tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersNew Year, New Lover

New Year, New Lover


So long 2016! There were only a few hours left and I was ready to party. I'd managed to swap shifts so I didn't have to be at the bar and hurried home to change before heading to the neighbours' party.

As I hustled down the hallway the thump of music swelled as they let in some more friends "Hey Issie! Where you going?" Brett called as he saw me pass.

"Got to change" I called back, twirling to show off my uniform.

"That ass never got to change!" He shouted. I blew him a kiss and he laughed as he shut the door and went back to his guests.

I reached my door and let myself into my little one bed at the end of the hall, crammed in to fit zoning requirements. Not that I cared, I could never afford such a nice place otherwise and was fed up of roomies, always stealing your food and leaving the place a mess. I left my jacket in the hall and headed to the bathroom.

I looked in the mirror and appraised what I saw. Brett wasn't wrong, I had an ass welcome anywhere and tits to match. A combination that was shown off to much effect by the daisy dukes and green plaid shirt tied off below my bust showing off a flat stomach (my bar fancied itself an Irish hooters, and if a little decolletage got me the tips so be it). I stripped the uniform off and threw it in the washbasket in the corner. My plain black bra and panties followed it and I looked at myself again, my enhanced 34 DDs still supporting themselves to stand proud of my chest. My pussy was still nice and bald, I'd waxed boxing day and was glad I didn't need to bother wasting time on it now.

I threw myself through the shower, I was sure I didn't smell too bad (and I'd not met a man who didn't like me musky) but I just couldn't relax and party with the smell of work on me. The necessary done I padded to my room wrapped in a towel and picked out my outfit for the night.

I'd bought a latex minidress a couple of months ago to show off for a guy who'd bailed a week after it'd arrived. Well tonight it'd get its debut. Looking at my perky breasts again I figured I'd get away braless tonight and pulled out a nice black lace pair of panties, a new pair of hold up stockings and my highest heels. They were crazy 6" heels with a 2" platform from my (brief) stripper days upstate but they were shiny black PVC calf boots, matched the dress and drew attention like nothing else. And I wanted attention tonight. Oh, and I didn't have to walk far, an important consideration in these boots.

Panties on I slowly squeezed myself into the minidress, talcing carefully to let it slide on with as much ease as possible. I looked at the result in the mirror and frowned, it was so skintight even my skimpy lace panties gave me VPL. I sighed and pulled them from underneath my dress. Smoothing it back down I took another look, much better. I rolled the stockings up my legs and grabbed the latex shiner when a sneaky thought occurred to me.

I grabbed my phone and called Bruce, Brett's roommate and boyfriend. He picked up after a couple of rings "Hey Issie, what's up? You still coming tonight?"

"Oh yeah, I'm nearly ready, I just need a little hand with my outfit. Would you be a dear and pop over?"

"Sure honey, I'll be right there" he replied and hung up. I got what I needed to hand and was waiting by the door when he knocked a few minutes later. "Aw darling you look great, you'll be the stealing the show" he gushed as I opened the door. I blushed, he may be the stereotypical flaming camp man but Bruce always got me going. Maybe because he had no interest in me sexually, only aesthetically, his compliments free of ulterior motives.

"Thanks Bruce, but I think I need a bit of shining, can you give me a hand?"

He nodded and followed me to the bedroom where I stood patiently as he ran his hands over me, buffing intensely. It was a little strange having a man's hands roam so unsexually over my body, especially when he stuck his hand up under my dress to make sure the dress was taught between my legs for an even shine. Though even his asexual attention was enough to harden my nipples as he shined my tits, their protrusions pressing against the tight latex for a delicious conflict of sensation. He stood back and appraised his handiwork "You should have put those boots on first" he commented, I'll have to touch up your backside" I shrugged apologetically and he waved me into the chair before my dresser before kneeling and placing my feet in my boots, lacing them up before helping me to my feet and returning my arse to a mirror shine.

I slowly twirled before the mirror, enjoying the sight of the smooth black latex coating my body. "Amazing, thank you Bruce. Why don't you bend over the dresser and let me give you something for your trouble" He looked at me strangely but did as I asked, curious as to what I had in mind. "Drop the pants" I told him as I opened the top drawer of the dresser looking for his reward. I found where it had rolled and pulled out the steel butt plug with the monogrammed crest. "Now I don't know how this ended up in the laundry room, but I'm sure I know where it should be kept" I wagged it mock disapprovingly at him.

