tagRomanceNew Year, New Changes Ch. 03

New Year, New Changes Ch. 03


Shannon and Rick had spent the past weekend having tons of sex and fast food. They'd barely left the room, mostly because they didn't want to run into Lisa. She'd spent hours outside Rick's dorm room begging him to come back.

When Shannon headed back to her own room, she wasn't looking forward to the questions from Lisa. She figured Lisa would inquire until she was forced to tell her about Rick. She wasn't even sure what to tell. Sure he was being amazing, he spoiled her and was so sweet. He was even better in bed. She was sure they'd be adding extra things to thier sex life soon. They were so open with each other.

When she got into the room, Lisa was standing with her back to the door. Shannon tossed her bag down on the bed and started to empty it. Lisa spun around, "Where were you all weekend? I've needed your advice."

Shannon grimaced, she wasn't interested in helping Lisa. "What did you need? Did you talk to Rick over the weekend?"

Lisa laughed, "Yeah right, he's been locked in his room all weekend. I figure with some tramp he's fucking."

Shannon groaned, "Really Lisa? How do you know? Maybe he's not lying when he says he's found someone else?" As soon as the words left her lips, she knew she was in trouble.

"How did you know he met someone else?" Lisa growled.

"Uh, um, I..I.." was all Shannon could get out.

"It's you isn't it? You tramp! You slut! You were supposed to be my best friend!! I trusted you with my boyfriend and you steal him away for yourself? How dare you! Fuckin' Whore!" Lisa screamed.

Shannon had taken enough of Lisa's bullshit over the past year. She let her have it. "Now wait a damn minute Lisa, I didn't steal anyone from you. You pushed him away by treating him like you do. You only care about yourself." With that, Shannon picked up her bag & threw clothes back into it.

As she headed back out the door, she yelled back, "I don't care what you do to my things Lisa, I won't let you be cruel to Rick again. I'll send for my things, I will not be your roommate any longer."

She left Lisa standing in the center of the room with her mouth wide open.

When she got back to Rick's room, he wasn't there. He had an early morning class. When he got back, they headed out to talk to someone about getting a new roommate. She had no luck and was forced to go back to Rick's until she figured out what to do.

When they got back to the room, Rick's roommate Darius was in bed with someone. Rick slipped over to the closet and grabbed his shower bag and headed back out. Not before he could see Darius was having sex with Lisa. He didn't care about it, he just went on out the door thankful he wasn't still with her.

They got to the male shower room, Rick slipped inside first. He popped his head back out and kissed her. She smiled at him, then he grabbed her hand and pulled her into the room with him. Once inside, he slipped his arms around her and kissed her again.

"I thought we could try in here tonight since our room has been taken over," Rick breathed into her ear.

She took his hand and pulled him toward the shower. They slipped inside and set the water on a nice hot setting. The water beating down Rick's skin made him look amazingly hot. The water falling against Shannon's body slipped down her chest and across her breasts. Her nipples were wet.

Rick leaned his head to her breast and suckled one in. As he sucked on it, he pinched her other nipple between his thumb and forefinger. She gasped, so he changed sides. Pinching the side he had been sucking and taking the other nipple into his mouth.

He lowered down to his knees as she spread her legs. His face fit into the curve of her cunt. He flicked his tongue across her clit. She enjoyed that, he could tell. Her moans said it all.

When he came back up to meet her lips with his, the erection he had was painfully hard. She was so gorgeous, she turned him on by barely touching him. The smell of her perfume gave him and instant hard on. Even when he'd been with Lisa, he'd thought of Shannon while he had sex with Lisa. It was his secret hard on tool. He never thought he'd been fucking her one day.

She noticed he was engorged and she used her lips to help comfort him. She lowered her mouth over his cock. She loved the taste of him. He was always erect, ready to have sex with her at all times. She loved how he treated her too. Not just like a sex toy, but more like a sex godess. He loved fucking her, she could tell. Damn, she should have told Lisa off like that a long time ago and took Rick for herself.

She bobbed her head over his cock, running her tongue over the ridges under his head. He loved when she did that, he'd already told her so. She could do this forever because she knew he'd take care of her needs too.

When he lifted her face to his and mouthed "Ride Me", she'd felt her clit twitch. Her favorite postion was riding him. It didn't matter which way, just so she was in control of him.

He lifted her and she slipped him easily inside of her. She was wet from the shower, so she was extra slippery. He popped in and out with ease, taunting her cunt with his rod. She happily bounced along. She held his shoulders to guide herself as she dug her nails into his shoulders.

He enjoyed the sensations she caused his body to feel. As he thought of her doing unspeakable things to him. He looked forward to her being in control of him. He liked when she dominated him. He pressed her to the shower wall and his juices began to fill her.

Her orgasm hit her at the same time. She dug deeper into his shoulder blades and rubbed her clit on his cock. When she finally collapsed into his arms, she was utterly exhausted and her breathe was ragged.

When they went back to the room, Darius was asleep and Lisa was curled up next to him. Both were naked except the covers.

Shannon looked up at Rick, "Do you want to crash somewhere else tonight?"

With that, they headed to look for somewhere to spend the night. Looks like both of them need a place to stay.

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