New Panties Ch. 02


Part III

With a new pair of lacy culottes panties and matching demi-cup bra on and a generous selection of colors, styles and sizes, in her bags Cori made her way through the mall once again. She couldn't wait to change out of her old cloths into something sexier.

With a newfound confidence and orgasm-high, Cori worked her way through trendy clothing stores picking out outfits that she had always drooled over when other women wore them. In her first store she exchanged her kaki's and loose work shirt, for a pair of tight low rise jean skirt and short cut black camisole that dipped just enough to give a slight view of her bra and a spectacular view of her cleavage.

She actually squealed when she saw herself for the first time. It was almost perfect, with the exception of her old runners. The shoe store was the next stop but for now she wanted more outfits!

Five hundred dollars later, she finished her cloths spree collecting a tight pair of low rise jeans, a micro mini plaid skirt, a selection of cute T's and camisoles, one sun dress and a gorgeous shimmering blue cocktail dress. She was almost shaking with anticipation of wearing each outfit out on the town.

Finally unable to resist the call of the shoe stores, she blew three hundred more buying a pair of lace up knee high stiletto boots, a comfortable pair of pumps Mary-Jane's to complement her new outfits. Wearing the boots to sex up her outfit even more, she wandered the mall to watch how eyes focused on her from every ware.

Enjoying the voyeurism, she browsed the kiosks, buying a cute mini purse and some shinny pieces of jewelry. Mesmerized by the sparkling stones, she couldn't help to get her ears pierced. Even as guy the holes wouldn't really look that weird.

Her last stop of the day was the make up section at the drug store. Lucky to find a salesperson that knew their stuff, Cori listened intently and watched in the mirror as the woman applied touches of make up to accent her facial features. The effect was amazing and best of all, easy to repeat on her own. Collecting the different powders and lip treatments, Cori made her way to the counter. Just in front of her in line was one of those annoying people who you always hate to be behind. Complaining over every little point. Today the woman in front of her seemed to be trying to return something with no luck. Cori leaned in closer to eaves drop.

"I'm sorry ma'am, we don't take back clothing," the clerk repeated in a well trained voice.

"I don't care your policy, I want my money back! I didn't even open it. My stupid boyfriend bought it without using his brain!"

The lady was trying to return a costume! Somewhat surprised by her luck, Cori intervened. "Sorry, to cut in, but what is it?"

"I dunno, something with bat wings." She said curtly.

"Can I see?"

The woman sighed at the continuing interruption. Cori never wanted to slap someone so bad. And now that she was a woman..... No, costume first. It was a demoness costume. Very revealing, no wonder the boyfriend wanted to dress her in it. Too bad for him. "I'll buy it from you." The lady suddenly turned sickenly sweet and after a brief negotiation, Cori finally had a costume to wear to the party. Well a second costume she thought naughtily.

Content with her very productive day, wondering only briefly how she was going to pay for it all, Cori made her way back to her car. Just out the door she was stopped by a couple of guys at the door. A jock type guy, Cory was used to being intimidated by at the gym.

"Hey girl, how about we get together? I can make you feel all sorts of things?"

Feeling hot, Cori decided to flirt, taking a deep breath to press her generous bust out further. "Having fun boys?"

"We are now. What are you up to tonight?" he asked moving closer. Cori wondered then what it would be like to take their flirtations further. "Because I know of this party that's going to be off the hook."

"Oh where at?" she asked touching his arm gently. Emboldened by the contact, he clumsily wrapped his close arm around her shoulder.

"Well, it's at a friend of a friends place. There's going to be all kinds of drinks and shit."

Starting to feel a bit uncomfortable in his embrace, she decided to turn this around. "Are there going to be any hot girls there?"

"There will be if your there," he countered still trying to put his moves on. When realization finally hit, he laughed. "Yeah there's some lookers I know of, maybe we can find someone for us both."

"Ha ha ha, okay. I'll be there." Cori promised and took down the address.

As he turned away, she grabbed his wrist. "Oh one thing," she said as her turned back, then planted a hard kiss on him, taking his tongue into her mouth, while slipping her free hand to press firmly on his crotch. "Thanks for the invite!"

