tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNew Years at Brad and Diane's

New Years at Brad and Diane's


I woke slowly the fuzz of a bad hang over dissipating slowly. I let my left hand fall to my wife's side of the bed. For some reason I was afraid she might not be there. My hand fell on her hip as it had every day for the last ten years. I felt ill at ease as the memories of last night's New Years Eve party began to reassemble themselves in my mind. As I forced my eyes open I saw July sitting in the bed next to me looking at me with a strange expression it seemed almost like fear,

I said," Jules what happened last night?" An old adage my father told me ran through my thoughts if you don't want to know don't ask. My memories of last night were still jumbled in my mind but, I was worried about something.

July said," we went to a party at Brad and Diane's and you got drunk."

Then it hit me the question I didn't want the answer too I asked anyway," Jules where were you when the ball dropped. I looked every where for you so I could welcome the New Year in with a kiss from my wife."

The tracks her tears made on her cheeks told me what I didn't want to know.

To me Jules is the most beautiful girl in the world five foot four, long shoulder length black hair, and one hundred twenty pounds of all women. We have been together since junior high school. She keeps her weight at one twenty by walking. She is up every morning at seven o'clock makes breakfast and gets me off to work. Then she walks through the neighborhood two or three miles if she puts on a pound she adds another mile until it's gone.

That's one of the reasons I'm worried now. I cut almost everybody in the neighborhood's grass. As a matter of fact that's how I got our house. I am a landscape architect and I did all the landscaping for our subdivision. The builders didn't sell the houses as fast as they thought they could and got into money trouble they paid me with the house we live in. It was a lot more house than I could afford at the time so I was happy. Most of the people in the neighborhood sat in a chair to earn a living. I worked with one of my four crews every day.

About a week ago I had walked a few houses away from my crew to see what was wrong with a sprinkler head that wasn't popping up as it should.

As I was clearing the grass away from it I heard the owner of the house talking to a neighbor he said," Rob said he is going to bang that one at the next party." As he said it I saw Jules walking by.

I thought Rob was smelling around Jules at the last three or four parties they had a couple of dances and were talking off by themselves for a minute or two.

Rob was the local lothario. I saw his car occasionally parked in a driveway were it shouldn't have been and cars in his drive that shouldn't have been there. The word was he had banged half the wives in our neighborhood.

We usually had a party somewhere on Jefferson Circle every month and it was Brad and Diane's turn this month which was also New Years Eve all of the neighbors were invited.

I spent my evenings designing patios and gardens for my neighbors and surrounding areas. I had spent a lot of time designing Brad's back yard.

Our address was on Jefferson Circle we were one of the houses placed on the outside of a big circular road which was in the middle of a big square of land. Which meant each of us had a pie shaped lot brad's back yard was situated so that it went back to the corner of the square which made it very big in the back there were four yards that were like that in the allotment.

Brad had gotten complaints from the neighbors for the building he built in his back yard. He called it his garage or his workshop depending on what he was thinking at the time. But it was more than that. He put in a pool next to it and had three dressing rooms facing the pool each had a john and a shower up stairs three bedrooms and two baths. I designed and installed the patio that goes from the house surrounding the pool to the end of his big out building

I also designed the rose garden behind it. It's a maze between two trellises with climbing roses every ten feet or so the path widens with a table and a few chairs there is about two hundred feet of pathway that snakes from one side of the lot to the other. There is one way in and one way out unless you deal with the thorns on the rose bushes.

My day is divided into four parts eating working designing and keeping my wife happy. The last one includes spooning with my wife as we sleep every night after making sure she gets off at least once a night. We have tried to work our way through the Kama Sutra twice of course any one who's tried it knows it is impossible. It's fun trying though. I enjoy getting and giving head and I'm good with my fingers. I know her body like the back of my hand.

In short I know she loves me and I can't believe she would willingly give herself to another man. Yet the tears told me something was seriously wrong.

"Jules I see the tears. I know something is wrong and I need to know what? Whatever it is we can work it out. I love you and I always will no matter what."

