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New Year Cuckold


It was last New Year's Eve. Julian and his wife were at a friend's party even though he hadn't wanted to come. His wife had wanted to come though and that was all that mattered. Ever since they had had a foursome with another couple (her idea, of course), when his wife had taken the other guy's cock out of her mouth and offered it to her husband, she had seen him as something less than a man. The other three in the bed, his wife and the other couple, had burst out laughing as Julian had fulfilled a long held fantasy of sucking another man's cock. How his wife had known he would never know but she later told him that she had always suspected there was something of the cuckold in him and he had just proven her right.

As soon as they got to the party his wife started flirting outrageously with anything in trousers, man or woman, so much so that a few of the other guests were beginning to ask him why he didn't have more control over his wife. They would never know and never be able to guess just how little she cared what he thought or felt about what she was doing. No-one could deny that she wasn't attractive and none of the men she was latching on to seemed to mind her attentions. A few of their partners did though and so everyone was delighted when she caught sight of a newcomer, everyone that is except Julian.

The new arrival, Julian had to admit, was a very handsome younger man who he heard someone refer to as "Peter". If he was unwelcome to the men in the room, Peter certainly seemed to have a way with the women as they seemed to surround him as soon as he came into the room. If Julian thought for one moment that this would dissuade his wife then he really didn't know her at all. Pushing herself to the front of the small group, she had soon caught his attention and made sure it never wavered as she pressed herself up against him and asked him to dance with her.

Julian watched them flirting from across the room and relaxed for a moment when he saw Peter lift his wife's left hand and point to her wedding ring. She simply laughed and pointed at her husband, sneering at him as she was obviously informing her new toy how much of a wimp her husband really was and how much she needed a real man. Peter looked across at Julian and laughed too, while he took his wife by the hand and led her over to where a few other couples were dancing.

Some of the other guests stared at Julian as he simply stood against the wall and cringed, his face burning with embarrassment as another man began to fondle his wife under the pretence of dancing. He hated himself for his own inadequacies, and he hated the fact that his small dick was already stiffening, but he could not deny the eroticism of what was happening before his eyes. Of course, it was happening before the eyes of a good few others too and this only added to his humiliation. Peter obviously didn't give a fuck that he was groping another man's wife and she was enjoying herself too much to even consider her husband's feelings. She had stopped doing that a long time ago.

Peter was proving that he could move on the dance floor as his hips moved, pulling Julian's wife closer to him. She wasn't complaining as she ground herself against the man she had just met and didn't seem to mind in the least when a flash went off and someone had obviously taken a photo of the hot couple dancing together.

Julian could tell she was becoming more and more excited, especially when a slow song began and Peter pulled her even closer. He was pushing his crotch against her and Julian was sure she would be able to feel his hard cock as they moved together. It was becoming less of a dance and more of an exhibition of foreplay.

One slow song after another was playing now as they continued to press against each other, practically having sex with their clothes on. Julian knew what she was like; if they weren't careful she was going to cum as they danced.

Peter could obviously read the signs too because, looking over at Julian, he leaned down and kissed her, his tongue entering her mouth and his hands cupping her arse hard, pulling her even harder and tighter against his crotch. No one else was dancing now as the other guests watched the younger man pushing hard against her pussy, practically lifting her off the floor with his thrusts. Julian could swear he heard his wife moaning in pleasure over the music as she thrust back in a way she never had with him.

And then it happened. Julian was almost in tears and his cock was throbbing in his trousers as his wife began to have an orgasm there and then in front of everyone. She was going wild, wrapping her legs around Peter's waist as they both humped together, her head swinging from side to side, her screams of delight all too obvious to anyone in the room. Still Peter thrust against her as she rubbed her pussy and clit with increasing force against his jeans until she finally slowed down and her legs slid from his waist.

As everyone else looked away, embarrassed by this lewd display, Julian could only stare at his wife who was obviously burning with desire and lust. She reached down and realised that Peter hadn't cum, his cock was still rock hard and he was now desperate for relief. They suddenly seemed to realise what they had done in front of everyone and they ran outside into the garden just as the bells tolled at midnight, snogging like teenagers.

