tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNew Neighbor Ch. 02

New Neighbor Ch. 02


Ever since the day in the potting shed I hadn't been able to get her out of my mind. The fact that she kept walking around in next to nothing didn't help matters either. Unfortunately, her husband always seemed to be around so I didn't have a chance to get my hands on her again. That didn't stop me from enjoying the view though. My favorite times were when she was in the backyard sunbathing on the weekends. Her skin just soaked up the sun as she lay in the back, a tiny bikini top struggling to contain her soft supple tits and a high cut bikini bottom showing off her gorgeous legs. I kept longing for her to sunbathe in the nude, but I guess her husband might have caught on. Every so often she would look over and catch me watching her. She'd smile and lick her lips as she ran a finger around her nipple until it grew erect and poked through the thin white material. She was a source of endless fantasy for me.

One day I decided to work from home, and since the weather was perfect, I took my laptop upstairs to where I could enjoy a breeze off of the balcony of the guest room as I worked. In just a few minutes I cursed myself for never coming up here before. This was because I looked out the window and suddenly realized that their bedroom was right across from my guest room. I couldn't see into the bedroom completely, but the bed was visible under the half drawn shade. I settled down to work as I tried to stop my mind from fantasizing about what I could have seen had I realized the perfect view that might have been afforded to me.

All of a sudden I heard a noise across the way and realized that the shade had been pulled up and I could see across the room and to the door that was half open on the other side. It looked like a closet door with a mirror on it and the light was on behind it. Then, all of a sudden, the door was pushed open and steam poured out of the room showing me that it was the master bath. That was the last thought I had though as I looked over and saw her silhouetted against the light wearing a short silk robe that went only a third of the way down her thighs. The belt was drawn tight under her chest causing her breasts to be pushed up and almost out of the robe, her cleavage absolutely intoxicating in the half light of the room. At first I wasn't sure if she could see me, but all of a sudden she put her finger to her lips telling me to be quiet so I ducked down a little just as her husband walked into the room. She spoke with him for a moment and he left and went back downstairs as she closed the door.

As soon as the door was closed, I sat back up and looked over at her again. She smiled that same smile from when she was sunbathing and pulled the shoulders of her robe down. The curving tops of her full breasts came into view and my mouth grew dry as I ogled her in anticipation for what she would show me next. Unconsciously my hand began to slip between my legs and begin to massage my growing shaft when she held up a finger and motioned for me to stop. I grudgingly complied and she, in turn, slowly undid the belt of her robe. She held it closed with one hand while she pulled it apart at the top until her gorgeous tits came into view, her nipples hard and erect, seeming to ache for my touch. She softly pinched them as I shifted in my seat, a moan escaping her mouth as she bit her lower lip.

All at once she let go of the robe and threw it open, her sex goddess body displayed before me. I moaned at the sight as I practically writhed in my chair. Her hands roamed every inch of her body, caressing her curves, leaning forward and squeezing her breasts together to form some of the most inviting cleavage I've ever seen. She blew a kiss to me and walked out of sight of the window. I was hoping the show wasn't over and longed for her to return so I could see more. Suddenly she reappeared, a teasing smile on her lips holding a purple vibrator in her hand. My cock ached in anticipation as it struggled against my khakis while she turned it on and licked her lips.

She slid the vibrating dildo across the tops of her breasts and then over her perked nipples. Her body tensed a little as the pleasure vibrated through her body. She slipped it between her breasts as she leaned forward and squeezed them around the dildo. It was almost as if I could feel her tits squeezing around my shaft just by watching her. Dozens of times I had fantasized about that feeling, but it never looked as seductive as it did right now. I moaned out loud as I watched her and the slight glistening on her full pussy lips betrayed just how aroused she was at that moment.

She sat down on a chair in front of the window and brought one leg up over the arm giving me a view of the tight little pussy that had been clamped down on my cock just a week or two ago. She reached down and teased her clit while she continued to circle her nipples with the vibrator. Her ring glinted in the light as her fingernails traced up and down her moistened lips. I could barely contain myself when she took the vibrator in her other hand and dragged the tip around her clit. Her back arched in ecstasy, her tits thrust forward, shaking slightly from the force. She looked at me with eyes that practically screamed "fuck me" and looked down at the vibrator. Then she looked back to me, pointed, and mouthed the word "you".

All of a sudden she pushed the vibrator deep into her dripping wet pussy. The ache and desire on her face was plain. Her ring was a blur as she plunged the dildo in again and again. She teased her clit with her fingers as she fucked her tight little pussy hard and fast, just like I was aching for. Her eyes were fluttering as she shook in her chair, pounding the vibrator in and out, biting her lip to keep from screaming in ecstasy lest her husband should walk in and catch the show she was putting on. She then focused her eyes on me, the heat palpable as she squeezed her nipple with her free hand while she kept driving the sex toy into her sopping wet pussy.

My cock throbbed so hard it was almost painful as I watched her fuck herself senseless. I ached to relieve myself, but I knew she had something in mind. I just watched, transfixed, as she slipped a finger down and played with her clit while she changed her rhythm. Slowly, deeply, the purple head of her plastic cock pushing inside, rubbing against every inch of her. I watched her eyes roll back into her head as he whole body shook. An orgasm rolled over her as she shuddered. Her hair cascaded over her shoulders as she leaned forward, her full round tits squeezed together as she recovered from the ecstasy. She licked her lips and stared at me with a smile that seemed to say that she knew more than I did. Suddenly, I heard her front door slam as her husband walked to the car and drove away leaving her all alone.

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