New Roommates


Hey there everyone, my name is Kitt Cartwell and I am a 22 year old white transsexual. Sorry if I got to the point, as it were, too quickly on that, but I have recently resolved to be a bit more honest about my true state. I think you will agree after you read my little story here that this is a good idea.

I guess if I had to put a moment at which this story begins it would be last October when I got fired for my job. I had just graduated from college a few months before and a college friend had gotten me a sweet job at her dad's bank . A job for which most people would need years of experience, but I had connections. I was really good at my job and I know I deserved to keep my job. However, my friend's dad found out I was a transsexual and tried to get me to show him my girlcock and then he asked me to give him a blowjob. I am by no means a slut and I am not entirely enamored of the male sex. I am a transsexual because I loved women and wanted to be more like them. This didn't work for me. I refused and I was fired.

So there I was, no job and all kinds of bills that I could no longer afford to pay. I am cute, I am not going to lie. I am 5'2 and weigh around 100lbs. I have long blonde hair with darks roots and big blue eyes. I have really long eye lashes and a delicate face. My body is soft and girly and I have small, 30-B breasts and somewhat curvy hips. With my looks, I quickly landed a waitressing gig at a classy restaurant.

Now, it was a nice restaurant and I made good money there in tips, but it wasn't any bank job. I was having a hard time paying the bills, especially the mortgage on my rather large condo. So I did what needed to be done. My condo had three bedrooms and I decided that I would put an ad in the paper and get a couple other girls in my house to help should the bills. I live in a great location and the bill wasn't too bad when split up three ways and I quickly have a ton of applicants. I didn't have much time as my bills were going to be due at the end of the month and so I started interviews. I decided to pick two girls who I felt were very compatible with me and who I thought would, if not get along, would at least stay out of each other's way.

The first girl I asked to live with me was named Martina Gould. She was taller than I at 5'6 and she probably weighed in at 125lbs. She was 29 years old and she was absolutely gorgeous. She had the ancestry of Eastern European Jew and had the dark features prominent and sexy features. She had long black hair and beautiful big brown eyes. She had a soft and delicate build that was infinitely feminine without being curvy, with tiny 30-A breasts. She was very put together and was an accountant. She was all adult and I felt she would help me balance out my youthful childishness.

The second girl I asked was Kim Hom and she was to be my party partner. She was a 5'5 130lbs voluptuous Japanese beauty, she was 26 years old. She had short hair that she dyed a pastel pink and had beautiful gray eyes. Her features were so soft that the moment I saw her I wanted to put my hands on her face and feel her soft skin. She was very curvy and had immense 34-C breasts. She was a video store clerk and I could tell right away that she was a partier and I wanted someone to go out with. She was my girl.

Both women agreed and they moved in quickly. I took a room on the first floor of the condo and they each got a room on the top floor. They were there in time to help with that month's bills and I had certainly dodged a bullet. Now I had to find out if I had made a correct decision.

We actually worked out really well. We all liked some of the same shows and enjoyed the same take-out food. We were able to spend two or three hours together a day without any major fights and after two weeks I couldn't imagine life without these two women in my house with me. However, they were both still just roommates and so I decided to try to make them friends.

* * * * *

An average night out with Kim went something like this. We would get home from work on Friday night around six or seven and get dressed up. I usually wore my fishnets, a black skirt, and a tight pink tank top. I liked to wear my hair up in a ponytail. I was also a decent makeup artist and I liked to put it on a little slutty. Kim asked me to do the same for her most times. She would wear a short pleated skirt and a white tank top. She always wore different color bras that were clearly visible through her shirt and I was always in awe of her beauty. She would put her short hair up in pigtails and we would head out to the clubs. It was cold, but we would walk outside in the cold so as not to cover how good we looked.

We lived in the heart of downtown, so it was never a very long walk. We would get in around eleven and take a few shots to get our courage up. We would stick together as a date-rape failsafe and dance. We danced with girls and with guys and often with one another.

Eventually the night would wind on to around one and we would both be pretty hammered. It was usually at this point that we began to make out with one another. It was definitely not a very sexual thing, it was a show. We both just liked the attention of acting like skanky sorority chicks. We would kiss and guys and girls would crowd around and cheer.

