tagBDSMNew To The Leather Pt. 01

New To The Leather Pt. 01

byWinter Lotus©

Chapter 1

She stood before the mirror in the bathroom, examining herself in the harsh white light of the vanity lamps. He dirty blond hair trailed listlessly in front of her emerald green eyes as she surveyed her body, her fingers tracing the curves of her frame.

There was once a time when these curves didn't exist, a time when there was nothing to her but hardened muscle from years of high activity, in sports ranging from karate to cheerleading. But now, the muscle has softened, her hips rounded out, and she had breasts and ass to boot. A look of longing crossed her face as she remembered how fit she had been.

But, as luck would have it, she went to college and got a good job doing what she loved, so as long as she could pay the bills, her body would have to suffer the consequences of being a desk jockey.

She flipped the vanity lights off and flipped the overhead light on. This cast a much warmer glow in the room, and she stepped back to look in the full length mirror. She wasn't thrilled with what she saw, but a small smile curved her lips as her eyes caught a glimpse of the red bag on the floor beside her.

She thought about what was in that bag, and the man that would lose his mind when he saw it on her. She turned and plopped down on the plush toilet seat and drew the bag to her with her neatly pedicured feet. She leaned down and picked the bag up, stopping to glance at the logo on the front.

A sharp cornered, riveted letter C was daintily linked with a silky, almost sensually serpentine letter S for the logo. A logo that she designed herself, for this company. And what was in this bag was simply a perk of the job. She designed the perfect logo, and in appreciation, The Corset Shop, gave her many high-quality gifts.

And this was the one she had anticipated. Holding her breath, she opened the bag. The musky scent of leather floated luxuriously to her nostrils and she inhaled deeply. Even the smell of this fabulous leather made her tingle with excitement.

She pulled the garment out of the bag, a handmade, custom fit, black leather, open bust corset. The weight of it surprised her, as well as the thickness of the material. It was wonderfully soft, and lined with black silk. It was adorned with intricate leather tooling, holes punched in pretty swirling patterns. Even the lace that drew the front closed was beautiful.

But at the same time, this piece was subliminally threatening. There were small spiked rivets that lined the open bust cups and around the top edge. The eyelets that the lace was threaded through were a shiny cold steel, quite a contrast to the dark black of the leather. There was a ring attached to the front, right at bellybutton level. It almost looked like a piercing. There were also 2 rings at either hip. They were small and unobtrusive, but noticeable nonetheless. It was a beautiful piece, and she couldn't wait to try it on.

She laid the corset aside and began to rummage through the other things in the bag. These she had not asked for, but the owner of the company ( a personal friend ) said that they would go perfectly with her new outfit, and that she needed to have them.

The first thing that she pulled out was a pair of leather handcuffs. They had the same leather tooling as the corset, and the same little rings, as well as 2 little clips. They fastened with a belt buckle type closure, and were lined with the same silk. They looked wonderful. She set them down beside the corset, and they made quite a heavy thud on the countertop. That brought a smile to her face as well.

The next item out of the bag was a leather cat-o-nine tails. The handle was thick and heavy, but easy to grasp. It was encased in leather, and had a thin, braided leather grip that was wrapped around it. The uncovered end was shiny, and she realized that the handle was actually metal. This could do some serious damage she thought.

She decided to try it out on herself first, before she decided to put it to use on someone else. She stood up and turned to face away from the mirror. Then, looking over her shoulder, she drew the whip up in the air and brought it down lightly on her ass cheeks. It stung a little, but the feeling of the leather against her skin was quite arousing. She brought the whip up and smacked it down again, this time a little harder, which made her wince.

The weight of the handle made it hard to judge just how hard she was hitting. She glanced down at her bottom and saw a few red stripes. That would do nicely. She knew that she could take it harder than that, but she decided not to mar her skin too much. She put the whip carefully on the floor and rummaged some more.

