New Roommates: Mother & Daughter


Julie then came around in front of her mother and saw the cum leaking out of her mothers pussy. She then got down on her knees in front of her mother and started to lick up the cum as it ran out of her mothers pussy. Kim started moaning as Julie did this. I just held Kim tight as I looked over her shoulder and watched as her daughter licked her clean.

Kim got up from my legs and out of the chair, this left Julie on the floor in front of me in front of my legs. My pants were still gathered around my feet. Julie then reached for them and pulled them the rest of the way off, this allowed her to push my legs wide apart. She then lowered her head to my dick and started to lick mine and her mothers combined cum off it, she then went lower and licked the cum off my balls. As Julie did this my dick started get hard again and when it was back to being fully inflated she lowered her mouth over the head and kept going until my dick was going down her throat. Then she bobbed her head up and down, fucking my dick with her mouth and occasionally backing off to breath and lick the head. I was in heaven, never had I ever received such a fantastic blow job. And Julie was so talented that she would bring me right to the edge and then back off a little to extend my pleasure.

Looking over her shoulder I saw her mother sitting on the couch watching her daughter giving me head with a slight grin on her face while she absent mindedly stroked her pussy while she watched us. I could feel myself building back up to my release as Julie sucked me back in. Julie sensed this and looked up at me, I smiled down at her and nodded my head and she sucked me deep back down her throat and she fondled my balls with one hand as she slipped a finger down and slid it into my anus. This was all I could stand and started cumming hard down her throat. Julie gulped all my cum straight down without missing a drop. She pulled up off my dick and sat in front of me on the floor rubbing her own pussy, sliding her fingers in and out of her hole. I could tell she wanted to cum and I wanted to help her with that but I had just cum twice in the last 30 minutes and was exhausted.

Julie finally got up and went over to the couch and kissed her mother with a deep french kiss and reached down and started to squeeze her mothers nipples between her fingers. They then lay back and twisted around on the couch into a sixty-nine and started to eat each others pussy. I sat watching this scene play out before me.

Even though I was really wasted from my last cum I couldn't help but start to get hard again. I pulled myself up out of the chair and walked over to them and started to stroke my dick while watching this beautiful mother and daughter pleasuring each other. My dick was fully hardened again and I felt like I could go again and moved to where Julies' ass was sticking up over her mothers head. I watched Kims' tongue sliding in and out of her daughters pussy, she looked up at my hard dick and reached out and took hold of it and started to pull it toward her daughters open pussy and started sliding it up and down between Julies' pussy lips getting it wetter and wetter. I had one knee on one side of Kims' head and one foot on the floor in front of the couch, I then leaned forward and slid my dick slowly into Julies' pussy and she moaned long and hard as I did. She was a little tighter than her mother and it felt so good as I slid fully into her. I started to slowly slide my dick in and out while Kim stroked my balls and licked my dick as it slid in and out and licked Julies' pussy and clit at the same time. Soon Julie started bucking back and forth faster and faster urging me to go faster. At the same time she was still tonguing her mothers pussy, all the while moaning a long drawn out moan from deep in her throat. I don't know how many times she came but it had to have been at least four times, almost contiuously it seemed. Soon I was past the point of no return and started shooting deep within her. As I finished my dick slid out and some of my cum dribbled down into Kims' mouth. Kim pulled my dick down into her mouth and licked the combined cum from me and her daughter off my dick and then started licking it out of her daughters' pussy.

I just sort of collapsed on the floor in front of the couch with my back to them. After a few minutes Kim and Julie sat up on the couch, Julie twisted around and draped her legs over each of my shoulders on each side of my head. I pulled her platform shoes off her feet and placed her feet over my dick. She slowly massaged my tuckered out dick. I leaned my head back against her pussy and we all just sat there breathing hard trying to get our strength back.

In all this time we had hardly spoken more that a few words to each other. I sat there just going over the events of the last few hours since I first met this amazing mother and daughter. Sitting there thinking about what had transpired I started laughing to myself. Kim and Julie looked at one another trying to figure out what I was laughing at and just shrugged their shoulders at each other.

Finally Julie clasped her thighs together lightly on either side of my head and asked me, "What are you laughing at?"

I turned my head slightly kissing her thigh and looking over at her mother I said, "I was thinking about how just this morning I had been ready to give up on finding a female room mate and now look what I have!"

We all started laughing until we were nearly all in tears. What a wonderful day it had turned out to be, one that I will never forget till the day I die.

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Sounds like this could be the start of a series. Lots of possibilities for things to progress. Maybe even an explanation on how mom and daughter got into their interesting relationship as it appears thismore...

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