tagGroup SexNew Years Bang for Ava & Melody

New Years Bang for Ava & Melody


New Years Eve started out fairly relaxed for my wife Melody and I. We had our friends Ava and Levi meet at our house for happy hour drinks to get out of "kid-mode" and into "fun-care-free-mode" before heading out on the town for the night. Ava had an idea that things could get interesting during the night so she brought along "Wanda", her large vibrating wand, clit stimulating cream and some small brass Benwa balls, just to be prepared. Oh, and some crackers and cheese for later.

Ava showed up to our house wearing a sexy short blue dress with blue stiletto heeled shoes, black thigh high stockings and a black garter belt that she borrowed from Melody and was visible from the back while she was walking. Her shoulder length black hair was worn down and had a slight curl.

Melody wore a tight black and white dress that was about mid-thigh in length. She wore her chin length blonde hair very straight. Melody had on a pair of black fish net thigh highs and some bright red high heels that matched her finger nails. Both women looked great and, as they announced to us men, neither one was wearing any panties.

Dinner was at a new restaurant in town that was small, intimate and had the perfect lighting to set the mood for the evening. Portions were small but the drinks were good and the conversation was fun. It set the tone for a good night ahead.

After dinner we headed to a local strip club for some entertainment and to have a little fun. It was still early so when we walked in the dancers swarmed. Ava and Levi found a small blonde girl that led them to a private booth to perform a couples dance. While they were gone my wife and I talked to a tall brunette that offered to dance for Melody while I watched. We were led to some chairs near the middle of the club, but still out in the open, and we sat down. She began to dance for Melody and then slipped between her thighs and spread her legs open. The dancer looked to me a little surprised when she saw Melody's exposed pussy right in her face. There weren't a lot of people around but those who were nearby got a nice shot of Melody's smooth pussy lips while she seemed to enjoy giving them a show. The stripper spent plenty of time between Melody's legs, licking her thighs and staring into her crotch, before the dance ended and we headed back to our table.

Ava and Levi finished their couples dance and then got a dance by the brunette as well. Ava's legs were also spread wide for the dancer, exposing her freshly shaved pussy to all. Levi looked nervous that some men were getting a free show but Ava just looked at him with a smile that calmed him down. Again, the stripper spent plenty of time between Ava's parted legs, getting a great view of her slit. When Ava came back to the table she asked if Levi and I were hard, knowing we must have been. At that point we were all ready to head home and have some more fun.

On the car ride back to our house Levi sat close to Ava in the back seat and soon began to finger her. Ava's stocking covered thighs were spread slightly to let him in while Melody sat in the front seat with her dress pulled up enough to expose her vagina as well. I ran my fingers along the outside of her soft, wet lips while glancing in the back to see Ava and Levi enjoying themselves.

Back at the house we popped some champagne at midnight and had a toast. Ava and Levi took a seat on our couch while Melody and I stood before them, backs to our fireplace. I began to kiss Melody while pulling up her dress and running my fingers across her soft slit in front of our friends. Meanwhile, Levi had begun to kiss Ava while she slowly started parting her legs in front of us. It was obvious that things were heating up and that there was more to come.

After a few more minutes of messing around and all of us getting more turned on, Melody turned to Ava and asked her if she wanted to head upstairs. We had talked before about the possibility of the girls playing together but nothing was set up for sure. Ava looked nervous and began to talk about the possibilities. She wanted to do it but was worried about how things would be after the fact. We could all tell she wanted to play with Melody but that she was waiting for someone to make a decision for her. Finally, Melody and I told her that we should go upstairs to the bedroom and see what would happen. I think at that point she realized she was about to eat vagina.

Once upstairs both girls headed to separate bathrooms to freshen up and then we all met around our bed. The lights were dimly lit and the blinds were closed. Ava still looked nervous and she told us her limits; only Melody could touch her and only she would be touching her husband. We all readily agreed that it was a good idea to clear things up ahead of time.

Ava led Melody to the side of the bed and told her to take a seat on the edge of the white comforter. Melody did so, laid back and spread her legs open for the other couple. I could tell that she was more than thrilled to finally be showing off her spread pussy to both of them. Ava knelt before her neatly tucked away vagina that featured a larger pair of outer lips while keeping all else hidden inside. You could now see Melody's short black pubic hair that she had shaved into the shape of a triangle with the point stopping just above her slit.

Melody had never had her pussy eaten by another woman before so she tried to lay back and enjoy the pleasure she was about to receive. Ava started by running her tongue up Melody's shaved lips to open them up a bit and get to her clit. She lapped at her slit a few times but once she found her hard clit at the top of her opening she began to gently suck. Melody bucked her hips slightly when Ava locked onto her hard button, pulling her clit out into the open.

While this was happening I was up near Melody's head, kissing her hard. After slowly licking and sucking Melody's clit for some time Levi whispered that Ava should run a finger inside of Melody. Ava eased one finger into her warm and soft vagina, trying to make slow movements so that Melody would relish the feeling and want more. Melody began to get even wetter, coating Ava's finger with her wetness, as she moaned into my mouth. I knew she was building to an orgasm and Ava did too as her juices began to flow more freely and her pussy made beautiful wet noises. Melody rocked her hips slightly and told me that it felt so good.

Ava then wanted her turn to be pleasured by woman; this would be her first time as well. We all switched positions with Ava ending up on the edge of the bed. She pulled up her sexy blue dress and exposed a fully shaved pussy to us. We both looked at her vagina, which had many folds, while Melody used her hands to spread Ava's black stocking covered thighs even wider. Her pussy opened wider for us and Melody began to explore her long lips with her tongue. She ran her tongue up Ava's soft and wet slit to find her hard clit and tried to tease her by swirling her tongue around it. Her clit was already hard and Melody wasted no time teasing her. While Melody had her face buried in Ava's hot sex Levi was making out with Ava, trying to get a taste of Melody's pussy juices still smeared on her lips.

