CAN FEEL IT, BOY! POURING INTO ME! MORE! MORE! "


And then her demonic voice twisted into a orgasmic howl of passion, lust, and savage victory. Her grandson yelled in terror - in an unspeakable orgasm. And I ran like hell.

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