The other items in the bag consisted of some heavy chains, a silk blindfold, and a leather, spike studded collar. There was a note in the bottom of the bag. She unfolded it and read the hard handwriting:

Dear N, I hope these items suit you. I know you were anticipating them. There's one more extra gift that I have for you, but I want you to drop by and pick it up yourself. And I'd like you to wear your new gear. Stop by this afternoon if you have the time. Sincerely, E

This thought intrigued her. She was a little embarrassed. After all, the E stood for Eric, and he wasn't her husband. But then again, he was a good friend, and gay, so she decided it wouldn't be that bad. It was just past 1 o'clock, so she still had time before her hubby got home. She put her things back in the bag, threw on a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt and headed for the car.

Chapter 2

The door to the shop was now painted black, with their new logo adorning the window in crimson paint. She opened it and stepped inside, the harmonic tinkle of the bells above her head startled her a bit. This isn't the type of store that she would normally find herself in, and like most people, she was always afraid of running into someone she knows. But then again, if they're in this store and spot her, they're going to have some explaining to do if they decide to gossip about it.

She walked a little further into the entranceway, admiring the pictures on the walls. They were all black and whites, and all nudes. Well, nude except for some bondage gear and a few corsets here and there. The models' milky white skins were a beautiful contrast to the black leather. These pictures were taken by Eric, not only a vendor of leather, but a professional photographer. She always admired his work. They were almost like abstracts. Some of the pictures were only of a butt, some of a pair of bound hands, and some of a pierced nipple or 2. She didn't see her friend as he snuck up beside her.

"Lovely, aren't they?" he asked.

She jumped, and then turned a blushing face towards him, "Why yes they are Eric. You were always an admirer of your own work."

He chuckled at her. Then he took her hand and led her to the back of the shop. They passed by numerous racks of leather. Some were corsets, some were skirts, some where "gimp" suits. She could never imagine anyone wearing an entire suit made of leather. But she had seen one before, and the way they clung to a man's frame was very erotic. The glass cases that lined some of the walls were filled with mainly leather and metal toys. And the newest section in the back was dedicated to glass toys. One of her personal favorites. They were now in the back of the store, in the dressing rooms.

"Well... lets see it." Eric said, with an excited smile on his face.

"I.. well, I don't have it on." She replied.

"Why the hell not?" he shot back, his smile never fading.

"I was a little embarrassed I guess, that and I don't think I can get this thing laced up on my own." She blushed again. This was her first real corset and she wasn't used to doing this.

"That comes with practice honey," he smiled at her, "In that case, get in that stall and strip." She stared at him a moment, her mouth agape, and then did as she was told. Her legs quivered as she undressed, again surveying herself in the mirror. She just about had everything off when a pair of black leather underwear hit her in the head.

"Those should go nicely," he chirped from beyond the stall door. She laughed, and then slid them on. She then pulled the corset out of the bag and slid it on. It felt nice against her bare skin. She held it loosely to her body and tried her best to cover her exposed breasts as she peeked out the door. Eric was standing in anticipation.

"Out with it lady," he quipped, and flung the door open, "what are you covering up for? I haven't gotten a hard on from boobs since I was 12."

She laughed at this, and then realized how mousy she was being. This wasn't her. She dropped the arm that was covering her bosom and held onto the corset. Eric gasped when he saw her nipples.

"Piercings?" He asked. "When did those happen?"

"A few months ago. They're healing nicely." She answered.

"Does the hubby know?"

She laughed, "Not yet, but he's sure to know after he sees me in this."

"I doubt he'll even notice..." he laughed back, "ok, come here, let me lace you up." She shuffled towards him in her socked feet, picking up static. She shocked him when he went to touch the corset. "Not cool." He growled. He was not the stereotypical gay man. He was slender, but well muscled. He had no lisp and he didn't walk funny. But he did have one hell of a fashion sense. She smiled at this.

"What's so funny?" He inquired, adjusting the bodice so that it cupped her breasts perfectly.

"Oh nothing... I was just wondering what your reaction to me would be right now if you didn't have a boyfriend."

"You mean if I was straight," he said, "Well, if I was, I'd be pinning you to that dressing room door Pinnochio style." He smiled at his own wittiness as she started laughing.

He finally had the corset laced. He told her to hold her breath as he gave it one final hard tug. The leather pulled tight on her frame, but it wasn't uncomfortable. Something about this was very erotic to her. She exhaled on his cue and she felt the material stretch a bit. Eric smiled, "Simply lovely. I think I did a bang-up job on this one."

