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New Wife Stretcher


It was a dark and stormy night. No kidding. When the weather turned nasty I pulled off the highway and sought shelter in a motel.

I unloaded a new toy I had made and set it up in my room for the night. I was in the process of delivering this equipment, but I decided to take a good look at it that night.

It was a full sheet of 8x4 plywood, painted and upholstered on one side. There were various attachments and such, and it took a while to put it all together. When I was done, there in my motel room was quite a nifty wife-pleasing contraption.

It was, quite simply, a fucking machine. The "Penetron."

Near the bottom were two blocks to stand on. There were handholds and a comfy headrest. The whole thing leaned back at an adjustable angle. At the center was a motorized device, and in a separate plastic bag were several dildos of different lengths, widths, shapes and colors. I noticed that they were of very good quality, firmly soft and flesh-like to the touch. One even had peel-back foreskin. They were graduated from the traditional husband's five incher up to a ten inch job.

While I was amusing myself with this gimmick, the thunder and lightening crashed outside of my second floor room. But soon the weather blew out and there was a beautiful sunset and rainbow visible from the balcony walkway.

I stepped out to enjoy the view.

Next door a couple arrived and fumbled with their luggage and key to get the door open. I offered to help them, and assisted with a few bags. It was a young couple, in fact they appeared to be very young and wide-eyed innocents. They thanked me and disappeared into their room.

I was still admiring the sunset when my neighbors reappeared and also noticed the view. As I soon found out, they were newlyweds, Shannon and Roger, and this was part of their honeymoon trip. Shannon leaned on the railing and exclaimed at the dramatic sky and the colors of the sunset. They joked about the nasty travel in the rainstorm and how glad we were to find a place to pull over for the night.

Shannon was willowy and tall with long very straight blonde hair. She was a friendly girl, all smiles and fun. Roger was thin and pleasant enough, but Shannon definitely was the one with the gift of gab.

The door to my room wasn't shut tight, and it fell open while I was visiting with Shannon and Roger. She happened to look back over her shoulder and saw the machine. Oops! It even had a dildo mounted at the center. I thought fast and made a plan.

"Oh, that's something I'm delivering to friends tomorrow," I said. "I thought I'd see what it was, and gee was I surprised." "What do you think of it?"

Shannon peered into my room, and Roger leaned over to take a look.

"That's the strangest think I've ever seen," she said. "Why, it's, it's…." "Oh my god." And she started laughing. It was more nervous and curious laughter than funny laughter. Roger was speechless.

Shannon poked her head in the doorway and continued to take in the image. I put my hands on her waist and said, "Take a closer look." "I won't bite."

She stepped up and entered the room and walked halfway over to the machine. Roger trotted behind her, still not uttering a word. He just stared.

Shannon just repeated, "Wow!" "Wow!" "What on earth?"

"It's pretty clear what it is, don't you think?" I said. "My friends evidently are into a little kinky fun, wouldn't you say?"

Shannon kept repeating, "Wow!" "Wow!"

I walked around her and took hold of the controls and started up the device. The penis rotated slowly and moved upward. I stopped it for a second and read the instruction sheet out loud, "At this point it says, 'Be sure penis is lubricated generously before attempting penetration.'"

I said, "No problem," and reached over to my kit bag for a tube of K-Y liquid. I squeezed some onto the big rubber cock, then I spread it up and down the shaft while Shannon and Roger stared with mouths agape.

I continued to read, "Now, elevate the penis to your partner's correct height so that it rests gently against the folds of the vagina."

I looked at Shannon held out my hands as if I were measuring her height from feet to crotch, then I adjusted the motorized cock to about that level.

"Put dildo into slowly spinning mode and very carefully move it upward to desired depth of penetration. Set and mark this level, constantly consulting your partner as to her satisfaction. Now you can set the Penetron to pulse, spin, vibrate, pump up and down, or all of the above."

I selected "all of the above," and the machine put on quite a show for us.

Shannon was shaking her head as I turned it off and looked back at them both. "Holy cow!" was about all she could say. I noticed that she didn't leave right away and that her new husband didn't seem to offer any comments at all.

