tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNew World Order

New World Order


The world as we all knew it was gone. Ten years ago the world economy crashed, there was no recovery. Governments started to crumble as most industries collapsed. The automotive industry was first to fall, quickly followed by oil and gasoline, and then everything else was swallowed in the wake. One year later only the American and Australian governments were still holding onto some semblance of power. The wars in the Middle East had ceased, not do to peace, but from necessity. They could no longer fund their war machines, and there was no more fuel to power them. The only things that seemed to be hanging on was Television, radio, and a couple of the larger movie companies, and then only by the skin of their teeth.

As for the people, more than fifty percent of the world's population was unemployed. Soon the welfare system failed and people were living on the streets or in abandoned homes and building, starving. There were no more three classes of citizens in the world, only two, those with money and those without.

When things seemed to be at there worst, in stepped Madeline Stone, Madeline Stone was then the most wealth person on the planet. She took control of the American Government and soon after reestablished what most would call slavery. Anyone that was not working or could not afford their bills, or whose dept was great, were rounded up, arrested and taken to what she called Holding Facilities. Nothing more than a new word for prison. My wife and I, along with our family were sent off to one of these Holding Facilities. We were quickly separated from each other and I was sent on to another facility. At that time I had know idea of where my family was or what was going to happen to them or me for that matter.

Three hours later I arrived at Stone Bridge Holding Facility, a dark gloomy concrete building surrounded by a twenty foot tall fence top with razor wire. It wasn't like a prison, it was a prison, or at least had been at one time. Three guards dressed in all black complete with riot helmets and bullet proof vest met me at the door of the bus. Well me and the other thirty men that was along for the ride. In their hands were large black rods with two metal tips on one end, the end pointed at us. I quickly found out as one of the men behind me tried to make a run for freedom that the rods were some type of electric devises. One touch from the rod and that guy went down like a wet noodle, and he was a big guy, at least two hundred pounds.

"Anyone else?" One of the guards asked roughly, pointing the rod at us. I was really surprised at the voice, a woman's voice. We all just stood there, heads down, hands cuffed behind our backs. "Good, then let's get going." I was standing at the lead so she grabbed my arm with a jerk, almost tossing me toward the door. She was strong, very strong.

I stumbled a bit, but quickly regained my balance and started toward the door. Once we were inside three more guards were waiting. It was dimly lit and chilly, the floors slick and shiny. The six of them led us down the hallway to a door constructed of steel bars, which slid open as we approached. Inside the door was a large room. The only things in the room were small wooden benches that ran most the length of the room, on either side, and soft glowing lights that hung from the ceiling. They lined us up along side of the benches, turned us toward the wall, removed our handcuffs, and told us to strip, and place our clothes on the bench. We all quickly did as we were told, except for the guy that tried to run. The guards stripped him themselves, and once they had, let him drop to the floor with a thud.

Shortly after I heard him drop to the floor a door opened at the far end of the room. We were told to turn and face the center, as I did I seen a tall slender, dark haired woman standing at the door. She wore a gray blouse, black skirt that hung to her ankles with a slit on both sides that nearly ran the length of the skirt, and highly polished black high heel boots. In her hands she held what looked to be a smaller version of the rods the guards carried. Beside her stood another woman, younger, shorter, and just as slim with blonde hair pulled into a loose ponytail, and in a matching blouse and skirt, only her's was shorter, much shorted and pleated, showing nearly all of her long legs. In her hands she held a clipboard and pen.

"I will keep this short and to the point." The taller woman said, stepping forward into the room. She walked down the center of us, glancing at each of us as she made her way to the other end, and then turned to do it again. "I am Head Mistress Catherin, and you all belong to me now. Your lives as you have known them are gone. You are here for evaluation and reconditioning. While you are here you will do as you are told by my staff, without question. How long you are here is up to you, the quicker you take your reconditioning the quick you will move on. Unless I decide to keep you for myself, that is." She stopped in front of me, stared me up and down. "Turn." She ordered me. I didn't really know what she wanted me to do so I hesitated, too long apparently. "I said turn!" She shouted, reached out and grabbed hold of my daggling member gave it a tight squeeze and yanked me around as she wanted. I nearly yelped but thought the better of it and bit back the sudden pain. "Humm." She cooed and then went on her way. One of the guards quickly grabbed my shoulders and spun be back around.

Mistress Catherin spoke to the younger woman as she scribbled on her clipboard, nodding her head.

"You only have two things to remember, do as you are told, and that I own you, body and soul." She then walked out the door. The girl with the clipboard spoke with one of the guards and then she too exited the room through the same door.

We were then escorted out the other door at the same end of the room, naked and cold. Our first stop was the showers. Not the showers we were used to but small stalls lined down the wall. Each of us was told to step in. There were only ten stalls so the others stood and waited their turn.

As I stood waiting for the water to rain down from the showerhead above me, I was surprised by a woman that stepped up behind me with a large hose in her hand and a second woman behind her. Both of them were larger then Mistress Catherin, shorter like her aid, but with firm builds, and the one that held the hose was very busty, and I mean very busty, a good 38D and firm as hell which was easy to seen since they wore nothing more than a one piece red swimsuit.

"I am Cindy," Said the busty woman, as she raised the hose in her strong looking arms. "I will be your Washer today. This is Sheila my assistant. Now remain facing me and step back to the wall. This might be a bit cold." She added as she twisted the lever on the large nozzle and water sprayed forward from it with a heavy force, not quite that of a fire hose, but close.

