tagErotic CouplingsNew Year Party Gone Wild

New Year Party Gone Wild


A lame party by co-workers gets heated by a challenge.


Drunk and energized from dancing at the clubs, Eva and Jake were not ready to go home.

"It's 1:30 already?" Eva complained as she closed the door to the passenger side.

Jake started the SUV, and rubbed his hands to warm them up while he waited for the engine to warm up.

"Fuck, it's cold!" he said.

The street was bright with the Holiday spirit, red and green, and blue and white, and flashing lights. And it was snowing like crazy, which was unusual for Albuquerque. The snow seemed to make the holiday lights more brilliant and vibrant.

"Wow, snow," Eva said.

Albuquerque did not see much snow, though the Sandias to the east were often crested with white.

"We'd better get home before it gets worse," he said.

But she reached over with her hand, and touched his crotch, and his penis underneath the fabric. He didn't wear underwear when they went out, and neither did she. He started swelling under her soft, but insistent touch.

"I'm not ready to go home," she said. "I'm so fucking horny, it hurts," she said.

It was snowing hard, and the engine was warming up. He locked the doors to make sure no one could interrupt them. They both leaned over and kissed passionately, tasting the booze on each other's breath, sweet and alcoholic. He had refrained from drinking too much so he could drive. Her fingers found his zipper, and she pulled out his hard cock, freeing it from his tight jeans. His hand went to her pussy, and he slid a finger gently inside its wetness. She kept herself shaved and smooth but for a tuft of pubic hair at the top, the bikini cut. He kept his pubic hair very trimmed as well.

"Oh, Jake," she breathed. "Happy New Years," she breathed.

"Happy New Years, baby!"

They kissed and touched each other all over, their horniness growing. For being in their early thirties, they still had all the spunk of youth in their marriage, and confidence to please one another. A breast slipped out of her black dress, and he fondled it and played with her nipple. Then her head went down to his lap, and she took his cock into her warm, moist mouth, and sucked eagerly. He leaned back and moaned, never tired of how his wife took care of him. He fingered her while she took him down her throat, and played with her clitoris, just how she liked it.

Then the cell phone rang.

Her head came up suspiciously. He did not want to answer it, but Eva seemed concerned.

"It might be the kids, answer it," she said.

He got his phone out and looked at the screen.

"Nope, just Steven, my co-worker," he said. "One of the interns."

"Why is he calling this late?" she asked.

He decided to answer since the moment was lost. He put it on speakerphone so his wife could hear.


"Hey," said a drunk Steven.

Then in the background, they could hear a woman's voice. Was that Stephanie? Jake wondered. That was another co-worker, but as far as he knew Steven and her were not together. Maybe they were now.

"They answered this late? Ask them!" Stephanie asked in the background.

"Hey," Steven said again. "What are you guys doing? We weren't sure if you'd be up or not."

"We just left the club, actually," Jake replied.

Eva went back down on him, and began sucking his cock as he was on the phone, now that she knew it wasn't an emergency or the kids calling.

"Oh cool, so you guys are in town?"

"Yep. What's up?"

"Well, Stef and I wanted to know if you wanted to come over. We're having a party at Mike's house. Oh, Happy New Years!"

"A party, huh? Who else is there?" Jake asked.

"Richard, me, Stef, Michael, just us," he said, slurring a little.

He was sure Eva would not want anything to do with this. They were too young anyway. Too young to be drinking.

"Well ..."

But then Eva surprised him, and came up for air.

"Yeah, we'll come over," she said.

She looked at him and smiled, and shrugged.

"Why not?"

"Are you sure, babe?" he asked.

"Well, only if they have booze," she said.

"Yeah, we got booze," Stef said in the background. "We just need more people," she laughed. "And we have pizza."

"Then we are definitely coming over."

Jake got going, and Eva continued to suck his cock.

"I'm fucking hungry baby, give me a snack," she said.

She then took him down her throat, all the way, lips to balls, and he moaned in ecstasy. She knew how to please her husband. With one hand she gently squeezed his balls, as if testing for ripe fruit. And he was ripe all right.

He fingered her pussy as she went down on him, making her moan as well. She came easy, or maybe he just knew how to push her buttons. Hearing her moan made him come to climax quicker. And it made her suck him all the harder. Sensing he was about to come, she pulled her head up, and he emptied his load into her mouth, and he sighed and smiled as he heard her swallow it all to avoid a mess.


