New Panties Ch. 04


Cori moaned in disappointment as Danielle pulled out. "Don't worry my little slave, I'm not through with you."

With that, Cori watched his sister strip seductively at the edge of the bed. The tight clothing had only hinted at a tenth of the beauty of Danielle. The innocent look on her face belied her actions as she picked up her panties and smelled them. With a smile she brought them over to Cori. "A wonderful smell isn't it?"

Cori breathed in deeply moaning with excitement.

"I'm glad you like it. Cause there is more where that came from." Straddling Cori again, she worked her way up until her pussy was only inches away.

"Do you want it?"

"Yes! Please!"

"Say it!"

"I want you Pussy Dani, I need to taste it!"

Cori's tongue flicked out to caress the swollen lips of her sisters pussy "Oh my God!" Dani moaned, lowering herself more to give Cori complete access. "Eat it! Fuck! Eat it like you suck cock!"

Cori continued licking and caressing Dani's outer lips with her tongue, probing deeper into her folds with each moan. Slowly Cori drew tiny circles upwards until she reached her sisters clit. With a deep breath Cori took the swollen clit into her mouth, sucking hard and lashing it mercilessly with her tongue.

Danielle went completely stiff and for the first time during their lovemaking, she was completely quiet. Cori paused, concerned.

"Ahhh!!!!!!" Dani moaned loudly ejaculating into Cori's face.

"Wow." Danielle said sitting back beside Cori. "That was unbelievable." Leaning forward she kissed Cori tenderly, tasting her juices on her lips. Intoxicated by the flavor, their kiss deepened. "I think you deserve a reward for that."

Slipping down between Cori's legs, Danielle admired her pussy teasing it with her fingernails. Shyly she reached her tongue out to taste Cori's wetness. "Mmm, you taste good too." She said before diving in, pressing her tongue unbelievably far into Cori's pussy. Spinning it back and forth, Danielle made her way up Cori's pussy, mimicking some of the techniques Cori had just used on her.

"Oh, fuck Dani, suck it please. That feels so great!"

Encouraged by Cori's lust, Dani worked her clit hard licking in fast tight circles. Dani nearly lost hold as Cori's thighs squeezed tighter on her head. With a free hand Dani picked up the abandoned cock and slowly pressed it into Cori's throbbing pussy.

The sensation of her sister sucking her clit while pumping the large cock into sent Cori over the edge. Screaming in orgasm she had to pant heavily to stop from losing consciousness.

As the sensations began to recede Cori felt Dani spin her onto her stomach. A peak back revealed that Dani had once again donned the phallous, and was guiding into her wet pussy once more. With a night full of surprises, this was the biggest. Waiting to feel the hard cock, press into her pussy, Cori instead felt its warm slick head press into her ass.

"Wait-" But it was too late, once it began to press in, Coir wanted it more than anything at moment. Cori screamed as each ribbed inch pressed deeper into her ass, and just when she thought she could take no more, she felt the smooth curves of her sister's legs against her own. "Oh, fuck me Dani!"

Slowly Dani increased her pace as she worked the cock into Cori's ass, until their bodies slammed together hard. Reaching around Danielle, pinched Cori's tender nipples while her second hand ran it's fingers through her pussy lips, teasing Cori's clit.

Drenched in sweat Cori Could only pant as the pleasure took hold. The orgasm built hard and fast and with one final scream Cori passed out.

Cori woke to Danielle slapping her. "Are you okay?"

"Oh, yeah."

"I thought I fucking killed you."

Cori shifted, wincing in a bit of pain.

"Oh, I am so sorry!"

"Don't be. That was amazing." Cori sat up and kissed her sister tenderly.

Danielle smiled, glowing in after sex sweat. "Can I ask you something?"


"Is sex always that good."

"No. It's generally pretty good. But that was the best I've ever had."

Danielle kissed her passionately.

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