tagGay MaleNew Orleans Surprise

New Orleans Surprise


It was our third night in New Orleans, and we decided that we were going to go see something we had never seen before. We were going to go to a male review at a local club that we had seen some flyers for.

We had dinner, took a shower and decided to go a bit early so that we could get a good seat. When we walked into the bar, it was probably about 70% men, and 30% women. It was definitely not a normal mix of folks. Looking around, we realized that this was a gay bar.

But still, we came to see the male review, so we found a table near the stage, and sat down. Knowing that I did not have to drive, I decided that tonight I was going to drink!

We had our first round, and were well into our second by the time the review started. Most of the guys were in their 20s, and all were in great shape. They paraded around the stage in various stages of dress, gradually becoming various stages of undress. While they did, I slid my hand between your legs, happy that you had on a dress and no underwear! For the next 30 minutes, I played with you, making you cum twice while we watched the 10 guys on stage get naked.

After they finally finished, you reached your hand between my legs and felt how rock hard I was. You asked me if seeing naked guys parading around was exciting me. I told you that just being around you was enough to excite me, and you told me ‘good answer’!

I decided that I needed to go to the bathroom and get rid of some beer…..so I got up and headed to the bathroom. I found out how much it sucks to be in a bar with mostly guys in it. There was a line.

It was probably about 15 minutes before I got back to the table. When I came back, I saw that our table had filled up. There was now 2 guys sitting with you. One was probably about 25, and I was pretty sure that he had been up on the stage a bit ago. You introduced him as Mike. The other guy looked to be a couple of years older, probably about 30 or so, and you introduced him as Jim.

You had a devilish look in your eye as you told me that you had bought me a shot while I was gone. You pushed a glass across the table to me and I looked at it. It was a bit over half full. I asked what it was, and you told me that it did not matter, just drink up. I looked at it and said that that was no shot, it was more like a triple shot at least. You just said….’so, drink up!’.

I decided what the hell, and grabbed it. I figured that if I drank it fast, it would be better. So I threw my head back and tried to drink it quick. I got it down, but after I did, I realized that it might have been gasoline or something. My throat was on fire and I felt like lava was running down my throat. It was strong!

You handed me my bottle of beer and told me to chase it. This time I did not argue. I drank down the last half of my beer. You watched me down the beer, and put your hand on my lap. Leaning over, you whispered into my ear…’lets go, I am so horny that if you don’t take me back to the room right now, we are going to have to fuck on the table!’

Not being one to argue with such a persuasive and well thought out argument, I agreed. We stood up, said goodbye to Mike and Jim and headed out of the bar.

About a block from our hotel, you said you needed to grab something to drink from the drug store on the corner. You told me to wait at the door, which was fine with me since the half a bottle sized shot you gave me was really starting to hit hard. After a couple of minutes, you came out with a few sports drinks and we headed to the hotel.

We got into the room, and your aggressive side showed itself. You grabbed me and pulled me into the bedroom of our suite. You sat on the bed and told me to strip for you, just like the strippers at the bar had done.

With my balance off, I almost fell over a few times. So, no points for grace…..but, I did manage to get naked for you in a few minutes.

You told me to kneel on the floor and to wait for you to change. I sat down, and you told me to get on my knees. So, with one hand on the bed, I got up on my knees. You said not to move, that you would be right back with my suprise as soon as you changed.

When you walked back around the corner, I saw your ‘surprise’. You had not changed at all, but you had Mike and Jim behind you.

You walked into the room, and said to me….’I think you probably remember Mike and Jim? Now, I want you to stay on your knees, pull Jim’s dick out of his pants, and suck him until he is hard. When he is hard, do the same to Mike’.

I was a bit shocked. Things had changed drastically from what I was expecting, and they were moving fast! Jim stepped up in front of me. I did not move for a minute until you said ‘go ahead, do it!’.

So, I reached up and unzipped his pants. I reached inside of his pants and felt I good sized dick that was already starting to get hard. I pulled it out and looked at it for a moment. Figuring what the hell, I started to suck on it. Putting his hand on the back of my head, he started fucking my mouth. With every pump of his dick into my mouth, I could feel it get harder. It did not take long at all, and he was rock hard. He was a bit longer than I was, but not as thick.

He stepped back, pulling his dick from my mouth and then he moved to the side. Mike stepped up in front of me.

Mike was almost completely hard when I unzipped him, so it took very little sucking before he was completely hard. He was pretty close to the size of our largest dildo. Maybe just a bit longer, and so close to the same thickness.

Once you saw that he was completely hard, you told me to stop and get up on the bed. Letting go of his dick, I got up off my knees and sat on the bed. I saw that Jim and Mike were stripping their clothes off now.

You said that it looked like my knees might be getting sore, but that it looked like I was enjoying sucking cock so much that you figured I would prefer the bed.

Jim moved up onto the bed and sat up against the pillows with his legs spread. You told me to turn around and get back to sucking his dick.

Turning around, I moved up between his legs and started to suck his dick again.

I felt Mike get on the bed behind me, and knew what was coming. I felt lube being put on my ass.

Mike moved closer and I felt his hands spread my ass cheeks apart. His cock head pushed up against my asshole. I paused from sucking Jim to try and relax while Jim prepared to push into me. I noticed that you were now filming everything with our camcorder and thought that this will make for some interesting vacation footage.

Mike pushed and his cock head pushed into me. I felt the stretch. Wow did I feel it. He paused to let me get used to it. I continued to stroke Jim while Mike slowly pushed into me. It seemed like almost no time at all and I was feeling Mike’s thighs against my ass. He was completely inside of me.

I went back to slowly sucking on Jim while Mike started to fuck me.

He was going slow, but every time he got almost all the way in, he would do a small thrust that pushed me forward, forcing Jim’s dick into my mouth more. Jim moved back and moved up onto his knees, and tilted my head back so that he had a more direct line into my throat. It also meant that I lost some of my ability to compensate for Mike’s push forward. With the next push, I gagged.

You pulled open the bag from the store and I saw you hand Jim a red bottle. He pulled his dick out of my mouth and told me to open up. I did, and he sprayed the cherry chloraseptic spray that you had handed him into my throat. My throat went numb, giving me an idea of what was coming.

Jim put his dick back into my mouth.

Now Mike started to pick up the pace. He was really giving my ass a fucking. Long, fast and hard strokes. His dick was slamming into me harder and faster. Every time, it pushed Jim’s dick into my mouth. I still could not get it into my throat….but it was definitely banging into my throat without me gagging now.

Jim grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my face in time with Mike’s thrusts into my ass. Jim’s thrusts seemed to get both slower and harder as I felt his dick swell just a bit more. He came. He filled my mouth with his cum. I tried to swallow it all….but could not. He pulled his softening dick from my mouth, and some cum ran down my chin. I looked over at you and saw that you were still filming it.

Mike had his hands on my hips now, fucking me hard. Pulling me against his dick in time with each thrust. After a couple of more minutes, he too came inside of me. As he pulled out, some cum leaking out, running down the crack of my ass and onto my rock hard cock.

Rolling over, I laid there for a minute, finally able to relax.

I looked over at you, still watching me thru the camera and said ‘Now, I think it is your turn….but instead of two dicks, I think that you will be feeling three!’

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