tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNew to the City Ch. 02

New to the City Ch. 02


He meant to take her straight home. That was his plan. Plans were a sure way to failure. He should've known better.

Only three blocks away and back into the industrial area just before hitting the freeway on-ramp, he'd spotted the bastard. A small group of men in sleazy clothing were discussing something of importance when he spotted the dark-haired, lanky thief and con artist who had disappeared two months earlier, breaking parole. Ben shouted at him through his open window. "Hey, Dmitri!" the group of men looked up in surprise and threat, until they realized who it was. Then most of them split.

Ben had taken this vendetta personally. Dmitri weaseling out of the many times he had caught him. So when he saw the bastard smile wickedly back at him, Ben rose to the chase. He shoved the gas pedal down and screeched after the dark haired man. His car moved bulkily down an alleyway, across train-tracks and into an abandoned cove of warehouses. He turned into another alleyway and saw the pale figure of the thief duck into a crack of space between a disintegrating warehouse door and a brick wall. Ben slammed the car into the door, breaking it into a splintered wreck. He pulled the vehicle to a screeching stop, knocking over one of several towers of large metal barrels. Ashley screamed, scrunching back into her seat while the heavy cylinders rained down, denting the hood and cracking the windshield. Ben was undeterred, jumping from the car and chasing after the man.

Ben found only a wall where he thought the man had gone. He arced his flashlight back and forth across the solid wall and had to conclude that he had lost him. His breathing was harsh, his teeth grinding with his desire for revenge. He was grumbling to himself as he made his way back to his vehicle. Ben stood there a moment, adrenaline pumping as he remembered and looked over the figure who sat in his front seat. He was hornier than hell, especially after making the plump girl cum a few moments ago. His cock was still hard, painful and solid as if he was once again a teenage boy in a co-ed gym class.

Ashley held the blanket tucked around her, as she stared out at the high beam of light that hit her face, a bit afraid it was someone besides detective Jensen. Her body felt stiff and sore, though her cunt was still sluiced from her first encounter with the detective. It had been her first sexual encounter with any man. She started when her door opened and though she smiled a greeting at the dark-brown face of the detective she also shrank back a bit, still gun-shy from being attacked by a gang earlier that evening.

"Come on baby." He spoke softly to her, his up slanted sexy eyes staring into her limpid ones, and she knew she couldn't resist the handsome cop. so she gave into the thick arms that curled about her and pulled her from the comfort of the front seat.

He crushed her to him, his mouth taking possession of hers. "Mmmm..."at first bashful, she pushed back at him. He ignored her, slanting his mouth to hers as he pressed her into a deep kiss. Her nipples grew hard as his hands moved over her body in a possessive exploration of her abundant curves. She was barely aware of her arms rising and circling his neck. She let out a whoop of air as he shoved her against his car. His legs pressed between hers, one hip holding her left thigh against the side of the car as his free hand moved to lift her skirt, using his forearm to keep her right leg out and her bare pussy opened, forcing her to be available for his entertainment. She made soft, mewling sounds against his now soft, teasing kisses as his hand began slowly stroking her thighs with sensual, yet persistent caresses.

Her religious background echoed through her brain at the impropriety of all this.

"Detective..." she pulled free from his mouth, " please..." her hand moved to cover her pussy against his further exploration. He ignored her, brushing her hand away easily, to pinch and fondle her sex while his other hand grasped the back of her head and turned her face to his.

His mouth took hers again, pushing her head back against his arm, as he fucked her mouth with his tongue. She clutched at his other arm, trying to push it away when his fingers found the soft, wet spot they were seeking. Even when she moved with all the strength she could muster, it was nothing to the rock solid force of the detective's heavily muscled body. His mouth refused to let hers go, capturing all her protests, his fingers continuing to squeeze and massage the soft lips of her cunt.

It was the gentleness that undid her; so in contrast to the solid force of the rest of his body, his fingers were almost tender as they helped her already opened pussy to part further. When he found her sex sufficiently wet and waiting, Ben pressed his calloused finger in. He softly stroked the wet, sensitive recesses, moving with controlled precision to swipe along her clit for a several strokes. He felt her start in surprise at the return to the sweet rise of climax.

