tagInterracial LoveNew to the City Ch. 03

New to the City Ch. 03


The phone rang again. Heather's blue eyes looked at Ashley with annoyance. "I still can't answer it?"

Ashley shook her head and Heather shook hers in reply. "What the hell happened?" she grumbled, as they listened to yet another message left by a deep voiced man asking to have Ashley return his call at a precinct downtown.

Ashley was assisting her landlord, Mrs. Ming with her gardening when the patrol car pulled up.

Ashley Greeb?" a short, white officer with sandy blond hair asked her.

"Yes?" Ashley could feel Mrs. Ming's eyebrows raise with curiosity as she wiped her hands of soil.

"You have to come with me. We have some questions about the night you were mugged."

"But I didn't press charges."

"No, it's regarding some other activity in the neighborhood that night." He looked strained and tired, "I need you to come with me Miss Greeb."


Ashley sat waiting in the sanitary visitors area. It was nothing like the police stations she had seen in the movies. No pictures, not grey, just a sterile office sort of place.

"Miss Greeb." The door opened and the short officer beckoned her to follow him.

Behind the doors things were a bit busier. She could hear radios and voices of various officers and the many folks who dealt with the paperwork. She was led to another room and told to wait. This one had a few desks in it with tons of papers piling up, file cabinets and shelves lined the undecorated walls. It was mid day, and many of the desks had been abandoned. She waited, chewing her nails in her nervous state.

"Miss Greeb." She flushed. The deep voice was unmistakable. "Please Miss Greeb, take a seat over here."

She followed detective Jenson's big frame over to another office and in there, he guided her to his corner desk. It looked very much like the others, in that nondescript way. Ben settled into his seat and straightened some of the papers as he searched for some others. He hadn't even looked at her yet. She was amazed how much she had not seen of him that night. In some ways he looked so different. Burlier than she remembered, though he had handled her with no problem, he had seemed more tightly made. Here he just looked big. She lowered her eyes as he finally looked up.

"We're going to have you look at a lineup, Miss Greeb. To see if you can spot some possible gang members from that night."

"Yes. Fine." She didn't know what else to say. This was the man who had taken her virginity just two weeks ago. It had felt more intimate than anything she had ever known. Now he talked to her like he'd met her just a minute before. Obediently, she answered the rest of his questions, tugging at the lace of her short skirt. When he finished he made a call to order the lineup.

"Alright Miss Greeb, I need you to come with me."

Detective Jenson escorted her down several more hallways and into another building. This one was made of more solid materials, concrete and iron. He took her into a small room, past several police guards. She recognized it from movies, with a mirrored window that faced onto another room with a wall of rulers. Soon after they'd entered, the small room's lights shut off with a loud click while the room it faced became brighter. Now the mirror seemed to have disappeared and the other room became quite clear. She sat while the suspects filed in. "Miss Greeb." Detective Jenson who had been talking with one of the guards, shut the heavy metal door, making them alone as he beckoned her to the window. She felt a shiver of fear as she found she did recognize two of the men.

"Number five and number six," she informed him quietly. Ben repeated what she said into an intercom. She was nervous, the glass seemed so thin. She started when she felt the detective's hand at her waist reassuringly. She nodded as the two men stepped closer. Ben replied again to the intercom. The group left and another one filed through. As they did Ashley realized Ben's hand was under her skirt, his fingers stroking the chubby, rounded bottoms of her buttocks. She flushed with pleasure and forced herself to hold still. She wanted him so bad. She swallowed, "number one", she told him. Ben repeated into the intercom. His fingers slid over the fabric of her panties stroking and pressing slightly into the cleft of her ass. "No... I was wrong."

"Any others?" his voice was cool as his hand squeezed a plump buttock.

She gulped as his hand shifted beneath her panties and his fingers slid down the cleft of her ass, pressing apart her thighs until it found and began to stroke the soft protrusion of her pussy's lips. "Ooo... yes, number four." She felt out of breath as his finger tips pressed inside her labia and began stroking her wet recesses. She parted her thighs wide and he took what she gave, sliding his middle finger into her vagina. She bit her lip as he fucked her with it.

"Is that what you want, Miss Greebs?" Ashley had to pull back into her mind and focus on the blond man that stood in the one way mirror before her.

"Yes. That's what I want." She replied softly.

