tagLoving WivesNew Perspectives Ch. 01-04

New Perspectives Ch. 01-04


Chapter One- from Kenneth

My wife's name is Emily and we have been married for almost eight years. She's a beautiful brunette with firm little titties and a great ass that men almost always notice. She's the kind of girl who loves attention from the opposite sex and the kind of girl who gets more than her fair share of it. I'm not the jealous type, so it has never bothered me that she enjoys flirting with other men. Quite the opposite is, in fact, true. I find her provocative behavior around men to be enthralling.

The dynamics of our marriage changed considerably in the winter of 2010. A big ice storm had left much of the city without power and though the weather warmed up the day after the storm, many people were left with no electricity for days. We were among the lucky ones who did not lose power.

The night after the storm, Emily and I went to a nearby bar to see a band. During the band's break, I saw a guy that I used to know from work and we spent a few minutes talking. The guy's name was Ryan and though we had only worked together for a short time, he was someone I trusted. I wasn't a bit surprised when Emily started flirting with him. When we saw that the band was coming back on stage, we began to make our way back to our spot, and Emily said, "He's cute."

After the show, as we were leaving, we saw Ryan again and he looked perplexed. When I asked if he had a problem, he explained that his apartment still had no power.

"I just got off the phone with my roommate," he said, "...he just stopped by our place and said it was fifty-one degrees. I really don't wanna sleep there again tonight."

I looked at Emily and she nodded slightly almost as if she had read my mind. Ryan looked surprised when I told him that he could crash on our couch and initially declined the offer. After Emily assured him several times that he wouldn't be a disturbance, he accepted the invitation. With Ryan in tow, we made the short drive to the house in only a few minutes.

When we got home the three of us had a nightcap drink and talked about the band we had just seen. Emily had already had a few drinks, so her flirting was more overt than I was accustomed to seeing. It was actually kind of mesmerizing to watch her interact with Ryan. By the time we prepared the couch for Ryan and went to bed it was almost 2:30 am.

I awoke the next morning much earlier than I wanted to. It was only 8:05, but I was unable to go back to sleep. Sundays are Emily's day to sleep in, so I tried to get up without waking her. I made my way to the living room and was amused by what I saw. Ryan was a little too big for the couch and looked to be anything but comfortable. Because I felt bad for him, I woke him up and asked him if he wanted to take my place in the bed that I had just evacuated.

Of course Ryan was happy to get off the couch that was too small for him and get into a large warm bed. The added bonus was that my wife was also in that bed. I didn't want Emily to be surprised, so I let her know what was happening. She was still mostly asleep, but didn't seem to mind.

"That's fine," was her only response before rolling over and going back to sleep.

I went back into the living room, turned on the TV, and took a seat on the couch. That's when I remembered that Emily was only wearing a tiny pair of panties. I was trying to watch Sportcenter on TV, but I could only think about what might happen in the bedroom. After all, my wife was half naked and in bed with a guy whom she found very attractive. I had made it clear to her over the last year that she was free to have extramarital sex without me expecting the same kind of freedom.

An hour later, noises started coming from the bedroom; the kind of noises people make when they're fucking. I went to the bedroom door to be able to hear better. What I heard was the bed creaking and Emily moaning in ecstasy. There was absolutely no doubt that Ryan was fucking my wife. Though part of me half-expected it and another part even kind of hoped for it, I was shocked. I had told Emily many times that she was free to have sex with anyone she wanted, but she had always brushed off the idea. Her standard response was something like, "Okay, I'll keep that in mind...but you're more than enough for me."

I listened to the two of them fuck and before I even realized that I was becoming aroused, my dick was fully hard. They went at it for at least thirty minutes and my erection remained solid the entire time. Emily was making no attempt to be quiet, so she had to know that I could hear the whole thing. Ryan must have been fucking her pretty hard because she was loud. From what I heard, it sounded like she came a few different times.

When Ryan finally let out a loud drawn out, "Ohhhh yeaaaah," I knew that he was cumming. He moaned for a while and then I couldn't hear anything more. When I put my ear to the door, I could Emily giggling.