Two o'clock was last call and we would usually find some guys or girls who would take us out to a diner and get some food in us before we stumbled home. Neither of us ever went home with anyone, it was never really the plan. We just wanted to tease some people for a little while and then head back home and sleep until noon. This generally is what we did. Then we would go out the next night and do the exact same thing over again. I was quite the party animal...On the weekends.

* * * * *

An average day in with Martina went something like this. We would get home from work around six or seven on a weeknight and Martina would make me dinner. Kim, wilder than I am, would usually go out with other friends and do whatever it was people did at clubs on the weeknights. Martina and I would sit and chat about our days and gossip about the people at our jobs. I felt like I knew everyone down at her office and I sure she felt like she knew everyone at my restaurant. We would do the dishes together and then Martina would commence fussing over me.

She was a bit of a mothering type and she would get nervous about how much Kim and I partied. She would also try to convince me to eat healthier foods and would order me, on occasion, to go to bed early. She was sweet and our relationship had the feel of an older sister who wanted to make sure her younger sister was ready for the real world.

The nights that were really the best together were nights where we would rent a movie and then order in some food (she would order from some vegetarian restaurant known for its healthy fare on her nights, I generally ordered pizza). We would sit on the couch in our pajamas and watch our movies, generally bad horror movies, and we would laugh at them and make snide comments. Usually on those nights we would fall asleep on the couch together. I would wake up at four in the morning and Martina would be back in her room, but she would have draped a blanket over me to ensure that I stayed warm on the couch. She was such a sweetie!

* * * * *

Things began to change in our humble abode one Friday night. The routine began normally with Kim and I getting dressed up in our normal gear to head out to the clubs. We pre-gamed quickly in the kitchen, each of us taking two shots while Martina shook her head. She was heading home to her parent's house (She had wanted to leave on Wednesday I remember, but had been unable to get off of work, at the time that meant nothing to me) for the weekend and she warned us to be safe while she was out. We told her that we could make no promises and giggled when she pulled out of the driveway.

We walked to our normal club and were shocked to see that it was pretty empty. There were usually hundreds of people there but there were only a dozen. We took a few more shots and then headed out to another club. All over town it was the same thing. It wasn't until the next day that I realized that it was the Friday after Thanksgiving and everyone was at home with their families, which is probably why Martina had wanted to leave earlier. My family didn't agree with my "life choices" and we didn't speak. Kim acted as if she had been made in a factory in Japan.

We bummed around the clubs for awhile and drank...a lot. We were completely hammered before it was even midnight. We were making out, trying to gather some attention but nothing was working. We slid into a booth at a diner and decided to tuck in earlier.

"I can't fucking believe how fucking dead tonight was," Kim slurred as she set her head on the table.

"No goddamn kidding," I replied, while I ate. She looked up at me from the table and giggled and I saw in her, in a moment of sober clarity, a beauty I had never seen before. I knotted my eyebrows and stared down at Kim. I leaned forward and kissed her gently on the lips. There was no one in the diner, this wasn't for attention. For the first time I kissed her just for the joy of kissing her and it was beautiful. She kissed back and I could tell that she felt the difference as well. She sat up in her chair and looked at me.

"You are so hot," she said, smiling drunkenly. She leaned in and kissed me again. She put her hands in my hair and her tongue dug deeply into my mouth. I put my hands on her waist and held in close. We kissed for close to a minute before we were interrupted.

"Hey!" the lone waitress, a 50-year old battle axe, yelled, "This is a family establishment. You dykes take it outside." she said. We easily obliged. Soon we were out in the cold street. I leaned against the outside of the diner and Kim leaned into me and kissed me gently. All of the sudden I felt the pedantic drunken state fade and I felt calm. I looked into her beautiful eyes.

"I really want to be with you," I said, and it seemed to make so much sense. I get comfortable when I drink but this was different. I had never felt any of these feelings for Kim before but they attacked me in a flourish. She smiled widely.

"I have wanted you from the first time I saw you," she said, her words barely making it out of her mouth before my tongue entered. We kissed for a while, but soon even the alcohol couldn't cure our chills.