Resisting, Ashley tried to buck him off and push him away. Easily, Ben caught her hands and pressed them together behind her head. Holding her two much smaller hands tightly in his large one, he pinned her there. Ashley now realizing his intent, tried to scream, but her cries were sucked into his throat. His free hand moved back to her pussy, stroking, caressing, cajoling that wonderful heat to begin rising in her cunt. She couldn't breathe. His finger was circling, circling, massaging her little nub, then dipping into her gaping, dripping pussy, only to return again.

Pressing her clit and rubbing the sensitive skin around it, he could feel it engorging with pleasure, hot and wet for release. He groaned; his cock pressed tight in his pants, oozing precum and throbbing painfully for release. He would get it.

Now she pressed against him in a different way. Not trying to get free, but with that sexy move a woman made just prior to orgasm. He released her from his kiss. Ashley moaned as his gentle mouth moved with measured sensuality, licking and kissing the line of her jaw. Her breath was now coming in huffs as he refused to stop his free hand.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god!" she cried as he growled against her throat, feeling her cunt undulate once again as she came, her body convulsing with the sweet, overpowering sensations.

"That's it..." he murmured to her as she made helpless, pleasured cries.

He felt calmer, less angry, now. His mouth was gentle and soothing as she held on to him tightly, coming down from her rapture, while he maneuvered her into the back seat.

She moved back to give his big frame room, her dark eyes lustfully watching him as he removed his jacket and she could see his muscular frame through his tight, button up shirt. She was reminded of who he was at the sight of his large, loaded gun shoulder-strapped across his chest.

His eyes kept her still, serious as to his intent as he undid his pants. She gasped as his magnum sized cock bounded free. "Wwaaaiiit..." having second thoughts, she moved back against the opposite door and tried to open it. But it being a cop's car, she found it inoperable from the inside.

"Nuh uh, baby. It's too late to stop." Ben moved in on her. His voice was soft, uttering consoling sounds to her in contrast with his sure, demanding movements as he grabbed her legs and yanked her to lie down, then held her still as he moved over her.

"Please...no! I'm a virgin!"

"We discussed that." Ben lowered himself onto her, groaning as her struggling body met his rock hard erection. He knew he could get into huge trouble for doing what he was doing. But he also understood this girl. She was a submissive. She was begging in her person for a master to take her in. The gang leader had seen it, it sounded like her family probably instilled it, and now he, an ex-marine sergeant turned cop, with a pent-up desire to control something, to take care of someone, would test this feeling he had with this woman he desired so strongly.

Ben held Ashley still with his muscular thighs, pinning her beneath him, as he forced her arms over her head and with a zip lock from a pocket, cuffed and bound her to the door. Now free to do as he liked, His mouth kept busy with hers as his hands explored her body beneath her dress.

"We need to get rid of this." He whispered matter-of-factly into the delicate shell of her ear as he gripped the neckline of her gauzy sundress and rent it, buttons flying, pinging off of various points in the vehicle. Then, a bit more difficult, he gripped the band that joined the cups of her bra and yanked it apart as well. "Oh yeah." He said admiringly as his hands roughly squeezed and caressed her generous triple d sized breasts. He squeezed her tits tightly and lowered his mouth to suck and bite at her darkening nipples until they were sensitive, red and tight.

"Please!" Ashley begged, her pleading cries echoed, bouncing about the old barrels and crumbling bricks of the warehouse.

"Shhhh..." he kissed her gently but deeply, muffling her cries for the moment. He was too big to close the door of the car, needing to let his extra long legs hang off the seat a bit in order to access her charms sufficiently. He wasn't worried. Here her cries only fell onto the deaf ears of the bums and junkies that frequented the abandoned shops and warehouses.

"You're too big!" Ashley tried to wriggle away. Her roommate had loaned her one of her "boy" magazines a week ago. Ashley had sat in the bathroom, embarrassed but highly titillated at the images of gorgeous men with their cocks at full mast. Those cocks had looked big. But this man on top of her, his cock beat all the models in both length and girth. If she hadn't seen his monster of a cock, she probably wouldn't be fighting. He pressed her still with the weight of his massive chest, he felt like a boulder, solid and threatening, heavy and immovable. She felt stifled, unable to take a breath beneath his thickly muscled chest, while her cunt was wetting even more at the feel of his heavy cock pressing insistently against it.