She turned to look in the mirror. With her stockinged feet, she looked a little silly, but suddenly she was overcome with how powerful she looked. Her waist had been slimmed a little by the steel bones in the corset, and her breasts looked fantastic. The were pushed up high, and the nipples were erect. Her piercings stuck out a little bit. It was fantastic.

"Stay right there, I have to go get your other gift." Eric said and he trotted off.

She barely heard him as she stared at herself in the mirror. She looked surprisingly sexy, a thing she never thought she would consider herself again. She turned and looked at her ass, which now stuck out nicely from the back of the corset. The leather thong peered out from between her cheeks. She could feel a tingling in her nether-region. She was enjoying this, so much so that she didn't notice when Eric returned with his gift. He walked in front of her, and a small pout touched her lips as he obstructed her view.

"Put these on, I think they're your size." The "these" he was talking about were a pair of thigh high leather boots. They had buckles running down the sides, metal rings at the ankle that matched the ones on her corset, and the kicker, a 4 inch stainless steel spike stiletto heel.

"My god, I'll break my neck in those," she gasped, "they must've cost you a fortune to make Eric, I can't take those." He looked hurt and offended by this remark and her smile quickly faded.

"Don't be mental, they're a gift, and they will go perfectly with your outfit. All you need is a pair of fishnets, which I am sorry to say that I'm out of."

"I have a pair at home," she murmured, still in awe of the deadly beautiful boots in front of her. She carefully stepped into them as Eric balanced her. He helped her buckle them, her movement was slightly restricted from the corset. When her outfit was complete, he stepped out of the way of the mirror.

"Oh my god," was all she could say.

"Now, all you have to do is pull your hair back, put on a little mascara, and you're set for the night. Do tell me how long it takes for him to blink again once he sees you."

Chapter 3

It took a bit of effort to get her clothes back on once she was in her gear, but she finally managed. She made it back to the house in record time, her heart was pounding hard and her foot didn't seem to ever leave the gas pedal. Not even an elderly woman in the street could've stopped her from getting home in a hurry.

She pulled into the driveway, happy to see that the familiar Jeep and its occupant were not home yet. She carefully stepped down from the truck, the steel heels making a lovely clicking sound on the driveway as she hurried to the door. Once inside, she shed her clothes at the door and made her way daintily to the kitchen. The rings and buckles on her corset were jingling happily and her heels were leaving tiny little indents in the carpet.

She passed by the answering machine and the blinking of a message caught her eye. She tapped the play button impatiently with one perfectly painted fingernail.

:beep: Hey hun, its me. I won't be home until about 6. Surprise meeting with the CEO. Maybe I'll finally get my raise. What's for dinner? I'll see you when I get home. Love you. :beep: She breathed a sharp sigh of relief. Normally he would be home around 4, which wouldn't have left her much time to prepare. She erased the message and began to slow her pace. The last thing that she wanted was to trip and sprain her ankle. Or worse yet, put one of those deadly heels through the TV or the cat. She made her way to the living room and began to prepare.

Chapter 4

Once the floor was clean and the candles and fire were all lit, she began to lay out the blanket and pillows on the floor. Soon the room was to her liking, dark and mysterious. The candles and the fire threw sultry shadows on the black furniture and burgundy pillows. The room smelled of vanilla, her favorite scent, and for a moment she was lost in the beauty of it. Then she remembered that she had other rooms to prepare.

She headed up the steps, clinging to the banister, and into the bedroom. There, she pulled all of the sheets off the bed and threw them in the hamper. She then pulled the freshly washed white satin sheets from the wash basket and put them on. She fluffed the pillows and wiped a small bead of sweat from her brow before proceeding to the bathroom. She lit incense in both rooms and then sat down at her vanity to take a breather.

She had so many things running through her mind. How would he react to all this? Would it be meaningful? Should she not have gone to this extreme? It was hard for her to think of all this. Their relationship had been a bit rocky in the bedroom as of late. Everything was just, wham-bam-thank you ma'am and it was starting to wear on her conscience.

