tagErotic HorrorNew Moon Rising Ch. 01

New Moon Rising Ch. 01


It's hard being the heir to a throne, mainly when the other successors are all immortal until someone chops their head off. But that is exactly what Raven is, is she not? The immortal daughter of a werewolf and a Shadow Walker, two races that had never been blended in a hybrid child before. However many things changed after the wedding of Alpha Donovan and Katrina. The honeymoon was short lived, mainly after Grandfather Xavier brought Katrina up to a position of power within her race, being that she was as powerful as an Elder at the tender age of twenty-five mortal years. The stress of running several sectors in the US caused Katrina to go into labor early within the Shadow Realm, something that had never happened before. Xavier had to save his daughter from the rebels that had been hunting her down at the time, shocked to find his granddaughter already born and being protected by a child Shadow Walker named Nathaniel.

With Xavier's help Katrina was able to pull herself and Raven from the realm, little Nathaniel coming along with as though he had the right of it. Donovan was merely happy to have his family safe and sound, Raven being a healthy baby though she was born over a month early. Many theories were whispered through the races as to why the child could have survived such a birthing, but none were followed by a single fact. Nathaniel continued to follow Raven around like a love sick puppy, claiming her as his mate. Donovan and Katrina did not know what to make of this but allowed it as Raven had few friends, Kay having drugged the Pack Leader, Donovan's sire and father, to gain his seed and birth a rival heir to Raven. As she was the mother of his child the Pack Leader could not execute Kay for what she had done, merely banishing her and keeping his new son Wulf close by.

Growing up for any child is never easy, but for Raven it seemed three times as hard with the training on both sides to control her powers of wolf and of darkness. Being a few years older Nathaniel helped Raven in her Shadow Walker training, and a few unarmed combat forms, though when they hit their teens that was mainly an excuse for Nathaniel to touch her. Wulf however stayed in the shadows, watching everything with the same calculating gold eyes his mother had. Once Raven hit the age of twenty-one however, both Nathaniel and Wulf began trying to gain her attention, Nathaniel because he knew Raven was his destined mate, and Wulf... Well most were left to wonder his true intentions.


Staring out over the writhing mortal bodies below her Raven could not help but smile at the irony of it all. Mortals wrote stories about beings of darkness, immortals of ageless beauty, but none of them ever actually saw what lie right under their noses. Shaking her head she moved away from the railing of the second floor VIP section, turning to head for the stairs as bodies parted for her. She knew, then again she always knew when He was around, the strings of fate tying them together only seemed to tighten when they were in close quarters. Pale green eyes scanned the room while she made her way to the dance floor, feeling like teasing Him a bit even though it was dangerous to do so.

Her brother Donovan Jr. or Don as Raven called him, always liked to rub the fact that he was happily mated to a mortal, Mitsuko, with one son Kenichi, and another child on the way, in Raven's face. Several times she had been told by her brother that she should take what she has been given by fate and deal with it. But oh she would deal with Him, she always liked dealing with Him. The games they would play, brief mind blowing kisses, soft caresses, all before she would pull away and leave them both bereft, panting for more. Sliding into the writhing mass of humans Raven swayed to the techno beat, always having enjoyed this type of music over the ancient classics she'd been forced to listen to as a child.

The tension in the air went up a few notches while Raven began to dance slowly, sensuously to the beat around her, filling her blood with heat and need just as it was meant to. People around her touched the pale silk of her skin, the strapless leather corset not doing much to cover her form, nor did the skin tight leather pants help. Long, strong fingers ran through Raven's long black hair, fisting against her scalp a nano-second before soft yet firm lips pressed down on her painted crimson lips. Even with her eyes closed she knew it was Him, her body's instant reaction to his touch being to wrap arms around His shoulders as she opened her mouth to deepen the kiss. A pleased growl rumbled up from His chest as He pulled her closer, His tongue stroking deep into her mouth mingling with hers. After a few minutes she pulled back, opening her pale green eyes slowly to look up at Him, Nathaniel.

