tagErotic HorrorNew Moon Pt. 06

New Moon Pt. 06


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Ch. 6: My Van Helsing

I collapsed on the couch, trembling in shock. My mother, my sweet, beautiful, conservative mother had bared herself to me without a second thought. What was even worse is that I knew, subconsciously, that I had enjoyed it. The mental picture of her perfect and enormous breasts still burned in my brain.

I savagely shook my head, trying to knock the image from my head. I should not think that about her, my own mother, I don't care what changes her body had seemed to go through. No matter how flagrant or comfortable she seemed to be about it. And it was all the doing of that damn Bickers woman!

Fury raged within me. No longer hot and bothered by the strange experience I had just had, I was instead filled with an insensible, all consuming rage. SHE did this to my mom! Why! Why! We had never done anything to her, why put us through this hell? Why try to make my mom like her. She was so sweet and kind. Well, she wouldn't get away with it. I wouldn't stand for her to transform my mom into some sort of Nymphet. I would go over to that house of damnable perversion, and face her. And make her change my mother back.

I stormed out of the house, directing my steps in the Bicker's direction - still trying keep the vision of those erect, suckable brown nipples, and my mother's laughter out of my burning brain. * * * * *

I was about to turn into the Bicker's driveway when I felt a heavy hand touch my shoulder. A man's voice filled my ears.

"Don't be in such a hurry to dance with the devil, son."

I turned and found myself looking at an elderly gentleman, chalk white hair, thick bifocles, and a long white moustache gave him the appearance of a man well into his 70's. He was short and withered too. But his presence seemed to exude a strength, an intense power, that ill befitted his tiny frame.

"What? What are you talking about?" The old man chuckled deep in his throat.

" I saw where you were heading...and I wouldn't advise it. Though, I am sure that you have already experience something of that bitch's power. I still would not tempt fate again by walking into the lion's mouth." He seemed to know entirely too much about my nervous deflowerment. Who the hell was he?

"Who the hell are you?"

"Watch the mouth, son. I may be old, but I can still whip your young ass any day of the week. I am Dr. Bela, that's all you need know. And I am here to save you from becoming like the rest of this town."

"Like the rest of the town?"

"Don't pretend innocence. I've been watching you and your family since you moved in. I knew it was only a matter of time, a short matter of time, before Mrs. Bickers tried to include you and your family in her kennel."

I know my face turned pale, showing him that I knew as much as he thought I did.

"Yes, my boy, the fears you have been having are more than justified. Now, let's not stand out here any longer. We may be seen...by her. Let us find a more convenient place to chat. You have much to learn about this little corner of Hell."

* * * * * *

We went to the Church - old, whitewashed, and empty. Dust and an ancient musty smell drifty throughout. I wondered if people even still used it. All the chairs seemed worn and in disrepair. The carpet lay frazzled by time. The only light poured dimly through the stained glass of three enormous and gothic windows. The doctor motioned for me to sit. The old pew screamed underneath my weight. Then he sat down next to me.

"The story of this town goes back hundreds of years, so that is where OUR story must begin. Have you ever heard of the Hugonots? French Protestants that were persecuted by their Catholic neighbors for sacrilege? Thousands were killed, many massacres soaked the soil of France in gore. So a small group of these brave Protestants made a great exodus, fraught with peril, to the New World and settled here. But unfortunately they brought something else with them."

He broke off his story and looked around a few times, still worried that somebody may be watching us. He bent closer to me and began to speak in somewhat lower tones.

"France, in those times, was not only plagued with civil strife but also with a plague of a more demonic nature, for at night, all the powers of evil held full sway and the Loupgarous made the forests and fields of France their own. Loup-garous: Werewolves. Human beings who take the shape of their inner beast. A disease, not unlike our own AIDS virus, that is transmitted through blood or body fluid exchange, that mutates the host DNA, bringing out all the most bestial and savage within the human form. Man has never been horribly far up on the evolutionary ladder from the beasts. This disease knocks him back down to that level. Not only mentally, but, in some perverse way, physically too. The victims change to a more animal version of themselves...some more fully animal than others. But change they do."

"So that's why Mrs. Bickers began to sprout hair and teeth and..."

