New Year's Eve

byShani Girl©

My evening was split into two halves. The second was better than the first. Lisa, my sex crazed friend from LA, still doesn't know that I have been sneaking around with her brother Tim back in LA. And when I say "Sneaking," I mean him fucking me when she is not around. Our twisted little 3some has been the jump off for so many wonderful orgasms for me. It's almost too good to be true.

Last night we went to have dinner at Lisa's and Tim's mom's house. It was all great. Leon and other family members were there and everything was cool. I joked all night with my nympho friend Lisa on how she has had sexy with 3 people at the dinner table, including me. She loved just me saying that. I was thinking "wow, this girl just loves sex and everything that goes with it!"

Besides a little flirting here and there, I was pretty respectful of her mother's home. No funny business. Lisa on the other hand was giddy as a school girl. Since it was in the 50's here, she wore a short, hip-hugging jean skirt and black blouse. The funny thing is that she wore a bra to dinner, but took it off as soon as she wasn't in front of her mother. Once dinner was done, so went wild. I also wore a hip-hugging skirt and cropped denim shirt that showed off my tummy nicely. So, when we went downstairs to watch MTV, she immediately went to town on my she-cock. I got a wonderful 5 minute BJ, but didn't cum. When Tim and Leon came down, they too got BJs from Lisa and I. But, being that folks were around in the house, it was short. No one had an orgasm.

We decided to get the party started, but couldn't do it there at her mom's, so I suggested my hotel and everyone agreed. The problem was that Leon couldn't go because he had to drive his mother to her hotel and Tim couldn't stay out too late cause he had a 6:30 AM flight back to LA. So, Lisa and I decided to take care of Tim back at the hotel and hopefully Leon will make it there in time for a nice 4some.

Back at the hotel we had Tim pinned on his back on the bed. Lisa was facing me and sitting on her brother's face as he ate her pussy and ass out. I immediately began sucking his huge cock. Lisa eventually leaned down and shared her brother's cock with me. As soon as I was stiff and ready to go, I sat on it, letting the thick, hard and shiny meat slide into my awaiting asshole. As soon as I got the massive head inside, it was easy to get the rest inside. Once his cock was balls deep in my ass, I started to grind my hips back and forth. It was a pleasure that is immeasurable.

Tim ate Lisa as he moaned and groaned louder and louder as I rode him. Lisa and I tongue kissed each other as we turned her brother out. My She-cock was rock hard and almost at a 90º angle. After a few minutes we switched places like a wrestling team. I was sad to feel Tim's beautiful cock leaving my ass, but I understood. I lifted slowly off of Tim's swollen dick as it slid out of my ass. Lisa was right there waiting for it and she hopped ontop of it, sliding it into her wet pussy. She leaned forward and began tongue kissing her brother. I stood back and watched this beautiful sight, stroking my she-cock. Lisa's big, sloppy-wet pussy devoured her brother's 9" cock. She humped him like there was no tomorrow. Being that she was leaning forward in cowgirl position, her big beautiful ass was exposed and open. As Tim grabbed and squeezed her ass cheeks, her butthole opened up or should I say gaped. It was too inviting to ignore, so I moved up behind her and slid my she-cock inside slowly. She moaned out as I tried to bury it inside of her. I could feel Tim's dick sliding in and out thru her sugar walls. The friction of that action felt great. I actually didn't have to do much. I could just sit back and enjoy. What I didn't realize is that Tim was feeling too good. After a few moments of heavy fucking, his dick tensed up and he came deep inside his sister's pussy. I pulled out and stood back to get a view of this magical moment. I watched, stroking my she-cock that was coated with her sweet, clear ass juice as Tim's dick started to get soft and slide out of Lisa's pussy. White cum frothed up at the sides of her pussy lips as his dick slid out. Eventually, he was soft and it slid out completely, leaving her pussy hole gaping and oozing with thick wads of cum and clear and white streams of semen and pussy juice.

I think Tim was alittle embarrassed about coming too fast because he jumped up and said he wanted to go home right away. Lisa put on her clothes, still dripping with cum. Most of her laundry has cum stains on them. Of course until she washes them. I thought that was kinda funny. The worst part was, I was left hanging with a massive hard-on.

As I waited for Lisa to come back, I tried my best not to touch myself, afraid that I may cum. Eventually, she returned with her cousin Leon. He was drunk but ready to get busy. Lisa told me he was actually sleeping in the back seat of the car because after he dropped his mother off, he fell asleep waiting for Lisa to come get him.

Within moments, we had Leon's clothes off and we continued with the DP that we left off with. It was so nice and nasty watching Lisa mount her cousin's rock hard dick, still with cum stains on her and in her pussy from earlier. The strange thing about cum is sometimes it makes for great lube and sometimes after a while it cakes up and makes it difficult to have sloppy seconds. This time around, it was used as a great Lube!

I went to town on her ass. Playing with it. Pulling my she-cock out and slipping it back in. Watching it gape as I held it open. I could look down and see Leon's cock straining the walls of her pussy thru her ass canal.

This DP went on for about 40 minutes. Lisa came almost 3 times. We never even changed positions. I couldn't hold back any longer and I shot a massive load of cum into her ass. Even after I came, I let me she-cock remain in her ass, feeling the pressure of Leon's dick pumping in her pussy. A few moments later, Leon came. Shooting a load that seemed massive into his cousin's wet and sloppy pussy.

We all collapsed into a pile of sweaty bodies. Most definitely Happy New Fucking Year!

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