Finding Mike's house in the falling snow had been a challenge. They pulled into the driveway and killed the engine. A Christmas tree in the window glowed over the front lawn and six inches of snow that had fallen.

Eva put on her coat over her dress, and her hood, and got out. Jake followed, admiring his wife's ass jiggling under the sheer and shimmering black dress, and her thigh-high black high-heeled boots. They rang the bell, and then faced each other and smiled, admiring each other.

"You're handsome," she said. "And I got your cum in my belly."

"You're fucking sexy, baby. And I got plenty more where that came from."

The door opened, and a girl in a tee-shirt, jeans, and ridiculous stripper heels stood inside. Steven poked his head around, and smiled his healthy white teeth. Eva always got a little wet seeing the extremely handsome, black youth, with a mixed heritage that made him look so exotic. Eva had never thought about cheating, she loved her husband too much. But she wouldn't mind a threesome with this one!

"Jake! You guys made it!" Steven said.

"Holy shit," Stef said. "This is your wife?"

They had never met. Eva had met Steven and Michael, but not Stef or Richard.

Stef just stared at Eva up and down, taken aback, and obviously a little drunk.

"Jake, your wife is hot!"

Jake only smiled. Eva looked at her strangely.

"You going to let us in, or just gawk?" Eva asked.

So they came in, and entered the living room, where the "party" was lame and quiet. But there was beer and wine, and so they helped themselves. Nine Inch Nails was playing, but no one was dancing to it.

Michael came, all big and fat, and greeted them.

"What are you doing with a bunch of young people in your house, Mike?" Jake asked.

"Just trying to keep the kids out of trouble," Mike replied.

Mike, Jake, and Eva were the oldest, all in their thirties. Stef, Richard, and Steven were all in their young twenties.

"Damn, your wife is hot. Does she swing both ways?" Stef asked. "Look at that dress! And those heels!"

Eva was getting a little annoying, and she and Jake sat down. Eva was sure to keep her legs closed, lest anyone see her pussy. But they could probably tell she was not wearing underwear, since the slits on the right and left went up pretty high, while the front and back of the dress covered the essentials. It was a classy dress, with a dash of whoredom. Jake wore nice jeans, black shoes, and a black button shirt. He was a thin and lean man that took care of himself. The living room was dimly lit with a fake chimney. The carpet was a light brown, and the couches dark brown and plush, and lying in one large L shape.

"So, this is your idea of a party, huh?" Jake asked.

Mike shrugged, and took another sip of his beer.

"Played strip monopoly," Steven offered. "But then everyone chickened out," he said with some sarcasm directed at the others. Been trying to get this party started, but we're bunch of wimps."

Eva looked at Richard, who looked like a young Bill Gates with thick glasses.

Pink Floyd's Learning to Fly began to play then, as the eclectic mix continued from the 90's and 2000's.

"So, can I make out with your wife?" Stef asked.

"Aw yeah," Steven said. "That might get this party started."

"She is hot," Stef kept saying.

So, they drank, and talked shit, talked about work, and occasionally got interrupted by a drunk Stephanie who kept telling Jake how hot his wife was. It was 3am by this time, and Eva had not yet gotten fucked by her husband.

Jake looked outside, and saw that that would very likely be snowed in.

"I hope you have an extra room, Mike. I don't think we're going to make it home. Have to pay the babysitter overtime."

"You guys have kids?" Stef asked. "You look good for a mom."

Eva smiled, and then stood up and did a little dance and jiggle to show off her figure. Tall legs, heavy breasts that had nursed babies, long black hair, and a round face with some Native American features mixed in with her Irish. And a small pouch that suited her well. She had stretch marks she did not like to show at the beach, but they didn't bother Jake, and she still had her figure, and nice, round ass. Her Hispanic and Native roots showed with her pale almond skin.

"Why are you wearing stripper shoes with those clothes?" Eva finally asked the young and obnoxious girl. "Maybe if you were naked."

Stef looked surprised by the comment, and then a little offended.

"Well, come into a bedroom, and I'll let you see me naked," she challenged.

Eva raised her eyebrows, and then smirked.

"You'd better have some KY, sweetie, because I like fucking girls in the ass and hearing them groan in pain," she replied.

Stef finally paled, her bluff called, and everyone stared in surprise at the comment. Jake only grinned and shook his head, a little embarrassed. Eva liked to talk shit, but she had never done any such thing.

"Yeah right. That would hurt too much. I bet you've never taken it in the ass," the girl replied.