"Yes, that's right. But do not jump too far ahead of me."

" Sorry."

"Forgiven. Now, one of these Hugonots, apparently, had the lycanthropic disease in his or her system. So, when they all moved to this isolated area, there was no way for the other poor isolated people to escape the clutches of the disease. All eventually were infected and all soon became more animal than human. And so the centuries pass...the town never loses the infection, and there are always just enough outsiders, like yourselves, who move in to keep the population from inbreeding too much. But all these outsiders are also infected, and become these creatures of the night like all the others."

"Is there no escape of us outsiders?"

"For those who have become infected... I don't think so. I know of no cure. Though all are unwilling when they become infected, all come to love their new nature. It burns out almost all other parts of their brain, their human thinking. Their animal, amoral side totally takes over. Though unassuming and innocent before, they will soon think nothing of infecting other's with this curse - will actually do it gladly."

"What kind of things happen to those infected?" I asked in horror. I still could not believe there was no hope - for that would damn my mother!

"They become consumed by all their animal desires - mostly, um, sexual though. They will begin to eat more raw meat, walking about in the freedom of nakedness, and other things, but more than any other thing, they become sexual beasts - predators, willing to to do anything, and anyone to sate their hunger for the flesh. Ancient peoples used to personify sexual passion and lust as the figure of a wolf - now I know why. The disease makes human into beasts of raw passion."

My stomach lurched within me. So that's why Mom cared nothing about baring her...breasts to me...she was a beast of raw....No! Not my Mom! There had to be someway to fight this, to bring her back before she became....a wolf like the others! A demon who would slake her thirst for breeding, with any male that came along...maybe even her own son? My penis twitched at the black, perverse thought. No...it musn't be! This Van Helsing would be wrong. He just had to be!

"You're wrong. You've just got to be!"

"No, no, I am sorry to say that I am not. I have studied this town for years now, and I know more about it than I want to know. I get very little sleep at night."

"But, if what you say is true - then my ....my mother is already lost!"

Ch. 6 part II

More Changes...

It was late by the time I got back home. The Professor had kept me in the church for most of the day, continuing his explanation of the curse that now was taking root within my own family. And he gave me little hope of ever weeding it out. I got home and went straight to my room, as noiseless as possible - I did not want to have another uncomfortable run in with my mom until I knew exactly what was going on with her. I hoped my sis and brother were not home, though I hadn't noticed them as I made my way to my sanctuary upstairs.

I made it inside without any sight nor sound of anyone from the family. Well and good. I had to pull myself together. I sat on the bed and tried to make myself think. What was I going to do? According to the Professor, there was no hope for my mom, though I refused to give up on her. What I needed to concentrate on was keeping that Bicker's woman, and maybe even Mom, from getting to the rest of the family - maybe even myself. And as I did this, I would do my best to find a cure for this bestial disease. I resolved myself to the position of family protector - and there was a sudden knock at my door.

"Who is it?"

"It's me, baby." Mother. "I need to talk with you."

"Right now?"

"Yes, it's an emergency." Her voice sounded a little on edge. Not syrupy sexy like in the shower.

"Uh, okay." What else could I do? I crept towards the door. I opened it a crack. She wasn't nude. I breathed a mental sigh of relief and opened the door all the way.

"Thanks, sweetheart. I really need to talk with you about something - something very important." She seemed nervous. As I looked at her I immediately regreted letting her in.

Though clothed, she was in her old clothes, a top that barely contained her freckled new bosom and showed off entirely too much of her taunt stomach muscles. Her shorts hung loose about her legs, legs no longer as beefy as they were, but streamlined and perfect, like Michaelangelo had carved them from warm, pale stone. The lustful passions that had burned in my brain, that I once thought gone, now resurfaced. Her beautiful blue eyes were brimming with hot tears. Her beautiful Madonna face broke down, and she threw herself against me - hugged me tight to her warm flesh.

"I'm so scared, son!" There was actual terror in her voice and her lips quivered in emotion. I placed my arms around her in comfort, though I felt the heat of embarrased blood fly to my face. Her soft, motherly breasts pressed into my chest, lightly caressing my nipples. The pleasure was hard to describe - comforting, loving, tender and soft but still horribly, damnably, sexual. I tore away from her. "It's okay, mom. Sit down and tell me what's wrong."