"Sorry Issie, I was wondering where that had got to" he replied sheepishly.

I grabbed the lube from the drawer and applied a generous squeeze before working the plug in, the cool metal giving Bruce shivers as he stretched round it. I let it pop in and spanked him lightly. "Take better care of it this time" I told him as he sorted his pants "and make sure you check the dryer is empty"

Bruce laughed and I thanked him again, he took a seat on the bed (wiggling slightly as the plug settled) and waited for me to finish getting ready. It didn't take long; I tied my long brown hair back into a high ponytail, touched up a little light makeup and applied some dark red lipstick. Bruce cooed approvingly, "Very severe, Very sexy. You sure you don't want to spank me some more?" I just stuck my tongue out at him and we left to join the party. "I'm serious" he added "you've got quite the domme look tonight, you'll be getting plenty of attention".

As you might have gathered by me finding his buttplug in the laundry room Bruce and Brett had an 'interesting' love life and group of friends. I'd heard some of their previous parties since I moved in, some of them sounded more like orgies. I wasn't really into that sort of thing, but then again I'd grown up upstate and my family didn't really talk sex at all. I'd met Bruce and Brett when they helped me move in, they were friendly cool guys and that was all that mattered; Bruce had assured me this was just a normal party, they'd be on their best behaviour, so I was dressed up and ready for some conventional drunken fun.

When I got there I was greeted by a whistle from Brett and a wink. "Glad you could join us at last. I take it back, you can change into that anytime" he told me as we exchanged kisses on the cheek.

I headed to the kitchen to grab a drink Bruce's prediction was proved true. Heads turned and eyes fixed on me, running over my shiny latex covered body. I was flashed a few dirty looks as I distracted partners in conversation, and not just guys either (no surprise given whose party it was). I grabbed a bottle of beer to take the edge off and started to mingle.

A couple of hours and a few bottles later the edge was well and truly off and I was nursing a mojito Brett had given me, I had the feeling he'd forgotten the soda as it seemed mainly rum. It was about half an hour to midnight and I was thinking about whether I'd be getting any tonight - a kiss at midnight at least. It was then that she made her move. We'd caught each other's eye a couple of times across the party, she was a striking six foot blonde with delicately coiled hair framing her face and a supermodel's skinny body covered in a long blue velvet dress. Now she appeared at my elbow "Hey hun, I've had relationships last less time than that drink" her voice was rich, humourous and with a southern twang. "I'm Stephanie, but everyone calls me Stef"

"Issie" I smiled "Brett's handiwork is hardly easy drinking"

She laughed, a bright flowing trill, "Oh, a Brett special. 4 parts alcohol, 2 ice cubes, maybe a dash of mixer" she handed me her glass "Have a try of that"

I sipped the bright red drink, a classic Cosmo made to perfection. "That's a lovely drink. Who'd you find with that sort of talent, they deserve a kiss."

With both my hands holding glasses I couldn't have fended her off even if I'd seen it coming. Stef leant in pressed her lips against mine, soft and tender.

"What?" I managed to say when she pulled back.

"Well, you said your mystery mixologist deserved a kiss," she replied "I am she. Come, put down that Mojito and I'll make you something nice" I stood there dumbfounded. It wasn't the first time I'd kissed another woman, but it certainly was the first time it seemed serious instead of just a dumb joke. Stef seemed to notice my reticence "Oh, I'm sorry hun, I hope you didn't mind"

"No, no. Just shocked me" I said, surprising myself with the truth of it, the lingering tingle from her lips pressure still pleasing. "What you going to give me?"

"I'll give you anything you want hun," she said with a smile, hands busy at the cocktail bar. We exchanged drinks and I sipped at a light violet Aviation.

We spent the next 10 minutes or so chatting before she excused herself to visit the bathroom. With a few minutes to midnight left everyone started gathering in the lounge where Brett had put the big TV on, showing the countdown from New York. Shots of people stood in Time Square getting rained on appeared on the screen. Lots of people seemed to be pairing up, ready for that New Years kiss. I scanned the room for Stef, did I want her to be my partner? I wasn't sure but I hadn't found anyone else interesting, a few stunt cocks were around for backup. She somehow intrigued me and I needed to see her again before I left. Finally I found her again, deep in a whispered conversation with Bruce in the hall.