Walking away she could hear them talking loudly, confused as to what just happened. Truth be told, Cori was just as confused. The kiss was nice, but not as hot as the woman in the lingerie store. Not completely sure about men one way or another, Cori just smiled at the confusion she was able to impart and the poor guy.

Having slipped into the more comfortable jeans and Mary-Jane's, Cori arrived at the party well after it started. Loud music poured through the closed door, which blasted even louder when she slipped inside. Bouncing to music and enjoying the feel of her breasts giggling, Cori wondered to the kitchen to grab a drink.

Wine cooler in hand she worked through the crowed until a hand grabbed her from behind. "You made it!" It was the guy from earlier. "Wanna sit?"

"Sure!" he led them downstairs passed more than one couple in the throws of passion. Taking a seat in the corner, he introduced himself as William, a graduate student at U of O.

"I'm here visiting my brother. Kinda between things right now!"

"Ah, well you need someone to take care of you then," he laughed.

The night continued pleasantly as the two exchanged information, drinked like fish, and danced like they where horny rabbits. Somehow through the night they made their way up stairs to Williams room. NFL posters lined the walls hiding many of the cracks. Tripping she fell onto his bed. "I'm such a light weight! I never was before." She said almost saying too much.

"Well you've gone shot for shot with me and I'm feeling pretty fucked up too."

"That's sweet."

Leaning in, he kissed her gently. Surprised, Cori let it happen finding it a nice enough feeling. The kiss turned more passionate as his hands pulled her closer to him. Hormones raging again, Cori kissed back, moaning into his mouth as his hands began massaging her breasts.

Encouraged he slipped his hands under her shirt and continued the massage. Breaking the kiss briefly, Cori let him pull off her shirt and helped him with her bra. His warm hands felt wonderful on her bare breasts. Getting more aggressive he pinched a nipple before brining it into his mouth.

"Oh, god," she moaned falling back onto the bed.

They continued to make out loosing more and more clothing, until Cori was naked and William was left with only his boxers. Standing up he slid them down to reveal his hardened cock. Seven inches of penis stared Cori in the face as she sat up on the edge of the bed and took it into her hand. Caressing it softly, she stroked his balls. Inebriated, she felt an urge to go farther, do more.

Licking her lips she leaned forward to tentatively lick the tip of his throbbing penis. He gasped and moved closer to her. Continuing to play with his balls, she took the first inch into her mouth, wrapping her long tongue around his shaft, then pulled away quickly. He nearly fell as his knees buckled.

Smiling she looked up at his eyes and took another inch into her mouth, slowly filling herself with his member. With no more room in her mouth his cock pressed against her throat. Testing it for a gag reflex she lowered her mouth farther pressing his cock down her throat until her lips touched his pelvis. Pumping furiously, she almost missed his warning, and managed to pull away just as he came onto the bed sheets.

"Wholly fuck, that was amazing!"

She laughed at his exhaustion, and pulled herself backwards onto the bed. He followed her kissing her hard on the mouth. Pressing his body against hers, then slowly lowered his mouth down her neck stopping to suck hard on each nipple before diving hard into her pussy. Licking hard he worked his tongue back and forth across her clit.

"Keep going." She breathed pulling his head hard into her pelvis. Feeling her budding orgasm she humped her pussy against his face. "there!" she cried as she came.

Smiling he pulled himself up kissing her hard again before pulling away to riffle through his bed side table. Slidding a rubber over his re-erect cock, he slid back to Cori, who waited in a drunken bliss. Mounting her she gasped as his cock penetrated her for the first time. Holding his ass tightly she pressed him further into her pussy feeling every inch sliding against her enflamed lips. Inside her it felt truly amazing.

Flipping him over she mounted him cow girl style, driving her pussy back onto his throbbing cock. Clamping her sensitive pelvic muscles hard against his cock, she drove herself down recklessly.

"Oh fuck yeah!" she screamed. "FUCK ME!"

And then he went stiff. "Ah, shit," she cussed. "Your done?"

Embarrassed he nodded.

"It's okay. It was fun though." She sighed, re-dressing.

"Can I call you later and we can maybe go to a movie or something?"

"Sorry, I'm not really looking for a relationship right now," she said, not wanting to hurt his feelings. She left the party then still a bit drunk and horny as hell.