Eva put a hand on Jake's crotch and rubbed his penis underneath, and smiled.

"I've take my husband in my ass at least once a week," Eva replied.

Stef looked uncomfortable, but seemed unwillingly to let the subject go.

"Whatever. I believe it when I see it. I just wanted to make out in the other room. You don't have to be a bitch."

Eva looked at her husband, and then whispered into his ear.

"You mind if I teach this little girl a lesson?" she asked softly. "I want to give her a lap dance. But it will be in front of your friend. You OK with that?"

Hell yeah Jake was OK with that. It was like a fantasy come true. He tried not to get too excited, and nodded.

"Fine by me, baby. Show them what you got. And teach her a lesson."

Eva patted him on the thigh, and then smiled at Stephanie.

Eva got up and started moving to the music, making her way towards Stephanie, and smiling mischievously. Eva then took her by both hands and started dancing with her, and Stef took the bait and stood up on her stilettos. Eva wasted no time dirty dancing with the younger woman.

"Aw yeah, now the party has started," Steven said.

I kissed a girl by Katy Perry was playing, quite appropriately. Jake wondered if Mike had played that on purpose somehow, changing the queue.

Eva then pushed Stef onto the couch, and sat in her lap, and began giving her a lap dance. One of her breasts hung out, and Eva shoved Stef's face into it. Stef had obviously never done anything like this, and looked nervous, and excited.

Jake's coworkers looked at him, enjoying the show, but a little worried.

"Are you OK with us watching this? We can leave the room ..." Steven asked.

"It's fine," Jake said confidently. "This is for all of us."

"Are you sure, dude," Mike asked.

Jake nodded.

Richard seemed too embarrassed and shy to even speak. He was the true geek in the audience, and was stunned that this was happening at all. His eyes behind his thick glasses widened with obvious interest. And his pants swelled as well with obvious lust. Steven was biting his hand as he stared.

Eva gave them the show of their lives. She had never done anything like this, but the booze, and the challenge from Stef, seemed to have spurred her on. She removed Stef's t-shirt, and then her bra, exposing pale little tits with pink areolas. Stef covered them with her hands. Eva then had a hand underneath her blue jeans, Eva' tongue hanging out in obvious enjoyment of teasing the girl and calling her bluff. Stef moaned as a finger found its way into her. As she moved, everyone caught a glimpse of the fact that Eva had no underwear, and everyone's dicks were hard by then.

Both of Eva's breasts fell out of the dress, and Stef suckled one for a while, but then seemed to remember she had an audience and turned red.

"Not here," Stef kept saying. "Let's go to a room."

"Not without my husband, baby girl," she replied. "I don't play without his permission," Eva replied. "Just as he does not play without mine."

Then Eva got up and pulled her dress over her tits.

"Get the KY, and I'll get you ready," Eva said. "I'll be gentle."

"You first," Stef said, hugging herself.

"Or, would you rather go down on me?"

With that, Eva pulled aside the front of her dress, exposing the bikini-cut tuft of pubic hair, and a beautifully shaved and smooth pussy, with a large clitoris that was wet.

"Want to taste it?"

Stef's eyes widened, and she went red with embarrassment.

"I can't in front of everyone. But I want you," she whispered. "So bad."

"Oh? Would you take my husband in the ass if I let you have me? I don't play alone. How much do you want me?"

"I've never had anal sex, I can't," Stef replied.

"Well then, you ain't ready, little girl. Stop trying to impress the boys," Eva said seriously.

Then Eva returned to Jake, and sat on his lap facing outward, and sprawling over his chest. Her hair fell over his face, and he breathed her in. He smelled a little of Stef, too, which was strangely arousing. She was plain looking, with long brown hair and brown eyes, pale skin, long legs and slender. But she had youth and a different kind of an allure.

"Then show me," Stef said, surprising them all. "I'll let your husband fuck me in the ass, if you let Steven fuck you in the ass," she offered.

Oh shit, Jake thought. This girl was on a mission. Eva was shocked for once by the bold challenge. Now it was her bluff being called! Steven was shocked by the offer, and looked at Jake with fear, as if he might get his ass kicked for anyone even talking about fucking his wife. And fucking someone's wife in the ass, to add to that.

Eva whispered into his ear as she lay back.

"She talks a lot of shit. Sorry babe, I don't want you to feel uncomfortable," she said to Jake.

"Why, would you allow that?" he whispered back.

"Why, do you want that little girl?" Eva asked, pretending to be jealous.

