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New Neighbor


The house next door had been empty for about three months now and I was just getting used to the quiet when I saw the moving van pull into the driveway. I probably should have noticed that the sign in front said sold, but I guess I was too preoccupied with my work. I looked out the window and saw a couple getting out of their car and start directing the movers as they lugged their furniture and things inside. I could only see the backs of them and they were partially obscured by their car. Suddenly, I saw the woman walking toward the backyard and pointing out a small shed in the back where she wanted her potting wheel taken. At that moment I was absolutely riveted.

She had some of the most exquisite features I had ever seen. Her eyes were dark and smoldering and hair that draped across her shoulders like molten chocolate, cascading down her shoulders. It hung in perfectly straight bangs over her eyes, giving her the look that pin up models used to kill for. She was wearing a royal blue sundress that stopped just past her knees showing off her firm and toned calves. My eyes dragged up her body, past a beautifully curved pair of hips that could only be hinted at under the loose fabric. Suddenly, my gaze froze on the most perfectly luscious pair of breasts I had ever seen in my life. Every movement she made caused them to shudder and shift so full and soft were they. The sundress did little to hide her intoxicating cleavage, but instead served to amplify it and place it on display for any who might look. Her hair draped across one of her breasts as she walked, and she raised a hand to carelessly push it aside, the golden wedding band catching the sunlight and glittering next to the diamond she wore next to it.

As much as I struggled not to, I couldn't help but ogle this intoxicating creature from my window, and was thankful for the fact that it would be nearly impossible for anyone to see that my eyes were locked onto this vision. I could feel my desire for her growing, even though I knew it was impossible. She was married after all, and that just couldn't happen. She would have to remain a fantasy and I resigned myself to that fact and turned back to my desk to finish my drafting and rewrites for tomorrow. I would occasionally steal glances out the window, but I didn't see any more of her, just the movers going back and forth to the truck until they finished and drove off.

I had managed to push thoughts of her from my mind over the next week when a heat wave hit and the whole town began sweltering. The heat made my mind wander and I daydreamed as I looked out the window. I looked down and saw her come out of the house alone and lay a towel down on the patio. She was wearing a black sundress, much like the blue one that she wore when she first caught my eye. Although the glittering diamond told me she was off limits, I couldn't take my eyes off of her as she slipped the straps of her dress off of her shoulders and let the sundress puddle at her feet.

Underneath she was wearing a turquoise bikini and the sight caused any desire I felt before to explode into full throated arousal. No longer were her exquisitely curved hips hidden and I could seen a figure that could only be described as hourglassesque. The tiny bikini bottoms hugged her firm little ass and her legs betrayed a power that I longed to have squeezing around me in the throes of passion. I almost drooled as I brought my eyes up to gaze at her full intoxicating breasts. Her top was squeezing them together, leaving no space between them. The heat had already caused a sheen of sweat on her skin and her whole body seemed like a ripe and luscious piece of fruit, aching for its succulence to be enjoyed.

Then, without any warning, she looked around to ensure nobody was watching, and proceeded to slip off the top of her bikini. She then reached for a bottle of sunscreen and squeezed some into her hand. I couldn't look away as I watched her rub the thick white lotion into her skin, leaning forward to cover her legs, her breasts hanging heavy and pendulous. She then rubbed the lotion over the taut skin of her stomach and up into the breasts I was now aching to caress and fondle. She covered her breasts in sunscreen and began to almost playfully rub it in. Her rings glittering in the sunlight as she squeezed and massaged her tits, then suddenly pinching her nipples ever so slightly, making her bite her lip, knowing full well that her dark sunglasses hid the look of sexual desire that was now flashing in her eyes.

By this point I was beside myself with lust. I knew I had to get myself under control. She had no idea who I was and would most certainly not appreciate that I was watching her sunbathe topless and sexually pleasure herself. And yet, I couldn't help but long to feel her skin, to hear her moan in ecstasy. No matter how hot it was outside, I knew that it had just gotten much hotter in here. I hurried down to the kitchen for a cold glass of water to try and get a hold of myself so I didn't do anything stupid. By the time I returned, she had lain down on her stomach and was paging through a fashion magazine and I figured that was for the best.

The next week I was going through my mail and noticed that some of my new neighbor's magazine had been delivered to the wrong house. I looked at the label and saw that her name was Nikki. "At least I know what I should be screaming out if I ever get the chance," I joked silently to myself. I was about to walk out the door when I heard the car next door start up and drive away. I figured they had gone out for dinner and I'd just leave it on their porch. As I was walking out, I saw Nikki walking out the back door in a pair of overalls that were caked with clay and a tiny white tank top. I jogged out my front door and hurried to catch up to her.

"Excuse me! I think this got delivered to my house by accident!" I stopped in front of her and used every ounce of self-restraint I had not to gaze down at those magnificent breasts as I spoke to her. She smiled up at me and I could feel myself getting lost in those smoldering eyes. She reached up and pushed a stray hair back showing the diamond again which helped to restrain me, but was now beginning to make me long for her even more.