The cold water blasted me in the chest, forcing me back tight to the wall. It was only cold for a second as the force started to burn my skin. She worked her hose with precision, blasting each part of my flesh. I nearly screamed when she lowered it, taking aim at my genitals. It felt as if they were going to be ripped off. The water stop and Sheila moved in with a wide brush on a two foot handle. Soap dripped from the brush as she moved closer to me. With all the vigor of a woman cleaning mold off concrete she scrubbed me down from head to toe. Then as she stepped back another blast of cold water blew the suds clear.

"Turn around, hands on the wall." Cindy ordered. I did so and again the burn of high pressure cold water found my virgin flesh. Then Sheila stepped up and did her thing once more, scrubbing me down as if I were infectious or something. Again the water blasted the soap away from my stinging flesh, but this time Sheila returned.

She placed a hand on my shoulder. "Don't move, stay still and it won't hurt, at least not as much." I could not see what she was doing but I quickly found out as I felt something pressing at my anal opening. Slowly it pressed until entering me, I had never felt anything like that and it seemed that what ever it was inside my rectum was the size of a softball, it wasn't but that's what it felt like. "Okay." I heard Sheila say as she tapped me on my left butt cheek. A second later I felt a wet coldness flooding me from inside. Soon it felt as if my belly was expanding from the amount of liquid that was being pumped into me. Again I heard Sheila said okay and then flow stopped. The tube was removed from me and I could feel a gush of fluid rush out of my ass and splash on the floor. Then came another short blast of cold water then Cindy said I was done.

She told me to step from the stall and go to the end of the room. I did as she said, although it was a little hard to walk. We I neared the end of the room another guard led me through the door into a hallway with solid doors down both sides. We walked about half way to the end and I was shuffled into door number ten. Inside I was met by a woman in a white dress. She was a little on the chunky side with bright red hair.

"Take a seat on the table." She ordered, looking down at her clipboard. "Here your sexual impulses will be held in check, and to do so you will be fitted with the proper devises. That is what I am going to do now. So do as I say and this will not take long." She approached me, stood between my legs, spread them wide apart, and reached out for my penis. She measured me in my flaccid state, and then began to gently and slowly stroke my limpness away. Once I was full erect she measured me again. "Very nice, very nice in deed. A full eight and half inches with a solid two inch girth. You will be easy to place I'm sure. Cute too."

She then went over to a cabinet and returned with a leather sheath in her hand. She carefully opened it as wide as it would go. I could then see that inside the sheath were small metal studs shaped into points, not razor sharp but points just the same. She took my half erect rod in her hand and carefully placed it inside the sheath. I could already feel the points of steel scraping my tender flesh.

"This will be more comfortable once you are completely flaccid." She said tugging the small straps tighter, closing the sheath around my penis. "It is designed to keep you from becoming erect at your own will. If you do the pain will be much greater than it is now. Then she again went to a cabinet and came back with another piece of leather in her hand. She quickly wrapped it around the top of my scrotum at the base of my cock. She cinched it tight and it felt as if she were going to castrate me. The leather formed a sort of parachute over my balls; there were four small metal rings around the bottom and a larger one that hung below. She then placed a thick steel collar around my neck and shackles on my ankles and wrists. She ran a piece of chain through a metal ring at the front of the collar and attached it to my left wrist. She then pulled it up until my wrist was high on my chest, then cut and attached another clamp to that end, attaching it to my right wrist. Completely fitted she led me to the door and into the waiting hands of the guard.

I was then led down the hall and then another until brought to my cell. My hands were release and I was told that I could rest for an hour or two, and then I would be taken for evaluation.

As I laid there naked, hands bound, in the cool dark of my cell I thought about my family, where were they, my wife, my daughters, my grandchildren? What was happening to them, were they suffering a similar fate to mine? I could only pray they weren't. As tired as I was sleep eluded me, my mind full of crazy thoughts of what could be happening to them, what was going to happen to me. Some how I must have drifted off briefly because I was startled by a guard. He led me back to the same room where I had been fitted and the same woman stood inside waiting for me.

She told me to sit on the table, then she turn to me with a needle and four vials. "This won't hurt, much." She said with a sinister giggle, just before jabbing the needle into my arm. She filled three of the vials with my blood, and placed them in a holder. She then turned back to me, reached down between my legs and removed the sheath from my penis. "Only one more to go." She grinned as she fisted my flaccid member in her right hand and began to stroke it roughly. Yanking was more like it. But soon enough I was rock hard and her strokes quickened. Apparently I wasn't reaching the state of arousal she wanted fast enough, because she gave me a sigh of disgust and then latched onto my scrotum with her free hand. She began to pull and twist the loose flesh as her strokes became more rapid and her grip tightened to the point of choking. But a couple minutes later she got what she wanted. My engorged cock started to throb, and jerk within her firm grip. She released my balls, shoved the tip of my penis into the vile, and jerked on it as hard and fast as she could. Soon I erupted, squirting three heavy loads of sperm, nearly over flowing the vial.

"My, my." She cooed, realizing I wasn't done yet. She quickly pulled the vial to the side and replaced it with her mouth, engulfing my thick head, and sucked down my next two loads of cum. She sucked me hard after, placed the full vial to the side and stroked me as she sucked, milking me completely dry. When she seemed sure I had no more to give her she replaced the sheath, cinched it tight on my still mostly hard cock, giving me enough pain that I almost cried out. She then went to the door and called the guard. Before he came in she put her hand on my shoulder and whispered into my ear. "You got a lot to offer handsome, pretty tasty too. I'll be seeing you soon."

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