New Year's Chocolate Martini


The sounds of the party continuing just on the other side of the wall briefly startled Wendy. It was as if she was in an alternate universe. She wanted to live here forever.

Assfucking, Wendy discovered was a lot like riding a bile- even though she had not done it in years, her sphincter and glutes knew just what to do, how to grasp the black stranger's shaft, tightly enough for them both to love the experience, but not so tightly that he hard too much trouble pulling almost his full length out of her chute, until only the fat mushroom of his helmet held her anal ring open until he thrust into her again. And again. Every nerve end in Wendy's ass screamed that pleasure only came from pain.

Then suddenly, she was empty- his stroke had withdrawn his meat fully from her ass and she felt a surge of air bathing her opening.

"Turn over, I want your tits," the stranger whispered into her ear, adding a quick nibble on the lobe for good measure.

Wendy was no gymnast, but she managed to pivot without sliding off the counter, keeping the edge of her ass balanced right on the edge. Her erect nipples cut into his chest as he penetrated her ass afresh, invading her tight passage with his entire organ, right to the balls. Wendy slid her hand between their bodies. Softly, then more deliberately, she opened her soaked petals with her fingers, allowing only her index finger to probed the aching confines of her well fucked cunt until she felt his cock throbbing just the way it had earlier before he had exploded with his first load of seed. She found her throbbing clit as his fingers tweaked her aching nipples. Each touch made her whimper as her pearl spasmed.

He grasped her hips, tugging her forward, lowering her body until his head could slide down her chest and he took a nubbin into his teeth, tugging it away from her chest. His strokes now were short hard thrusts. Her body blazed with passion as she teetered on the edge of the next climax. She knew that this would be all that she could endure this night, so she controlled her lust just enough to build to a crescendo.

"Oh, yes, cum in my ass," she demanded.

In response, he rammed once more deep up into that forbidden passage until her muscles clamped hard around his shaft. Wendy's head was thrashing as she once again bit down on her lip to swallow her scream of climax. A massive surge of semen filled her bowels. They panted and moaned, locked together as they rode each other until their lust subsided, his final sperm having swum into her rectum.

Silently, the stranger stepped back, his cock finally shrinking as semen gushed out of Wendy's butt all over the counter. The stranger found a dish towel, wiped his cock and tucked it away. He tossed it toward Wendy, who slipped to the floor and quickly wiped the puddle as best she could.

"When can I see you again?" she panted. She might not know his name, but she knew she wanted more of him.

"Give me your number. I don't live here. I have a family in New York. This is just a stop off on my way to inspect my tire plan in Malaysia..."

Wendy's jaw dropped open. This black man who had just fucked her so well, who had used all three of her holes and filled two of them, must be one of the strangers who had shut down the plant back home, had started the inevitable move west. Maybe Daddy was right, Wendy reasoned, when he had said that their little town was ruined by "niggers and New York Jews".She should hate him, but he might be the father of her child. She couldn't hate him. He had barely left and her loins already burned with desire to fuck him again. The next time, she swore, she would take his first load down her gullet. A chocolate milkshake. She grinned

She was still in shock when took the napkin with her name and number and walked back to the party. Wendy barely noticed her hostess standing in the doorway.

"Looks like you've already had a Happy New Year. Are you finally ready for another chocolate martini?"

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