"That was a lot," I could barely hear her say, "...I tried to swallow it all, but it was too much."

"It looks good on you," Ryan replied.

For a second, I thought that I might cum too. Just the thought of Emily locking her mouth on Ryan's cock while he shot his load was almost enough to push me over the edge. If I could've seen Emily, at that moment, with the cum that had spilled out of her mouth and onto her chin, I almost certainly would have shot a load of my own.

It was only a few minutes later when Emily and Ryan emerged from the bedroom. Though Ryan was dressed, Emily was still totally nude. He thanked me for letting him stay the night as he put on his shoes. He was noticeably uncomfortable and didn't mention the fact that he had just fucked my wife and deposited his spunk in her mouth. Once he had his shoes on, he thanked us again, said goodbye, and was quickly out the door.

Chapter Two- from Kenneth

"You're not mad, are you?" Emily asked as soon as Ryan had left.

"No," I answered her, "...I figured it would happen sooner or later."

"It's not like you can put a good looking guy like that in bed with me and expect me to be a good

girl," she said playfully.

"You know I don't expect you to be a good girl," I replied, "...I gave you your freedom a long time ago."

We embraced, spent a minute kissing and then I assured her that my love for her wasn't tied to her fidelity. Her pussy was hers to share with anyone she chose. I knew that she had a slutty side before I married her and it was one of the many reasons I loved her so much. I explained to her that the last thing I wanted to do was change her.

"You once said it was a turn-on to think about me getting naughty with another guy," she said, "...did it turn you on to hear us doing it?"

"Yes," I answered honestly.

"Did it make you hard?" she asked with an evil grin.

"Yes," I admitted sheepishly.

"Are you still hard?" she questioned, feigning shock.

My dick was still rock hard, but I didn't answer right away. She sensed my embarrassment and let out a little laugh.

"It's okay baby," she said, still smiling, "...drop your pants and let me see."

When I hesitated, she took the liberty of exposing my hard-on herself. My cock had swelled to its full five and a half inches and was standing

straight up.

"My, oh my...you really are excited," she said, "Do you wanna go in the bedroom? I can tell you everything that happened...and you can jack-off if you want."

It sounded like a good idea to me, so I went into the bedroom and got into bed. Emily came in, sat down right next to me, and told me to take off my clothes. After I was naked, she began her narrative:

"I was surprised when you brought Ryan in, but not really awake. I started to wake up when I felt him rubbing my back and neck. I laid still and enjoyed the feeling of his hands on me. It didn't take long before his hands strayed southward. When he started stroking my ass, I could feel my pussy starting to getting wet. The next thing I knew, he was pulling my panties down. That's when I knew for sure that we were going to fuck. I rolled over onto my back, kicked off the blanket, and spread my legs. At that point, he knew my pussy was his for the taking. He stood up and took off his clothes. I was happy to see that he was already hard."

"Was he big?" I interrupted.

"Yeah, he was pretty big," she answered.

"Bigger than me?" I asked.

She hesitated for a moment before answering, "Maybe a little bigger, but not much."

I wondered just how big his cock really was, but I didn't want Emily to feel like she was being interrogated. Instead of asking, I remained silent and let her continue her account of what had happened. I began to stroke my cock as she returned to her narrative:

"When he got back in bed, I climbed on top of him. Seeing him naked made me even hornier. He looked so good...I couldn't wait to have him inside me. As soon as I mounted him, he took a hold of his dick and rubbed the head against my cunt. Moments later, he was penetrating me. I had to take it slow at first cuz he was a little thicker than I'm used to...but once he'd stretched me out, I went wild. He just laid still and let me ride him. I was bouncing up and down on his cock and the bed was shaking...you could probably hear it. I was fucking him like crazy...and that's how I came...the first time. It felt so good...and at that point, I didn't care if you could hear us."