Ben chuckled, "any others?"

"No." she gasped as his fingers pressed in even further, finding her clit and he began his hypnotic massage on it. He ordered another lineup. She gripped the window frame and lifted her butt higher to make his access easier.

"I wanna fuck you right here." He had finally spoken out of character. His voice husky and deep against her ear as he continued to rub her pussy, his finger stroking her clit, then two of his long digits pinching the little nub between them as he kept his hand moving in his sweet massage. The men were standing waiting as she felt the heat of an orgasm rise. "Hang on, Cliff." Ben said into the intercom. "She's having some difficulty."

"That's fine, tell her to take her time."

Ben chuckled, then turned to Ashley fully, yanking her short skirt up and out of his way as he turned her towards him. She held still as he tugged down her panties, tossing them in the trash, then grabbed a billy club that was kept hanging beside the door and pressed it into her cunt. "Ride this." He ordered as he knelt and kept his other hand rubbing her pussy, his thumb pressed against and rolling her clit.

Ashley bit back her cries as she rolled her pelvis and did as he ordered, fucking the thick, rubber rod as he rubbed her clit. He pressed his mouth to her pussy and his tongue took over for his thumb. Ashley's face was pinched as she tried to maintain her desire to scream, the man's mouth sucking and rolling her clit and tugging at her inner pussy lips as she fucked the club. The detective's hand grabbed her by the hip, his mouth still pleasuring her as she came, her cunt grasping and her pussy muscles rolling along the hard nightstick, leaving it slick and wet with her juices as he tugged it out.

The detective stood and roughly grabbing her, he turned her to face towards the back wall, shoving her up against it. She hung onto the wood panels as he fumbled with his jeans. She didn't fight him as he lifted her hips up and pressing her ass against his groin, he seated his cock into her pussy, she moaning as he sank into her fully. His hands on either side of her, he began to fuck with the urgency he felt. Small sounds of anguished pleasure came from his throat as he tried to keep from having her hit the wall too hard. The door and window of the room rattled rhythmically unbeknown to the hard fucking couple they shielded. Ben fucked her hard and rough within the confines of the observation room. Ashley mewled as the big man fell against her, his head resting on her shoulder as she felt his cock surge and shoot his pent up wad deep into her pussy. They gasped as he moved his hand beneath her shirt, yanking the cups of her bra down to squeeze her full, firm tits while he came back down. Ashley made a whimper as she felt him tug his big cock from her pussy. Ben fixed his clothing and straightened himself as he moved back to the window. He motioned for Ashley to do the same.

He cleared his throat and turned the intercom back on. "Uhhh.. alright we're... I mean she's ready now."

The other officer left another long pause of annoyance before he replied. "Now that you've finished, detective, let's begin again,.."


Ashley knew she was flushed by the way the officers looked at her as the detective guided her out of the little room and into the bright light of the main office. "She did a good job! Think we got a few of the ones we suspected." Detective Jenson told the guard as he grasped her upper arm. "I need you to come in my office, for... further questioning." He said as he escorted her back down the long hallway.

This time there was someone else in the large office. "Reynolds..." Ben greeted the other detective. The light brown skinned man looked up, his face was model handsome, with high cheekbones and well defined brows above large, languidly lidded eyes. He had a thick tussle of dreads he kept bound in a short ponytail. He smiled kindly. He was shorter and thinner than Ben, though still quite big. "Who's this?"

"This is Miss Greeb. She was called in for questioning on the 10th street gang."

"Oh yeah? Did she call 'em out?"

"A few."

Detective Reynolds tilted back his head, "waiiiit... is this... her?" he asked in a less professional sort of tone.

Ben considered his co-worker a moment before he smiled and nodded. He was already tugging down the shades that would separate their office from the larger room outside. Reynolds chuckled conspiratorially as Ashley sat down in a heavy, wooden guest's chair to wait. Reynold's eyes were now observing her a bit more intently. She looked around and realized Ben was removing his jacket.

