tagGroup SexNew Side of Her Best Friend

New Side of Her Best Friend


It was Terese and Gayle's 20th high school reunion and as dutiful boyfriends, Mark and I tagged along. It wasn't likely that I was going to turn down a trip out to Las Vegas with my girl either. Terese and Gayle had known one another since they were little kids growing up on the same block. Terese and I had been going out for about three years and I got to know Gayle and Mark somewhat through the few double dinner dates that we'd had with them. They had seemed like a nice albeit reserved couple. Not that Terese and I were crazed party animals or anything but I also knew behind my Terese's mousy exterior, she was a bit of a tiger in bed.

The night went along smoothly with impassioned speeches, remembrances, and a nice meal right before the big dance in the ballroom. Since Mark and I didn't know too many other people there and we were pretty much the arm pieces for our ladies, we just hung back and slowly nursed our drinks by the bar. We made small talk while checking out some of the other nicely dressed ladies at the reunion. We got our respective ladies a few glasses of wine and even got out to the dance floor with them a few times. But I think our ladies knew that their men folk had gotten tired of the evening seeing them catch up and gossip with their friends from the past. Collectively we strode to the elevators up to our connected hotel suite.

The ladies were still giddy gossiping and we were pleasantly smiling through it all. Little did we know Gayle had also grabbed a bottle of barely opened wine from the bar and wanted to finish it off as a nightcap for the evening. We got to our room, opened the door, and didn't even need to turn on much ambient lighting as the neon from the other buildings in the strip flooded in. We poured a few glasses of wine and toasted the evening in the spacious room. Terese and I made our way to the window with our wine to take in the evening glow and we thought that Gayle and Mark were going to go through the connecting doorway into their room for the evening. Terese was feeling pretty frisky since we decided to go on this trip and the wine definitely accentuated her lack of inhibition. She nuzzled closer as we stared out into the Nevada night. She whispered some naughty thoughts into my ear as to what she wanted to do that evening with me and I could immediately feel my cock twitch through my dress pants.

We looked back into our room thinking that Gayle and Mark had left but to our surprise, they were in a deep embrace on our sofa totally oblivious that they were still in our room. They had both put down their wine and were making out like hormone driven teenagers. Gayle dress was hiked up, was astride Mark's lap giving him a deep kiss and Mark's hands were all over Gayle's taut body. Terese and I were mildly shocked at the view as we had never known them to be so open with their affection beyond holding hands in public. And here they are steaming up our couch. Rather than be left out of the action or even pay any attention to her best friend, Terese turned towards me and gave me that come hither look right before she gave me a deep kiss. My hands reached around, felt up the back of her dress and pull Terese's frame closer to mine.

Now I don't know how much of it was the wine speaking or whether our friends were just horny but before long, we noticed Gayle's dress had been pulled over her head and on the floor. She was now in her bra, panties and hose in Mark's lap. Terese and I were still clothed but were getting hornier by the moment. Whether her friend was in the room or not, there were many a torrid fuck session would start this way for us. We'd deeply kiss, let our hands explore the others body, and we'd slowly strip one another. It wasn't long before Terese started pulling the back of my shirt out of my pants and reaching around to unbutton my front. She never broke her lips from mine as she expertly removed my shirt. I could tell she was in rare form.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see that Gayle and Mark were starting to ramp things up too. Could it be that our women had planned this all along? Again, Gayle had never seemed like an adventurous one and my Terese, while kinky had never discussed anything along the lines of swapping or group sex with her best friend to me over the years. But here we are in this hotel with clothes seemingly flying off of one another in rapid succession. Gayle's bra was now off and I could see her nipples were jutting out. Mark was having a mouthful of them. They were hurriedly working to getting Mark naked so he could enjoy his woman's treasures. We, on the other hand were still mildly shocked at what was unfolding and yet, we were thrilled at the naughtiness of the spontaneity. I had removed my t-shirt and my bare chest was rubbing up against Terese's silky dress and her pert nipples underneath. I hiked up her dress above her waist and slid my hands down her silken ass cheeks. I traced her ass crack on my way up her back and she let out a barely audible groan. I'm not even sure if Gayle or Mark even noticed us at this point as they were disrobing quickly. Nothing was said other than subtle moans.

Terese and I had never shared our sex lives with anyone other than one another- and yet here we are within 15 feet of her best friend Gayle and her boyfriend, Mark who was well within moments of being totally naked in front of us. Mark was quickly stepping out of his clothes and Gayle was down to her pantyhose now. I couldn't help but glance over at Gayle's full bush between her legs as Mark nuzzled up to it. Gayle stood proudly in front of Mark who was still sitting on the couch. He was going deep into the wet jungle with Gayle and she wasn't about to complain from the noises she was making. Mark's erection was at half mast as he was tonguing Gayle's pearl now. He had both of her ass cheeks in his hands and pulling her closer to his face. Terese and I couldn't help but look over to see this commotion.