"What's wrong?" She sat on my bed, next to me, though I tried not to be too close to her. "Everything! I.....I....I'm changing. There's something horribly wrong with me. All I remember is going to the ...tupperware party...then someone walking me home...then waking up this morning. Waking up different."

"Different how?"

"Uh....I can't really explain..." Terror was leaking from her voice again. "I can't explain it...not to you...but I'm different somehow." She was trying to avoid telling me about how her body had changed. She was acting so differently than when she was in the shower this morning. She was confused and horrified.

"This morning, I vaguely remember taking a shower, but as if I was in a dream, in a thick fog. The whole rest of the day has been like that. Sometimes I feel perfectly normal, then my vision blurs and my mind seems to plunge into blackness."

"Honestly mom, I don't know what to tell you. I noticed you were acting ...er... differently this morning, but I don't know how to help you. I do know this though - I'll do anything though to keep you from being afraid." Her face blushed red when I mentioned 'this morning'. Did she have some vague memory of her brazeness?

"I don't know. I don't know. I don't know what is happening. But, you must promise me something, sweetheart. Please. Please. Do not hang around me when it gets dark. When the moon is out. Or anytime that I'm acting odd. Stay away. Lord Help me, I don't know what might happen!" She threw herself into my arms again and pressed me tight against her breasts again. I held her to me as she wept into my shoulder. Her breath came in ragged shudders. I just held her and rocked a little back and forth, the warmth of her body soaking into me.

Then another peculiar sensation began to tingle within me. As her breasts pressed into me, and her shudders moved her across my chest, I felt hard points rub against my chest. They rubbed like a feather against my own nipples. My face burned - they were her nipples through her shirt. They gently moved back and forth, like hot breath across my chest. They seemed to becoming harder, their tips grew longer and fiercer as they engorged with blood. They sensuously danced back and forth - and her shuddering and sobbing abruptly stopped. A long and heavy sigh blew past my ear. Her arms slowly pressed me tighter into her. What's happening? What the hell is happening?

The sigh came again, closer to my ear and I felt her turn her head to me. The breath tickled my ear. Her lips lightly scraped the earlobe. The breath poured like a flame into my ear, the slick warmth of her tongue caressed it. Her nipples dug into my chest and her arms felt like steel. I tried to move, but could not. I had no will to struggle. I looked down at her in confusion, fear, and....lust.

Her blue eyes burned like ice into my own. Her lips parted and a voice that sounded like mother's, but lower, huskier slipped over the voluptuous lips, as she ran the tip of her tongue across them. "I'm so glad I have you to comfort me while your daddy's away. I've been so lonely. Now..." she leaned closer and her lips brushed along my own. Her tongue flicked at mine. "Come to mommy." Her breath poured steaming into my mouth, and her tongue edged it's way across my teeth. It playfully tickled my tongue.

"Love me......"

Her warm velvet tongue wrapped around my own and her breath poured hot and sweet into my mouth. I found myself being sucked into her eyes, now cold as frost. There was a sinister presence lurking there, something not my mom.

I gasped around her snaking tongue. "Mom! What...."

When I said her name her body violently jerked away from me. Her eyes melted and there was the look of my mother again. Her eyes swelled with tears and she changed deathly pale.

"Oh, what have I done! What have I done! What's wrong with me! Why am I having these thoughts!" She screamed to the ceiling. She leaped from my bed and ran sobbing from my room. I jumped up and tried to follow, fearful of her desperate state. She ran into her room, slamming the door and locking it. I pounded on it, shouting, "Mom, mom. It's okay! I want to help you. Don't be afraid! Open the door! Just open the door! Please!"

"Go away!" she wailed. "Please stay away from me! I'm not safe. I'm not safe. I can't be around you until I know what's wrong with me!"

Her sobbing grew louder and louder, then was suddenly cut off. She had closed herself in her bathroom. There was really nothing I could do. Who could I go to? Who would help me? Maybe the Professor? I had to find him again. But until I could, my main objective would be keeping my brother and sister - especially my brother - away from Mom.