We stumbled back to the condo, our arms wrapped around one another, occasionally kissing. I threw open the door and I giggled as I watched Kim crawl up the stairs on her hands and knees and run into my room. I followed her up slowly and when I got to my room she was sitting with her back against the headrest. Her shirt was off and her big, perky breasts were out in the open in my room.

I pulled my shirt off as well, letting my nipples get hard in the cold air. She smiled drunkenly at me and I giggled. She hooked her finger at me and beckoned me over. I didn't need much convincing. She spread her legs and I jumped up on the bed and crawled between her legs. She wrapped herself around me and kissed me hard on the lips. The feeling of our nipples rubbing together was the most magical sensation I could imagine. We had our arms wrapped around one another and I could believe how soft her skin was. I wanted my hands on every inch of her body. I pushed away from her and gave her a devious smile.

I reached up and grabbed her pleated skirt and yanked it off roughly. She rolled around on the bed and giggled. She gave a smile that made me fall deeply in love with her. I decided to go for it. I hooked my fingers in her panties and slid them off in one quick motion. I looked down to see her pussy and something shocked me. Staring up at me from between Kim's legs was a 5-inch uncircumcised cock, hard.

"Oopsy," she said and giggled. She was too drunk to be nervous and actually stroked it a little. To say I was shocked would be one of the greatest understatements of all time. My mouth was slack so long that she started to get nervous. She covered herself up a little with a small quilt on the bed. I shook myself out of my stupor.

"No it isn't like that," I slurred, "See," I said. I quickly pulled off my own skirt and my own panties. My own hard four inch cock saluted the other girl in my bed. She went into uncontrollable gales of laughter.

"Did you know about little old me?" she asked and flicked her girldick. I felt weak in the knees and realized that I wanted her cock more than anything I had ever wanted in my life before.

"I want to do something fun," she said and started directing me. She lay me on my back and propped my head up with a pillow. She then lady down on her back and slid against me. One of her legs went over my legs and on the other side it was flipped. We were both on our backs with our cocks touching in the middle. She put her hands around both of them and started to stroke the outsides. Our urethras rubbed against on another pleasantly, like being softly jerked off. I was staring at her hands and biting my lip. Before I realized it I was moaning and writhing. Suddenly she stopped. I almost wanted to cry.

She sat up and pushed me back hard on my back. She threw her legs over me and soon my hard cock was in her throat. I gasp. I had never gotten a blowjob before but it was quickly my favorite thing on earth. I was giggling now but soon I felt her soft cock dripping pre-cum onto my nose. I giggled again and took it softly in my hand. I opened my mouth and let her silky soft girlcock into my mouth. I ran my tongue all over it and soon I was more interested in sucking than getting sucked. It felt both like an eternity but also like a second and then I came. A warmth filled my entire body and I felt my girlcock pump load after load into Kim's hot mouth. It apparently was too much for her and she started to cum as well. She was writhing and moaning around my cock. Soon a hot, salty liquid was filling my mouth. It was thick and flavorful and I loved it. I sucked ever last drop out of her until she pulled out of me giggling. She quickly flopped down on top of me and kissed me. Her mouth opened and soon my lips were bulging with combined mass of our cum. I swished the delicious around in my mouth, savoring. I swallowed a small amount then kissed her back, giving half the cum to her. We both swallowed our massive loads and kissed again, the salty taste hot on our tongues. We fell panting onto the bed.

I don't know who blacked out drunk first but the next thing I remembered I awoke the next morning with my arms around my lover. I immediately remembered all of my actions from the night before and felt a cold hard pole in the bottom of my stomach. Then I looked at Kim's beautiful face and any sense of regret washed away from me. I could still taste her cum in my mouth and I kissed her on the nose and went back to sleep, naked in the arms of my lover.

* * * * *

Kim had work the next day and I had to cover for a friend the next evening. I came home and Kim was already asleep. The next day she was headed for a three-day retreat with her therapist and group, which I didn't even know existed. I was sad to be alone and wanted a chance to try some even newer and crazier stuff with my new girlfriend, but alas it wasn't to be. Instead Martina came back on Sunday afternoon and we watched a movie and gossiped. I didn't dare tell her about my adventure. I hoped that I would always be able to keep all of my...eccentricities from my other roommate. However, fate had other plans.