I think it was also her first time seeing her best friend nude and getting it on with her boyfriend too. She quietly whispered to me not to let them have all the fun that night. So I quickly hoisted her dress over her head and managed to unbuckle her bra exposing her dark pink nipples to me. I always loved how flush they got when Terese was hot and horny. I mouthed one of her firm tits as I climbed out of my trousers. My erection bobbed on the waistband as my pants fell to my ankles. Terese, clad only in her panties pushed me onto the bed. She glanced over to her friends for a moment to get inspired and then lavished her hot wet tongue onto the tip of my cock. I twitched at her attentiveness and grew more agitated as she dipped headlong down my shaft nearly taking it all in her mouth. The sensation left me gasping which Gayle turned to see what we were up to now. Terese was on all fours bobbing up and down on my swollen cock giving me the attention only second to her pussy. Terese always had an enthusiasm when it came to draining my cock and I loved it; I audibly moaned as her tongue swirled around my veiny shaft. She'd backed off, gripped my length, piston pumped me and licked the underside of my cock head. She knew exactly the places to drive me to the edge and I think deep down she wanted to show off her skills to her friend who was always the more popular girl in school.

But I couldn't let Terese get by without reciprocating some of that delicious tongue action either. Not that I wanted her warm lips to leave my cock, but I wanted to taste her wet slit now. I motioned for her to climb forward and shimmy out of her panties. She dropped her frilly lingerie at the foot of the bed and climbed tantalizingly over me. She straddled over my pulsing cock on her way up towards my chest. I could feel her warmth as her thighs beckoned to me. But this was different somehow. My Terese had trimmed her pussy which was something she had never done before. It was a visual treat and gave me a marker to go for her divine pussy lips. Terese rode my face and descended her slick wet mound onto my wanting tongue. I couldn't wait to tongue her slit's length. Her nectar was thick and tasted delicious. I started off slowly prying her apart with my spearing tongue. She arched her back and groaned with approval. Her thighs quivered as I delved deeper into her folds. Her juices coated my face as she was practically dripping. Her hands reached for the ceiling and clasped behind her mane of hair as she felt the wave of bliss wash over her body. I grabbed both of her ass cheeks and devoured her pink pearl as she tasted wonderful. Terese closed her eyes and just shook with each pass of my tongue in her shaved pussy.

We lost touch with Gayle and Mark. We were in our own rapture. We had oral love like this before but this was on another level. Maybe it was the lead up to this moment but we were just so sexually charged this time around, nothing around us mattered. The rest of the hotel could've collapsed around us and our only goal at that point was one another's sexual arousal.

As I was ravenously eating out Terese's freshly trimmed mound, she reached back and grabbed my angling cock. She gave my firm rod a tug and sent a jolt throughout my body. I loved how her small hands would milk me. My tongue kept swirling around her hot sex and we kept at one another. We'd grunt and moan in unison as the heat kept rising. Terese couldn't stand it any more and wanted her pussy filled with something a little more my spearing tongue. She slid herself back and positioned her pulsing pussy over the cock that she had worked into a rage just moments before. She expertly guided my tip and rubbed it over her slit- from her hole to her clit, she just teased herself with my hot meat. It drove me crazy as I wanted in. I could feel her slippery wetness practically dripping down my shaft beckoning me in and yet she resisted and kept me at bay a little longer. I clenched my ass, arching my groin urging my hard cock to penetrate her wet walls. At this point we both looked over and saw that a naked Gayle and Mark were joining us on our king-sized bed.

The girls made some small talk about how hot all this was as Mark laid down just a few feet of me. I didn't say a word to Mark as I looked up at Terese's hot naked frame within arm's reach of her best friend's naked body. Gayle was now mirroring Terese in riding her man. She lowered her bush onto Mark's cock, quietly smiled, and bounced happily. Terese still had my cock wedged between her thighs and not missing a beat, rose up and impaled herself on my pole. Her wetness enveloped me and took me in one long slick thrust. I noticed that Gayle liked to bounce on her man's cock while my Terese liked to put her hands on my shoulders and slide back and forth. I was hardly in a position to argue as I could feel my jism rising up from my tensing balls. It was a stark contrast but I loved the free show. I never thought much about Gayle being a sexual creature but seeing her stark white tits move like that was enthralling. Before long, both ladies were going at us in a singular rhythm- both ascending and descending on their respective cocks.