So I put the second part of my plan into action.

"What people won't do for a little extra fun!" I remarked. "Say, since I went to the trouble to set this up, it's OK with me if you two want to play with it tonight." "I could switch rooms with you so I wouldn't have to move this contraption."

Shannon blinked, looked a bit blank, and said, "I can't believe that thing." She took a look at Roger, and she said to him, "Honey, I'm starved. Let's get dinner."

She stuck out her hand and gave me a firm handshake, "Mister, that was sure interesting, but we better get along for now."

With that, they exited and drove off for their supper, while I ordered a pizza and thought that was that. I did notice however that while they were in my room, my cock had done quite a bit of dancing around and leaking. I was soaked by my own twelve inch dong and buzzing ballsac.

Hours passed. I'd even eaten all the pizza crusts and was getting bored with what was on television.

The telephone rang, and it was Shannon. She spoke kind of sheepishly. "Say mister, did you mean that about trading rooms?"

"Sure," I replied.

"Well, Roger and me, we'd like to do just that." She hung up on me without saying another word, and less than a minute later there was a gently knock at my door.

"Hi Shannon," I said as I opened the door. "I think it's great that you decided to try the Penetron." "What's not to like about a tool like that?"

She had Roger in tow, and I'd yet to hear him say anything.

Now was time for part three of my plan. "Oh, well, I thought about what I said earlier about switching rooms, and I got kind of worried." "You see, this isn't my machine. It belongs to my friends, and I don't know if I should be using it without their permission."

"What'd ya mean, mister?" Shannon replied. "We'll be careful." "Or we could just forget it."

"No, no," I interjected, "I'd like you to try it, I really would." "It's just that I think I shouldn't leave the room. In fact, maybe I should handle the controls and be sure nothing went wrong."

Shannon's eyes widened, and she looked at Roger. All of a sudden he said something really smart, "Well, here's how I see it, Shannon. This guy is a stranger to us. We won't see him again. You got to doctors who see you naked. And at dinner you said how excited you were to try this thing. So I say it doesn't make any difference if he's here or not. Suit yourself."

I was impressed with the little husband. Little did he know that part four of my plan was to fuck the daylights out of his pretty wife -- or did he?

Shannon took a deep breath and said, "Shut the door," and, "May I use your bathroom?"

I fumbled with the Penetron settings while Roger began to break out in a sweat. "How long you been married, Roger?" I asked. "Gee, just last week we got married, but we've been going together since high school."

"That's nice," I said, thinking how pleasant it will be to have this guy watch me fuck his high school sweetheart.

I removed the dildo from the machine and laid out all the choices on the bed. Shannon came out from the bathroom and looked around awkwardly for a second. I picked up the instructions and said, "Maybe we better read these as we go along." They both nodded.

What they didn't know is that I was only pretending to read from the instructions. I looked at Shannon and read, "The woman experiencing the Penetron for the first time should do the following."

I looked at her and said, "You OK?" Shannon nodded and said, "Go on."

"Organized and lay out all the attachments. For maximum safety and enjoyment, a wife should select the dildo that most matches her husband's size and shape." I pointed to the collection of rubber dicks beside me, and Shannon leaned over to inspect each one.

I stopped fake reading and said to them, "Will this be a difficult choice? Does one look like Roger's cock?" Shannon said, "No this will be easy." She picked up the smallest one and said, "This will have to do. Roger isn't quite this large."

I looked at poor Roger to get his agreement, "Is that right, Roger? Is your dick smaller than this?" as I waved a five inch dildo at him.

"Gee," I said, "I thought you were making a joke." "I didn't know cocks came that small."

"What next?" Shannon asked.

It says, "Mount appropriate sized penis on rotor arm." "Roger, would you do the honors?" Now, "lower motor to lowest level in preparation for positioning the lucky lady." I thought I was faking the instructions pretty well!

"The person who is about the enjoy the Penetron should, of course, undress completely." Ah, this was my favorite part. I looked at Shannon, and without hesitating she started unbuttoning and unzipping and unbuckling until she was in her bra and panties.

