tagGay MaleNew Neighbors Ch. 02

New Neighbors Ch. 02


The three months I've lived here have been a living hell for me and part of what's made it so unbearable is that I've enjoyed it. I can't even look at myself in the mirror without feeling disgust and hatred for the face staring back at me. Master David and Master Jim have turned me into a filthy, black cock worshipping pig. They have used me every day, since our first meeting. It wasn't long after that first night that they started sending their friends to my apartment as well. The whore in me couldn't resist it, at first. Hearing the doorbell and looking out to see large, black men waiting to come inside and use me has never failed to make my lil clit, as my Masters call it, rock hard. As I said, I enjoyed it at first and loved being a dirty pig for so many real men, but now it has gotten to be too much. I have no life away from my Masters. Its rare that there aren't groups of horny black men waiting on my doorstep, when I arrive home from work, and I'm kept on my hands and knees most of the evening. I rarely get more than a few hours of sleep and that's only after I've begged whomever is present to let me sleep. The worst part of my ordeal is my fear that I will contract some deadly STD, sooner or later. It will be difficult, but I know I must end this situation, no matter how much it angers my Masters. Until I have the opportunity to speak with Them, I'll simply ask my visitors to wear protection. At least, that way, I'll have some degree of protection.

Fears of contracting something nasty had been on my mind all day, so, as I drove home, I stopped by a drug store and picked up a package of condoms. When I arrived home, a police car was parked in front of my apartment. My first thought was that someone had seen the large number of men coming and going from my apartment and had reported me for dealing drugs. I felt a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, as I grabbed the bag of condoms and my briefcase and headed up to my apartment. I was followed up to the porch by the driver of the police car. He was fat, about 300 pounds, and smelled as though he hadn't showered in three weeks. His dark flesh was beaded with sweat and he carried a bag from one of the local fast food restaurants. I stopped at the door and turned to face him. "Can I help you, Officer?"

"Sergeant Phillips. And you know what I'm here for, faggot."

"Yes, Sir," I replied. I obediently opened the door and held it open for him. He walked into my home ahead of me and, by the time I'd closed and locked the door, He was sitting on my couch with his pants down around his ankles, eating his rather large meal. Draped down the cushion, between his legs, was the largest, blackest cock I'd ever seen. It wasn't even semi-hard and it had to be twelve inches in length. Its circumference was about equal to that of a beer can. Even from so far away, I could see the thick veins pulsing, as his cock twitched under the heat of my stare. He had big, heavy balls too, sprinkled with thick, curly, black hair. His nasty odor filled the air within my apartment, almost gagging me, but still I couldn't help but to stare at his cock.

"Get the fuck in here, faggot. I want my asshole licked, while I eat my lunch."

"Yes, Sir." He pulled his pants and underwear off and kicked them across the room. I knelt on the floor, as he spread his legs further apart and propped one foot up on the cushion. His ass smelled strong, as though he never washed it, even on those rare days when he did bathe. The stench only made me more eager to service him. I started licking as much of his ass crack as I could get at, stopping once in awhile to enjoy the smell of his filthy asshole. As my tongue began dancing around his sweaty asshole, it puckered ever so slightly, allowing me to suck his sphincter into my mouth. As I wrapped my lips around the puckered hole and slid my tongue inside, he released a loud, greasy fart. He laughed aloud, feeding me a few more wet farts, obviously amused that I knew not to stop servicing him. I wasn't amused at all; I was too busy cumming in my pants to be amused. I continued to lick and suck his asshole, determined to get him as clean as I possibly could. I could tell he was deliberately taking his time with his meal, which was fine with me. I hated myself for even thinking it, but I loved eating his asshole. In fact, I wasn't at all shy about asking him to fart in my mouth a few more times.

When he finally finished his meal, he grabbed his fat cock and started beating my forehead with it until I looked up at him. "You like this cock. Don't you, faggot?"

"Yes, Sir. Its beautiful."

He didn't say another word. He simply shoved it in my mouth and down my throat. I'd sucked enough black cock to know how to take it down my throat without gagging, but this monster certainly tested my abilities. I somehow managed to take its entire length down my throat without choking on it. After that, he let me suck it in my own way. I licked and sucked the length of it, enjoying the odor and taste of his sweaty flesh, before I moved down to take his huge balls in my mouth. I stuffed both balls in my mouth, swirling my tongue around them like a good whore. I moved my lips back up to the big, purplish head, licking and nibbling it, until I felt him twitch violently. He grabbed my head and pumped his huge cock in and out of my mouth, until his cum flooded my throat. He pulled out in time to shoot a few big, gooey globs of cum on my face.

"You keep that cum on your face while I'm shoving my cock up your ass. I want you to look like a faggot pig."

"Yes, Sir." I reached back to grab the bag I had set on the end table and when he saw this, he asked me what was in the bag. I pulled out the box of condoms. "I'd appreciate it if you could..."

I never got to finish my request. As soon as he'd figured out what I was going to ask, he'd started kicking me. First in the face to send me sprawling, then in the ribs, as I lay on the floor. He beat me with his fists and kicked me, as he yelled at me. It wasn't long before the commotion brought my Masters running and, as they watched Sergeant Phillips beat the fuck out of me, they asked what I'd done.

"This faggot actually expects me to wear a rubber! What the fuck! I ain't got no fucking diseases!"

"He what," laughed Master David.

"Looks like we have another lesson to teach this sissy white boy," Master Jim said.

My body was rendered weak and defenseless by the beatings I took from the three of them. The more they beat me, the less strength I had to defend myself from their attacks. Blood poured from my nose and mouth and I actually heard a few of my ribs crack. They beat me senseless, until, finally, I threw up on the carpet. Only then, did they cease their attacks. Master Jim crouched beside me and grabbed my face in his large hand. He squeezed my face hard, as he tilted my face to look up at him.

"Let me be clear about this, faggot. You are our slave. This is not a game or some kind of sex play. We own you, literally. You will do anything and everything you are told to do. We don't give a fuck if you get AIDS, or whatever else your fucking worried about. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Master Jim." I then looked up at Sergeant Phillips. "I'm sorry for insulting You, Sir. May I please do something to make up for my bad behavior?"

He looked at my Masters. "I gotta take a piss and I expect this pig to drink it all."

"It will be an honor, Sir." My Masters, satisfied that I had learned my lesson, left us alone, just as he rested the head of his cock on my bottom lip. I relaxed my throat to let his hot piss flow down my throat. It was hard not to choke, but it was the only thing I could think of to prevent myself from spilling any of it. Finally, it slowed to a trinkle and then a drip. I sucked the few last drops from his cock head, as he once again shoved his cock down my throat. It was hard again within seconds, but, instead of letting me suck his big cock, he pulled out and bent me over the coffee table. He used no lube, other than what little saliva I had left on his cock, and granted me no mercy. He rammed the entire length of his cock up my ass in one fast thrust, as I cried out in pain. He shoved his foul underwear into my mouth to keep me from crying out any further, as he fucked me hard with his monstrous cock. The pain was unbearable at first, but my ass was soon taking his cock with ease. He fucked me for more than an hour, filling my ass with cum more times than I could count.

"Suck your shit off my cock, faggot. I'm far from done with you."

"Yes, Sir." As I knelt before him and cleaned his cock with my mouth, I could feel his cum oozing out of my used asshole. I was still suffering from the beating I'd taken, but I knew better than to let that interfere with his pleasure. I had learned that I was a complete slave to my Masters, at least until they got tired of me. I had no choice but to accept my fate. At the moment, that involved spending the rest of the night taking Sergeant Phillips' cock up my ass and down my throat.

To be continued...

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