Melody's dress was hiked up above her ass so while she was concentrating on pleasuring Ava I slipped a finger into her soaked pussy from behind. She moaned into Ava's vagina and began to rock back onto my finger, pushing me into her g-spot. I tried to capture the scene in my head, Melody slightly fucking herself on my finger, her head between Ava's creamy thighs while Levi was rubbing her chest and kissing her. There was so much sex in the room it was overwhelming. We were all very turned on at that point and the room even smelled like sex.

Ava then announced that she wanted to be fucked by her husband. Melody slowly pulled away from Ava's now glistening pussy lips, still spread slightly from the tongue that was deep inside of her. Melody turned to me for a kiss, giving me a smell and taste of Ava's pussy. Ava stood up, her dress still above her hips and juices all over her thighs, grabbed her vibrator "Wanda" and led Levi to the couch in our bedroom.

I pushed Melody onto the edge of the bed knowing that she wanted to cum right then. I slid between her wet thighs, smelling Ava's perfume, and began to lick her protruding clit. I circled her hard button a few times and then dipped my tongue deep into her spread opening. Melody moaned loudly before telling me to lick her clit again. I looked up at her and saw she was looking towards the action on the couch while still whimpering as I got near her clit again. Soon, she was panting rhythmically, getting louder and louder. She came hard, all over my face, her juices running fast and coating her thighs while I tried to lick up as much of it as I could.

I stood up and looked towards Ava and Levi. His pants were pulled slightly down and he stood in front of Ava while she sucked his cock sitting on the edge of the couch. Her legs were spread wide and we could see she was holding "Wanda" directly on her clit with one hand while she held onto the base of Levis cock with the other. She expertly fed on his dick, taking him deep in her mouth and then licking and playing with the tip. When she pulled back far enough we could see his hard cock was coated with her saliva.

Melody began to unbuckle my pants while I was still watching the hot blow job in front of me. I was hard and dripping pre-cum that was soaking my own cock. We had talked about having same room sex with another couple before but now that it was happening it was even more exciting than I had imagined. Melody pulled my dick out and said "I want you to fuck me", as she lay back on the bed, spread her legs and pulled her heels up to her ass. In this position her pussy was spread wide open in front of me, exposing her hard clit and pink opening. I ran my cock up her slit to spread my leaking juices on her and then pushed forward to finally bury myself deep into her. Melody let out a long moan and said "it feels so good, fuck me hard" as I began to thrust into her. Because we were still on the edge of the bed we could easily see the couch and the action going on there as well.

Both Ava and Levi looked pretty worked up after seeing us begin to fuck. Ava pulled her mouth off of his hard cock, hiked her dress up further and lay back with her legs spread open on the edge of the couch. Ava said "give me your cock" in such a way that we all knew she wanted to be fucked hard. She reached out and grabbed his dick, guiding it into her soaked and exposed pussy. We heard her wetness as he pushed deeper into her while she began to moan about how good it felt. We both watched his hard cock disappear into her folds and could see Ava's pussy grip his dick tight. I felt my own cock twitch inside of Melody watching this scene, I felt like I could cum any second.

Melody must have felt that I was close as well because she scooted up off of my dick, told me to lie at the head of the bed and began to climb on top, her hot ass facing me. I realized she was doing this to prolong our session, to get a better view of the action on the couch AND to be able to show off her pussy taking my cock deep. She sank back on her bent knees, reached between her legs and guided me into her wetness. Her dress was folded up around her waist, giving me a great view of her ass and our friends a great view of her fucking me. I felt her hand reach for my balls but she quickly moved her fingers to my cock sliding into her and eventually to her rock hard clit.

While concentrating on Melody's ass I heard "Wanda" get louder and Ava begin to moan. I looked around Melody to see Ava with her vibe pushed tight to her clit while Levi fucked her hard. He was standing up as her ass hung off the couch. He held her legs up so that her heels were near his face and he pounded his cock into her. Ava reached with her free hand to pull her tits out of her dress, showing us that she was also bra-less. Her full white breasts and large, bright red, nipples were bouncing to the beat of their sex. Melody and I both moaned loudly at this sight, both barely hanging on now.

At last I told Melody that I was going to finish. She murmured back that she wanted me to fill her up with my hot cum, all the while staring at Ava and Levi and breathing loudly. I tensed up and pushed as deep into Melody as I could, feeling each spurt of my orgasm rush into her hot cunt. Again and again I groaned as I pushed everything I had up inside of Melody. She screamed a loud "YES," threw her head back and I felt her pussy tighten around me as she came again. I laid there panting as I felt my cum begin to run out of Melody's pussy and down my shaft. Melody was exhausted as well from fucking me hard cowboy style and fell on her back onto me as my dick slid out of her spread opening.

We both laid there and watched as Ava screamed for Levi to "not stop" and to "keep his cock right there". We knew she was about to cum by her screams and how red her face and tits were. Her orgasm quickly exploded through her with her legs pushing back into Levi and her head flung back and her eyes closed tight. Levi was pushed over the edge at the same time. We could see her pussy pulse around his cock as she came all over it and he came in it. They both moaned loudly as they came together, their juices mixing to make a frothy mixture around Ava's opening. Levi sank down next to Ava on the couch, her pussy wide open and bright red from the pounding and the beginning of Levi's white cum beginning to drip down out of her sex.

After we all caught our breath, we looked at each other and started to laugh. The girls both had large messes running from their vaginas so they announced they would clean up while Levi and I decided it was time to get more champagne and to prepare the cheese and crackers we had forgotten about.

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