tagRomanceNew Year, New Changes Ch. 01

New Year, New Changes Ch. 01


Shannon was twenty three years old. She was considered a hottie most of the time. She lived in a cramped dorm room with her room mate Lisa.

Lisa was snotty, rude and always possessive. They couldn't even share a shelf in the refridgerater. Lisa was dating a guy named Rick, but she treated him so badly.

Shannon hated it. Rick was such a hot, sweet guy. Why would he want to be with Lisa? She had to come up with a plan to get back at Lisa for the way she treated them both.

Friday night was the New Year's Eve masked ball thrown by one of the sororities on campus. They had all made plans to go to it. They even went out and bought short, tight outfits with wigs so they wouldn't be recognized easily.

The next day, Shannon returned to the store and bought an entire outfit like Lisa's. Thier body type was so close, Rick would never notice.

At the party, drinks were flowing very generously. She split up from Rick and Lisa for a little while, although she didn't loose site of them.

Right before midnight, she quickly changed into her outfit that matched Lisa. When she saw Lisa go get another drink, she slipped over and took Rick's hand.

"What? Where are we going?" he said. She just pulled him along, slipping inside of a room that looked like an office.

She closed the door and locked it. She led him to the middle of the room. Since the lights were off, she dared to remove her mask and lock her lips with his.

She slid her hands down to his jeans, unbuttoning them and sliding the zipper down. She let them fall, revealing his tight boxer briefs. She slipped her hand inside, craddling his member.

She leaned harder against him, pressing her almost bare chest to his. She stroked him, feeling him come alive. He was shocked, Lisa wasn't usually this daring.

She was usually such a bitch to him. He honestly had no idea why he was with her. She was hot and looked great in her costume, but she wasn't his type.

Thier kisses got hotter and hotter. She crouched below him, releasing his cock. It was hard, she licked the head, flicking her tongue around it.

As she twirled her tongue around his cock, he let out a low moan. She swallowed his entire cock, deep into his throat. Her skills were working on him, he was enjoying himself.

Soon he was stopping her, "I'm about to cum." When she stood up, he leaned her over the desk. Soon he was lifting her dress, revealing her bare ass.

She didn't have any pantys on. He leaned into her, seperating her legs with his knee. He entered her from behind. Soon he was pounding her, deeper with each motion. She was panting, he was sweaty.

Just then, they heard a knock. It was Lisa, "Rick, are you in there? Rick?" He gasped, if she is outside, who am I fucking? he thought.

Shannon smiled, he hasn't stopped but he knows I'm not her. He must like this! He leaned over into her ear, "I don't know who you are, but I'm about to cum. Can we move onto that sofa?" She nodded.

When they reach the sofa, she climbed onto his lap. When she was settled in, he pulled her dress off. Her tits were covered with a tight lace bra, he quickly removed it. Her breasts bounced as she rode him.

He could care less about where Lisa was and what she would think when she couldn't find him. He didn't even think about her. Whoever this girl was, she was good. He was about to cum. She lifted herself up, then came down. She too was about to cum.

Ten, Nine, Eight - They could hear the people counting down to the New Year. Seven, Six Five, damn she was so good. Four, Three, Two, She was about to explode. One...

"Oh my Gawd" she screamed.

"Oh fuck" he exclaimed! They exploded together in an amazing orgasm.

She pressed her chest against him and laid her head on his shoulder. They were both breathing heavily.

"So, did you figure out who I am yet?" she laughed.

"You didn't think I'd figure out it was you Shan?" he said.

"At first when I thought it was Lisa, I was pretending it was you. Then, when I thought maybe it wasn't Lisa, I suspected you. But when Lisa was knocking on the door, I KNEW it was you."

"Well, I think Lisa's a total bitch to you! And, I really think you're hot," she smiled.

He laughed, "Did you really think you had to pretend to be Lisa to get me to sleep with you?"

Her face fell, "Well, I wasn't sure how you felt about her or if you'd go along with it."

He lifted her face to his, "I'd never turn you down. Pretending she's you is the ONLY way I can get through sex with Lisa. It's my every wish, dream and fantasy to have fucked you."

As they dressed to leave, they were both quiet. She didn't know what to say, so she didn't say anything. She picked up her mask and turned toward the door.

He stopped her by saying, "Shannon, wait! I know you didn't expect this, but are you interested in spending the weekend with me? My room mate went home for New Years, so I'm alone. We can order take out and be together all weekend."

She sputtered, "I..I..Do you...Can..What about Lisa? She's going to be pissed you missed New Years and then how will you avoid her all weekend?"

He smiled, "So, if you didn't have to worry about her, you would?"

"Well, I couldn't go with you when you have a girlfriend. Plus, I don't have any clothes with me."

He begged, "Please? I'll take care of Lisa."

"Ok, but you have to break up with Lisa. Tonight has been amazing so far and I don't want to miss another moment."

"I will, I promise! Go get some clothes, whatever you need for the weekend. I'll go take care of Lisa and meet you outside of my dorm."

She walked back to him, wrapped her arms around his neck as he lifted her up. Thier kissed lingered, got hotter. She pulled back, "Save your energy, you have to deal with Lisa. Meet you in an hour."

He left the room, she locked the door. She quickly changed into her costume before slipping out the door herself.

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