Part IV

Grabbing a cab outside Cori went home, quietly contemplating what had happened that day. Was he gay? No. She was a woman right now, and she still wanted women more than anything. The cab pulled into the parking lot of his apartment breaking her thoughts. Contenting herself with just thinking that tonight was just tonight and didn't mean anything, she paid the cabby walked to front doors. The reflection of the convenience store beside the building caught her eye and more interestingly the adult video store beside it.

Inibitions lost long ago this night, Cori entered the small store in search of something to relieve her aching pussy. Browsing the small selection of dildo's she finally decided on a vibrating dildo that came with a leather strap. Nodding threw the care taking lecture the girl at the counter gave her, Cori spent the minute to take in the girls beauty. Asian, the girl was petite with long black hair, an adorably cute rounded face and perky B cup that was lifted well by her mini-bustier.

Paying, Cori and ran toward the door.Stopping abruptly she turned around to see the cashier still watching her. "Buzz 1077 when your off." She winked, not knowing if the girl had any interest.

A half hour later, with her new dildo prepped and ready, Cori stripped her day worn cloths off and lied in bed. Just as she brought the dildo down teasingly to her mouth, the phone rang. Annoyed, Cori picked up the phone before realizing it was his apartment, not hers.

"Hi," she said stuck.

"Hi, it's Sakura from, uh, next door. You asked me to stop by."

Excited, Cori nearly dropped the phone. "Sorry, come on up! Apartment 1109."

Rummaging through her shopping bags, Cori threw on a dark green silky lingerie gown covered with a fine black mesh. She had loved how it hugged her curves tightly and had planned on sleeping in it tonight. She just managed to get everything in place before the nock on the door.

"Hi Sakura!" she said almost in a squeal hugging her tightly.

"Um hi." She said a bit uncomfortable.

"Oh, shit sorry, I'm Cori, with an I. Want a drink?"

"Sure Cori." The two sat and exchanged pleasantries as Sakura sipped her cooler. "So did you get that dildo working okay?"

"Well somewhat," Cori answered. "All the straps are a bit confusing. Can you show me?" She tried to use a cute face, but wasn't sure just what that was suppose to look like.

Returning from the bedroom with the strap on, she handed it over.

"Looks like its in fine." She said slipping it on over her dress pants. "normally you wouldn't ware much if anything when you put this on so it can press back into you nicely."

"Okay, but where is it suppose to sit?"

Slamming back the rest of her drink Sakura pulled it off again and removed her pants. Underneath she was wearing a cute pair of cotton boy cut panties, that had a growing wet spot in the front.

Embarrassed she explained that working in the video store with the porno's running constantly gets to you. "Which is why I'm here. I've never really done this kind of thing before with a woman, but your hot and if I'm going to have a lesbian experience, it's damn well going to be with-" Cori cut her off with a firm kiss. Sakura was taking too long to explain. She was too horny for that. Slipping off her panties she helped Sakura strap in the dildo.

"And that's how you-" she started then dropped the pretense as Cori quickly took the cock in her mouth, sucking hard like Williams before. Amazingly Sakura's response was similar, though more guttural, as the textured base dug back into her sensitive mound. "oh fuck!"

Not waiting for any more encouragement Cori pushed Sakura down onto the floor and mounted her. Bouncing hard on top Cori drove herself harder and quicker. Sakura growing more active began rubbing Cori's tits through the silky material. It didn't take long with the added stimulation to drive Cori to orgasm.

"Damn that was just what I needed." She smiled down at her lover. As she pulled herself forward off the phallus, Sakura slapped her ass hard.

"Don't act like this is over girl," she said pushing her forward more until Cori was forced to kneel over top of her mouth. Her moist lips dripped into Sakura's waiting mouth as she sucked hard on Cori's clit, spinning her tongue all around it. Sliding one hand in behind, she caressed Cori's ass then passed lower to her star. Her finger, slick from her own juices, pressed hard into Cori's ass, and was rewarded with a scream. Wiggling the digit, she worked her finger in to the first knuckle.

Gasping for breath Cori tried to hang on, she had never felt an orgasm build up so strongly before. Fearfully she tried to suck more an more oxygen in. Just as she felt like she was regaining control, Sakura's free hand found Cori's breast and began teasing her nipple between squeezes.

Every muscle went stiff. She couldn't breathe. Then it released and Cori blacked out.

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