New Neighbors


I want you to take me to Jack tomorrow and officially give him my pussy.

Because he didn't want to cum in me until i make you do that.

Yes you heard it right, he hasn't cum in me tonight. But i'm glad you admitted that you want the same thing as all of us.

"Now clean up after yourself will you." And she walked out. Leaving the vibrator in me, still going.

I could not get myself to move. I had to. Before i knew i was moving the vibrator around for the last drops.

The next day i presented Jack with my wife's pussy. He made me stick his dick in her and hold it while he came. I could feel his balls pumping into my wife.

The next weeks i helped Jack and my wife have as much sex with each other as possible. Making sure i did their stuff around the house. Jack came over once or twice a day and i would lick Vicky for up to half an hour before he came over.

I could see i was giving her something amazing. Specially when i saw that look of pure horny, condescending, power on her face as i was licking Jacks cum off her. It gave her such a kick. And she was always thanking me and giving me lots of love and kisses for doing it. In the weekends she slept in 'Jacks bed but i could see and hear everything they were doing. Jack liked his threesomes. You see jack bought a webcam for me. I was allowed to masturbare in the weekend while watching them. He never fucked my wife without me knowing or seeing. Sometimes right next to me on the couch with her passionately kissing me. They made sure it always felt like it was my wife he was fucking.

This went on for a couple of months till one day when I got home I found Jack and Stacy sitting in my living room. They told me to sit down and that Vicky had something she want to show me. My lovely wife came strutting into the living room on those same high heals, same panties as the night Jack first fucked her and a new t-shirt.

This one said, "I am having Jack's baby too."

She just stood there all aglow with a big smile as the reality of the meaning of her shirt sunk in. Jack told me to go get my camera. Upon returning I found him standing between my wife and his. He had his arms around both women. As I framed the shot I realized that Stacy, who was almost ready to give birth, was now dressed the same as my wife. And Jack had a shirt on that just said, "Jack".

We celebrated that night and when they left my cock cage permanently came off. Springing forth she pushed me back onto the bed and continued to kiss me.

"You have been so wonderful to me and Jack sweety," Jack said to thank you for giving him exclusive access to your wife's pussy and womb.

Ripping off my cloths we commenced to make love but before I could enter her she stopped me.

"I know Jack said you could have me without a condom while i was pregnant. But i think you should wear a condom, letting you have me without a condom feels like giving my pussy back to you. And I really started to love how i'm just Jacks little slut. Specially because i know my own husband wants to be inside me so much. So as much as i'd like to let you...

One of the reasons why my sexlife is so good is knowing you never got to feel my pussy unprotected around your dick. While I am letting the neighbor do whatever he wants with me. There will always be a layer between you and the woman you love the most. It's thinking about how much you want me while Jack fucks me with his much bigger dick that makes sex so much better. Just for that reason alone i would let Jack make me pregnant a second time.

"Here, this is the same condom you stuck down my panties the night of the party" she said as she grabbed the condom. When she gave me that condom I felt my heart in my throat again.

"This condom failed to protect your wife's fertile womb from another man's seed. And now instead of you getting to feel the real inside of my pussy for the first time, this condom you gave me for him is going to steal that away from you."

She took 3 fingers of mine and led them into her soaking pussy with ease. Right then was how i could almost perfectly imagine how my wife would feel. Warm, wet, buttery silk.


I couldn't help myself. My cock had been locked up for so long.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/25/18


What utter BS. I'd of packed her shit at the first sign of anything remotely close to what was going on with the, "New Neighbors". She wanted him, she could have him. Then I'd of done all the financialmore...

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The author must be another wimpy cuck

No REAL MAN with any self-respect would let other men sexually touch his woman especially cumming in her and when fertile. What a stupid story wrote by a worthless Cuck Soyboy.

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by Anonymous02/18/18


Next visit to bucko Jacks', change locks move her stuff out to his yard, make sure the attorney has all the pics and video. See ya!

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by Anonymous11/09/17

Faggot sissy crap

M ore sewerage for LW

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by Anonymous09/10/17

Oh well

Written by a cum dump slut, soon as unloving disrespectful slut wife tells hubby she's pregnant by dipshit neighbor the devorce papers will be served and alienation papers served on dipshit neighbors.more...

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