It all started after the move. They bought the new house, which of course put a strain on money, which in turn put them in sour moods from time to time. Then it went to the excuse of "I'm too tired." This came from both of them, though. The only part in the problem that she didn't play was in his boredom. She knew that he liked to experiment, but she wasn't always into it. She would find all sorts of exotic porn on his computer that she didn't mind watching, but that she wasn't sure she was comfortable with doing. It seemed he was more interested in watching than in doing anymore. And this turned her off.

The last time he saw her with all of her clothes off was at her 24th birthday party 4 months ago when she got her ass kicked at strip poker. Since then, if and when they had sex, he would only take off her bottoms and do his business. This was part of the reason why he hadn't seen her newest piercings. This thought saddened her a great deal and she almost thought of calling the whole thing off then and there. But instead, she wiped a tear from her eye and put on some mascara and lip gloss. She finished her look by putting her hair up in a high and tight ponytail. She let it drop and as her long hair swept across her back, she got a chill of excitement. Things were about to change.

Chapter 5

It was getting dark out and she knew she was slowly running out of time. She had dinner in the oven, it was already made and she was just warming it up. She had stopped for a bit to check on the candles and make herself some tea. Her nerves were starting to get the better of her and she was becoming careless.

First a dropped glass in the kitchen then she almost set the living room on fire with a pillow and a hot ember. She was also getting tired. Maneuvering around her house with this gear on was a drain, even though she was becoming more adept at walking in the stilettos. She had to avoid the dining room whenever she needed to get to the stairs because of the hardwood floors. She didn't want to scratch them or slip and fall. And bending over to pick anything up was quite the chore. The corset was beautiful, but it did its job a little too well.

She hoped that in all her rushing around she hadn't become disheveled. She headed to the downstairs bathroom to check her appearance. She had to bend over to see in the mirror, the shoes put her face just out of sight. She was surprised at how beautiful she actually looked. Her complexion was ruddy, but feminine and her eyes were greener than she'd ever seen them before. She was going to knock him dead.

It wasn't until she glanced downward that she remembered she was nearly naked. The only thing that was covered completely was her torso. This thought made her blush furiously and she began to wonder if any of the neighbors had seen her rushing around the house like a madwoman. The old bitties across the street would have a heyday with that at their next bridge game... that is if it wasn't tonight. She giggled and then left the bathroom, satisfied that she looked her best.

She made her way through the house, closing the curtains room by room. She almost left the one by the fireplace open, just to give the neighbors a peek, but thought better of it and closed it. A glance at the clock told her that her husband would be home in 15 minutes. She hurried up the steps and threw on a floor length jean skirt that left about an inch of steel heel showing. Next was a baggy sweatshirt. She checked her makeup again, and then headed down the steps just before the door opened.

Chapter 6

She nearly fell at the sight of him. His collar was undone and his tie off to one side. His jacket was hooked to one finger and slung over his back. His curly black hair was a little mussed. His pants were pulled slightly tight across his groin and she saw a bulge. He looked good, delicious in fact. He saw her moving down the steps and smiled up at her.

"Sorry I'm late baby." He said.

She smiled at him and said, "That's ok. How was work?" She was nervous again, and it was showing. He looked at her and smiled as he put down his things. Before she knew it, she was in his arms and he was kissing her. She gasped, afraid that he would see what she was hiding under her clothes and pulled away from him.

"Work was great..." he said, looking at her inquisitively.

"That's good," she said, pulling her sweatshirt back into place. She smiled at him again and he turned to go into the kitchen. She had pulled the foyer doors closed to the living room and just before he could open them she grabbed his arm.

"Why don't you go through the dining room?" she stammered.

"Why?" He looked even more puzzled now.

"The cat threw up on the carpet and I shampoo'd it today. Its still wet." She breathed heavily after that, hoping that he didn't notice her obvious lie. He seemed unmoved by it and made his way to the kitchen through the dining room. She heard him move a chair out from the table and sit down. She sighed again, and then tried to figure out how she was going to get to the kitchen. Finally, to avoid suspicion, she tiptoed as best she could through the dining room, just barely keeping the heels of her boots off the floor. She rounded the kitchen entrance and found he was staring at her.

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