I said, "Hang on a second." "Do you mind if I help you with those?" Shannon was turning a bit red, and I could see the beads of perspiration on Roger's forehead. For some reason they wanted to go through with this bizarre process with me, and I wasn't about the question why. I simply decided to suggest and push them in the direction I wanted to go and hope that it corresponded with their inner wishes.

Shannon spread her arms apart in surrender as I stepped to her and reached around to unclasp her bra. Down it came to reveal the cutest little globes. Pert and puffy and taut, just the way a twenty year old's tits should be.

I got bold and, standing in front of her while still holding her bra, I used my forefinger to flick each nipple. They stiffened and peaked before my eyes. Then I reached around her, giving her a hug in the process, and pushed my hands under her panties. I dropped to my knees and unrolled them slowly so I could take in a long slow first peek of her pussy.

Bingo, a true blonde! "Matching pussy hair is so rare nowadays," I said. "Shannon, you have a world-class pussy."

She whispered, "Thank you."

"My pleasure," I replied.

Her cunt hair was in a little tuft atop her pussy lips, but along her slit there was only a light frosting of blonde whisps. Nothing obstructed the view of her cunt lips.

I arose and again pretended to read, "Be sure wife is lubricated sufficiently either naturally or with a lubricant." I looked at naked Shannon and didn't say a word. I just reached over to her and inserted my finger into her pussy. "Shannon, you're getting wet, but I think we ought to get you more ready."

"Roger, come over here and prepare your new wife." He sprang across the room and said, "What do you want me to do?"

"Why don't you lay her down on the bed and give her pussy a gentle licking?" Shannon lay on one of the beds and parted her legs for her husband's tongue treatment. Roger was an excellent pussy licker. He kept his distance, only allowing the tip of his tongue to gently trace Shannon's lips from top to bottom and back again. Over and over he slowly slipped his tongue deeper into his wife. She started to respond and gently moaned, "Oh yes, Roger, oh yes, I can feel that."

I watched them for a few minutes then stopped the action by reading, "Once adequately lubricated, wife should mount Penetron and adjust position."

Once again I inserted a finger into her pussy, and this time she was very slippery and smooth and wet. Shannon stepped onto the foot blocks which held her legs apart at about thirty degrees. She put her hands through the handholds and watched as I brought the motor up between her legs.

"Rest penis to entry to vagina and turn motor to 'low' to begin penetration." The motor slowly swirled the dildo as it very slowly rose upward. It was right on target and easily entered her cunt. I watched Shannon's face as her pussy was filled with the little rubber cock.

"How's that?" I said when it was just about all the way inside her. "Hummm, oh, that's kind of nice," she answered.

I fiddled with the adjustments and started the pumping action along with a vibrating action. Shannon rested her head back and started to breathe deeply. This was working like a charm.

I gave the controls to Roger, and he played with his wife while she drifted off into orgasm land. That's when I realized that this woman was what would in earlier days be called a nymph. She could take orgasm after orgasm and not be satisfied. This machine was made for Shannon!

I let them have their fun for a while, the I suggested, "How about we try a larger tool?" Shannon looked dreamily at me while the machine continued to fuck her. I held up an eight incher, and she just smiled. We stopped the motor and made the switch. This time I let Roger handle the insertion process. He carefully watched this bigger cock work its way slowly into his wife.

He was able to get it all the way inside, and then he repeated the pumping and vibrating and spinning as Shannon became more audible with her passions.

Next I reached over and held up the largest ten inch dildo. Shannon's eyes were a little glazed over as she smiled at me and sighed. Again we switched the rubber cocks, but this time I knew we better be very careful with the penetration. Roger and I lubricated the big rubber wand then worked together to nest this bigger dick at about the eight inch level. It was thicker, too, so it was producing quite a stronger effect on lucky Shannon. We let it do it's thing at less than maximum depth and pumping speed.

Shannon's head bounced back and forth, and her crys were becoming a concern that she might wake up any neighbors.