"Take off your top, Ashley." Ben ordered as he moved over to her, undoing parts of his shirt to get more comfortable. Ashley blinked up at him for a moment as he stood before her, she tried not to look at the huge bulge staring at her from Ben's trousers. Ben knelt slightly and began helping her undo the flowered blouse she wore. He pressed her back against the chair as he rose to stand after the last button, so that her large tits pointed up. He slid his hands beneath the tight cups of her plain white bra, tugging up and out the large mounds of her succulent pale breasts. Ashley bit her lip as he caressed her darkening nipples, her eyes finding the other man who occupied the office. She was surprised to see him walking towards them, relaxing his own attire.

"I could use a break." Reynolds chuckled as he stared down at Ashley's lovely, flushed face and exposed breasts. She jolted a little as the unknown officer bent down and joined Ben in admiring her large, lush tits. "Very nice." Reynolds said as he squeezed a mound tight and leaned in closer to suck at its distended nipple. Ashley gasped at the men's attentions, tilting her head back and closing her eyes with pleasure. As Ben's fingers teased and pinched one tit, and Reynold's mouth sucked and nipped at the other, she had no qualms parting her thighs when she felt a hand begin to smooth itself along her soft thighs.

Ben chuckled to himself. He had told his friend of the sweet night he'd shared with the gorgeous young girl. Now he wanted more. Reynolds had mentioned his desire to join in, and it took only a moment before Ben agreed. Ben's hand squeezed her tight little box, finding it wet and ready for another fuck. He had wanted more of his sweet little virgin, had made plans for her actually. Her being so submissive, it would be easy to take her in under his command. His mind had been unable to lose the sight of her large, perfect tits and lovely, fat ass as well as her beautiful face. It had pissed him off that she refused to come in. They really did need her to verify they had the right guys. Finally, he had to send a squad car to get her.

She put up no fight, letting the two men unwrap her like a gift, parting her youthful cunny for detective Jenson like butter under a hot knife, her pussy soaking his long fingers as he stroked her bared nether's lips and pressed his fingers in further. Reynolds had her bra off and was now making his way up her torso with small kisses.

"Not on the mouth." Ben ordered brusquely.

Reynolds smiled back at his friend and nodded, kissing her on the throat and ear instead. Ben shoved her skirt up until he bared her pussy to his view. He tugged her hips to the edge of her chair and kneeling, parted her legs wide. He kissed her thighs from her stocking covered knees up to the tightly squeezing elastic tops then further up the plump, bare flesh of her thighs. He found her cunny lips swollen and parted, her inner lips peeking out just slightly from her labia, glistening wet, reddened and ready from his having shoved into it only moments before. He tugged at her inner labia in greeting, then rubbed her clit so that she moaned and parted her legs further in desire for more. Reynolds was leaning over, sucking at her tits again, lifting each blushing mound intermittently to lick and bite at her flesh while Ashley moaned at the blatant use of her plush body. Ben bent and began to tug at her pussy with his teeth. Nipping the wet inner lips and tugging them just slightly painfully between long lapping licks, while his finger began a rhythmic caress over and around her clit. Reynolds was squeezing and biting her nipples with more fervor, both men intent on making the girl cum. Ashley made a low cry that soon became a loud moan.

"Cover her fucking mouth!" Ben growled and

Reynolds laughed as he stuffed Ashley's shirt into her mouth as she began to shake and roil with ecstasy, her hands grasping Ben's skull to her pelvis as she lifted her thighs wider apart. The new, younger officer looked over the lovely sight of the girl cumming beneath Ben's attention and decidedly picked up Ben's tie to tether Ashley's hands up over her head and to the top of the wood chairs backrest, she not resisting in the slightest and he enjoying the way the position made her big tits press out and high for his hands and kisses.

Ashley whimpered into the wad of cloth shoved deep into her mouth as Ben's mouth continued suckling at her clit and his tongue lapped at her pussy's swelling flesh. He flicked the taut little nub about, it now so sensitive she jolted at any touch he applied, arching her back and shoving her hips against the man's face buried in her lap. He kept her thighs wide, his large hands shoving them apart whenever she squeezed her legs together with the overwhelming sensations coming from her groin. The man at her chest helping his friend press her into wild abandon, his mouth slowly, sensually sucking and pulling at one nipple then the other as he squeezed and massaged the pressing mounds of her chest. He left her nipples to caress and rub his lips across the skin of her throat, sucking the smooth texture and causing her flesh to stipple with pleasure. Ashley's body arched, her cunt releasing a spray onto Ben's face as she came beneath the men's attentions, the overwhelming sweet ache in her groin cresting and rolling through every inch of her body, pinching her nipples to tight points within the heat of the stranger's suckling mouth.