That Monday I was on my way home from work at around midnight. I was walking in the park along the river as it was my favorite route. I knew it was dangerous but it was also beautiful. I was nearly all the way through the park when I heard footsteps coming quickly behind me. I turned quickly and caught a glimpse of a short, stalky white or Indian man with a beard as he ripped my purse from my hand and shoved m. I don't think he realized the precarious position I was in, but it didn't matter. In a few seconds, I was over the handrail. I rolled down the embankment and through the thin ice over the river and into the icy water.

I was in absolute shock and almost tried to take a breath of the stunningly cold water. Suddenly my senses came back to me and I was able to swim towards the shore. I pulled myself out of the water and climbed back up the embankment and threw myself over the handrail. I was shivering so hard I could barely move. I was wearing several layers of clothes all of which were now soaked and weighed several times what they had initially weighed. I was still several blocks from home.

The wind was howling and I have no idea how I was able to trudge home. The water was beginning to freeze in my clothes when I finally pushed my door open and fell inside. I landed with a thud. I heard Martina screech. She rushed out of her room and over to me. I remember that she was wearing a robe and had her hair up. I have never seen her look so concerned.

"Kitt!" she yelled at me. She frantically began to tear my clothes off of me. She had me down to my bra and panties and I stared to feel a bit warmer. Still I couldn't manage to say anything as I was shivering hard. She said she had an idea and ran to my bathroom. I heard her begin to run water in the tub. She then came back to me and lifted me gently to my feet and helped me walk to the bathroom. She sat me on the toilet and looked at me concerned. Soon the tub was filled to the top and she led me over towards it. She unhooked my bra and threw it in the corner. Next she slipped off my panties. I saw her noticed my cold, shriveled girlcock but she acted as though she didn't, she was too concerned. She slide me into the lukewarm water (she told me later she feared hot water would burn me horribly). I slide in and immediately began to feel better.

Martina began to scoop warm water in her hands and rub it on my ears and nose. Occasionally she would add more hot water. After about 30 minutes, I was somewhere in the neighborhood of feeling normal. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply, for the first time not shivering. Suddenly I felt a warmed on my shoulder. I opened my eyes and Martina was smiling down at me. She had a sponge-glove on her hand and she was rubbing it over me, gently washing my cold body.

She rubbed my shoulders and down my arms, rubbing soap onto my body. She cleaned my neck gently and then rubbed each of my legs slowly and lovingly. I felt myself becoming extremely comfortable. Soon her hands were caressing my breasts carefully. I moaned quietly in my mouth and she smiled at me. Slowly her hands moved down my stomach, cleaning my bellybutton. Suddenly I felt a warmth on my girlcock. The entirety of my little dick was inside of the warm soapy sponge-glove. I grunted audibly and opened my eyes. I looked over at Martina and she had a concerned, embarrassed, aroused look on her face. It made me feel wonderful.

"Take care of me Martina," I said. She smiled at me and helped me stand out of the tub. She dried me off with a towel and sent me into my bedroom. She told me to get under the covers and I did as I was told. She came in a few minutes later. I know saw that she wasn't wearing a shirt under her bathrobe. I could see her sexy tits. I lay at my back and stared at her as she slid off her robe. Her body was beautiful. To say I was shocked again would be an even bigger understatement. Martina had a huge hard cock under her bathrobe, seven inches of hard girldick.

"Did you know about me?" I asked. She shook her head.

"Did you know about me?" she asked. I shook my head. I laughed a little and she walked over to me, "Kiss your mama," she said and climbed into bed and gave me a deep sensuous kiss. I was surprised by her forcefulness. I think something about being motherly really gets Martina going. Her hands were all over me. She pulled my legs apart and looked at me. My cold dick was still shriveled and soft and she laughed and rubbed it gently. I almost came at that. She pushed my legs back and exposed my dark asshole. She was like a woman possessed and I loved it. She grabbed some lotion and quickly lubed her girldick. She let a warm drop of lotion drip onto my asshole and then rubbed it in gently, letting her finger gently break my seal. I jumped a little and giggled. I was feeling good.

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