The afternoon passed, and Mother stayed locked in her room. I hung out downstairs in the living room. Waiting. And waiting. I began to wonder where my brother and sister were. I was pretty sure that Sis was with one of her new friends at the movies, but I had no idea of where my brother was. I guess it really didn't matter though. As long as I could keep them away from the creature that was struggling to take over my Mother. I knew that my brother would not be strong enough to fight off the demon's seductions. So I continued to wait, so that I would be the first one for him to see when he got home.


Narrative Continued by Professor Bela

I had been watching Jacob, his younger brother, for several days now, even before Danielle their mother was infected. I knew it would be only a matter of time, very little time, before Diana Bickers tried to sink her claws into him. I wasn't wrong either. It was only a day prehaps after the mother was forced to drink from the devil's breast, that Jacob's eyes were transfixed by the sight of his neighbor working in the yard.

She wore nothing but a bikini, black as midnight, trying to tan as she raked and watered her flowers. Her skin glistened in the sun, her muscles rippled like water beneath her flesh. Her long hair cascaded down her back like a scented waterfall. I was hard pressed myself to keep my arousal in check, but I did. Young Jacob however stood like a stature, as if turned to stone by the voluptuous Medusa.

She knew he was watching too. I saw her eyes flicker as she snatched peeks at him while she worked. Finally, after she thought he had been stirred up enough and about to explode, she sauntered over to the edge of her fence. She smiled at him, glowing, already ravishing him in her mind.

"Why, hello there, Jacob! How are you this afternoon? What are you doing?"

"Uhhhh..." he strangled in his throat.

"Just admiring my lawn, I see." She winked. "Would you like to help me with some different odds and ends? My hubby is gone and I could sure use the help of strong handsome guy like yourself." Her smile sweetened. I could the boy's mind was already reeling with hot and sweaty fantasy.

"Sure...no problem..." He stepped across the fence. She took his hand and he jerked like he had just been stung. "Shhhh...don't be so nervous," she laughed. "I'm not going to hurt you. I just want you to help me...then I'll help you."

"Help me?"

She laughed again. It was soft and soothing. She stroked his hand with her's. "You'll see. Let's walk shall we?"

So they walked, hand in hand, to her house. I did my best to follow them without being seen. I moved to the back of the house and waited for a few minutes, then moved cautiously to the back door. It was unlocked. I softly crept inside, knowing full well of where the woman was leading him. I moved to the stairs. No sounds coming from above. I slowly crept up the staircase and moved into the hall. Now I could hear sounds, but only low mumurs and soft whisperings. I moved an inch at a time towards what I guessed was the master bedroom. The voices became louder and louder the closer I inched, and soon I could make out what was being said.

"Just lay back....there, let me hold you...shhhh, just take it into your mouth....oooh! Yes, like that, nibble a little if you want. Veeeery good....now suck...suck and drink....Oh yes...oh yes...such a good baby boy...suckle me...."

The door was slightly opened and I peered through the crack.

Upon a bed of black silken sheets lay the prostrate form of the youth, lying in the arms of a sitting Diana Bickers. She cradled him like a baby, running one hand through his hair like a soothing wind, and whispering sweet encouragements across his ears. She ran her lips across them, petting kisses lighter than down, breathing her words into his brain. His mouth was fastened tight to her perfect breast, sucking hungrily on a pink nipple. He sucked like a baby, not a lover, unsure in his first experience with a woman. She leaned her breast into him, pressing the flawless flesh into his face, drowning his senses the sweetness of her skin and the saltiness of her sweat. He lifted a hand tenatively, shaking in his nervousness, and gently stroked the quivering globe, the only world he knew now.

"So sweet, baby. Very good. My breasts ached with milk...you've made me feel so good....it's all for you...drink...I'm your queen now...your mistress...your bitch..."

Her free hand, that had been running its fingers along his arm in sweeping strokes, began to move slowly south, towards his crotch. They deftly undid his zipper and dove ravenously into his boxers. They dug and searched, then gripped his manhood tight. He gasped around her nipple, and looked back up into her green glowing eyes.

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