I had been afraid that Emily might not be totally forthcoming in her account, but that did not seem to be the case. I listened intently to her every word and she was well aware of the effect they were having on me. She was undoubtedly enjoying telling me about how she had given herself to another man and watching me jack-off while she did it. It was a strange, but extremely exciting, experience. As I stroked my erection, I had to be careful not to climax before the end of the story. The narrative continued:

"When I had finished cumming, Ryan put me on my back...he fucked me real slow at first. He'd pull his cock all the way outta me...and then he'd very slowly put it all the way back in and hold it there for a few seconds. The whole time he slow fucked me, we were kissing. Eventually he took a hold of my legs and spread me wide...that's when he started to increased his pace. And from there everything is a kinda blur. I know he pounded me really hard for quite a while... and I know at some point he fucked me doggie-style...I don't know how many times I came, but it was intense."

I knew I couldn't last much longer. Listening to Emily tell me how much she liked being fucked by Ryan was more stimulating than I could have ever imagined. Still, I had one question in my mind that I had to ask.

"Was it better than sex with me?" I asked.

"No...it was just different. I haven't had another man in so long that I forgot what it was like to be with someone for the first time. But I think the forbidden aspect of it was what made it so good. Being married...and knowing my husband was right in the other room while I let a guy I barely know take me...it was more erotic than I would have ever thought. When he said he was gonna cum, I opened my mouth to signal that I wanted to taste it. He came so much I couldn't even swallow it all."

That was all that I could take. Picturing my wife drinking another man's cum sent me over the edge. Emily just watched as my fluid leaked out, making a mess on my stomach. She made a comment about a taste test before licking the cum off me like any good wife should be happy to do for her husband.

Afterwards, we stared into each other's eyes for a moment, each of us sending a silent but clear message to the other. My message to her was, 'I'm so turned on by you having extramarital sex that I'll never stop you from doing anything you want.' Her message to me was, 'I was surprised how much I liked it, but even more surprised at how much you liked it...and now that I know, I'm going to take full advantage of it.'

Chapter Three- from Emily

I consider myself a very lucky girl. I'm married to a great guy who consistently goes out of his way to make me happy. Our marriage has been fantastic in every way, but was always, until recently, fairly conventional. There was one thing that was kind of unusual about our marriage though; we sometimes role-played as if I was his insatiable wife and he set up extramarital affairs for me.

Sex with Kenneth has always been great and an occasional role-play game kept things fresh. He liked for me to be naughty, often encouraging me to wear skimpy clothes and flirt with other men. I'm a girl who loves attention, so doing those kinds of things usually made me quite horny and led to a fun role-playing session in bed with Kenneth. One night, a few years ago, after one such session, he told me that he was granting me my sexual freedom.

"I don't expect you to be faithful to me," he declared, "...but I do expect you to be honest."

I thought he was kidding at first, but he went on to make it clear that he was serious.

"I know human females are not biologically wired to be monogamous," he said, "And I'm sure you have extramarital urges...I just want you know that it's okay if you act on those urges."

I was stunned at first. After all, it's not every day that a woman hears her husband give up his claim to the exclusive use of her pussy. He assured me that he loved me and would never expect the same kind of freedom for himself. It took a while, but eventually I began to understand that Kenneth was just an incredible husband who didn't want to put any restrictions on my womanhood. My pleasure was more important to him than any sense of possessiveness that he might have had.

Though I did find the thought of extramarital sex somewhat arousing, I never planned to take advantage of my newly granted freedom. Sex with Kenneth was great and I was an extremely satisfied woman, so the idea of sleeping with other men just seemed greedy. Still, in the back of my mind, I was happy to have my husband's immunity from any sexual impropriety. If I wound up spreading my legs for some young handsome guy after having a bit too much to drink, I'd only have to come clean about it to Kenneth and he'd be obliged to accept it.

I honestly never expected it to happen, but happen it did. A nice-looking friend of Kenneth's named Ryan stayed at our house on the couch one night because there was no heat at his apartment. I knew he liked me and we were flirting like crazy that night even though Kenneth was right there. Nothing sexual happened that night, but the next morning, Kenneth woke up early and offered his spot in the bed to Ryan. I was still almost totally asleep when he slid into bed next me. Kenneth let me know that Ryan was in the bed, but I was too groggy to even think twice about it.