Julian wanted to follow them out and have a swing at his wife's new plaything but he knew he wasn't man enough to do anything about what was happening. Peter seemed to know it too as he smiled a very smug smile at his soon-to-be next conquest's wimp of a husband. He pulled her back into the house and practically dragged her into the kitchen where it was much warmer. As they sat down in front of the buffet she leaned in close and asked him if there was anything she could do for him, running her hand up and down his muscular thigh.

At this point the other guests left the kitchen, well aware that she was married to Julian, that she was acting like a slut and that they had no intention of being anywhere near when she did "anything he wanted". Julian ran upstairs to the bathroom. He knew even he couldn't just stand there and watch whatever happened next; it was just too humiliating, but he was desperate to see exactly what this new couple were going to do.

Knowing the house well, he locked himself in the bathroom, standing in the bath, and opened the window which allowed him a perfect view of what was going on in the kitchen. Peter and his wife were still sitting at the table and, now that he was out of sight of everyone else, Julian unzipped his trousers and took out his cock.

This was total humiliation for him. He knew everyone at the party was talking about the couple in the kitchen and wondering why he didn't do something about it. How could he ever explain that he was powerless at that moment? How could he explain that all he could do was play with his own small cock while he watched his wife play with another man's much bigger one? How could he explain that this was the most exciting thing that had happened to him since she last took an unknown lover in front of him?

His wife seemed to be unaware that Julian was watching them but she couldn't have cared less even if he had been standing beside them. She had a real man to play with now and play with him was exactly what she had in mind. She had already felt how big and hard he was when he ground against her during their dance, as he made her cum even as they were both still dressed. Now she could feel the length of him in her hand as she groped his cock through his jeans. It was time to release her new toy, time to play.

Julian watched as his wife, without an ounce of shame, pulled down the zip on Peter's jeans and reached inside. He watched as she smiled at her new lover, only too aware that his rival's cock would be growing in her hand, if it wasn't already rock hard. He watched as his wife kissed the man sitting next to her, a man everyone knew wasn't her husband, and could do nothing but reach into his own trousers and release his own stiffening cock.

Peter just sat there smiling, unable to believe his luck and unwilling to do anything that could possibly spoil the moment. He couldn't have cared less that the woman squeezing his hard cock was another man's wife; that was her problem – and her husband's.

Although the kitchen table was laden with food, there was no cover hanging down to obscure Julian's view of his wife freeing Peter's cock from the confines of his jeans. He squeezed his own once more, all too aware that it paled in comparison to the other man's. He watched as her painted nails ran up and down the large penis that now belonged to her. She was looking a little flushed by now and Julian knew it was in equal measure due to her alcohol intake and her unrestricted lust. It was a long time since she had given him a handjob, a very long time, but he knew that she was an expert at it, just as Peter was now discovering.

There was no hesitation in her as she wrapped her fingers around her latest toy and began to stroke it up and down. Julian could only copy her movements with his own penis and wished he was feeling the pleasure that was so obvious on his rival's face.

His wife asked Peter something at that point and he simply shook his head. Julian had no way of hearing the conversation but, knowing his wife as he did he remembered that she liked to use some sort of lubrication when she was playing with a man's cock. Sure enough, she reached across the table and picked up some sort of oil for dressing the salad and poured a little on the cock in her hand.

Peter looked surprised but delighted too as she twisted her fingers through the slick oil, rubbing it all over the cock she was holding, even down to Peter's large balls which she now fished out of his jeans with her slimy hand.

Wrapping her finger back round his length, her fingers began to move faster now, sliding more easily up and down, swirling her whole hand across the head of his cock, making him desperate for release. His hips were starting to push forward now just as Julian's were while he stood watching.