Why he ever let his mate wander around like this Nathaniel would never understand as he always loved having her near. His grip on her hair tightened as she tried to draw away like she always did, giving a small taste before slipping from his grasp. Black eyes clashed with pale green while some of his thick blue-black hair fell into his face as he leaned into her body. Lips brushing softly against the shell of her ear Nathaniel whispered to her, knowing she could hear him over the insanely loud music.

"Nay, this night you will not draw away from me my mate."

"You can't force me to accept you Nathaniel."

"No force required my love, I feel the pull as you do, you will fall into my bed with me and relish every moment of my embrace. Scream for my thrusts while I explore every inch of your beautiful body with my hands and mouth, beg for my seed as I thrust deep, oh yes you will my Raven."

"Did my grandfather tell you to speak to me in such a manner?"

"No, I thought I would try my own special method for once. I am tired of this game Raven, I want to make you mine."

Raven narrowed her eyes at Nathaniel, starting to struggle against him though he moved with her making it appear as though they were dancing instead of fighting for dominance. Moving off the dance floor Nathaniel ended the struggles of Raven by pinning her against a wall, pulling the darkness in around them to disguise his actions. Sliding his leather clad leg between hers, he rubbed his thigh against her trapped clit, pressing his lips against her mouth at the same moment to smother her cry of pleasure. Placing his hands on her hips Nathaniel tugged her close to his body, rocking to the pulsing music, his thigh rubbing against her in time to the beat. Raven dug her fingers into his blue-black hair, forcing his mouth tight against hers while her hips rocked against his thigh, bringing her pleasure higher as the song went on.

Small growls flowed up from Raven's mouth as Nathaniel returned the leather pants she wore to their original state, darkness. Reaching between her thighs his fingers met bare, smooth flesh, forcing a possessive growl to slip free. Her eyes widened while his fingers slid along the bare folds of her pussy, drawing a low moan from her lips. Finding her swollen clit Nathaniel stroked his slick finger gently over it, pulling back so he might see her face contort with pleasure. His black gaze pierced her green, making her body shiver with not just pleasure but excitement as well.

"You see my love, only I can give you this pleasure. Why do you run from us? What we could be together?"

"Why should fate get to decide who we love and mate? I want a Choice! I didn't even get to choose you, we were doomed to be mated from the start."

"You consider us doomed?"

"It's not right for us to have no choice in who we love Nathaniel."

"I did have a choice Raven, and I chose to follow you like a love sick puppy. I chose to love you, fate did not decide."


"Yes! Why think you I have played your silly games without complaint all these years?"

Raven whimpered softly while rocking her hips and grinding her clit against his fingers. Pressing closer he took her lips once more, moving his fingers so that he could rub the bulge of his trapped cock against her bare sex. Raven wrapped her arms around Nathaniel's shoulders before her legs did the same around his trim waist, they bumped and ground against each other. Moaning softly Raven tangled her fingers in his thick hair, holding his mouth to hers right before he pulled away from her kiss.

"I have but one love in my eternity and that is you Raven, my Mistress of the Night..."

"Why must you just go along with what 'fate,' has decided for us? No freedom for either of us Nathaniel."

"I have found my freedom in this love I have for you my dear. Why do you feel its a cage?"

"Because I can't handle others being in control of the things I do... Not even you."

"Then I give you a choice this night my love." Nathaniel smirked while slipping his leg from between her thighs and returning her clothing to its original state. "If you love me, if you long for me to finish what I have started, this eve you will seek me out."

Stepping back from Raven, Nathaniel smirked wickedly before disappearing into the darkness of the club. Shifting her eyes about Raven could not see Nathaniel nor could she sense his presence among the mortals that surrounded her. Shaking herself Raven tried to forget about the burning need within her body that Nathaniel had brought to life with his wicked touch. Running fingers roughly through her hair she stepped away from the wall and back into the shifting crowd that consumed the dance floor. Shivering as the humans pressed in against her sensitized skin where they had moved out of her way before.