It was my turn to surprise her, calling out "Stef! Not leaving so soon? Don't say your carriage turns into a pumpkin at midnight"

She turned, a guilty look on her face, "Issie, sorry hun, I was just giving Bruce my regards on his excellent party but it's time for me to go." Bruce excused himself and headed off to find Brett. "I don't really do the whole New Year craziness" she said.

I closed the gap to her, "Well that cocktail was even better than the first, so you'd better get your kiss for that before you go" I bent in without waiting for a reply and this time it was her who stood there shocked as my bright red lips pressed against her, my body so close I could feel her warmth. "Are you sure you have to go? I was enjoying our time together" I whispered as our lips broke.

She stood there quiet, her bright blue eyes staring into my deep brown ones. "I enjoyed it too Issie, are you sure? My kiss shocked you before, don't rush into something just to have that New Year kiss"

She looked so vulnerable, worried about hurting me. I wrapped my arm around her waist, maybe it was the drink or maybe it was the outfit but I felt the desire to take control. "You want to leave all this New Year craziness, my place is just down the hall. No pressure there but I must warn you... There's no fancy cocktail stuff there."

"I'm not sure" she said slowly, but I could tell she was wavering.

"Well, at least walk me home. I'm just about done here anyway" I told her. She grabbed her coat and I took her hand and drew her out into the corridor. She followed me willingly down the corridor and we drew up before my door. I unlocked it and turned back to her "is this where we say goodbye or are you going to come see in the New Year? Surely you won't get a cab at this time"

Stef licked her lips nervously "I'd like to come in Issie" I didn't give her time to say anything else, grabbing her hand again and pulling her through the door.

I led her to the couch and collapsed into it and started to unlace my boots. Stef went and rummaged about my collection of liquor bottles (mainly vodka and whatever ends I'd picked up from work). "Hey, good news, I think you might have the stuff for a Screaming Orgasm" she called.

"I thought I saw you looking" I laughed "Why don't you come back here and sit down next to me first." She was blushing gently when she slid down next to me on the sofa. I leant over and we shared a gentle kiss, lips brushing softly against each other.

"Issie, are you sure about this?" Stef's voice was getting huskier "I'm liking this but you're what I was talking to Bruce about. I don't want to mess around with you when you're not into this sort of thing."

I just pressed my lips against hers again, firmer this time, hungrier. Her lips spread against against mine and my tongue snuck into her mouth. With an electric thrill the tips of our tongues touched, mouths opened wider and then we were at it, tongues twisted together. When we finally broke with a gasp for air I met her eyes and smiled "Oh hun" I told her, stealing her phrase "do I look like I'm not into this sort of thing?"

"Hun, you seem to be so into this. But what about tomorrow?"

"Worry about tomorrow in the new year, tonight I want you. And right now I want you to help me out of this latex dress"

We moved to my bedroom after a few more minutes of kissing. Out of my boots it became very obvious that Stef was much taller than me, especially still in her 3" heels. She kicked out of them but still had to bend right down to place a kiss on my upturned lips. She helped me wiggle out of the tight latex so I stood before her naked but for my stockings and we locked lips again as I pressed my body against her. I enjoyed the smooth velvet against my skin, feeling her warmth on me. She pushed me back onto the bed and I flopped back and giggled as I bounced there. Stef's eyes drunk in the sight of me lying naked and aroused for her. She turned her back and reached round for the zip, pulling it down to expose a creamy strip of flesh down her back crossed by a black bra-strap.

"Last chance" she said. "i'm not a normal girl like you"

"Dress off. In bed. Now." I instructed. The coy act was beginning to get old, I knew she was more sexually out there than I'd been before but I wanted her now.

Stef slipped the dress to the floor with a sexy little wiggle of her slender hips. Her panties were a plain black to match her bra. She dove onto the bed bedside me and our tongues rejoined their battle for supremacy as our hands ran over each other's bodies. Stef ran her hands over my enhanced breasts, tight stomach and ass; I did the same for her slim bod unclasping her bra to expose a pair of little breasts, barely a B but still perfectly formed and with delightfully sensitive nipples. Stef moaned into my mouth as I played with them, returning the pleasure as she tweaked mine to leave me gasping.