His own cock was as hard as it had ever been as he watched his slut of a wife massaging a stranger's much bigger cock and he speeded up his own hand. He thought Peter might be about to cum soon; he knew for certain that he was. He was going to cum while he stood in the bath at his friend's home watching his wife make another man cum in the kitchen. What a worm he felt but even this feeling spurred him on to pump his cock faster. He knew what was going to happen next.

Sure enough, he watched as his wife ducked under the table until her mouth was only inches from Peter's cock but if he thought she was about to suck him off he had another think coming. Her lips parted just slightly as a small amount of saliva dripped from her mouth on to the tip of her new cock and she began to rub it in. Julian knew how good that felt and he could almost hear Peter moan in pleasure as he sat back and enjoyed what was probably the messiest handjob he had ever had.

Her breasts were shaking below her tight blouse as her efforts increased, determined to give her new man the same pleasure he had given her on the dance floor. Julian could only watch and wank as his whore of a wife jerked Peter's throbbing cock from top to bottom, swirling her hand across the top each time she got there. Julian tried to do the same but it just wasn't the same.

Peter suddenly threw back his head, letting out an inaudible groan of pure lust as he pushed his cock up through the slippery hand wrapped around it and his cum started to fly through the air. The first spurt hit the bottom of the table before he twisted slightly and the next shot spurted across her short black skirt.

Julian's wife continued to pump the spurting cock in her hand and Julian could only pump his own, following her rhythm with much les spectacular results. He thought he was never going to cum until, as Peter finally stopped shooting cum all over the place, his wife took her messy hand from under the table, looked up at the bathroom window, smiled at her husband and licked the other man's spunk off her fingers. She had know all along that he was there and that was enough for Julian's own orgasm to rise from his balls and dribble into the bath.

As the couple rose from the tale, the streaks of cum evident across his wife's black skirt, even from a distance, Julian could hear someone knocking on the door.

"Let me in. I really need to pee," a woman's pleading voice.

He quickly pushed his soft cock back into his trousers and washed his hands before unlocking the door. There was a queue waiting and Julian saw his friend Kevin, the host, coming towards him, throwing a comforting arm around his shoulders. Just then that same voice came from inside the bathroom.

"Oh, yuck! Someone's been wanking in the bath."

Total humiliation washed over Julian. As he went downstairs with Kevin, Peter and his wife were dancing once again only his time she was not only showing off the cum stains on her skirt but the top few buttons on her blouse were open too. She wasn't wearing a bra and her tits were bouncing around threatening to break free at any moment. The more she danced, the more they bounced and, as he entered the room, the other guests turned to face him. They looked from him to his wife and waited for his reaction. When he turned round and walked back out there were cries of disbelief, some of pity but mostly of disgust, the other guests as annoyed with him as they were with her.

He was determined to leave, there and then, but Kevin reminded him of how bad the weather was and convinced him to stay the night as they had planned. So, dejected and alone, Julian once more went back upstairs and left his wife to her games downstairs. The one thing Kevin didn't know was that he was forbidden from sharing his wife's bed tonight. She had insisted that they bring a sleeping bag for him, "just in case I manage to find a real man to fuck me." Her words rang in his ears as he undressed and slipped into the sleeping bag, naked apart from the pink silk knickers that he had stolen from his wife's laundry basket before they left home.

He had drunk almost as much as she had earlier and he must have fallen asleep because a long time later he woke up with a start as the door crashed open. His wife was practically staggering, the after effects of far too much alcohol, and nearly fell across Julian as he lay on the floor at the foot of the bed. She began to strip off, fumbling with her buttons but, as he lay there perfectly still, Julian noticed there weren't that many still to be opened. Her breasts sprung free as she tugged her blouse off her arms and dropped it on the floor.

The room was in darkness but there was just enough light from the hall to make out the curves of her luscious breasts but he knew he was not allowed to touch them any more. Next came her skirt which was also dropped unceremoniously to the floor. Somehow she managed to force herself up on to her feet and pulled her knickers down. This time she dropped them on Julian's face and laughed.