"It has something to do with Rob doesn't it?" She began to cry out laud then and I knew I had hit the nail on the head. "Please tell me what happened."

Between sobs she started to explain what had happened. "You know I was dancing with him. He is a good dancer and I liked to dance with him. You know I had been drinking you bought me most of them."

"Go on"

"We were warm from the dancing and he suggested that we go back in the roses where we could cool off. It was hot in the crowd with those crazy lights Brad has."

"Brad likes to light the night."

"We went back to the first table. I started to sit down but Rob pulled me by my hand to the next table. There was cement square between two tables there. He told me we can dance some more after we cool off. As I sat I knew I should get up and go back."

"Yes, go on."

"I'm sorry Bill I don't know what I was thinking about. There was a bottle of wine in a cooler with two glasses on the table. He poured two glasses and I took one when he handed it to me. I was already past my three glass limit but I took it anyway."

"He must have set that up."

"We sat and cooled off drinking the wine. After the wine was gone I was pretty buzzed. He asked me to dance the music from the party was clear and we began to dance. He let his hands drop to by ass and pulled me against him his hard on felt more pronounced than it had before."

"It's alright baby just tell me what he did."

"I tried to pull away but the short loose sundress I had on allowed him to get his hands on my panties and pull them to my knees."

"He's a creep but, I didn't think he would get physical."

"As I tried to move the panties tied my legs together and he reached between my legs grabbing my ass with both hands he threw me on the table and leaned over me. I pushed his chest and said no. But he had my legs tied together with my panties."

"I'll kill him."

"When he leaned over me with his hands digging into my ass I found out why his cock felt so pronounced he had taken it out of his pants. I was pushing against his chest and telling him no don't. But he had me in a position where I couldn't move and he just drove his hips forward and I was full of his prick. I'm so sorry for, letting myself get into that position."

"Son of a bitch."

" I didn't want to scream it would have been too embarrassing. So I pulled my legs up closer to my chest as if I was trying to get him deeper. I reached under my ass and grabbed him by the balls squeezing as hard as I could and digging my nails into his balls. He fell to the ground growling like a sick pig."

"Now that's my girl," I said with a smile.

I pulled up my panties and came back to the party. I am so sorry I was probably asking for it in my stupidity."

"No you weren't and part of it is my fault. He had told some of the neighbors he was going to bang you at the next party. I heard them say that as you walked by. I should have warned you. I thought he was just bragging. I'm sorry if you had known you would have avoided him. Now we have to decide what we are going to do about it."

Jules said," I can't charge him with rape that would be too embarrassing. I know what you're thinking and you'll end up in jail if you do that."

"Jules we can't let him get away with it. We have to do something about it. He is a cancer on the community I don't know how many divorces he has caused. I'd like to beat him half to death"

"No Bill you can't you'd end up in jail."

A plan began to form in my mind. I said to Jules," I think I know how to get some payback and end the problem. I see his car parked in other women's drives when their husbands are not home and women parked in his drive that do not belong there. Doesn't that brochure from the allotment association have every ones work address in it. "

"Yes it does why do you ask?"

"I think Jules, some husbands are going to get a call from an anonymous woman whenever he is visiting a woman or they are visiting him I'll call you and you look up the husbands number and give him a warning."

"I'll ask all of my crews to watch for his car and to call you whenever he is someplace he doesn't belong or if someone is visiting him. They know all of the women in the neighborhood from cutting their lawns."

The first week he was caught in bed with someone else's wife. He got a pretty good beating for that. The second week he was named correspondent in two divorce cases and sued for alienation of affections in both. As a side affect two of the secretaries in his office came forward and charged him with harassment causing him to lose his partnership and job. He was upside down with his mortgage and unable to pay on it and he lost his house.

That gave July and I a degree of satisfaction for having rid the neighborhood of a pernicious threat to marriage in our little piece of paradise.

I still look for a chance to kick his ass but he hasn't been seen since.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/18/18

Husband should have kicked the shit out of him without wife knowing about it.

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by Anonymous12/18/17

Mess with my wife will you?

And he only got beaten up once? What a shame.

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