Now it was time for the final phase of my plan. While Roger watched his wife in her ecstasy, I stood behind him and took off my clothes. Shannon watched me the entire time. I made hand signals to her about the relative size of her husband's cock to those that had been fucking her. She smiled and drew in deep breaths in between surges of pleasure. Roger kept squirting lubricant onto the shaft as it withdrew on each stroke.

When I peeled off my briefs, Shannon saw that I was packing the biggest cock of the night. My twelve incher was ready for action. It was tight, hard and dripping. My foreskin was stretched back by my erection, and cum was literally stringing down from my glans and splashing on the floor.

I pretended to read again, "At this point, release wife from Penetron and let her be bulled by a real cock, if available."

Roger jerked around and saw me standing there with a foot long dong pointing right at his wife. I looked at him, "I'm gonna need your help, pal." "Let Shannon off the machine and bring her to me."

Roger complied and turned off the motor and lowered the cock machine. He had to help Shannon walk because her knees were about the buckle. He led her to the bed and helped her lay down on her back.

I stood at the foot of the bed and looked at her lovely face and down to her well used slit with its inner lips stretched out and hanging out into view.

"We ran out of rubber cocks for you, Shannon, so I brought this one just for you tonight." With my cock in my fist I mounted her slim body and hoisted her legs up. "Roger, be a good man and help us out, will you?" He hopped back and reached underneath me to position my pecker at his wife's entrance. "Good boy!"

For the first time, I leaned down and gave Shannon a deep kiss. She responded like a tiger, and while her tongue danced against mine I pushed my cock inside her. It was thicker and longer than any of the dildos. And when I was inside her about eight inches I could feel the tightness of unexplored cunt.

I looked her in the eyes as I pressed deeper to see if she was OK. She only moaned softly as I filled her to capacity, hers and mine. I got all the way in, and it felt so snug and tight that it almost sucked the juices right out of my dick.

We rocked for a while before I began to lay pipe. We went stroke after stroke until I stopped and repositioned us. She got on top facing my feet, and I ordered Roger to lean in and lick her as she and I drilled for oil. She did this for quite some time, cumming over and over with the help of Roger's good aim and my slab of beef.

Finally she stopped, turned around and faced me with my cock as a spindle. I could see tears flowing down her face as she hit orgasm after orgasm. A well-dicked wife is an incredible sight.

It was clear that there might be no end to Shannon's marathon cum session. She was the most amazing woman I'd ever met.

When I finally decided that I needed to blast off, I lifted her off me and told her to watch while I stroked myself. Then I had a brainstorm. "Roger, come on over here and give us a hand." He bounded over from his chair and looked at me.

"Roger, take over the stroking duties while your wife and I watch me cum." Roger agreeably reached over with both hands and did a yeoman's job on my thick boner. Shannon and I kissed and toyed with each other while her husband did me down below. We stopped and watched his skills with my meaty member as he pulled and twisted and teased my erection toward climax. I'd give Roger and A+ at cocksmanship.

I felt the end coming on, so I got comfortable and said to Shannon, "Watch this." "I'll count down from ten to one and then I'll blast off."

"Ten, nine, eight," I announced in definite tones. "Seven, six, five," I could start to feel the flow begin down deep inside. "Four, three, two," and now I was on autopilot. "One, zero, blast off!" At that instant the first jet of powered cum erupted and sprang from the tip of my long dong. Then the next and the next and the next, each one leaping farther than the last, good strong jets of cum that made substantial pools when then hit the floor and the bed. And another and another and another until a good fifteen pumps nearly drained me.

After that may cock, still almost erect, oozed a stream of cum for the next few minutes as I caressed and kissed Shannon and played with her tits and felt her perfect body and pussy. Roger watched us and continued to play a flip-flop game with my softening prick. I appreciated that. It was just the right touch to end a very memorable night.

Speaking of night, by then the sun was rising and it would soon be time to leave. I showered and repacked the Penetron and got my lying ass in the truck for my next night's stop and the hope that I could lure another couple. So far this had been my third in five nights on the road.

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