"Happy New Year, hubby. You're about to see me being fucked the way I want to be fucked."

Whether she knew he was awake or not, Julian had no way of knowing as she said nothing else before she fell back on to the bed. Silently he pulled her soaking knickers from his face but not before he noticed the strong aroma from them and wondered if she'd already been fucked. Before he had time to investigate any further the door was thrown open once more and Peter pushed his equally drunken way into the room. He paid no heed to Julian, not even acknowledging his presence, and began to strip off.

Whether or not it was due to all the beer that he had drunk, Julian noticed that Peter's cock was only half hard but, as soon as he saw his new lady friend lying naked waiting for him, it immediately grew to full hardness. It wasn't enormous, bigger than Julian's, but not enormous. It was, however, very thick and Julian watched it bouncing between his rival's legs before he climbed on to the bed and fed it to his wife.

She hungrily opened her mouth and Julian knew that at that moment her tongue would be swirling around the massive head. As if too prove it Peter let out a moan of pleasure while Julian pretended to still be asleep, silently pushing his hands in to his wife's dirty knickers to play with his own cock.

But it wasn't in her mouth she wanted Peter's cock. She'd already sucked off a couple of the other guests and now desperately needed to be fucked.

"Fuck me, Peter. I need your big, fat cock in my cunt now!"

She turned round and got on to all fours, presenting her pussy to her latest lover. Julian twisted round to the side of the bed so he could get a better view and watched as his enemy lined up his massive cock and entered his waiting wife. Now it was her turn to moan in appreciation and Julian could only squeeze his little cock that much harder as another torrent of filth poured from his slutty wife's mouth.

"Oh, God! Yes, Peter! Fuck me! Use me like a slut! Fuck me the way I should be fucked!"

Julian cringed once more as he heard words he had never heard from his wife's mouth before. Still watching, desperate to see every inch of Peter's cock sink into his wife's pussy, hating himself but unable to stop himself, he saw his wife being grabbed by the hips and fucked ever slower and ever deeper.

She was obviously close now, very close and, when Peter raised his right hand and started to spank her arse, her whole body seemed to shudder as she went over the edge and came hard. Peter, however, showed no sign of being finished and, once she stopped trembling, he pulled out of her and ordered her to lie on her back.

She quickly did as she was told only to be pulled further down the bed as Peter lifted her legs and spread them wide. This gave Julian an excellent view of his wife's battered pussy and he came into her knickers just as he saw Peter's cum seeping out of her cunt.

His view was quickly blocked, however, when Peter pushed her legs over his shoulders and began to drive into the woman below him. He knew what she wanted and he had no hesitation in giving it to her as he fucked her harder and deeper this time, bringing her to the very edge of orgasm as he felt his own balls start to tingle. He was about to pull out when she dropped her legs and wrapped them around his waist, holding him in her, pulling him even deeper.

"No, don't stop. Fuck me, please. Cum in my pussy. I want it all."

Julian knew she had had many affairs but hearing her beg for another man's spunk was almost worse than seeing that man fuck her. When she felt Peter's body suddenly stop and go rigid all over, she knew he was cumming inside her and that was enough to make her cum too. It was enough for Julian too and he felt his own cum dribbling out over his fingers.

As Peter climbed off his wife and rolled onto his back, almost immediately falling asleep, Julian took the risk of raising his head one last time and was faced with his wife's beaten pussy as it leaked even more of her lover's cum. He was disgusted and aroused all at the same time and he continued to squeeze his cock even though his balls were well and truly empty.

Once again he must have fallen asleep although it could only have been for moments, obviously exhausted from cumming so much in his wife's knickers. When he awoke he could hear the heavy breathing coming from the bed and dared to slide out of the sleeping bag. Both Peter and his wife were lying on their backs, both naked, both fast asleep and both obviously well satisfied.

Looking around Julian saw his wife's clothes lying on the floor and wondered what it would feel like to be dressed like a slut. He was small in size and he already knew his wife's knickers fitted him so why shouldn't her skirt and blouse?

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