Ben cradled the girl closer with one arm, nuzzling her neck, then her ear; His other hand gripped his erection to guide it into the tight soft lips of her virgin pussy. He pushed the plum sized head in even further, breaching her inner labia. Her eyes opened wider in surprise and fear, searching his face as he curled around her, letting her get used to the feel of a cock in her pussy, while his firearm jabbed into her ribs.

"That's right baby. Feel my cock in your tight little pussy..." he spoke to her, his voice soft and gentle, while his lips caressed her throat, but his words were ones of force and her submission. "Get used to the feel of my dick, pretty pet." He began to make small thrusts with his hips, as he stroked her hair and nipped and kissed her face and torso. He held her tight as he made a hard, full thrust into her puss, causing her to cry out as he rent her virginity.

"Shhhh..." he hushed her. He groaned against the soft flesh of her throat, while she whimpered, he was shaking with the effort not to fuck the shit out of the tight twat that now hugged his throbbing prick. He could feel her cunt adjusting around him. His tongue licked at the small streak of tears that slid down her cheek, as he tenderly consoled her, while his hands busily squeezed and stroked over the plush, sensual plump curves of the rest of her body.

"Mmmm... another little hole I need to own." He murmured deep and sensually, as he caressed her tight little asshole before pressing his thick finger very slightly into it. He chuckled at her gasp.

Her cunt now felt more settled around the thick, intruding rod of his cock so he started to move more earnestly. He grunted in response to her soft, pained cries. "Feel that dick, baby? Feel it owning your sweet pussy?" Ashley's moans were changing in pitch, moving from pain to pleasure as her body started to respond to the presence of the battering ram forcing its way further and further into her puss. The cop's naughty words being murmured into her ear, the feel of the solid form of a large man on top of her, and the dangerous feel of a loaded gun shoving into her ribs with each stroke was also bringing her to her brink. "That's right, feel your master fuck you." Through the haze of her rising orgasm, Ashley could barely comprehend his words murmured against her ear.

Ben shifted, raising himself up to ride with more force, "now who owns this tight little cunt?' the words came out as a growl as he began to pummel her into a full on fucking.

He stopped, settling down, gently stroking her face for a bit before startling her with a smack. "Answer me, baby." Ashley was frightened as she came to realize the power this man had over her, but it was also so very, very hot. He made a long slow stroke with his cock, causing Ashley to roll her head back and moan, "whose pussy is this?" Ben asked, pulling out and pressing back in again very slowly.

"Ohhhhh...mine." she moaned, her eyes closed, her head tucking back between her arms. Ashley was stunned by another harsh slap, this time to her tits.

"No." she stared up into his calm, cat-like eyes. "It belongs to me now." his eyes owned her eyes while his cock owned her twat as he continued with his long, slow fucking. She made a soft whimper moan with pleasure as she nodded in agreement. "Say it." He ordered again.

Ashley gasped at the sweet sensation that was building up in her. She cried out as he made several quick, rough thrusts. "Ah! Ah! Yes! Your pussy. Oh god, yes, it's your pussy..." she cried out as the roiling pleasure exploded and spread up and out her limbs. She moaned in the aftermath. His mouth captured a taut nipple between his teeth, making her moan even more.

She was so soft and warm underneath him, her heavy breasts wobbling with the force of his fucking. His hands squeezed handfuls of her ass as He buried his face into the sweet, sexy smell of her sweat in the spot between her hair and her throat. He continued to pummel his way into her pussy. Abruptly he pulled out of her, moving to the edge of the seat and lifting her legs up to 90 degrees with her feet against the ceiling. He then placed her buttocks on his thighs, her calves over his shoulders before pressing his cock in again. He fucked her now, rough and raw, hard and fast. He growled as he pushed himself in to his balls, making her tattered puss take his full ten inches. "Fuck yes!" he growled low and deep, before he bit her thigh as he came hard into her cunt. He pressed in again and again, groaning as he finished spewing into the tight twat before he thrust her legs to one side and fell upon her, keeping his cock tightly seated in her pussy. He kissed her tenderly now, she responding to his gentle possession of her mouth as he held her face tightly, making her take his tongue as he swept it through.