Sensations seemed to flow over her flesh, through her body and down deep into her soul to destroy the barriers she had placed around the feelings that had built up within her where Nathaniel was concerned. When one of the many men ran his hands over her bare shoulders Raven cried out sharply in pain before the male was whipped away from her. A familiar scent filled her senses as she turned to stare at her half uncle Wulf who was staring at her like a freshly wounded deer. Her eyes widened a moment before Wulf wrapped his arms around her waist, knowing it would cause her pain as Nathaniel had started the mating cycle within her body and only he could complete it.

"Is it me you burn for, little shadow?"

"Release me Wulf!"

"Yesss, scream my name to the top of your pretty lungs, he'll love that."


Raven could swear that she could smell her own flesh burning under the tight hold Wulf had on her shapely form. Wide green eyes met narrowed golden while his grip on her only seemed to tighten further. Pressing her hands to Wulf's fishnet covered chest Raven tried to push herself away from him to stop the agony writhing through her body. Claws burst out from under her long nails, digging into Wulf's flesh while Raven increased her struggles against her uncle, the mortals around them seeming none the wiser. Wulf grinned down at her even though the pain of her claws was shooting through his nerves, lighting them up with the need to push her away and stop the pain, this did not deter him though. Fangs sprang forth from both her upper and lower jaw, showing Wulf just how badly he was hurting his little niece with just the touch of his flesh to hers.

"Go on little shadow, change in public, I'm sure the Elders will love that."

"No... Let go!"

Darkness swept up around Raven, talons coming forth from the dark to hook into her limbs and drag her down into the floor though Wulf tried to hold onto her. Sinking through the floor was an odd along with completely new experience for Raven, even as she came to find herself in the familiar surroundings of the Dark Realm. Blinking a few times she scanned the other side version of the nightclub she had been standing in, the humans that still danced appearing as mere ghosts in this world if they appeared at all. Shaking her head softly Raven shifted through the shadows heading straight for her room within the mansion where most of her clan resided. Laying back on her bed she released a long sigh closing her eyes as she did so, knowing no one in the mansion would sense her return until she shifted back to the Human Realm, not even her mother.

Raven didn't really respond when she felt long male fingers wrap around her right ankle, already knowing that He had returned to her. Opening her eyes she stared down her body to look into his deep black gaze, wishing she could sink into their depths and be held safe within him forever. Reaching out to Nathaniel she twined her fingers with that of his free hand, digging her nails into the back of his hand just a little before closing her eyes again. The feel of him sliding up her body to lay draped over her gave Raven comfort, and a small case of the shivers.

"He hurt you and yet you still did not call for me. Do you hate me so much?"

"You saved me without my call, and no, I do not hate you Nathaniel... In point of fact, I love you."

"Why do you run from me then Raven? Tell me."

"Because I want it to be our choice, not the choice of fate."

"Fate does not rule this place, this is our realm my love. Choose to be mine this night... I beg you Raven to say yes."

"But if I say yes Nathaniel, this will be the only place, the only time where I know it was of our own free will that we came together as one."

"No, we will come together only when we want to love each other and be one once again. Fate will not rule these moments for us, we rule."

"Poetry falls from that silver tongue of yours."

"It falls from me because I wish you to see what I see and believe what I have come to believe in all my years of chasing you down."

"Then my answer is yes Nathaniel. It was always yes anyway."

A wicked grin spread across his face right before he tugged on her ankle just enough to bring her down the bed so that he could slant his mouth over hers. Raven opened herself up completely to Nathaniel as he slid his tongue deep into her mouth to connect and mingle with hers. Soft moans escaped from between their dueling tongues when Nathaniel cast Raven's clothing back into the darkness which she had summoned it, causing her soft pale skin to rub against the black leather he still wore. Claws slid forth once again from under Raven's nails, digging into the leather vest Nathaniel wore over his muscled torso. The need to release her werewolf half and shred his clothing was almost too much for Raven to keep in check even as her fangs slid from her gums while their kiss continued.

Nathaniel's tongue slid slowly down one of Raven's fangs, his free hand also making a slow torturous path down her shoulder to cup her breast. Thumb playing over her nipple making it bead for him he pulled back from their kiss, dipping his head to slide a wet trail over the sensitive flesh of her neck. Raven's head fell back with a low groan, claws shredding the leather from Nathaniel's body so she could feel her flesh against his even while he chuckled and made the scraps of leather disappear. Running her claws over his back she felt his flesh give under their sharp attentions, but she was careful enough not to cause any real harm to him, just some shallow cuts that would heal in minutes if not seconds.