Not a word was said beyond the heavy breathing and grunting. There was never a touch exchanged between the couples. We were there enjoying our partners and being sexually aroused by our friends' proximity and lack of shame. All four of our bodies tensed, convulsed and bucked with an electric charge. This was all brand new to all of us. I knew Terese was a tiger in bed but with her friend nearby and enjoying her man's cock, I think she wanted to step out on her own and demonstrate her prowess. I had never seen her grind my cock with such fervor and her wetness seemed as though she was never ending. Her juices actually trickled down the length of my cock, around my balls, pass my ass cheeks and onto the sheets below. She was practically a torrent of sensuality and maybe there was some competitive juices swirled into this mixture as well.

Terese's hips moved every which direction- from front and back to side by side. She had her way with my cock in her. She'd even gotten up in a squat and bounced too but at no point did she let me slip out of her wet juicy folds. She'd liberally rub her clit and squeeze her tits to keep herself aroused too. She'd even reach up, pinch a nipple between her fingers and let out a little squeal in delight and pain. Upon seeing that I couldn't help but do my best to maintain an erect cock for her. I had never seen this aroused over the years we had been dating. She was surely working up my juices with her relentless assault and I wasn't sure how much longer I could hold out before I had to release my cum.

I could feel my ass tightening up and my legs stiffening as I knew I was near. It was just then that Mark grunted, Gayle let out a howl, quivered like jello and had a mind wracking orgasm right next to us. She was gasping for air, completely spent, rolled off of Mark's spent cock. I wouldn't say it broke my concentration but I knew I could hold out a little longer with Terese and enjoy our moment. By this time she was in full squat over me, dripping sweat and making wonderful eye contact with me. I could tell she was edging closer to her eruption too. We both were. I kept arching up to join her downward buck. My cock slamming into her wet pursed pussy lips with every thrust. Terese would throw her hair back as her legs and thighs started to quiver now. I was nodding in silent agreement that I was ready to cum too. We huffed, heaved and grunted. My hips were shaking now as my thrusts were shorter and wanting to be deeper in Terese's wet snatch. I was doing my best to resist the inevitable orgasm and hoping it would last but her pussy had this grip around my cock. With every synchronized heave and push, Terese pulled my essence out of me. I shot what seemed like a non-stop stream of sperm deep inside of her folds. She was shaking her head in a wracked orgasm too. Her hips quaked and her pussy convulsed. Our moistness met in the warmth of her inner core and I could feel it dripping down the length of my cock. Our juices dribbled down my shaft and to my ass as we tried to recapture our breath.

We fell apart spent and in the radiant glory of our mutual orgasm. We were sweaty, spent and alive. The world around us was a blur. Terese nuzzled up to me and fell promptly asleep on my chest. I just vaguely recall my world fading away into unconsciousness shortly thereafter. Both of our bodies had spent themselves in this moment of rapture. Sleep was the only inevitable thing we could do.

We woke up the next morning on top of the sheets in a fuzzy stupor. Mark and Gayle had gone presumably back to their suite in the middle of the night. Both Terese and I were sticky disheveled shells of ourselves. Her hair was a mop of a mess and my hair wasn't much better. We looked at one another, giggled and agreed that it was time to get ourselves together. Neither of us had any idea what had happened a few hours ago was even real at this point. It was so surreal. Did we really fuck next to her best friend and her boyfriend? Did that really happen? It seemed so bizarre and yet looking at the state of the room, something most definitely happen.

We quietly showered, got ourselves together and knocked on the door to the adjacent suite where we guess Gayle and Mark had snuck off in the middle of the night. Gayle had answered the door slightly blushing, and maybe a little hung over- but she seemed pretty happy and satisfied at what had occurred. We all made light of what we had done the night before; no particulars were discussed and we all laughed it off to good times. Before long, we had to pack our bags and head home. But we knew that this trip was hopefully the beginning of something that could prove interesting down the road. The sexual genie had been let out of the bottle and because of Terese and Gayle's inhibitions being let go, I knew guys like Mark & I were going to be the benefactors of this arrangement.

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by Anonymous07/12/18

thought there'd have been more....

Not bad...needs an editor... thought the girls might have swapped, even if just for oral, and found the end WAY too tame.... where was Terese's "kinkiness"?? Chapter 2 would be a great idea IF you canmore...

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by kaf07/12/18

Not bad, but...

Good story, but your grammar is all over the place. Some sentences make no sense whatsoever. Get an editor.

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