"Thank you very much. Looks like you're finally repaying me for your show." She smiled at me with a knowing look and I turned the deepest shade of red I could imagine. My heart was absolutely pounding and I couldn't even manage to stammer a response. "I wish you hadn't left the window though. I was planning to show a little more than just my tits."

My cock felt like it was going to explode. I couldn't even attempt to hide it now and I just kept staring with my mouth wide open. She ran her fingernail over her cleavage and I couldn't help but look. She pulled the neckline of her top down and only just barely kept her nipples covered, although it was absolutely clear that she wasn't wearing a bra. She handed me a bag of clay and motioned to me to follow her out to the potting shed. I eagerly fell in line behind her and had no idea what to expect.

She shut the door behind us and she looked me up and down. Her gaze stopped and I could tell she was staring directly at my cock. The attention made me throb and pulse and every movement could be seen through the khaki pants I was wearing. "I thought I should bring you back here since my husband has no idea what I'm up to. This is the only place he never comes. Frankly, he never cums inside either, but that's just because he seems to have lost interest in sex. That's something I'm sure you're not at all familiar with." She licked her lips and eyed me like a piece of meat.

It was clear now that her being married wasn't going to be a problem at all and the lust that I had been holding back seemed to erupt out of me. I crossed the shed in two steps, dropping the clay at my feet, and pulled her into my arms, kissing her with a mad passion that can only be caused by giving in to forbidden desire. Our tongues swirled and danced around each other as I felt her grind against my swollen cock. I pushed against her until the small of her back was against a sturdy table and let my hands begin to explore the body my eyes had already mapped to the smallest detail. Her skin felt smooth and supple under my fingertips as I slipped them under the overalls. She started nibbling on my bottom lip as she moved her hands to unhook the loose denim and let it fall to the ground. She wore not panties underneath and her pussy was exquisite and dripping wet.

Unable to control myself, I practically tore the tank top in two, her full tits bouncing and swaying from the exertion. I quickly leaned over and began to suck and nibble on her nipples, her flesh tasting even sweeter than I had imagined. She moaned loudly now and grabbed the back of my head, pressing me against her chest, urging me on to suck and nibble harder. My teeth practically chattered over her sensitive nub, both of our bodies shaking with desire. She reached down and undid my belt as I kept my lips firmly pressed to her breast, my tongue rasping over her nipple as she shoved my pants and briefs to the ground.

My shaft sprang out, glistening with precum, and she pushed me back to give her room to kneel down in front of me. With a salacious eagerness she swallowed my full length in one gulp, her eyes betraying a desire that I could tell had been building within her for far too long. She moaned and mewed around my cock, her tongue dragging over me again and again as I almost passed out in ecstasy. Unable to control myself, I began to thrust forward, practically fucking her mouth. I could feel the head of my cock grazing the back of her throat as I continued to swell, precum flowing out like a river. She sucked louder now, causing me to moan and scream out her name. I was certain that if anyone was walking by they would no doubt hear exactly what was going on. I could feel myself getting close to cumming, and she realized it too as she quickly stood up and kissed me hard, her tongue the saltiness of my shaft to me. She then turned around and leaned over the table, presenting her glistening pussy to me as an invitation.

Without another word being spoken, I moved forward and guided the head of my cock to her swollen lips. I dragged the head up and down her lips, pushing it against her clit, enjoying the moans and whimpers it elicited, knowing she was aching for this as much as I was. Then I started pushing my shaft in, inch by inch, feeling her impossibly tight pussy clench around me as I pushed myself in to the hilt. She pushed back against me to make sure she had every last bit of my cock buried in her to the hilt. I then grabbed her hips and began to slowly slide in and out.

I reveled in the warm velvet caress of her pussy, feeling her muscles clench around me. Moaning loudly, I reached forward and fondled and groped the tits I had only dreamt of feeling before as she matched every thrust I made. Soon I couldn't help myself and began to thrust harder and faster, fucking her senseless from behind as the table shook and vibrated. She began to scream and I could feel her pussy beginning to tremble. I pounded into her tight pussy with abandon, feeling her pussy clench, milking the cum out of me. I looked over and saw her rings glittering, her fingers white from grabbing the table hard as I fucked her senseless. All at once I lost it, jamming my cock in to the hilt and letting an orgasm tear through me. Hot sticky cum shot into her over and over as my cock spasmed and bucked in her soaking wet pussy. I held on for dear life as she continued to milk me, a second orgasm making her shudder as it passed through her. Finally, she leaned against the table, spent, and I sat down on a chair, trying to catch my breath.

She turned around and smiled, a look of satisfaction on her face as she licked her lips and looked me over. I looked back at her saying, "I don't think we've been properly introduced. My name is...."

She held her finger to my lips and silenced me. "There's time enough for names later. For now, just tell me that you'll fuck me again and let the rest be a secret." I silently nodded and realized that I was going to like having a neighbor again.

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