Pulling his hand from her ankle Nathaniel cupped the globes of Raven's ass in both his hands, a hungry growl ripping from his throat when he locked his lips around her left nipple sucking and biting at her tender flesh. Power flashed between their bodies, causing her to blink before looking down to see he had released her nipple and was staring at the new addition to both their bodies. Running fingers over his abs Raven gave Nathaniel a very confused look when she saw the intricate tribal symbol etched into his flesh, matching one that had appeared on her own flat stomach.

"Mating marks Raven, that is what these are... I am surprised they did not appear much sooner."

"I never saw this on my mother."

"Because she mated a werewolf, these symbols appear only when a Shadow Walker is mated to another."

"Nathaniel, I am not a full Shadow."

"But I am, and you are my destined mate. Now mate with me, Raven, make me the happiest immortal in the universe."

Wrapping her arms around his neck with a grin sliding across her lips she straddled his waist and rubbed the slick lips of her pussy against his rock hard cock. A grunt of pleasure came from Nathaniel while he laid Raven back against the soft bed, pinning her down with his weight, rubbing the head of his cock against her pussy. Leaning up she pressed her lips to his in a hungry kiss, her body craving his now more then it ever had the times she had teased him and then walked away. Fingers slid between her damp folds, a single digit piercing her tight sex to stretch her a little more for the coming invasion. She knew it would not hurt her to be penetrated by Nathaniel's impressive length, only because she had rid herself of the annoying virgin's barrier early on so she might indulge in her sexual needs without pain.

Another finger added the to the first thrusting deep inside her pussy and drawing her attention back to his brooding face. Dropping her head back Raven moaned loudly, rocking her hips up to meet the thrust of his fingers sinking deep to stretch her pussy for him. The squishing sound of his fingers sliding deep into her sex with each thrust bore into her mind and shot sweet pleasure between her legs even as she seemed to try and squirm away from him. Smirking wickedly at Raven he moved his fingers away from her wet sex, bringing them to his mouth to suck the juices off his skin. Writhing once again she tried to tighten her grip on him and force his cock to slip inside her burning body, however he shook his head and smiled.

"Beg me."

"Nathaniel, now is not the time to tease."

"I am not teasing you my love, I want you to beg me for my cock."

"I thought it was your seed you wanted me to beg for?"

"That too when the time comes. Stop stalling and beg."

A growl left Raven's lips but she couldn't help but roll her hips up against the heat of his cock. "Fuck me my mate, Gods I need your cock inside me or I'm going to die!"

"Well..... I don't want you to die."

"Then join with me!"

Grinning down at her he gripped her hips and tilted them up to bring the head of his cock to the tight entrance of her pussy. With slow shallow thrusts he pushed his way deeper and deeper into his mate's body causing her to arch her back and moan his name. Once he was fully sheathed within her Nathaniel leaned down to kiss Raven's lips ever so gently, rocking softly into her accepting body. Growls came from her even as she kissed him back, claws running over his back and shoulders to urge him to go at a pace that would bring them both to climax. Ignoring her urgings he continued to rock his hips and thrust slowly into her pussy, making her move restlessly beneath him while he drew out her pleasure.

Though after a few minutes of slowly torturing them both Nathaniel picked up the pace, thrusting his cock deeper and with a great deal more power then he head been originally. Moving her hands down his body Raven dug her claws into the flesh of his thrusting ass, making him release a hissing breath and thrust harder. Leaning down Nathaniel pressed his forehead to hers, the need to cum inside her, to stake his claim was so overwhelming he almost lost it when her pussy clenched around his cock. The pleasure flowing through her was too much for her to take as she cried out and came all over his thrusting cock, her body wracked with shivers of pleasure and need.

"Time to beg again my love, and make it quick because I am very close to spending."

"Give me your cum Nathaniel, claim me my love!"

"That's what I like to hear."

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