She lay pinned beneath his heavy body for awhile as he recovered. His cock was still stiff as he pulled away. he looked down at her as he tucked his dick away and fixed his clothing, watching the pink mix of his cum and her virgin blood slip from her pretty little twat. "I wish I could just leave you there." He said soft and low, admiring the look of her disheveled and wanton, bound to the inside of his car. He kissed her as he cut the zip lock that tethered her, then helped her to rise.

As she tried to gather the torn pieces of her clothing together, he stopped her, taking her wrist tightly in his hand, making her to leave her breasts bared as he helped her into the front seat. He settled into his own seat and taking a wet nap, forced her thighs apart to gently wipe up the slick remains of their sex. He sliced off her useless bra with a few quick cuts of his knife. She held still while he tucked the torn edges of her dress to the sides, allowing him to lick and caress her magnificent chest for a few more moments.

"Damn, I wish I had more time." He stated as he started the car. She smiled shyly back and nodded as he shoved his car into reverse and slammed back through the broken warehouse door. She quivered in wanton enjoyment at having her tits bared as he drove onto the night covered freeway.

"Spread your legs." Ben ordered her as they joined the early morning traffic. Ashley obeyed, parting her thighs and lifting her skirt to display her pussy to him. "Play with my kitty." He said as he reached out to slap her tit a few times, before squeezing it. Ashley began to caress herself, trying to mimic the way he had brought her to climax. She looked at him, lustfully. He was so very handsome, his face that perfect combination of hard and soft, high cheekbones, full, soft mouth, straight, blunt nose, dark slanting brows above slanting eyes. She knew she would do anything he ordered. He reached out and corrected her, pulling her thigh further open in order to have a better view. "Let me see clit." He said. She turned more towards him and pressed her labia apart, tucking her plump tummy back in order to show him how her fingers were caressing and circling the tortured little nub. He leaned down in order to fondle the soft, soaked twat for a long moment while he drove.

He pulled his hand away in order to undo his trousers and release his reinvigorated erection, then to unlatch her seatbelt. He gripped her again by the hair to pull her face down to his lap. As he kept his eyes on the road he tutored her; "lick it like a lollipop." it sounded silly and playful in contrast to the rough way he handled her. She obeyed, her tongue gliding over the taught skin of his shank then tickling the soft, plump head. "Now suck it." He ordered, as he pushed her inexperienced mouth onto his long erection. "Cover your teeth!" he growled, releasing the steering wheel for a second in order to slap her as he felt the sharp edges against his sensitive skin. "That's it." He praised when she tucked her lips around them and resumed. He settled back to relax, keeping the car in the far right lane as she pleasured him. Ben fondled her heavy tits and smacked her plump ass, while he drove at a slow pace towards her address. When he was almost to the brink of orgasm, he gripped her by the head and forced her head down further onto his erection. "Take it baby." He ordered through gritted teeth.

Ashley gagged, trying to do as she was told, her hands circling the thick member as it was shoved to the back of her throat. "Swallow. It'll help." He said though he didn't let her up. She did as told and surprisingly it did help. Finally, he let her up for air; she gasped a moment before he made her return to her mission. Understanding the process a bit more, she began stroking the dark base with her hands as she used her mouth to attend to the top. Ben leaned over her to cup and squeeze her large ass cheek as he groaned and grunted at the tight little mouth that was beginning to suck him to explosion. He pulled off at her exit and stopped by a darkened block to let her finish him. He yanked her hair up until she released his cock with a pop; her eyes questioning him for her next orders. "Lick it."

Ashley took the thick erection in her hands and did as he bid. Ben's eyelids were lowered as he watched her little pink tongue caress the dark, swollen tip. After he reacted with a groan and shudder she became more vehement on her task. She stroked the throbbing erection harder and alternated between sucking at the plump top and licking the length. A bead of creamy goo formed at the slit of the dark red head. "Lick it up." Ben stroked her hair back as he watched her lick precum from his prick.

He groaned as his balls tightened in anticipation, and then replacing her hands with his own, he began to stroke his cock harder, holding her by the hair so the back of her head was against the steering wheel and her beautiful face was turned slightly upwards. "Open your mouth." his voice was low and husky as he began to stroke faster and harder. "Look at me. Stick out your tongue and lick my balls." He held her hair tightly so her tongue had to reach for the hairy sacks beneath his member.

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