"Come on..." Ben impatiently pressed her to move, Reynold's loosening up her ties a bit so she could maneuver about the office chair until she was kneeling on its seat with her ass up in the air. Ashley pressed her ass high, waiting and moaning with pleasure as she felt the press of the detective's hefty erection into her waiting pussy. The other detective used her ponytail to turn her face towards him, introducing her to his own exposed erect cock. The light brown member long and thick right in front of her face. She obediently parted her lips and let him press his cock into her mouth, trying to remember Ben's few orders when he had had her suck his dick. She pressed her lips tight and the strange man began fucking her mouth with his turgid cock.

Ben's cock felt thick and good, pounding into her from behind. His large hands had her skirt pressed up and over her hips, holding onto her soft, plump ass as he barreled into her cunt.

"Keep on your task, baby." Reynold's deep voice was gentle as he caressed her hair from her face watching her as she sucked his thick long dick. He held her long brown hair in a tight ponytail to help her and to be able to watch her suck and lick his cock. The stranger caressed her lovely face, admiring her plush, ruby red mouth as it moved up and down his thick, brown cock. "Look at me." He ordered the girl, her eyes downcast, her cheeks rouged as she enjoyed the sense of the giant cock being shoved in her tight pussy over and over. Her black lashes lifted up to the light brown face of the detective, her deep olive brown eyes meeting his gray ones. "That's it..."

Ashley groaned around the large cock she was sucking. Only her second fuck session and she was already enjoying two fine men at once. Ben's fingers were caressing and squeezing her belly and waist, then slipping down her body to massage her swollen clit for a bit until she began to shiver and her nipples grew taut with a rising climax. He seemed to sense her rise, and pulled away from the task, his hands moving over her soft, plush flesh, circling around her torso to cup and squeeze her bounding breasts. He was gasping and panting as he pummeled against her plump body, his hands gripping at her abundant flesh as he rammed his pelvis against her pillowy ass.

Reynold's hands were in her hair, holding her mouth down on his dick as she worked at trying to get him to cum, but she was loving the feel of Ben's big cock too much and she had to let go to make a cry as a heated pleasure rippled up through her. Reynold's insisting hands grappled her by the hair to suck again on his cock. She pleasured at the feel of Ben's hands gripping her hips as he made a low growl/grunt shoving his cock high and deep into her and she felt the long rod stiffen within the clutches of her cunt. She smiled, rubbing her ass against his pelvis as Ben moaned and his body jolted with sensation. He fell away from her, his cock slipping from between her pussy lips only to be replaced by another one. Reynold's hugged her to him as he fucked her harder and quicker, more like a dog, his pelvis pummeling her plump ass. Ashley, still tied to the chair, made cries of pleasure as the second man fucked her roughly. With a groan he clutched her to him, his face in her hair as she felt his cock seize and sputter his jizz deep into her.

Ashley looked up at Ben as Reynolds pulled out of her, her eyes meeting his hard ones. He undid the ties at her wrists and she righted her clothing. As she made to rise, Ben stopped her, pressing her legs wide as he took a tissue and wiped up the creamy ooze that was slipping from her pussy and down her thigh. After, she tugged her short skirt down and settled in the chair demurely, pressing her hair behind her ears as Ben and detective Reynolds returned to work.

Not ten minutes later, the captain of the department peeked into the darkened office, "why are all your curtains closed?" he asked, his brows frowning as he looked over the dark-haired girl who eyed him from beside detective Jenson's desk. Ben looked at him from over his glasses and shrugged as he continued with his paperwork. The captain gave the men a funny look as he flicked on the light-switch and left.

It was a couple hours later when the work was finally finished. "Here." Ben addressed her just out of ear shot of the bustling front office workers. Ashley's eyes met the stern yet vulnerable eyes of the detective for a moment, wondering if she should just leave and never look back. He pressed something into her palm as he guided her to the main door of the precinct. Ashley opened her hand when she was a good distance from the buildings many cameras. In it there was $200 and a slip of paper with an address scribbled across it. She flushed, feeling slightly offended by the money, but she could use it for a cab ride and other things. She shoved all into her purse and began to head for home.

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