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New Year's Eve


Lawrence had planned to head straight home when his shift ended at ten, but at just before the hour he'd been called out on an emergency, and by the time he got back to the station and signed out for the night, it was well past eleven. He knew his chances of finding a taxi on a night like this were minimal. So, on New Year's Eve, while the New Town resounded with live jazz, and hip hop and African beats, and the revellers chattered and flirted and got drunk on mulled wine and champagne en masse, Lawrence ran stone sober through the streets, weaving his way in and out of party-goers and thinking only of getting home to be with Elena before midnight. Soon he was turning into Frederick Street, running down the steep hill towards Stockbridge, leaving the mayhem behind him.

He couldn't help noticing how the lights spilled from the windows of the Edinburgh town houses on either side, and he couldn't help observing the festive scenes within. He wished Elena had gone to Mike and Sarah's party, he wished she were more sociable, but she had been adamant in her refusal. "These people are very kind, but they are not my friends." she had told him in her lilting English. "I prefer to wait for you, and dine late as we do in Spain, just the two of us. Then we'll go out to your friends' party and have fun and dance." He wasn't sure about this plan, about her staying in on her own on New Year's Eve, waiting for him. He knew how lonely she often felt, how easily her mood could swing, but he hadn't wanted to insist. How much he regretted his decision now. If only she'd gone to the party he wouldn't be feeling so guilty about coming home late. He hated himself for it, but he couldn't help feeling weighed down by her dependence on him, couldn't help feeling she was selfish to put him under so much pressure. He'd called to let her know that he'd be late, but she hadn't answered the phone. He asked himself what kind of scenario awaited him, if he would find all the glasses smashed on the kitchen floor, and Elena huddled in the corner, her dark eyes flashing with anger and hurt. It wouldn't be the first time.

By the time he reached the quiet alleyway where they lived, tucked away from the clamour of Edinburgh's annual street party, he was in such a state of anxiety that he ran up the three flights of stairs, and burst in through the front door, his chest heaving, his pulse racing. He was hit by the darkness and the silence. He peered into the sitting room, into the kitchen, but they were empty. "Elena?" he called out "Where are you? Are you all right?" but there was no reply.

As Lawrence walked down the corridor to the bedroom, a light flickered from the door which stood slightly ajar. He pushed it open, dreading what he might find within. And there she lay, relaxed and naked, on the bed, with her long limbs stretched out, emphasising the fullness of her hips and breasts. Lawrence's anxiety vanished. How many times had he contemplated her before, but at that moment in time, he was struck by her loveliness, by the glow of her tanned skin, by the moistness of her mouth, the curves of her slender frame. She held a bunch of grapes in her hand and smiled invitingly at him, and he moved towards her. "Wait!" she said, "In Spain we bring in the New Year by eating grapes as the clock chimes twelve. I have prepared your grapes. But you must take those clothes off!"

Lawrence obliged her willingly, knowing how she liked to admire his body, which was taut and athletic. When he stood fully naked before her she pointed at her feet. He saw that they were pressed together, and that she held a grape between the two big toes. "You begin" she said with her eyes lowered seductively, focussed on his cock, which quivered slightly under her gaze. Lawrence knelt on the floor at the foot of the bed and held her feet in his hands and lifted them to his mouth. Her ankles were slim and he kissed them and rubbed them with his hands. Then he ran his tongue along the soles of her feet and sucked the sweet grape into his mouth, watching how Elena bit her lips from the delicious sensation of his hot saliva on her skin. He let her feet drop back gently onto the sheets, and looked at her expectantly, waiting for her next move.

She plucked another grape, raised her closed knees and placed it between them. Lawrence ran his hands and his cheeks up her velvety shins, and removed the tiny fruit tenderly with his mouth, and as he did so her legs fell wide apart to reveal another grape glistening in her vulva. She lay very still so as not to let the fruit fall and he could hear how the rhythm of her breathing quickened and he realised that his silent contemplation excited her. Slowly, he knelt between her open legs and sucked her, plucking the grape into his mouth. As he swallowed it he folded back her labia with his fingers, and feasted his eyes on the moist rosy skin within. Then he bit into her with his lips, and she tasted bitter-sweet and he sucked her avidly, caressing her hips until he felt her whole body trembling in his hands. He felt filled with compassion for this woman who only a few minutes earlier he had felt resentment for. He moved up over her body, so that the swollen tip of his dick was rubbing against her slit, and he kissed her on the mouth, thinking that he would take her now. But to his surprise, her tongue pushed a grape into his mouth, and she was laughing. He had forgotten about their game.

"It's my turn now" she said, sitting up and pushing him down onto the sheets. "Shut your eyes!"

With so much pent up energy, he would have preferred to penetrate her there and then, but he humoured her and shut his eyes. She straddled him and placed a grape in each eye socket. "I think I'll eat those last of all. Try and lie as still as possible so that they don't fall off". When he lay still she plucked another from the bunch and squeezed its juice over one of his nipples. Like a cat, she licked it up with her tongue. He breathed in sharply but could not move or open his eyes, for fear of the grapes falling from his eye sockets and spoiling her game. He rather hoped she would get a move on, he felt his erection going soft. Then she was dropping the fruit on his firm belly, bursting them between her fingers and massaging the pulp into his skin, but this time rather then lick him clean she sat on top of him and rubbed her body up and down against him, so that he could feel the softness of her inner thighs and her hot, thirsty cunt, palpitating against his skin. That felt good he thought, grabbing at her, holding onto her waist and squeezing the flesh on her butt cheeks, feeling the blood swell in his cock again. But she knocked his hands away gently, and crawled languidly down his body, until she was sitting with her legs spread over his thighs, and the now nearly bare bunch of grapes still in her hand.

She stroked him tenderly with sticky, sweet fingertips, kissing his balls and lifting them in order to place the remaining fruit underneath, on his groin. She noticed how his body juddered slightly as she slowly let her tongue slide over and around his genitals and sucked each morsel up, one by one. Then she took his cock between her lips and down her throat, with the grapes still whole in her mouth, which was warm in contrast to the cold fruit that she pressed against him with her tongue with her teeth with the inner walls of her cheeks. As she moved her head up and down over him it seemed to Lawrence that the grapes were bursting like tiny drops from heaven around the shaft of his penis. She prolonged his enjoyment of this moment as long as she dared, until afraid he may come too soon, she withdrew her mouth and inserted one last grape into his asshole, exerting just enough pressure with her thumb and forefinger for the sweet green pulp to spill into him. His anus was now moist and as she slid a finger in Lawrence let out a moan and shook the grapes from his eyes. He was greeted with the sight of her raised butt cheeks sliding down on top of his cock. As her finger dipped in and out of his asshole, each time probing further, Lawrence watched how her butt slapped against the skin of his abdomen. "You are so hard tonight!" she cried over her shoulder, now with two fingers deep inside him "Move, move with me!" And Lawrence felt as if his penis was bigger and harder than it had ever been before, and he held her hips in his hands and moved his pelvis to meet her in her rhythm. He came inside her as the New Year fireworks went off in the distance. Elena fell backwards, on top of him, and a smile spread across her flushed face, "You came very quickly tonight!" she remarked, "Now, tell me, where's the party?"

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