We seemed to have come to an impasse. I knew I wanted her, but I didn't know what to do with her. I mean, where did you start? I decided to just take the plunge and stuck my hand down the front of her panties. "Uh Stef?"

"Yes Issie hun?"

"I'm a little inexperienced with girls. What's this in your panties?"

She sighed and pulled away. "That's what I was trying to tell you. I'm trans."

"So that was a cock?" She nodded. I scooted over to press against her side again "I'm sorry if this is insensitive, but do you still like to use it?"

"Sometimes" she admitted, as if ashamed.

I lightly kissed her shoulder, then her collarbone and trailed them up to finish by nibbling on her earlobe. "Do you want to use it on me?" I asked, slipping my hand back inside her panties to give it a light stroke.

She turned and looked me deep in the eyes "Oh yes Issie, I do." She kissed me as I continued to stroke her. Obviously the nerves of what I might think had been holding her back because she started to get hard.

I straddled her and ground my naked pussy against her panty covered cock. I played with my breasts as I gave her a slow and sensual lap dance, eyes locked and breathing in time. I could feel her grow beneath me as I moved against her. "Let's get you out of those panties and into me" I pulled her panties down as I shuffled down her body. I got a good look at it as Stef flicked her panties off and it flapped against her belly. Stef was hardly a world beater down there, a slender shaft maybe topping out at 7 inches, but it looked good to me. I sucked her into my mouth and bobbed up and down, teasing with my tongue to eke every inch I could from it.

I moved back to sit in her lap, back to kissing her as I pressed my body against hers. My firm breasts overwhelmed her soft small growths and her hard nipples pressing back into me. Stef's hands roamed down my back and caressed my ass and thighs. My wet pussy slipped back and forth along her shaft, my juices coating her cock. Stef gripped my hips and held me just right, I could feel her head pressing against my pussy lips. "I said I wanted you in me" I told her, forcing myself down. Her head pierced my lips and slid smoothly into my vagina, I was already soaked and ready. I rocked to and fro, easing her deeper into me until our crotches were pressed together.

I started to ride her, hips rolling to extract maximum sensation. Stef thrust up into me, her inhibitions fading fast as she started pounding my cunt. I was already in ecstasy, grinding myself down against her hardness and loving the soft body I was playing with everywhere else. My mouth roamed with abandon, licking and kissing her breasts, sucking her nipples and giving her deep french kisses. Stef gave me as good as she got, panting for air between kisses as she sped up and started pistoning deep into my pussy as her hands gripped my hips for even greater power.

It couldn't last of course, nothing so good ever does. After a couple of minutes my orgasm was fast approaching, I could feel the glowing tingle in my clit as it bounced off Stef's body and the warm glow of my abused pussy clinging to her shaft. Stef didn't look like she could last much longer either, eyes half closed as she continued bouncing me on her shaft. "Oh baby, I'm gonna cum, gonna cum. Cum for me baby, I want it. I want it" I started moaning as I abandoned myself to my orgasm, pussy clenching around her cock.

Stef's eyes opened wide and I felt it. A warm spurt squeezing into my body, and another. She managed to get out and let loose another shot that fell amongst my landing strip before she ran out of steam and just dribbled out the last of her jizz, running down her cock.

I lay there, halfway through and feeling a little cheated as to how quickly Stef had taken her cock out. I never liked being empty when I came. I needn't have worried though, she quickly replaced her cock with her mouth. Her tongue probed my hole, releasing a fresh wave of joy and juice as her finger strummed my clit.

Stef slid up, body never leaving mine and planted a sloppy kiss on me. I opened my mouth and it was filled with her tongue, delivering her jizz for my enjoyment. We passed that package back and forth before each swallowing down our part. "Oh hun, that was great".

"You can say that again" I said, smiling at her as we basked in our post-orgasmic buzz. "I think we might have missed the Bells though" Stef just laughed.

We cleaned ourselves up and I lent her some shorts to sleep in as we curled up together. And that's how we work up the first day of 2017. A new year, a new experience, and a new lover. I made it my resolution to get to know her better.

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