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New Pleasures


The final bell rings and the school explodes with sounds of cheering and screaming and the scraping sound of tables and chairs moving across the tile floors. The last day of the long and agonizing school year is a wonderful day filled with freedom and rejoice. Everyone is running around saying goodbye to friends, complaining about how much they're going to miss each other.

Despite the lack of maneuverability and sense of direction, Seth manages to make his way to Candace's locker safely. He lovingly greets her from behind by wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing her neck, whispering Guess who? into her ear. She turns her head and returns the kiss.

"Hi, love! How are you?"

The small talk begins, and he isn't interested. He has other things on his mind. She talks to him about her day, and he listens closely because he knows she wants to talk to someone who listens. Seth presents a preposition that takes Candace by surprise.

"So baby, how about we head on over to my place? My parents aren't home and I'd really like to spend some time with you alone."

From school, his house is about a two-minute walk, and she's been dying to spend some alone time with her love, so she accepts. They walk hand-in-hand towards his duplex, residing in which from top to bottom are a close friend's grandmother, himself and his family (both parents and a younger sister), and his grandfather in the basement. As they approach his home, he makes an unexpected right turn into what seems like his driveway, although a few meters ahead is where his grandfather's truck is parked.

"Where are we going?" Candace asks. "Isn't the front door that way?" as she gestures towards the front of the house.

"We're going in the back," Seth replies, "to the patio. I just didn't want to drag you through the whole house, I hope you don't mind."

They climb a half-dozen metal stairs up to his patio, where they sit on an outdoor patio couch. She comfortably leans on Seth who, by now, has grown fond of it, and gently massages his upper leg. He's turned on by this seemingly innocent act, but the fact that other things are occupying his thoughts doesn't help much. "Come with me" he says calmly as he gets up from the semi-uncomfortable furniture.

"Where are we going now?" she asks, but he doesn't answer.

Candace follows Seth closely back down the slightly rusted stairs. They make their way towards the middle of his backyard when he suddenly stops.

"What are you doing, honey?" she asks him worriedly. He picks up on her worried tone. 'She's always over thinking things and blowing them out of proportion.' he thinks to himself. 'Well I better get to the point quick before she starts freaking out.'

He quickly responds, telling her what's really on his mind.

"I've come to realize that we've been alone for quite some time now, but we haven't gotten to do anything particularly... Exciting, if you know what I mean."

He smirks as he says this, and she just rolls her eyes.

"Shut up, you. There's still a long wait until anything like that happens!"

He decides to challenge her, he knows she likes these games.

"Oh really? Well, you'd be surprised at what I can make a woman do," he says with a wink.

"Yeah?" she asks. "Then prove it!" And with perfect timing, he leans in and kisses her.

This wasn't just any ordinary kiss, as she immediately realized. This was something more loving, more powerful than ever before. Her first reaction was to break free, uncertain of what would happen next, but a feeling, one she had never felt before, kept her from moving. She wraps her arms around his neck, savoring the moment, feeling his heat, smelling his cologne, and enjoying every second of it.

As he grabs her by the waist, pulling her closer, she can't help but feel captivated by his persistence. Or maybe it's his overwhelming charm. Either way, she wants it just as much as he does, now. They fall into a trance, moving to the beat of their hearts. Everything around the two is pushed out, and the only thing left in the world is them. He moves his hands lower, cupping her round ass with desire. She bites her lower lip, a sign that she craves more. He responds by gliding his hands ever so smoothly towards her front buttons, undoing them one by one, taking what seemed like an eternity. He pops the last one out of its socket and slides her shorts off, exposing purple panties that caress her every curve.

He kisses her passionately to keep her distracted as he moves his finger over the panties, gently rubbing her most sensitive areas. She moans loudly, unable to control herself. She tries to keep quiet, but his every move intensifies her pleasure. Her body is overtaken by mixed emotions along with this feeling that is still new to her. Her moaning is like a drug to him. He wants to hear it louder every time so he knows she wants him. He pushes his index softly over her clit and feels her muscles tense. He moves over it, from side to side, moving faster and pushing harder with each moment that passes. She digs her nails into his back as she tries to keep eye contact, but with every swift move of his hand all her muscles seem to cease, causing waves of incredible pleasure to pass through her entire body.

He continues until her panties are dripping wet. He kneels down and spreads her legs slightly. He begins to pull her soaked panties down to her ankles, then she steps out of them. He continues the same motion as before, only this time with his tongue. She finds it crazy for it to be possible to feel such intense pleasure by just one man, yet here they are. She holds on to his shoulders to keep from toppling over in the moment. He slowly opens her lips with his tongue, exploring her every crevice. With precision and suave, he slips his tongue into her wet pussy and hits her G-spot dead on. She's taken by surprise and screams with pleasure. He keeps going at it, sliding his rough tongue in and out of her until she's quivering.

She can't help herself, she has to release. She tightens her grip on his shoulders and moans long and loud as she orgasms, sending her love juices all over his face. He stands up and comes face-to-face with her once more. He kisses her, caressing her hips as they sway in slow harmony. They lie on the soft summer grass, looking up at the stars, cuddling. Laying her head on his chest, she eases into a much-needed sleep. He watches her sleep, listening to her breath. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous07/20/17

Thank you

I agree with 1st commenter... holy shit that was hot as all fuck. Wanting more like this and/or of this story.

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