"You know all I want is you, baby," he said. "But you also know that I'm OK with a little spice. We're drunk, and its New Years. You want to some black dick, baby? Now's your chance. Because I know whatever pleasure you get from it, it's from me. And whatever pleasure I get from Stef, that is from you."

She chewed on that, biting her lip, and thinking about it.

"He's your coworker! Won't everyone talk behind your back?"

"I'll be king of that place, baby. You already have these kids wrapped around your finger."

* * *

"Get the KY," Eva said, just as Supervixen by Garbage began playing.

Eva then got up and walked over the Steven, whose eyes grew wide. Stef looked surprised, and her mouth became an O.

"Oh shit," the young woman said.

"Seriously? You want me ... to ... in your ... ass?" he said, and then looked at Jake for confirmation. "In front of your man?"

Eva got on her knees in front of him, and her excitement grew by the second. She had never done anything like this in front of an audience, and yet here she was now. She was buzzing hard, and horny as hell, and Steven was so damn fine. She could see his cock swell inside his jeans. It seemed large inside his pants, and this both excited and worried her. She had only taken her husband in her ass, and while he was a good seven inches and thick, she was already worried that this young man had a larger package.

She unzipped his jeans, and unbuttoned his pants, and tugged at them to bring them down. He took his shirt off, revealing a muscular and smooth black chest. He was bold enough to pull her dress down to reveal her opulent breasts, and play with her nipples.

Eva looked back as Stefanie, and winked.

Then tugged Steven's pants down and revealed the thick, meaty cock that was already hard. She almost gasped at the size of it. At least nine inches, very thick, and uncut. What the fuck? His foreskin was already peeling back as she took it in her hand. He kept himself clean, and had no smell, so that was good. Precum already oozed from the tip. She looked back at her husband, who was watching carefully and with his mouth open in anticipation.

"You OK, babe?" she asked.

"Go ahead, baby," he replied.

She tugged his pants down a little more, and revealed heavy, massive black balls, and she weighed them with one hand, while she held his hard cock with the other hand.

"Wow, Steven, quite a package you got here," she admired. "I don't think your new girlfriend can handle this much meat," she jabbed at Stef, looking back at her with a smirk.

Stef just stared, her mouth slightly open, too. Richard was agape and quiet. Michael was staring as well, a big smile on his face.

Eva took Steven's dick into her mouth, and began sucking on it good and long. The young man moaned and leaned his head back. But then he brought his head back to stare as Eva sucking on him.

"No one's ever done that before," he said. "Damn."

She did not want him to come prematurely, so she stood up and faced Steven.

"KY? Hello? Or am I going to have to use butter?" Eva asked. "And bring wipes if you have them."

Michael went and got some from his bathroom, and returned with a tube of KY and wipes. She took them both, putting the wipes on the couch, and then KY on her finger. She then reached between her legs and slid her finger into her anus. She was use to this part, having done it for her husband many times, or letting him finger her. She spread a cheek with on hand while she worked. The dress covered the intimate details.

Steven surprised her by pulling the front flap of her dress to the side and looking at her pussy. Then he leaned forward and put his big, luscious lips to her shaved pussy, and licking her clit. She moaned and pressed her hips closer.

"Oh yeah, you want some honey?" she said.

Eva let him lick her for a while, feeling his tongue work its way into her slit, and taste her wetness. She was hornier than ever now, and ready for his dick inside her, any way she could get it. Once she was lubed up, she then bent down and used the same hand to lube Steven's cock. She took her time, rubbing the KY from the head down. With her tits in his face, he sucked on one, and then the other, moaning as her touch. She was worried he would erupt all over her hand before the deed was done.

Done with the lube, she used a wipe to clean her hands off.

"You want me to take my dress off?" she asked Steven.

"No, keep it on," her husband said from behind. "I like it."

"You got it, baby," Eva replied.

She pushed Steven back on the couch, and then straddled him, her legs spread and high-heeled boots hanging off the edge. The back of her dress concealed the actual deed, but a little modesty went a long way. Her thigh-high black boots gave her a S&M kind of look as well.

"Hold your cock up and keep it still, while I lower myself on it," she said.

He did so, holding it by the base. He was rock-hard like a dildo. She gentle brought her ass down until she felt the head of his penis pressed against her anus. It felt hot against the sensitive tissue, and it quivered a little to be penetrated. She did not have anal sex often with her husband, but enough to make her comfortable with it, while still being tight. Maybe about three or four times a month, when the time was right.

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