I think it goes without saying at this point that Ryan and I ended up fucking. He woke me up by rubbing on my back and I knew immediately that he was going to try to fuck me. I was unsure about what I wanted to happen for only a minute. His hands felt so good on my back and they massaged away any doubts or reservations that I had about taking a new lover. By the time he took my panties off of me, I was as wet as I've ever been.

The sex with Ryan was out of this world. I had forgotten the thrill of being taken by a new lover and the forbidden aspect of being married added greatly to it. Adding to my pleasure was the fact that Ryan's cock was a little bigger than my husband's. It definitely was not the biggest cock I've ever had, but it was nice to be stretched more than I had been in the last ten years. Ryan fucked me missionary, he fucked me from behind, he let me ride him, he fucked me slow, and he also fucked me hard. For what seemed like hours, we entwined our bodies, lost in the ecstasy that washes over new lovers.

At first, I tried to be quiet, but that didn't last long. I was going to have to tell Kenneth anyway, so there was no reason to suppress my cries of delight. In fact, it would be easier for me to break the news to him, I figured, if it wasn't coming as a surprise. By the time Ryan came in my mouth, I had no doubt that my husband had heard my shrieks.

It had been a surprising start to my day, but there was still one more surprise. After Ryan had made a quick exit, Kenneth told me that he had been listening and that it made him aroused. I told him to pull down his pants so I could see if he was telling the truth and when he did, I was surprised to find his five and a half inches were standing straight up. I thought it was kind of funny that he was so turned-on by what had happened, but there was no denying it; his cock was as hard as steel.

We ended up in the bedroom and I gave him a blow by blow account of how Ryan and I had gotten to know each other in the biblical sense while he stroked himself. I thought about giving him a helping hand, but he just looked so adorable doing it himself with his cute little cock in his hand.

Watching my husband jack-off was a unique experience. While most women would have to beg for their husband's forgiveness after such illicit behavior, I was the one in control of the situation. It was fun and I enjoyed it nearly as much as the sex.

Chapter Four- from Kenneth

The next day, the full realization of what had happened sunk in. My wife had finally accepted the gift of her unconditional sexual freedom. She had serviced another man and loved doing it. I was concerned that one or the other of us might feel awkward around the other because of it, but it actually seemed to make us closer. She was grateful that I loved her enough to put any feelings of possessiveness aside for the sake of her pleasure and I was grateful that she trusted me enough to deliver a forthright account of what had happened without trying to hide how enjoyable it had been for her.

When we had sex two nights later, it was incredible. Outside the bedroom, we were more dialed in emotionally to each other and more attentive to the other's needs than ever before. Though we didn't discuss what had happened for over a week, it was foremost on our minds. It was the following week before either of us mentioned Ryan. It was Emily who brought up the subject and when she did so, she did it casually, as if having sex with other men was common for wives in a typical marriage.

"I've been thinking about how Ryan and I fucked...and how you liked it too," she said.

The remark certainly got my attention. I was eager to hear what would come next, but I wanted to seem as casual she did. I only nodded to indicate for her to continue.

"I looked him up on Facebook," she said, "...and I sent him a message...I just thought you should know."

"Oh...that's fine," I replied, trying not to sound excited, "...what did you say?"

"I'll gave him my number and let him know that I'm available," she answered, "...we'll see if he messages me back."

He didn't reply to the message, but he did call her the following night. It was almost midnight and we were watching the end of a movie when her phone rang. I had no idea who was calling, but saw my chance to run to the restroom. When I returned, Emily informed me that her caller had been Ryan.

"He was afraid that you'd be mad at him," she said, "...but I told him that you were perfectly fine with it."

"What else did he say?"

"He wanted to know if I wanted to see him tonight."

"What did you tell him?"

She looked as if she were thinking about the question for a moment and then a big mischievous grin spread across her pretty face before she answered that he was on his way over. That's when I knew that she had embraced her freedom and that I'd no longer have to literally invite men into her bed to get her to be a slut-wife.

Ryan seemed a bit uncomfortable when he first arrived, so I fixed him a drink, hoping that it might help put him at ease. The three of us were chatting and he seemed to be starting to relax, but when there was a lull in the conversation, Emily took the opportunity to address the elephant in the room.

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